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Monday, 15 August 2022

Nigeria, a Hegemonic Terrorist Entity

Nigeria, a Hegemonic Terrorist Entity

By Nelson Ọfọkar  Yagazie | Biafra Times

August 15, 2022

Nigeria, the failed British experiment, designed by Fredrick Lugard to last five score years, had since inception been a terror to mankind. Created not by the will of God, but that of man to serve the interest of the British, the consent of the federating units was as important as used tissue paper. Judging the people subhuman, the experimenting Brits, indifferent to the cultural, religious and ideological gulf between the constituent units, had gone ahead to force three nations – Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa –together as one country.

Of course no state grows when plunged in internal rift and schisms, and the experimenting folks know such rifts are never lacking when people with different ideologies and cultural background are confined under one state. Yet, for their own gain, they didn’t think it twice to forge ahead with such experiment. As expected, the artificial borders holding Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa together in the Nigerian state had bred animosity, and animosity as history would testify, had always been inimical to growth. The rupture in relationship among the merged nations had been employed to impair democracy in the region.

The failure of democracy in this British farmland mistaken for a country is evident in the toxic stew of aggression served the Biafran in recent years. It is not that the barbaric nature of Nigeria has ever been unclear. No. Even without bothering with the thirty months genocidal onslaught against the Biafran (itself an expansion of sustained pogroms that dates back to 1945), the subsequent genocidal attacks against the remnants of Biafra from 1970 when the war was verbally declared over, to this present day, speak nothing but barbarism. If it were just the Islamic extremists killing and raping us in their sworn quest to deep the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean, we would have known how to go about it, but it beats all imagination when government agencies who are supposedly custodians of the law and fundamentally created to protect life and property, turn around to unleash everything inhuman on the citizens.

The barrel of gun is turned against anyone who dares to speak up against the brutality and corrupt tendencies of the government. When such folks are not being gunned down by the army and police, they are being abducted by the DSS and thrown into prison without trial, and when trial is mustered, it is everything but fair. The judiciary itself, sufficiently intimidated and disgracefully subdued, seems to have forgotten the essence of its existence. Judgments are delivered at the government’s directive, making joke of the supposed “independence” of the judiciary.

That the judiciary is but a toy in the hand of the government is clearly demonstrated in the recent civilian coup orchestrated against the people of Imo state, Biafra. The Nigerian government, not comfortable with a governor sufficiently enlightened and brave enough to hold on to the tenets of democracy, ousted the duly elected executive governor of Imo state, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, using the cowardly and fantastically corrupt judiciary. Although all evidence before them clearly and unanimously point Emeka as the rightful winner, the sham called Supreme Court, acting on order from the cabal calling the shots in the mafia government, pronounced Hope Uzodimma, a winner. That the figures doctored to elevate the Federal Government’s stooge, Uzodimma, from fourth position to first position spin far above the number of registered voters didn’t mean a thing to the subservient judiciary. The despot in power has given a directive and against the popular will of the people, it’s got to be carried out.

If it were just the squashing of the people’s will, perhaps we would have learnt to adapt, knowing that as hopeless slaves we are in our own land, our will doesn’t count. But they squash more than our will. Our life is squashed too. There is no guarantee of life anymore. And as I am writing this, there is no guarantee that I will live to see it published. We live everyday as our last, for we are gunned down when we least expected it. We are picked up by government agents, and like Christmas goat, slaughtered without a verdict. We are killed for differing in opinion; we are killed for daring to speak up against the perceived ills of the government; we are killed for refusing to accept Islam; we are killed for asking for self-determination, an option solely left for us having sucked the gall of inhumanity enough from the Nigerian state.

Freedom is legal anywhere in the world. The Nigerian state itself fought and gained freedom from the occupying colonialist Britain. Yet, for asking for that which is legal, for asking for that which Nigeria asked for and obtained on silver platter, the Biafran is gunned down. If freedom is a crime, why then did the Nigerian state ask for it from the British Empire?

In civilized settings, the question of self-determination is answered in a referendum box. We saw this recently in UK with the Scot, and in the EU with Britain. The Scot agitated to leave the UK, the government of United Kingdom, recognizing their right for self-determination, offered them a referendum. Not mustering up the needed vote, Scotland stayed back and the matter closed. No one was killed or jailed. The UK herself, fed up with the European Union, agitated to leave. A referendum was conducted and they voted to leave. No one was killed. The challenge was resolved in the ballot box. That’s democracy.

In this British zoo nicknamed Nigeria, democracy is mouthed but not practiced. Consequentially, asking for self-determination is misinterpreted as asking for war, and without hesitation, cannons, bayonets and howitzers are turned against the freedom-seeking Biafran. Rather than resolve the raging matter through a United Nations’ monitored referendum, the government, despite being a signatory to the UN Charter on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, turn on its killing machines against the unarmed citizens exercising their fundamental human rights. One wonders then if the power-wielding giants in Nigeria understand the meaning of Democracy.

Even in Nigeria’s own constitution, self-determination is enshrined therein, and so is the right to protest. Yet, for exercising either of the two, we face the cruel barrel of a gun. This undemocratic and barbaric system of handling dissenting voices is instanced in the killing of IPOB family members in Aba High School in 2016 by the Nigerian army. The freedom-seeking group gathered in the school premises to offer prayers for the release of their Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who at the time, was being unlawfully detained by the Nigerian government for asking for an independent state of Biafra – same thing Nigeria asked from Britain and was given – and the might of Nigerian military was unleashed on them.

In war fashion the Nigerian army marched into the school in their numbers, and on one knee down as if aiming at a rival battalion, opened fire on the unarmed and defenseless praying Biafrans. Several were killed on the point, and several terribly injured, dying later on. Footages of this savagery was aired on Al Jazeera, and when the attention of then president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, who is now dead and impersonated by a facemask-wearing body-double employed by the cabal running Nigeria, the despot conveniently looked away, saying that he doesn’t want to see and issuing threats of worse terror.

This follows after Nkpor massacre – a 2016 May 30th military onslaught against IPOB members observing Biafra Heroes’ day, Onitsha Head-Bridge bloodbath – a military Mayhem on IPOB members protesting the detention of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and Onitsha Main-town slaughter – a joint attack of Navy and police against IPOB on awareness campaign.

On the 20th of January 2017, in Port Harcourt city, indigenously known as Igwe-ocha, Biafrans held a rally in support of President Donald Trump who, on that fateful day, was sworn into office. Fearing that Trump might notice them and extend a helping hand to their agitation, the Nigerian state moved its military against the rallying Indigenous People of Biafra, massacring a good number, injuring some and incarcerating the others.

The collapse of democracy in the Nigerian state and its attendant moral decadence are far-reaching, so much so that court verdicts are flouted with impunity. the Supreme Leader of the self-determination agitating group, Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, arrested and detained, was twice discharged and acquitted of all charges by two different High Courts sitting at the country’s capital city, Abuja, yet was unlawfully held back by the Department of Security Service, DSS. 

Not only was court order disregarded, the terrorists in power moved in to arrest five uncompromising judges among whom is the second judge that discharged and acquitted Nnamdi Kanu. While remanded in custody, fresh charges were leveled against the Biafran leader, and the judge handling the case was ordered to convict and sentence him to death by hanging. The judge, finding nothing to convict an innocent man but fearing persecution from the government should he declare Kanu free, turned a Pilate, washing his hands off the case. The next judge, John Tsoho, followed the same path, and the case was shifted to Justice Binta Nyako, whose husband and son the government was holding. Binta was told to convict Kanu if she wanted her husband and son back.

The constitution was turned upside down, Justice Binta ruled and overruled herself, sharia law was adopted in trying a Jewish conformist, and masked witnesses were invited to testify against Kanu, everything undemocratic was done to pervert justice. Nevertheless, with Biafrans mounting pressure on international bodies for intervention, Kanu, after two years of unlawful detention, was granted bail with the most absurd conditions. He was banned from talking to the press – an infringement on his fundamental right to speech; he was banned from being present in any group of people numbering up to ten, by implication, he cannot go to market, temple of worship, or even attend a family gathering – an infringement on his fundamental right to free association; he was banned from travelling outside Nigeria, even to neighbouring Ghana – an infringement to his fundamental right to movement. 

Meanwhile, a session of Nigerian constitution states that an accused is presumed innocent until conviction. Kanu is not convicted of any crime, yet he is denied of his fundamental rights. Only in a failed democracy like Nigeria’s can such absurdity be seen.

While in the unlawful detention, his followers took to the street to protest his detention and ask for his release. Despite such exercise being enshrined in the constitution, the Nigerian government moved its terrorist army to kill them. This protesting group has no weapon with them and is exemplary in peaceful conduct. Yet, the Nigerian government, undemocratic and barbaric, thought of no other way of handling them than firing life bullet at unarmed citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

Months on, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made the shocking revelation that President Buhari is dead and buried in an unmarked grave in Saudi Arabia and is being impersonated by a body double that can neither speak Fulfulde – late Buhari’s indigenous language of Fulani – nor publically remove his cap as he is not bald as late Buhari. Kanu pointed out the height difference between the impostor and the late Buhari and, putting the last nail in the coffin, pointed out the difference in the palmar flexion creases between the body-double and the late Buhari. Describing such colossal deception as rape of democracy, Kanu decried the cabal’s negligence of the people’s will, adding that Nigerians should rise up to wrestle the country back from the merchants in power and enthrone back democracy.

Acting to preempt more startling revelation, the Nigerian state, under the pretext of Kanu violating his bail conditions, deployed a detachment of soldiers with the finest of arsenal in Nigeria’s armory and backed up in the air with two air force fighter jets to silence the secret-revealing Biafran leader. The invading military killed twenty-eight young men and a dog in Kanu’s home, injuring several others. By a streak of luck, Kanu survived the attack but sustained life-threating injuries which rendered him incommunicado for thirteen months and forced him into exile.

Keeping to its nature of intimidating legal practitioners, the Nigerian state deployed a joint force of military and police to invade the home of counsel to Nnamdi Kanu, Barrister Ejiofor. Four people were killed on the spot, many others, including the Barrister’s aging mother, sustained bullet injuries, and the barrister’s house and neighbouring ones were set ablaze by the invading troop. Ejiofor’s saving grace is his absence in the house at the time of the attack. Realizing the target was missed, the police declared Ejiofor wanted on trumped up charges. The barrister became a fugitive for defending Nnamdi kanu and other IPOB members in law court. It took the intervention of different legal bodies – local and international – to rescue the fugitive legal practitioner from the murderous Nigerian police and army.

The world is aware of the Lekki Toll-gate massacre of unarmed Nigerian youths protesting police brutality. In every other place in the world the police maintain law and order, in Nigeria the police break law and order. And it’s not just that they do so, they do it with so much impunity. From forced bribery, the Nigerian police graduated to actual robbing and kidnapping. Victims are forcefully taken to automated teller machines (ATM) and at gunpoint, instructed to make withdrawals and hand over to the assailing police officers. When one dares to stand one’s ground, one is gunned down. One is even killed for more frivolous reasons such as having hairstyles the police in their pettiness considers indecent. So the youths having had it to their neck had taken to the streets to protest all over the country and the Nigerian army was unleashed on them. The Lekki Toll Gate incident is just one out of many of such mayhems.

Under the Pretext of enforcing Covid-19 lock-down order in Biafra land, the trigger-happy Nigerian police fires life bullet at Biafrans, killing innocent citizens here and there. A promising young man was recently killed by the police in Ohafia, Abia state, and the people, having endured police brutality for too long, took to the street. More of them were gunned down. Now aggrieved to the marrow, the people set a police van ablaze as a way of registering their grievance. The best the Nigerian government did in the situation is deploying the army in war fashion against the citizens. More people were killed and many more severely injured.

While soldiers and military hardware are being moved down east to Biafra land, up North, Boko Haram is ravaging cities. Ironically, the Nigerian government is more concerned with killing innocent Biafrans than engaging the deadly Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

In June 2021, the Nigerian government in collusion with Kenyan government abducted, tortured and extra-judicially whisked Nnamdi Kanu – leader of Indigenous People of Biafra – into Nigeria where, since then, he has remained in solitary confinement. What else best describes a terrorist state?

Both Amnesty International and United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extra Judicial, Arbitrary and Summary Killings or Executions have investigated and published their findings on the arbitrary killings of members of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. Although the numbers and names of the defenseless citizens killed were under-represented, the reports did prove one thing: Biafrans are being arbitrarily killed. The investigators, not being on ground at the time of the actual killings, and susceptible to human error, excusably presented a statistics acutely below factuality and inconsistent with the realities on the ground.

Ok, the figures are way lower than actual statistics. But at least they are a proof that our outcry is not a hoax. We are being killed; we are being abducted, tortured and illegally detained. Our only crime is asking for freedom. But if freedom is a crime, then the entire humanity is guilty, for even Britain – one of the pioneer colonialists – demanded freedom from the EU.

The Biafran, battered and dripping blood, seeks referendum – the most civilized medium of settling disputes of political concern. As I type this, IPOB family members are being clandestinely assassinated by state sponsored vampires in military uniforms. Our appeal to all civilized society is to, taking into cognizance the savagery of the undemocratic state of Nigeria, weigh in on this matter. Let Biafra vote in a referendum to determine her fate as did Scotland in United Kingdom and United Kingdom in European Union. Freedom is legal anywhere on planet earth.

Thursday, 26 May 2022

Kanu's lawyer condemns killing of northern mother, children

• Faults northern group's accusation against IPOB

• Charges security agents to investigate killings

By Lawson Ozoemela | The Biafra Times 

May 26, 2022

Foremost counsel to the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Ifeanyi Ejiofor has taken a swipe against (a) Coalition of Northern Group [CNG], upon an accusation it levelled against the freedom movement.

In a press release, the Northern group had alleged IPOB, and the Eastern Security Network, ESN, were responsible for the violent attacks of its people in the South-East; particularly, the reported killing of a northern woman and her four children, by unidentified gunmen, last Sunday.

CNG's spokesperson Abdul-Azzez Suleman had stated that: ". . . We note that hate campaigns and propaganda being conducted and created by certain interest groups in the South-East in the form of regional and ethnic agitators have emboldened the outlawed terrorist IPOB/ESN to carry out these unprovoked evictions, attacks, killings, destructions of properties and other forms of violations against northerners in various parts of the South-East. We are particularly disturbed by the reports of the brutal murder of a mother and her four children for the only sin of being northerners."

Meanwhile, in a statement made available to The Biafra Times, the legal luminary refuted the insinuation implying that IPOB was culpable of the mayhem in the South-East of the country; noting that the "barbaric killings are the handiwork of strangers in our land". This is "condemnable and unacceptable," Ejiofor said.

The IPOB's lawyer further called upon security agents to investigate the consecutive violence in the region. 

The statement reads:


May 24, 2022 by Abdul-Azeez Suleiman,


Recall my publication on Sunday, 22nd May 2022 via my certified Facebook page, where I alerted the public of the presence of strangers in our land, which has led to the new dimension of the insecurities in the South-East.

The recent spree of mindless and barbaric killings of innocent people in the South-East is alarming, totally condemnable and unacceptable. 

Hence, I made a plea, and I quote:

"I therefore, strongly condemn in unmistaken terms, these dastardly acts in their entirety, and consequently, call on Security Agencies, and every Anambrabrian, to unite towards defending our land from these monsters desecrating it. These criminal elements, regardless of their ethnic affiliations, must be crushed. We must free our land from them.

The hour is here!

My heart indeed bleeds!"

Please note that the victims of these mindless bloody assaults are not limited to a particular ethnic group, capable of warranting the present threats being dished out to the South-East. 

Also, there is the need to stress the trajectory of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, which suggests that the culprits are not limited to people of a particular region (South-East). Other tribes like the Fulani herdsmen are equally on rampage in our region. 

It is critical at this juncture, that security Agents are allowed to carryout a thorough investigation into these barbaric acts. Hence, people should refrain from making pronouncements capable of heating up the already volatile polity that could ultimately promote the vice, which the ordinary intent of the pronouncement is set out to cure.

As the Lead Counsel for the IPOB and on behalf of my client, I wish to reiterate that the IPOB leadership have never supported the nefarious activities of these enemies of our people, neither have they, in any of their publication approved such inhuman and barbaric activities of these criminals.

The IPOB remains a lawful and peaceful movement.

We therefore, call on every well meaning person to join hands in helping to fight and flush out insurgency in the South-East. 

Our deepest condolences goes out to the families of all those who have lost their loved ones as a result of these mayhem in the South-East. 

Please be assured that no stone will be left unturned, towards ensuring that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are brought to book.

Thank you all.


Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq

IPOB's Lead Counsel

25th May 2022.

PUBLISHED BY:  Offor Princewill A

EDITED BY: Onuikpe Chikwas

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Nigerian govt is culpable of 'End SARS,' and its belligerent aftermath

May 11, 2022

By Eluwa Chidiebere |For Biafra Writers

As former US president John F. Kennedy would say; "those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable".

Police brutality, extortion, harassment and overwhelming shreds of evidence of extra judicial killings by the Nigerian millitary; including the high-handedness, lootings, severe embezzlement of public funds by the political class in Nigeria, gave rise to the far-famed protest called 'End SARS'.

On Thursday, October 8, 2020, a well organized and coordinated nationwide protest started as a result of the youths being fed up with the corrupt nature of the country. The protests were engineered by young Nigerians (mostly scholars) lecturers, businessmen and women, celebrities, the clergy, et cetera.

The aim was to register their resentments through a civil means. They listed their grievances, hoping the government would look into it. It was a nice and the only peaceful approach to changing the corrupt Nigerian system since the young have been denied a seat in the leadership of the country.

In response to their outcries, it was barbarian to have had the government authority crackdown, massacre a good number of unarmed protesters. The latter went back home to nurse their wounds. 

However, that was never the end as thought by the government. Of course, resistance to a peaceful revolution gives birth to a violent one.

The said protesters comprising of many university students and lecturers, some who are science inclined, computer literates and some well read in the field of economics. Imagine the fate of a country when such talents decide to rest their anger on the country. 

It was not a shock when the phenomenon, "unknown gunmen," surfaced just few months after the massacre of unarmed protesters at the Lekki tollgate, Lagos, Nigeria. The modus operandi of the so-called unknown gunmen mean a lot.

The Armed Forces of Nigeria are their target. The millitary that massacred them at Lekki Tollgate during the ENDSARS protests. Presumably, it could be a payback time, courtesy of the protesters.

But, as expected, Nigerian government is heaping accusations of the violent activities in the country, upon IPOB. Time shall tell.

PUBLISHED BY: Offor Princewill A.

EDITED BY: Onuikpe Chikwas

Friday, 8 April 2022

IPOB Now a Pretext to Evade the Blame of Nigeria Political Foul Play, Other Corrupt State Activities

IPOB Now a Pretext to Evade the Blame of Nigeria Political Foul Play, Other Corrupt State Activities

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

April 9, 2022

There is no gainsaying that dirty political interplay between the two major political parties in Nigeria, All Progressive Alliance (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has destabilized both the government and its security apparatus.

It has become a norm in Nigeria for an opposition party to kill as many innocent citizens as possible to discredit and rubbish the image of the ruling one in the next election. To score a point against each other, a crime must be perpetrated against the citizenry. It is no longer a question of how have your party influenced the lives of the people, it is now how many people were killed in your regime. If five thousand were killed in one’s regime, a political party that recorded 4500 deaths will have upper hand during the next presidential elections.

This has generated the unholy culture of politically sponsored terrorism. Political parties routinely sponsor terrorists to unleash mayhem on innocent people just to paint the opponent in a bad light. APC party has their own terrorist group while PDP has theirs.

It is unfortunate that the Nigerian populace has found themselves in this same mess that Pakistanis have been going through. The Pakistan government is known for this game of terrorism. In fact, terrorism is a big business in Pakistan and l believe that Nigerian political parties borrowed it from them since they are allies.

Of course, for every government sponsored terrorist attack, there must be a concerted stratagem for concealing the truth – the blame game strategy. In Pakistan, the government blames it on the Taliban, ISIS.

In Nigeria, religion was used for many years to excuse the crimes. The perpetrators always blame religion by referring to the attacks as religiously oriented.  Secondly, a serving regime always blames the past regime of being behind the terrorist attacks. This is often accepted even though blaming a past regime is useless because as an elected president, there should not be any excuse for insecurity.

Currently, the name “IPOB” has become a soft landing for political parties who have been behind the terrorist attacks from inception. In fact, IPOB has been accused of being behind all the evils happening in Nigeria today. The question is, is there any difference between the Nigeria before the coming of IPOB and the Nigeria of IPOB era? Of course the answer is none. This only vindicates IPOB and its security apparatus, ESN.

Nigeria as an enclave is designed by the West to be used in reducing the world population. This horrible game has been on and the people are at the receiving end. The truth is that only the people can extricate themselves from this evil. It cannot be achieved individually; it is to be done collectively.

Join IPOB today in calling for a referendum. That is the only solution to this politically sponsored terrorism.

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Kanu's Trial: Court trashes 8 of 15 count-charge against IPOB leader

Kanu's Trial: Court trashes 8 of 15 count-charge against IPOB leader

Hears bail application

Journalists blocked from media coverage

By Chikwas Onu Ikpe | The Biafra Times

April 8, 2022

An Abuja division of the Federal High Court Friday quashed eight (8) amid fifteen (15) count-charge leveled against the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

Trial justice Binta Nyako, delivering ruling on the preliminary objections against the fifteen (15) count-charge, case No: FHC/ABJ/CR/383/2015, dismissed counts 6,7,9,10,11,12,14, stating that the struck-out charges did not call for trial due to its duplication and failure to disclose vital elements of the alleged offences.

The judge held; "In this instant preliminary objection application, I have read the counts, and counts 6,7,9,10,11, 12,13, 14 have not disclosed any offence.
Counts 1, 2,3,4,5, 8,15 shows some allegations. So, the court shall proceed to try the defendant on those counts.

Justice Nyako further stated that since there had been a bench warrant - to arresting the IPOB leader - renditioning the defendant for the purpose of criminal investigation was allowed.

In count-three alleging Kanu being the leader of a terrorist organisation; in that case, IPOB, the defendant had argued the case was pending before an appellate court. However, the judge maintained that IPOB remained proscribed until the court of appeal says otherwise.

Toward the proceeding, Kanu's team of lawyers led by a Senior Advocate, Mike Ozekhome prayed the court to grant him bail on health grounds, in an application filed before the court.

"Even if it means subjecting him to certain conditions," Ozekhome begged the court to free his client. "Nnamdi Kanu’s health is deteriorating. He should be alive to stand trial. That is why the law would say, 'come and stand trial'. Come and stand trial means (you have) to be well, Hale and hearty. It didn't say come and sit down trial; or come and lie down trial, or come and prostrate trial."

Clarifying what happened regarding Kanu's disappearance, the learned Silk submitted that Kanu almost got killed during a military invasion in his hometown; that was why he fled.

Meanwhile, journalists were barred from media coverage, and recordings of IPOB leader's trial. This was following a press statement credited to the chief judge of the Federal High Court, Justice John Tsoho. The latter said terrorism-related proceedings would be conducted in secret except when he [Tsoho] grants permission for media coverage.

It further reads that "only the judges; other essential court staff and security agencies involved in the particular case and their vehicles shall have access to the court premises."

Tsoho said in any proceedings the court deems necessary to ensure the safety and or to protect the identity of the victim or witness, may hold its proceedings at any place to be designated by the chief judge with the Code of Conduct Tribunal as the venue for the time being.

"The names, addresses, telephone numbers and identity of the victims of such offences or witnesses in the proceedings shall not be disclosed in any record or report of the proceedings and it shall be sufficient to designate the names of the victims or witnesses with a combination of alphabets," said the chief judge of the court.

Whereas, the presiding judge adjourned until May 18, 26 for ruling on bail application, and continuation of substantive trial.

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Objective of African Union and Their Rules over Biafra Agitation

Objective of African Union and Their Rules over Biafra Agitation

April 6, 2022

By Okoafor Odinaka Nwachineke | For Biafra Writers

African Union (AU) is an independent continental union that consists of 55 member state in African continent. There are several other bodies that make up the African Union which include:

African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government (AU-AHSG). This is the decision making body of the Union and their basics functions are as follows: (1) consider membership requests into the Union, (2) decide on what actions to be taken after consideration of reports and recommendations from the other organs of the Union, etc.

Others are Pan-African Parliament (PAP), the Executive council … consisting of foreign ministers of AU member states, and the African Union Commission. The aforementioned bodies are the legislative and Executive branch of the African Union.

The Executive council which are made up of ministers designated by the government of member states has as its major function the responsibility to discuss issues of concern and prepare matters for the Assembly. Their decision making is based on several topics like communication, social security, foreign trade etc. Their basic functions include cultivation of human rights and democracy in Africa; making sure member states adhere to good governance, transparency and accountability, engender peace, security and stability on the continent of Africa etc.

The Commission of the African Union acts as the executive/administrative branch or secretariat of the AU which consists of a number of commissioners dealing with different areas of policy.

The structure of the African Union (AU) that has very diverse committees:
Permanent committees of the Pan-African Parliament (cooperation, international relations, and conflict resolutions, justice and human rights, rules, privileges, and discipline).

Having read about all the objectives, functions, and power of the African Union, one then begins to ask: have their decision making body Pan-African Parliament lived up to their expectations in regards to the issues of Nigeria and the Eastern part of Nigeria called Biafra? If no, what might be keeping them from doing the needful in a situation like this?

If their functions are really cooperation, international relations, and conflict resolutions, justice and human rights, rules, privileges, and discipline, engender peace, security and stability on the continent of Africa etc, have they live up to expectation in Nigeria in regards to this functions above, or are they not aware of what is happening in Nigeria? Maybe they have decided to pay deaf ears like the UN?

Every day in Nigeria there is bad news … killing here, bombing there, conflict between Fulani herdsmen and farmers, etc. Are you telling me that they are ignorant of all these crimes going on every day? The affected people (Biafrans) and all the ethnicity in Nigeria will no longer fold their hands and watch while their head is being cut off.

This is a call on African Union (AU) to rise up and look into the issues affecting the life and right of the people of Biafra and all other subjugated ethnicity in Nigeria before it’s too late.

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Sunday, 27 March 2022

ESN does not involve self in land dispute, family problem, business settlement others

 ESN does not involve self in land dispute, family problem, business settlement others  

Beside the long-time cry of marginalization and injustice against Biafra people by the Fulanized Nigeria government, the recent year’s prevalent same government's sponsored insecurity in the region has been another thing of serious concern.

It all started with the tricky influx of Fulani killers, disguised as Herdsmen, followed by series of military operations, since President Muhamadu Buhari took office. The "Operation Python Dance 1, 2, 3" exercises by the Nigeria military saw to the untimely death of hundreds of Biafran youths and fathers of many families.

These military Operation left the region in total unrest because, while the Fulani Herdsmen continued to rape and butcher our mothers and sisters, kill our fathers and sons who went to their farmlands, destroy farm crops and burnt down our villages, the Nigerian soldiers were in the Biafra towns killing, indiscriminately arresting and imprisoning innocent youths as well. And though very unfortunate that politicians of the Eastern region have been the Fulani instruments for perpetrating these mayhems on the innocent Biafran. It is worthy to note that the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have never taken any violent approach against them.

However, it was uncovered that the Fulani’s' agenda was to completely take over our bushes and forests with their armed herders, then invade our towns with their foot soldiers, leaving us nowhere to run for safety. This led to the formation and launching of Eastern Security Network(ESN) by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on December, 2020. This was done after several calls on Eastern governors to provide protection for our dying people, but they gave a deaf ear.

ESN was formed and mandated to protect Biafraland from invading Fulani armed herders who already took over our land and settled there awaiting jihad announcement to invade our towns

ESN formation was made up of sophisticated die hard believers in the Biafra restoration efforts of IPOB. They are lovers of the motherland. ESN operatives have remained consistent and unwavering in carrying out this hallowed assignment handed to them without fail. That is why our farmers can now farm in their lands freely without the fear of any Fulani terror.

ESN have since inception, carefully avoided interfering in the political, family and land dispute settlements in the region. ESN have minded their duty posts and have not interfered in the politics of any Biafra localities or towns.

It is lately quite surprising, how some politically sponsored criminals have started to terrorize Biafrans, disguising as ESN and getting involved in disputes of all forms in the land including family dispute. And worst so is how Biafra land traditional rulers and communities chairmen were allowing these criminals go unpunished. Some of them are being quick to ignorantly begin to associate the crimes of these nefarious elements to the Noble ESN.

This is why it became so imperative to put up this article and remind the general public, and all Biafran what ESN represents. ESN is for safety and peace of Biafran people, and so will it remain. ESN does not involve themselves in any land dispute, family problem or business dispute.

The dragon flag of ESN has been lifted and will remain up until Biafra is restored. The earlier people accepts this, the better. No amount of blackmails can stop ESN from remaining strong and determined in carrying out their assignments, people should make quick to learn to separate the activities of criminals from that of ESN any time, any day. Do not hesitate to hold and punish any criminal you find guilty of any crime in your communities. Never allow yourself to be deceived into believing they are ESN.

The ESN commanded by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will never be a threat to Biafran people, but possess what it takes to give security to Biafra. So, the people must learn to "differentiate criminals from ESN" and stand strong to deliver judgement on any criminal that may want to impersonate ESN.

Written by Ogah C. S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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