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Saturday, 18 January 2020

IPOB Issues Statement on Kanu's Parents' Burial

January 19, 2020 | The Biafra Times


The great family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide wish to announce to the world, particularly Biafrans, friends of Biafra, lovers of freedom and with regard for the protocol of the Afaraukwu Eze-in-Council that 14th of February 2020 will be the burial date of our leader's parents at Eze Sir Israel Okwu Kanu's Palace in Isiama Afaraukwu Ibeku in Umuahia Abia State. The burial ceremony will begin with procession and preparations in line with ancient customs and traditions.

IPOB leadership will not be disclosing any information and have not disclosed any information regarding the likely attendance or non-attendance of our leader to this event. However, arrangements are being put in place to ensure the ceremony is held in a secure and safe atmosphere.

IPOB is a peaceful movement and hope to maintain this approach until Biafra is completely restored. The movement and anticipated presence of our leader in his home during this period is yet to be finalised and as such, no confirmation or otherwise will be issued to that effect. IPOB High Command will determine under what circumstance any announcement will be made in the future.

We are inviting every media outlet, local and international, print and electronic to be present in Isiama-Afaraukwu on that day.


Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Instagram: biafrawriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Friday, 17 January 2020

Kidnappings, Large-Scale Killings Hit Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria

File photo

January 17, 2020 | The Biafra Times

JOS, Nigeria  – More than 200 Muslim Fulani herdsmen have attacked predominantly Christian villages in southern Kaduna state, Nigeria since Jan. 6, killing at least 35 people and kidnapping 58 others, including a mother and her 6-month-old baby, sources said.

Armed with AK-47s, the herdsmen on motorcycles rampaged through 10 predominantly Christian villages in Chikun and Brinin Gwari counties, Christian leaders said. Traumatized people displaced by the violence, dispossessed of their farmlands and homeless, later received calls demanding thousands of dollars in ransom for the release of their relatives, they said.

“The herdsmen, or ‘bandits’ as they now call them, began their attacks on our communities on Monday, Jan. 6, killing, maiming and kidnapping members of our families without restraint by security agencies or the military,” pastor Habila Madama, a Christian leader in the affected areas, told Morning Star News. “The herdsmen have destroyed our farmlands and left us with nothing. These Muslim Fulani herdsmen will usually come with their cattle, forcefully take over our farms, and destroy crops ready for harvests.”

He appealed to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and the Kaduna state government to take steps to end the violence.

“As it is now, we don’t know where to go, what to feed on, or where do we get clothes to wear, especially for our children – and worst of all, where to lay our heads,” Pastor Madama said.

The assailants have called relatives of the 58 kidnapped people demanding 10 million naira (US$27,440) in ransom, said Jonathan Asake, president of the Southern Kaduna Peoples’ Union (SOKAPU) at a press conference at a refugee camp at Ungwar Beji, in Gonin Gora area of Chikun County.

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“About 35 people have been killed by the herdsmen, while about 58 persons have also been abducted,” Asake said, noting that there are missing people still unaccounted for. “As you can see from the way these people are, they are seriously traumatized and need immediate assistance to be able to hold on. We have been told that the bandits have destroyed all the farm products of the victims and also destroyed their houses, leaving them with nothing to call their own.”

Asake said he has been told that about 8,000 people displaced by the attacks have arrived in Buruku with nothing in their possession, and that 200 people with no food, bedding or clothing had gathered at the Ungwar Beji camp.

“Worst of all, most of the children are sick,” he said. “This calls for concern on all people of good will to come to their aid in any kind in order to give them hope of survival before steps could be taken on the area of their education.”

6-Month-Old Kidnapped

On Jan. 6 in Kasso, Chikun County, the terrorists killed Eli Sule, a 35-year-old father of five children, and kidnapped a nursing mother, Ladi Yusuf, according to a press statement on Saturday (Jan. 11) from Luka Binniyat, spokesman for the SOKAPU.

“Ladi Yusuf, a nursing mother, was abducted with her 6-month-old baby,” Binniyat said. “This morning [Jan. 11], Yusuf Sule received a call from the kidnappers. They used the phone of his kidnapped brother, Bulus Sule, and called him. The kidnappers are asking for the ransom of 5 million naira.

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“The brother told him that they are not in a good condition, and that the 6-month-old baby is critically sick because of the kind of condition they are being held captive in. Yusuf and the community have no means of raising that money after the bandits looted the little they had gathered, including two motorcycles Yusuf Sule owned.”

Binniyat said Danjuma Bulus, a 30-year-old father of four children, and Istifanus Auta, a 31-year-old father of three, were also killed in the attack. Bulus Sule was kidnapped along with his wife, Rebecca Sule, he said, and Yusuf Sule’s son, Irmiya Yusuf, was being treated at a medical clinic for gunshot wounds.

In Chikun County, the villages of Kuduru, Tawali, Unguwan Madaki and Katarma were attacked for five days by more than 200 herdsmen riding motorcycles and armed with AK-47s, Binniyat said.

“Information available to us has it that in Tawali village, six persons were kidnapped, and nothing has been heard of them ever since,” he said. “The ECWA [Evangelical Church of West Africa] church in the village was not spared as it was burnt down completely. Also, a young lad, by name Ezra Bala, 16, who is a student of Government College, Kwoi, was shot dead in Kuduru village during the attack.”

The gunmen on Jan. 8 attacked the Good Shepherd Major Catholic Seminary in Buwaya, kidnapping four seminarians, he said. In an attack on Badna, Guruku Ward of Chikun County, 40 people were kidnapped, including a Baptist pastor, Samaila Yusuf, he said. Assailants also looted Rumana Gbagyi and Rumana Hausa villages, carting away livestock and other valuables, he said.

In Guruku Ward, Bademi community was ransacked and looted as the assailants killed Idi Halidu and kidnapped two other people, Binniyat said. In Unguwan Buji, they killed a person identified as Sani Buji, he said.

“In a display of brazen impunity, they kidnapped 15 people and vanished into the bushes with them,” he said. “In nearby Maloma community, the invaders robbed and ransacked the village and burnt a large quantity of rice and other grains before disappearing into the unknown. All these happened in a span of four days without any response from any security agency.”

The attacks that began Jan. 6 marked a new high in casualties following earlier attacks, rights leaders said. On Dec. 16, in Chidunu village near Maraban Rido in Chikun County, the attackers killed 40-year-old Raphael Ayuba, who was married with five children, Binniyat said. Also killed were Habila Auta, 40, who left behind a wife and two children, and Buhari Abubakar, a 41-year-old father of four.

“From available information, the armed men went from house to house killing and maiming these hapless victims with no help coming from anywhere,” Binniyat said. “The spate of killings, kidnapping, arson, looting, raping and amounts paid in ransoms to these terrorists by our communities is traumatizing and impoverishing our people on a daily basis, making them susceptible to hunger and disease.”

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The Kaduna state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) estimates that Christians have paid about 400 million naira (nearly US$1.1 million) to kidnappers as of Jan. 11, Binniyat said.

“We are shocked with the way that the federal government and the government of Kaduna state seem to be overwhelmed by these cruel crimes. These defenseless victims and the affected communities are left to their own fate, in the hands of these bloodthirsty militiamen,” he said. “It is sad that the same communities who are victims of these mass murders, kidnappings, arsons, lootings, rapings and other mindless evils are forced to pay their assailants huge sums to gain their freedom or that of their loved ones.”

The attackers use the ransom money to purchase more arms and enlarge their operations against the next community, he said.

“We fear that with the unchecked boldness that these heinous crimes against humanity are spreading, there is a systematic plan to wipe out our communities and take over our lands,” Binniyat said.

Nigeria ranked 12th on Open Doors’ 2020 World Watch List of countries where Christians suffer the most persecution but second in the number of Christians killed for their faith, behind Pakistan.

Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Instagram: biafrawriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Operation Amotekun: What Igbo Leaders Should Learn

January 17, 2020

By Christopher O. Evans | Biafra Writers

The creation of southwest security outfit, AMOTEKUN, is a direct message to the Islamic federal government that the west of the country won't accept its larger plan of arming Fulani jihadists and throwing Nigeria borders open to welcome more reinforcements. We're in a country where Fulani jihadists are armed with assault rifles and allowed to roam freely. Thousands have been slaughtered by them, communities have been razed down, and more mayhem promised. After each killing campaign, Miyetti Allah, the umbrella body of Fulani herdsmen, will address press conference flanked by the Nigerian police.

TY Danjuma has since been screaming that the current Nigerian leadership has a sinister agenda. Of course, Danjuma should know for he has been up there with them. Obasanjo have added his voice too. And Obasanjo should know for he too has been there. It's also important that both Danjuma and Obasanjo are now realizing that they didn't fight for one Nigeria, instead, they fought for the subjugation of the rest by the caliphate.

The purpose of this article, however, is to awaken the consciousness of the Biafran to the unfolding events. Southwest have both political parties, APC and PDP, states. When it comes to issues that matter to them they united to pursue an aim. The national leader of APC, Tinubu, is from Lagos state. There is no one political leader, whatever party he or she belongs, that is opposed to Amotekun. It's something for the security of all Yoruba against the Federal Government. Yes, Federal Government.

Tinubu, having observed the caliphate’s intention to monopolize power, has thrown his weight behind Amotekun whose creation has sent a strong message to the Fulani oligarchy that its plan is unacceptable. This is not all about security – it's also about 2023 presidential race.

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From the formative stage of Amotekun to its fruition, Yoruba political players and traditional leaders held several meetings, yet not one of them let the secret out. Not one saboteur! They didn't let in Joe Igbokwe or Loretta Onochie, however, they love the duo. The funding went smoothly. The recruitment and training went without notice. Perhaps because all attention was on IPOB. They spoke with one voice. The Fulani-led Federal Government found it difficult to deal with the matter because every Yoruba backed the move. Can the Igbo learn anything here? The greatest bane to our freedom is internal enemies.

Observe that whenever the Yoruba meet to discuss the all-important response to the Fulani-led Jihad plots, they do not advertise it. No one knows they are meeting. For instance, we just saw Amotekun, but we all know a lot of plans and meetings went into it. How didn't it leak? Igbos should learn to keep secrets. We call them cowards but their actions have spoken louder than words.

Since the floating of Amotekun, the Fulani-controlled Federal Government has been jolted. They just don't know how best to respond yet. And this tells the significance of Amotekun. The East can do it too if we can trust ourselves and work for ourselves. Biafrans have the widest of connections worldwide. But we need unity. We need oneness; we need ourselves; we need one voice; we need each other’s support; we need a rallying point, a rallying figure. We need one purpose, one dream, one pursuit, one mind. Our resources and strength of industry is an unmatched asset. The idea of wanting to swallow each other so as to hold sway is our greatest bane.

See how Tinubu follows Buhari at daytime but at nighttime turns to his people. This way they pulled this huge surprise. Not so with any of us. Once our people get a foothold on government they pitch tent with the caliphate. We’ve never had a set of dumb governors as we have now. The Fulani wish is their command. The great work of IPOB though is resetting the minds of millions of Igbo youths. This work is growing, and of course, cannot be ignored. The war against IPOB is a war no one can win. You can't muster huge resources against a course you think will end in vapors.

Contact us: [email protected]
Instagram: biafrawriters
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

CLAMPDOWN ON PROTESTERS: Just Like Iranians, Biafrans Want To Also Hear From President Donald Trump

CLAMPDOWN ON PROTESTERS: Just Like Iranians, Biafrans Want To Also Hear From President Donald Trump
Biafrans in solidarity support for Donald Trump

If really there is anything Biafrans globally presently look forward to, it is getting soothing words of encouragement from the Pragmatic President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump. Assuring words of his awareness concerning the oppression being meted on the Biafran people by the Nigerian Islamic government of Muhammadu Buhari, need be publicly and internationally expressed. President Trump has consistently assured the Iranian protesters that the global community is on the watch pertaining their ordeal. Through the instrumentality of verified twitter handle and facebook page of the President, there are countless numbers of his expressed concern and assurance already given to the protesting Iranian citizens. He maintained that the government and the good people of the United States of America, are certainly on the know about of the brutal clampdown of the Islamic government of Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranian supreme leader against his own people. In fact, in one of such recent posts, President Donald Trump clearly called on the Iranian government to restore the disconnected internet and social media in the country to enable the world see how Iran is handling it's protesters.

Interviews conducted with Biafrans both within Biafraland and in the diaspora, the people confirmed to Family Writers Press International, their state of expectation. They want to see the US President give them that attention and assurance at equal measure as the Iranians. Recall that since January 2017, the Nigerian Islamic government commenced brutal clampdown on the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), just because of their organized peaceful solidarity rally in support of the 45th US President, Donald John Trump, as he was being sworn into office. Part of the desire of the Biafran people to hear from Mr. Trump, is to assuage their curiosity whether he really have regard for their sacrifices and support for his government. He is a man that stands out globally for freedom, justice and equity. He, in his recent posts, gave assurances of the support of the United States to the protesting Iranians. In one of such posts made by Mr. President just recently, two Biafran agitators, Mazi Anyi Kings (a renowned Biafran journalist, editor and publisher with BiafraPost media organization) resident in the United Arab Emirate and Mazi Biafra Obi (a veteran Radio Biafra Broadcaster, journalist and editor), presently residing in the Jewish State of Israel, separately made comments. They demanded that President Trump should also speak out about the plight of Biafrans located in the West African sub-region whose lands are under oppressive occupation by the Nigerian government

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In his comments, Mazi Anyi Kings specifically listed all the atrocities being committed by the Nigerian lawless government of the Islamic fundamentalists. He demanded that the US President should also look at the direction of the Biafran people to see their plight. In their reactions to Mazi Anyi Kings' comments, many concerned American citizens greatly showed sympathy over what Biafrans are yet going through just because of their unalloyed support to the first citizen of the United States. On his own comment on the President's post, Mazi Mike Biafra Obi carefully listed out different occasions when Mr. Trump took giant steps on global issues, which really endeared him to Biafrans. Mazi Mike Biafra Obi, pointedly mentioned the acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the eternal religious/political capital city of the Jewish State of Israel. This was followed by brokering peace truce in the Korean peninsula between the South Korean President and his North Korean counterpart. This two  verifiable examples out of many other giant strides undertaken by President Donald Trump, are such that earned him maximum support and solidarity from Biafrans.

In view of these realities, it is incumbent upon the US President to really take it as a matter of responsibility, to assuage the curiosity of the Biafran people. This he can do by openly communicating to them soothing and realisable assurances under his watch, regarding their plight in the Nigerian contraption. Apart from the organized cum sponsored media blackouts on the menace of the Nigerian armed forces perpetrated against Biafrans, it will still interest Mr. President to know that the Iranian protesters have not yet suffered up to ten percent (10%) from Ayatollah Khomeini's regime of what Biafrans have been through under the tyrannical regime and court contempt of Muhammadu Buhari despotic regime in Nigeria. Biafrans are now more ever, awaiting to hear President Donald John Trump make definitive statements in this respect.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Biafra War: It Is January 15 Again

January 15, 2020

By Princeewill Akubumma | For Biafra Writers

January 15 of every year in the history of Nigeria means two different things to Biafrans and to Nigerians. To Nigerians, it is a day to mark the end of the civil war that started on July 16, 1967, and ended on January 15, 1970.

To Biafrans, it is a day to remember the atrocities committed against our people in that genocidal war that saw over five million Biafrans dead. It is a day to remember the ingenuity of our gallant soldiers who against all odds stood their ground to defend our land not just against the Nigerian state, but also against United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Bulgaria and USA who all assisted Nigeria in the genocide visited upon Biafra.

January 15 of every year leaves us with sober reflections on how we fought a war of survival. It is a day that our gallant soldiers temporarily laid down their arms. They did so with the conviction that, having resisted the Nigerian aggression for three years, the Nigerian state must have learnt enough to attend to the conditions that birthed the war. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Instead, they have continued in the provocative path, unleashing everything evil on the peace-loving people of Biafra.

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It should be recalled that Gen. Philip Efiong warned the then Nigerian Military government that if what led to the war is repeated and if the Nigerian government continues to treat unfairly the children of those Biafran soldiers who are putting down their arms, then those Biafran children will rise to fight for a separate state of Biafra. You cannot whip a child and expect him not to cry. Obviously, the Nigerian government has failed to learn from their past mistakes.

Worthy of note here is the fact that after the war many international humanitarian organizations approached the federal military government of Nigeria seeking to rebuild Biafra region. Out of sheer hatred for the Biafran, the Nigerian government turned down the offer on the pretext that Nigerian can handle it.

Well, the inhumanity against Biafra has not stopped, and as predicted by General Philip Efiong, the new generation of Biafra has risen up to demand an independent state of Biafra.

Contact us: [email protected]
Instagram: biafrawriters
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

I Regret Criticizing Nnamdi Kanu – Comrade Deji Adeyanju

January 14, 2020

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie | Biafra Writers

Like many others before him, Comrade Deji Adeyanju has humbled himself to publically express regrets over his vile and malicious attacks on the Supreme Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Deji has not been just a critic; he has been everything evil to Kanu and his self-determination seeking group, IPOB. A critic pokes holes in a man’s actions with fact-based alternative opinions, but Deji thrived on calumny, falsehood, malice, assault, hate and an obvious wish for the worst.

He spited Kanu time without number, calling him a coward for surviving the attack on his home by the murderous Nigerian military and escaping to Israel for recuperation. To him, Kanu would have stayed back and allow the blood-sucking Nigerian soldiers to kill him so that the Biafran dream would be stalled.

The vile-filled comrade went so low when filled with frustration, he did a video in which he expressed an unparalleled hatred for Nnamdi Kanu, showcasing his lying expertise in a manner that could send even Lia Mohammed and his protégé, Femi Adesina, into hiding. Deji’s frustration stemmed from Kanu’s call on Biafrans to boycott the 2019 general elections – a strategy that Obafemi Awolowo himself applied in the sixties.

Seeking to ridicule Kanu, he dared to compare self with him (Kanu), claiming that he (Deji) has staged several protests and been arrested many times by Nigerian police yet did not run out from the country. The embittered critic however turned a new leaf after receiving the beating of his life from ordinary almajiris on the street of Abuja and consequentially fleeing to Dubai.

Taking to his twitter handle, he wrote, “Let me specially thank Egbon @realFFK for rebuilding the bridge of friendship with my brother Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and yes, I expressed regrets over many of my criticism of him. It’s only in a Zoo that characters like Buhari are fit to be leaders. Nigeria never had it this bad before.”

“Let me specially thank Egbon @realFFK for rebuilding the bridge of friendship with my brother Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and yes, I expressed regrets over many of my criticism of him. It’s only in a Zoo that characters like Buhari are fit to be leaders. Nigeria never had it this bad before.”

The above tweet thus confirms Femi Fani-Kayode’s earlier assertion that Deji has apologized to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and that Kanu in turn accepted the apology. Pundits believe that having realized the hopelessness of the animal kingdom called Nigeria, Deji, like Omoyele Sowere, will stand for justice even as his hatred for Biafra remains.

Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Instagram: biafrawriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

50 Years After -- Don't talk about "NEVER AGAIN" when the war is still ongoing.--Onyeka

50 Years After -- Don't talk about "NEVER AGAIN" when the war is still ongoing.--Onyeka

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