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Thursday 11 May 2017

Nigeria: A Failed British Experiment

Nigeria: A Failed British Experiment 

12th May 2017

Honestly speaking, I don't care whether gullible Nigerians get aggravated for calling Nigeria a "zoo", because to me, calling Nigeria a zoo is even a promotion; because, even in the animal kingdom, there is a form of orderliness. But in the contraption called Nigeria, nothing works. Government functionaries are thieves, looters, and so corrupt that the word corruption looks more innocent than the people themselves. 

The forceful amalgamation of that contraption called Nigeria since 1914 till date, has brought nothing good to the populace than calamities, marginalization, genocide and pogrom. 

Nigeria, a concoction of the selfish British government comprises of Yoruba and Hausa-Fulanis nation (90% Muslims) and Biafran nation (99% Christians). It was created for the purpose of exploiting Biafrans mineral resources. 

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Upon Nigeria’s independence, the British government reposed the mantle of leadership to illiterate radical Islamists and gave them the mandate to rule over their "slaves" (Biafrans) in perpetuity.

Isn't it laughable that Nigeria adopted a government and a constitution based on democratic settings without knowing the true meaning of Democracy? The radical Islamists (Hausa-Fulanis) who controls the power knows nothing about the word Democracy and because of this, the application of democratic principles are almost inexistent.

Nigerian citizens were taught in school that Democracy "is the government of the people, by the people and for the people". So why is Nigerian government so despicable whenever the tenets of democracy are to be put into practice?  The Nigerian government will molest, imprison or slaughter any rational citizen that speaks the truth. Nigeria claims to be a democratic country but unleashed carnage on innocent defenseless Biafrans for seeking self-determination legitimately.

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These are some features of Democratic Government:
1. The government is run under majority rule.
2. Doctorial approach to governance is never condoned.
3. The fundamental human rights of the citizens are upheld.
4. Independence of the judiciary is paramount.
5. The principle of separation of power is strictly upheld, i.e All arms of government must be independent in other to perform its constitutional functions accordingly.

None of the aforementioned features does the Nigerian government obey. 

Nigeria a country that banned the importation of clothes, rice etc but suppressed or rather closed all the textile factories with excessive tax. The worthless Nigerian government banned rice importation but opened the borders for livestock (cow) feeds/grasses importation. Animal kingdom indeed.

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What do you think we should call a country like Nigeria that Violates the rights of the citizens on a daily basis, despite the "Right to freedom of expression" enshrined in the constitution?

What do you expect me to call Nigeria that maims, marginalizes and massacre Biafran race whose mineral resources are feeding and yielding revenue to the government?

It's only in Nigeria that after paying taxes the politicians will take all the money to the UK while the citizens die of hunger and starvation.

You're also aware that thousands of innocent Biafrans, IPOB had been slaughtered and shot at during protests and at meeting places.

Nigeria is the most corrupt and despicable place you will ever think of. Nigeria is a place where the quest for Freedom is a crime and classified as treason.

The Nigerian government will secure and grant amnesty to the 4th most deadly terrorists called Fulani herdsmen but will slaughter to pieces innocent unarmed Biafrans for seeking their freedom and go scot free.


British government and Nigerians will always laud Gowon that spearheaded the genocide of 6 million Biafrans but detain, incarcerate, & subject Nnamdi Kanu to all forms degrading and inhuman treatments for spearheading the freedom of his people the Biafrans.

Why should Nigeria be called a country? 
Nigeria was just forcefully amalgamated in 1914 to last for only a hundred years which expired in 2014 (100 years) and should be dismembered. Biafrans were amalgamated with Hausa-Fulanis and Yorubas on the quest to loot, exploit and at the same time keep us in perpetual enslavement under the Yorubas and Hausa-Fulanis.

British/Nigerian government despite unleashing genocide on the Biafrans, still went ahead killing and marginalizing us and the world and the UN is not concerned about it. Is freedom a crime? Is UN keeping mute on all these genocides perpetrated on Biafrans because they are blacks? Why can't a referendum be conducted, just like it was done with Britain leaving the EU and the present upcoming Scotish referendum?

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Biafrans are scattered all over the world in [more than 100 countries] because we are fed up with that concoction called Nigeria. Biafrans are scampering all over the world for greener pastures because Nigeria is a total hell; if you doubt, get yourself down to Nigeria. There are no good roads, water, electricity, health care services, or even good schools.

The only appreciation we get despite feeding Nigerians with our oil is genocide, maiming, suppression, and marginalization. We have said it time and time again that the mixture of these three divergent ethnic nationalities, with basically no cultural or religious or even common value system has never worked since it was formed and will never work. We cannot continue to cohabit with people who always see us as animals to be slaughtered at will with no consequence.

The British government will supply arms to Nigeria or rather to the Hausa-Fulanis, their favourite slaves, and the Yorubas will advance the genocidal strategies then jointly they would unleash death on Biafrans. 

Biafrans say NO to "One Nigeria". Nigeria is a mixture of totally different races with different cultures, foods, traditions, religion, value systems, ideologies, norms, and beliefs. We can't live together, thus we want out since the forced amalgamation has expired.

Could you imagine blending together UK and Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq or Pakistan? The amalgamation of radical Hausa-Fulanis who are 100% Muslims,  and the cunning Yorubas who are as well 70% Muslims with Biafrans has never worked and will never. Hausa-Fulanis and Yorubas have immense hatred for Biafrans and derive much joy in killing us. 

The world must know, that Biafrans are more civilised now than in 1967-1970. Biafrans are therefore urgently calling for a Referendum now because if Nigeria and her British ally keep pushing us to the wall by their continuous slaughtering of Biafrans, a massive war will definitely be inevitable.

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"You can't hold or take away the rightful property that belongs to a child spank him or her and at the same time or force the individual to keep quiet".

We Biafrans, the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] have come a long way. there is no compromise to what we hold dear. We are not asking British-Nigeria to give us their land, rather we are asking for the freedom of us and our future generation. It's no crime, It is enshrined in the UN human rights declaration and charter and the world must take note of that.

By Ejike Ofoegbu
Edited By and Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa
For Biafra Writers

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  1. Who from Biafra (former SS/SE) can read this piece and still want to be part of one-Nigeria. There's nothing like one-Nigeria but creation of the British colonial masers for their political and economic interests, and to continue to take the crude oil in Biafra land. Moreover, Nigeria's amalgamation expired in 2014. It's time the Biafran people unite to take back their freedom and land either peacefully or by war. Nigeria is a failed state and has become a hopeless entity. Now is the time to exit this murderous Islamic sharia Nigerian state.


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