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Thursday, 24 May 2018

#BiafraFallenHeroes: We Remember Those Butchered On 2nd Dec. 2015 By Combined Team Of The Nigeria Security Forces

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chief Editor, |The Biafra Times

May 25, 2018

MISS Anthonia Nkeiruka Ikeanyionwu, aged 20, was among the fallen heroines who met their untimely death during the picketing at Ojukwu gateway, Onitsha Head bridge on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB).

Tragedy struck when few weeks to the end of the year, bullets from the guns of some trigger-happy Nigerian soldiers, in league with other joint sister agencies who were deployed to quell the protest by the IPOB, suddenly flew in from God-knows-where and struck dead Miss Anthonia Nkeiruka Ikeanyionwu, a 200-level student of Educational Management and Policy, Federal College of Education (Technical), Umunze, Anambra State, leaving her in a pool of blood.

The picketing at the Head bridge by IPOB, was to drive home their demand for the unconditional release of the then illegally detained leader, Nnamdi Kanu who was languishing at Kuje prisons without any form of trial. Biafrans were simply picketing under moral and ideological precepts against the continued detention and incarceration of Mr Kanu.

The Biafra protesters had converged from various states in Biafra land and beyond to ask for his release only to be attacked at odd hours by the combined team of the Nigerian army, police, civil defence, navy and what have you.

Apart from Miss Ikeanyionwu, the incident led to the death of other innocent hawkers, a 'suya' merchant and passersby who got struck by the stray bullets while some surviving victims sustained varying degrees of injuries as a result of the violent, uncultured and unprofessional engagement of the security operatives.

Furthermore, evidences abound of unarmed and defenseless pro-Biafra protesters being gunned down in cold blood by Nigerian security agents during demonstrations.

It could be recalled that in respect to the cold murder of Miss Ikeanyionwu and others, a human rights group, The Kingdom Human Rights International, on behalf of IPOB and families of the deceased victims, filed a lawsuit before a Federal High Court in Abuja, demanding an aggregate sum of N8.5 billion in damages against the federal government over the killing and maiming of pro-Biafra protesters on October 20 and December 2, 2015 in parts of South East and South South geopolitical zones.

The suit, which was filed by counsels in the firm, Okere Kingdom Nnamdi, Paul Nwoko, and Richard Udozo, also joined the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Attorney General of the Federation, the National Assembly of Nigeria, and the Chief of Army Staff as respondents.

Others also joined in the suit were: the former Inspector General of Police, the Commissioners of Police in Imo, Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers States commands, the Commandant General of Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps and the Director General of the Department of State Services..

Among other reliefs, the suit was seeking a declaration of the court as crime against humanity, unlawful, cruel, brutal, and wicked the killing of “unarmed, non-violent and peaceful protesters who are exercising their right to peaceful assembly, freedom of association and right to self-determination as guaranteed by sections 39 and 40 of the 1999 Constitution and Articles I, IV XIX of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, by the combined team of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies.”

Though peacefully buried and laid to rest on December 8, 2015, Miss Anthonia Ikeanyionwu will always remain in our minds as part of those who sacrificed their lives for the irrevocable restoration of Biafra and that we shall always remember. She died that we might live to continue in the pursuit to regain our nationhood. And for that single reason, we will forever adore and cherish her even after death.


Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

#BiafraFallenHeroes: Remembering The Exploits Of The Stouthearted Gen. J. Achuzie A.K.A Biafra Air Raid, The Hannibal Of Biafra and The Mystery Of The Western World

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | For Biafra Writers

May 24, 2018

“He had some supernatural powers, he could disappear like an apparition, bullets tend to water on coming in contact with his skin.” These and more were the confessions from colleagues, friends and foes alike who fought the brutal 3-year Biafra war with the late General Joe Achuzia, famously known as 'Air Raid'. These mysteries/confessions are difficult to comprehend and its accessibility is not within the reach of an ordinary man. But to an ordinary man, these are jocular assertions that hold no water because ex-raying its meaning is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

Gen. Achuzia, who was the most successful of all Biafran commanders, was born on 1929. Achuzia, the synopsis of a real Biafran soldier, was in the Nigerian army but later escaped to his homeland(Eastern region) which he held dear in 1967, to roll into one with fellow easterners due to the barrage of killings of his people, in order to take the bull which was like a pain in the neck of his people, by its horns. He died on 26th February 2018.

Though he has shuffled off this mortal coil to go join the invisible choir of the Biafran warlords, the crescendos and the diminuendos of his unprecedented accomplishments by valor in the world during the Biafran war, which are above elephant size, top of the pile is the "Abagana Ambush," are still resonating till date. This black "Air Raid" fired just a single indigenous Biafran invented rocket bomb called Rocket Ogbunigwe (Monster Bomb), which engulfed the entire two hundred (200) vehicles that a Nigerian commander by name Murtala Rafai Ramat Muhammed was leading to the East.

READ ALSO: #BiafraHeroesDay: Tribute To Rolf Steiner As We Remember His Sacrifices During The Nigeria-Biafra War, 51 Years

Achuzie, who was a roving commander, a no-nonsense commander, was known as the last man standing during the war. He was a soldier who takes delight in saying the truth always; this l know is the source of his supernatural power. To him, “if truth is axiomatic and light so magnetic, then l cannot be destroyed by mere mortal.” Through Achuzie during the war, Noah Kartz's (an Israeli ambassador to Nigeria) statement when he said that he knows that the Biafrans are related to Israel by blood, has been vindicated. According to the Torah (Holy Bible), Yahweh promised Israelites that any of them can pursue a thousand men. Indeed, Gen. Joe Achuzie really showed off what stuff Africa would have been made of if only the western world had allowed her to remain as a sovereign state of its own.

“We didn't surrender. If there was a surrender, there must be a surrender term agreement. There must be a paper to that effect. Let them publish the terms of surrender so that the country will know,” these were the words of the General. He never feared saying the truth even when he is facing death. He fearlessly confessed that Nigeria was originally on a tripod of South-east region, South-west region and Northern region; a truth feared by the lily-livered men in the East.

READ ALSO: #BiafraFallenHeroes: We Remember Those Who Fell By The Bullets Of The Nigeria Security Joint Forces At National High School, Aba; The Darkest Of All Days In Enyimba City

In this year's Biafra Heroes' and Heroines' Remembrance Day, Biafrans in one camaraderie, one accord and of one voice, stand still to salute you the hero for your bravery and stoutness that is second to none in the world at large. We remember your sacrifices. We promise you that this trend of intrepid Biafran warriors in IPOB, with their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, will stop at nothing in fighting for the same cause which you believe and fought for — the freedom of the Biafran people. We love you as you have gone to continue the fight from the spiritual realm. Requiescat in peace my hero, in Chukwu Okike Abiama's name, Ise! Ise! Isee!

The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Contact us: [email protected]

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Biafra: IPOB condemn killing of 8 unarmed members of Biafra Independence Movement (BIM), blame Ohanaeze and Igbo governors over their grave silence

Published By The Biafra Times


The worldwide family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) condemn in the strongest possible terms the reported deaths of 8 Biafra Independence Movement (BIM) activists and illegal detention of 206 others in Enugu during a gathering to commemorate 22 years of the founding of MASSOB. This is another atrocity in a long list of shameful atrocities committed by predominately Hausa Fulani staffed Nigerian Army. That this level of brutality is not receiving the desired media attention and condemnation is indicative of the times we now live in where life has become so cheap that deaths of activists is now seen as routine.

There remains only two constituencies to blame for this, Ohaneze Ndigbo and Igbo governors. Their repeated silence over the slaughter of their own people makes them an accomplice after the fact. Those agitators romancing with Arewa politicians by night but jump up during the day to shout Biafra must cover their faces in shame. Their duplicitous character will never endear them to the oppressor.

We are asking the Nigerian Government to focus their military hardware and firepower on Fulani terror herdsmen in Benue and other Northern terrorist groups active in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. The senseless killings of unarmed Biafra agitators must stop because it will only breed more diehard activists that may choose to abandon the non-violence stance of IPOB.  One day, violence will surely beget violence if this ongoing anti-Biafra persecution is not stopped.
Nigeria will have no one but itself to blame when eventually that Pandora's box they have been forcing is finally opened. The world cannot continue to feign ignorance of the fact that innocent unarmed  Biafrans are being slaughtered on a daily basis like cattle by Northern Nigeria troops stationed in Biafraland. The day this sustained level of brutality will drive splinter groups to take up arms against the Nigerian state, architects of these massacres should not say they were not warned.

Self-determination is part and parcel of the Nigerian law. There is nothing illegal about secession in any of the laws in Nigeria. These killings must stop now or else we embark on a slippery slope to anarchy which IPOB may not be able to control. All Biafra detainees must be released.


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

#BiafraHeroesDay: Tribute To Rolf Steiner As We Remember His Sacrifices During The Nigeria-Biafra War, 51 Years After

By Onoja Christian Obinna 
For Biafra Writers

May 22, 2018 

Heroes are born, not made! A true hero is one who stands in the gap to protect and preserve humanity despite what the endpoint of his actions may cost him.

In the land of Germany, a hero was born on January 3, 1933, in Munich, Bavaria and he was named Rolf Steiner.

Rolf which synonymously means 'Structural Integration' just as his name implies was a professional "Soldier of Fortune," who structurally integrated so many components that aided his (mission) mercenary work as a soldier.

Being filled with a savior-like passion, Steiner desired to be a servant and defender of God's own people in Africa.

Though, I wasn't opportuned to have a handshake with him or a one-on-one conversation but through the so many accounts of his good deeds to defenceless citizens of Biafra during the civil war, I was filled with desire to know more about the man that threw his life on the red line that we the people of Biafra will have our total freedom, thereby motivating me to drop this Tribute to him while he is still alive for him to know that the people he fought for have never and will never forget his gallant efforts in making our history come clear to the world despite the odd that followed his leaving the land of the Rising Sun.

Rolf In 1949, at the age of 16, decided to study for priesthood for he intended to become a Catholic missionary in Africa. Following an affair with a nun at school, however, he decided that the military offered a more interesting life.

When he was 17, Steiner was enlisted in the French Foreign Legion at Offenburg, and was sent to Sidi-bel-Abbes in Algeria. This satisfied his goal of going to Africa.

Having being an integral component in different peace-keeping mission to different countries of the world which were plunged into war, he took a major part of play in Suez crises in 1956 when the northern Vietnam was faced by Viet Minh's.

After he successfully carried out his assigned duty in Vietnam, he was later posted to Algeria where he met his future wife Odette, a Pied-Noir. The Legion hardened Steiner, and he was taken not only by the bravery but by the loyalty of his Russian, Hungarian, and French counterparts who, despite being adversaries only a few years before, were now steadfast comrades.

While fighting the FLN (Front de Libération Nationale) uprising in Algeria, Steiner become active in the anti-De Gaulle Organisation armée secrète (OAS) through his wife. He was eventually arrested, sentenced to nine months in prison, and then released into civilian life.

Despite being imprisoned for nine months in Algeria, he was never deterred from carrying out his humanitarian work as he volunteered once again to serve as one of the mercenaries who fought for the newly independent Republic of Biafra in 1967.

For his dauntless performances and initiatives, Steiner was granted a commission into the Biafran Army with the rank of a Lieutenant, and Commander of the 4th Commando Brigade. The first three brigades actually didn't exist; the army created this bit of disinformation to confuse the Nigerian Federal forces courtesy of Rolf Steiner.

Very dedicated and truthful soldier Rolf is, a man who never condone evil and sabotage, blew a whistle against Fredrick Forsyth who was an agent of M16 but was pretending to being on a neutral ground during the war.

This valiant soldier had proposed that "if he is given 100 men, he would give them a quick special training and then use them to attack the Enugu Airport," which had fallen into the hands of the enemy.

Following his preparation by Biafra's Head of State General Odumegwu Ojukwu, Steiner launched his operation (together with his troops), successively, against the Nigerian Airfield in Enugu. Consequently, the enemy jets which had taken off from Enugu Airport were pounding the nearby Railway Station on May 28, 1968.

While the war was still intense, Rolf attested to that Biafrans are quick learners and highly motivated to defend their father land and enjoy total freedom despite using a skull and crossbones as his regimental symbol, which he as a reminder to his troops of the risks inherent in war.

Today, we consciously remember his undaunted moves to destroying six Russian-made bomber and fighter aircraft of the enemy (Nigeria).

We will not forget that Rolf Steiner blew the first enemy armoured vehicle to shreds, at Emene, by virtue of the landmine he had prepared and sited.

Unlike other Soldiers of Fortune, Steiner was passionate about Biafra, and did not receive any pay for his efforts beyond room and board.

Steiner's guerilla warfare skills served the Biafran cause far better than the conventional warfare training most of the other commanders had received at Sandhurst.

Unfortunately, following several confrontations with his Biafran colleagues, Steiner resigned from service as he bids goodbye to the land of the Rising Sun.

Rolf "Commando" Steiner,
We remember thee!

The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah 

Monday, 21 May 2018

IPOB thank all those who contributed to the success of today's outing, as Ohanaeze bow in shame

May 21, 2018

IPOB Press Statement 

We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it's leadership worldwide wish to use this opportunity to commend our hardcore family members from across Biafraland that defied the full military siege at Ekwueme Square, illegal arrests and tear gas, to prove that IPOB is indeed formidable.  Nnia Nwodo's restructuring summit was a total failure thereby reaffirming our uncompromising stance in the full restoration of Biafra.

We equally thank those governors, clergy, Senators, House of Reps and Assembly members that listened to IPOB and declined to attend the event. We particularly appreciate the open rejection of the summit by Ala-Igbo Development Foundation (ADF). Other groups like teachers, civil servants, women groups, youth associations, traders, artisans, traditional rulers and students that stayed away from the summit has given us hope that Biafra restoration has the blessing of the overwhelming majority of our people.

Ohaneze Ndigbo and their collaborators now know that no amount of Hausa-Fulani soldiers and military hardware will ever deter IPOB from carrying out any threat it issues. Eternal humiliation has befallen Ohaneze Ndigbo for surrounding a venue of a public meeting in Igboland with Hausa Fulani soldiers.

IPOB is not a terrorist group despite all the provocations and will remain so until Biafra is fully restored. But our voice must be heard anytime we speak because what we seek is freedom and liberty for all not just for ourselves. IPOB will go on exposing the plans of the enemy against our people. Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership have realised today that our people are against their politics as usual.

Nnia Nwodo and others that used the cover of Operation Python Dance to remove our leader, kill IPOB family members at Isiama Afaraukwu and proscribe IPOB can now attest to the fact that IPOB is indestructible. The era of Fulani stooges running the affairs of the masses in Igboland in particular and Biafraland in general has come to an end today in Awka.


Sunday, 20 May 2018


Published by The Biafra Times | May 21, 2018


We, the worldwide family of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) once again warn anybody contemplating attending the Fulani sponsored restructuring jamboree to think twice before heading to Awka, on Monday  because their safety will not be guaranteed. The statement issued by one Fulani police officer SP Mohammed Haruna Idris yesterday in Awka confirms what we had always known that Ohaneze Ndigbo will rely on their northern masters to protect them. A socio-cultural association relying on their oppressors to come and protect them is a disgrace.

The Fulani controlled Nigeria Police and Army have made it clear their armored tanks will be stationed around the venue to protect their stooges in Ohaneze Ndigbo. We are certain that these Fulani armed men in uniform are under orders from whoever sent them to shoot people at sight.

Any person could be an unintended victim of a stray bullet. When the pandemonium starts on Monday, a codeine charged Fulani army or police officer armed with AK 47 will not know who is who. Documented incidents of stray bullets killing innocent bystanders abound. If you don't want to be a victim don't venture into Awka on the 21st of May 2018.

Therefore, we are warning those invited by Ohaneze to stay away from Ekwueme Square in order to allow IPOB settle this issue of Hausa/Fulani collaborators and saboteurs once and for all time in Igboland. We don't want another meaningless restructuring debate that will lead to further enslavement of our people for another 100 years. If some individuals and groups are comfortable with their slave status in Nigeria they should permanently relocate to the North as some of them have done already. We the Indigenous People of Biafra will not be slaves in our own land. We will sacrifice everything sacrificeable, including our lives, to ensure we live as free men in the land of our ancestors as God intended before the white man came.
Anybody equating what is about to happen at Ekwueme Square in Awka on Monday 21, 2018 with what obtained in  November 18, 2017 Anambra governorship election is a very poor student of social dynamics. For starters,  IPOB said it would boycott Anambra elections and it did so successfully. That less than 2% of registered voters bothered to turn out on polling day is testament to the persuasive clout of IPOB. That INEC even went ahead to announce a fraudulent result, more than 48 hours after the polls closed, is another indication that a great deal of time was spent falsifying the figures to make it appear respectable. However you look at it, IPOB boycott of Anambra elections was a resounding success. If not why the continued witch-hunt against IPOB before 2019 elections?

Nigeria is a country conceived in fraud and sustained by a corrupt group of people that care only about themselves and their families, so it shouldn't come to anyone as a surprise that INEC announced a binding result based on less than 2% of votes cast. In a monumentally corrupt country like Nigeria, institutions like INEC will always announce a result regardless of electoral outcomes; a unique characteristic of any backward rentier dictatorial banana republic. In any other civilised region of the world, Anambra elections would have been canceled outright but we are in a place called Nigeria where a grand conspiracy is at play to deny IPOB every opportunity to make its case.

Our consistency in confronting this crumbling corrupt edifice with our civil disobedience is what distinguishes IPOB from any other group. We will not stop until our freedom is achieved. Anybody responsible for the death of any indigenous person of Biafra on Monday in Awka will surely die. Ohaneze Ndigbo should take note.





Published by The Biafra Times | May 20, 2018


Great Biafrans, once again destiny knocks at our door as our Creator THE MOST HIGH EZE CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA presents us HIS Children, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu another opportunity to finally confront head on those who have been planted in our land to hold us down and prevent us from reaching the full potential that heaven endowed us with. These individuals and groups who masquerade as leaders and Elites and call themselves Governors and Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo are nothing but errand boys of the Sokoto Caliphate representing the interest of the Hausa-Fulani Oligarchy and not the Interest of the Biafran people.

The Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide commend Biafrans both at home and in the Diaspora for our resoluteness and unwavering discipline in our match to freedom. Our leader said that we are without fear before our enemies and we have time and time again vindicated him when we confronted these enemies head-on exhibiting an uncanny determination to sacrifice limb and pleasure for the joy of living a free people in our homeland. Our burning desire to be free, that love for and of Liberty is intrinsic to our nature as Biafrans and one million Ohanaeze’s does not have the capacity to continue to hold us in perpetual bondage and servitude for the benefit of their Hausa Fulani Masters. Nnia Nwodo the Ohanaeze president and those working with him are not just Task Masters drafted into our land to hold the Biafran people in check, he has shamelessly become their mouthpiece in Biafraland. Nnia Nwodo is positioning his brother John Nwodo who has been attached to Atiku Abubakar as usual to play a second fiddle in Nnia Nwodo’s and Sokoto Caliphate’s political calculations.

May 21st, 2018 is a day that history must be made as we the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will on this day restore the dignity of the Biafran people before the eyes of the whole world who are watching very keenly the developments in our land. We shall on this day and date restore our faith in ourselves as a people and with that renew hope for our Children and generations yet unborn. Our voice must be loud and clear that even the deaf will hear and acknowledge our stand as we shall unequivocally repudiate and reject all those whose hands are covered with the blood of innocent Biafrans murdered at the instigation and direct coordination of the present Ohanaeze leadership and the South East Governors.

The Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide uses this medium, therefore, to direct that all roads must lead to Ekwueme Square in Awka on May 21st. We must descend on Awka from all corners of Biafraland like the locust and sweep away every impediment on our way to freedom and any obstacle to the restoration of a Sovereign and Independent Biafran Nation. As we match down to Awka we will not fail to call up the Spirits of Biafrans murdered in Nigeria to descend in their millions on Ekwueme Square as well. Finally, as we march down to Ekwueme Square we commend every one of us into the hands of EZE CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA for guidance, strength and protection to the glory of his name.

Mazi Chika Edoziem
Head Directorate of State of the
Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)

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