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Saturday 22 April 2017

Biafra: How IPOB Rendered Nigeria's Policy Makers Unresponsive And Useless Before The World

April 22, 2017

The unusual breakthrough of IPOB amongst nations of the world, has turned Nigeria's foreign policy makers into confused set of people. From the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa down to Oceania, IPOB has driven Nigeria under the Buhari-led government into a state of despondency and confusion. While IPOB assume centre stage, Nigeria hopelessly and disgracefully tries to keep up with the charade of "We are One Nigerians" to the detriment of those forcefully cohabitating the contraption.

It there is any shocking event or approach of IPOB towards the Nigerian state, it is her intellectual resources and ability to manipulate and utilize the complex international system to its advantage. For instance, Nigeria as an actor in the global stage is nothing but a farce and mockery to other developing countries who like her were once colonized by white men, but today are fast developing while Nigeria continues to retrogress. She doesn’t have the ability to project her interest thereby paving way for other Nations to take the lead. Not even Ghana of today or South Africa value Nigeria the so called "Giant of Africa."


While Nigeria’s reputation is seriously deteriorating among comity of nations, IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is using it to her advantage to announce and project Biafra to the world. Many states have either established contact with IPOB or are at the final stage of cementing a cordial relationship with IPOB.

IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has within few years made open the vulnerabilities of all facet of Nigeria as a big fraud, especially her false tag, “Giant of Africa." If Africa should be proud of anything as a continent, it definitely won't be the self-acclaimed and comatose “giant” of her space.

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Nigeria is deeply wounded today internationally that even her supposed allies has technically abandoned the expired contraption as things are beginning to get awry with each passing day. Within the African region, she is seen as a Nation under life support machine. Many countries of Africa wish she is relieved of her suffering and existence as the life support machine engineered by Britain is no longer effective.

It was recently reported that South Africa allowed Xenophobic activities against Nigerians in South Africa without the world batting an eye lid. The Jacob Zuma-led government defended her own people when Nigeria was ranting without concrete retaliatory action despite protests by Nigerians home and abroad for a counter response. South Africa watered down Nigeria’s threat as words of a drowning and dying Nation as it is generally believed that she is nothing but a "Talking Tom" that is only good for amusement in the eyes of the world.


Other Nations of Africa are equally at their various borders waiting for the collapse of Nigeria. Not even smaller neighbouring countries takes the British fraud serious anymore. Niger, Chad, Cameroun, Benin, Togo are all relating to her as a country in need of help from them and not the false  “big brother” position she previously occupied in the minds of these nations. Despite various plea by the Nigerian state for some of these African states to clampdown on the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra in these various countries, such plea was thrown overboard as these countries already foresee the end of Nigeria.

In North America hemisphere, Nigeria is regarded as a pariah state whose existence is nothing but a mere expression. United State knows that Nigeria’s corporate existence hinges upon British imperialists and her purpose. U.S ofcourse knows that the Indigenous People living in the “geographical expression” are suffocating in millions and wants to go their separate ways. The U.S doesn’t approach Nigeria as an organically evolved Indigenous society, rather an estate of the British mercantilists.


Though careful and sceptical about spoiling her relationship with Britain by meddling in activities of her business empire (Nigeria) in Africa, America's wish for the evil enclave is total separation. The non-invitation of President Muhammadu Buhari to President Donald Trump’s inauguration and the extension of invitation to IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu's leadership is a pointer to their stance on the separation of Nigeria.

Till date, the Trump-Pence administration has made it clear to oppressors and world abusers of human right in which Buhari is a leading Czar in this part of Africa, that they will “fight injustice whenever and wherever it is seen.” As Buhari enjoys using repressive mechanisms against Biafrans, he stands to receive in no distance time, Justice.

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In Southern American States, IPOB is indeed registering a footprint and re-vitalising the support given to Biafrans during the Biafra-Nigeria war by some of the Caribbean States.
From the Amazon, Incas, Mayas down to the Caribbean Sea, IPOB has kept the flag flying. Many countries within South America have contact channels with Biafrans, while Nigeria's diplomatic feather is too weak to fly her across the Trans Atlantic Ocean.

In Asia and the Oceanic states, Nigeria is considered an aberration presently, courtesy of IPOB’s extensive public enlightenment and evangelism. Within the South East Asia, the Biafran flag is being hoisted and has become far more popular that the NigerIan flag. In India, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippine etc., IPOB leads. Friends of Nigeria have chosen to activate "mission creep" by transferring their support to Biafrans.

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For instance, Iran supports Biafrans considering the fact that over 100 Shiites were gruesomely killed and their leader Yaqoub Ibrahim El-Zakzaky still in illegal detention at the behest of tyrant Muhammadu Buhari. Turkish government has welcomed IPOB with open arms as well; Turkey having seen the role of Nigeria in the failed coup of 15th July, 2017, whereby a sum of $2bn was transferred to coup plotters from UBA in Nigeria, decided to punish her by supporting Biafrans. Israel’s support to Biafrans knows no bound; It will be recalled that President Buhari has been an ardent critic of state of Israel as a core Islamic fundamentalist, thereby strenghtening Israel's love for Biafrans.

In Europe, apart from Britain who created Nigeria for plunder and exploit, others are quite aware of the dying state of the turbulent African hoax. The EU bloc deep inside her heart knows that Nigeria’s future is in great doubt, and would be glad to see it crumble in order to save innocent lives. While Biafra's interests is being projected by IPOB before the world in various countries, Nigeria’s interests is emitting into oblivion. That is how bad things has become for Nigeria at the moment.

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The earlier the initiators of Nigeria’s foreign policy understand how devastative Nigeria’s interests appears before comity of Nations, and work on attuning its mindset to present reality on ground (restoration of Biafta), the better for humanity. We understand the place of “national pride” in conceding defeat, but the concept of National Pride had in most historical instances proven to be folly than wisdom in exhibition. For instance, some Nations who were stronger than Nigeria, who adopted the “talking hard” strategy as Nigeria today has chosen to tow were humiliated by realities. Sudan, Ethiopia, Serbia, Iraq are few among many examples. In the case of Sudan, there is South Sudan, Ethiopia birthed Eritrea, Serbia produced Kosovo, and Iraq is in serious labour to birth Kurdistan State; therefore, the birth of Biafra will not be an exception.  

IPOB under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stands tall to confront Nigeria headlong and restore Biafra from her grip. Today, the song in Aso Rock has changed as the policy makers naively misconstrued Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB as “miscreants.” If there is any regret in Aso Rock today, it is their acceptance of the porous intelligence report gathered about IPOB's Structure and Strata as weak without Nnamdi Kanu, because rather than wane, the struggle has continued and will to grow sporadically even with him being illegally incarcerated in prison at Buhari's command, despite several court orders to release him unconditionally.

By Chika Austine 
Edited & Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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