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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Why Igbo Leaders Should be Overlooked

May 24, 2019

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie,  Chief Editor | The Biafra Times

It was former President Goodluck Jonathan that promoted Enugu airport to international airport. Stella Odua, functioning in her capacity as aviation minister, worked hard to upgrade the airport really to a standard befitting of international airport. The jealous Yoruba, knowing that the Lagos airport is viable on the account of the Igbos who are the most traveled in the country, and figuring what will become of it should the Enugu airport start functioning in the full capacity of an international airport, began to work against it. Using their very biased media, they slandered Odua, creating the fertile ground for their political players and their counterparts from the North to mount pressure on President Goodluck to remove the hardworking woman from office. Fearing what would become of his desires to return to office should he ignore the demands of the caliphate and their conniving Yoruba political players, Goodluck succumbed to pressure. Odua was relieved of her duties. A Yoruba man now taking over, the ongoing work at the Enugu airport was stalled. Ohaneze Ndigbo saw it all but did nothing. Igbo political players did nothing. Ala-Igbo Development Foundation did nothing. Yet these are the groups that arrogate to selves the position of Igbo Leaders.

Assorted flights operate from Lagos airport, Abuja airport, Kano, Kaduna and the rest of the international airports in Yoruba land and in the North. On the contrary, however, the only flight allowed to land or take off from Enugu, Akanu Ibiam international airport, is Ethiopian Airline. Every other airline is prohibited. Even the Ethiopian airline is being discouraged with extreme charges. Nobody answering to that self-aggrandizing nomenclature “Igbo Leaders”  has stood up against this economic persecution; not the politician, not Ohaneze Ndigbo. Not even the elite fraud-front, Ala-Igbo Development Foundation, who claims to be primarily concerned with developments in Igbo land.

Again, the cost of flight from Enugu to China is almost double of what is from Lagos, Abuja, Kano, and Kaduna to the same China. This is part of the grand plan to discourage travelers from taking off or landing at Enugwu. Naturally, people tend to flow to a region where they can cut costs. With the constant shifting from Enugu to either Lagos or Abuja, a time will come when the airline would have no choice than to shut down its operation at Enugu. The so-called Igbo leaders are either blind to this or observe, but choose to do nothing.

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Then comes the Federal government’s bold decision to shut down the Enugu international airport. The Minister of State for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, made this known at the 2019 Stakeholders’ Forum, in Lagos. As widely reported by various news outlets in the country, the minister said the Federal Government would have to downgrade the Enugwu Airport in terms of its status as an international airport, excusing the decision on the terrible state of the runway. Yet this is the same runway they stopped Stella Odua from rehabilitating and victimized her for daring to. Igbo political players, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Ala-Igbo Development Foundation and all other mushroom groups fancying selves as Igbo leaders are mute. What manner of leaders are they then?

The Heart of Darkness – Lagos state – alone has two functional seaports … one at Apapa and the other at Tin Can Island. And as we speak, a third is under construction at Badagry. Just at the neighboring city of Ibadan, a dry port is being built. Up north in Kaduna, another dry port is under construction. In Biafra-land however, the exact opposite is the case: Calabar Seaport is shut down, Warri Seaport is shut down and Port-Harcourt Seaport is shut down. Meanwhile, ninety percent of importation in Nigeria is done by Biafrans. Where then are the Igbo leaders? Ala-Igbo Development Foundation, Ohaneze-Ndigbo, and the politicians … where are they? None of them has made even ordinary statement about this, yet they love to call selves Igbo leaders.

One could go on and on and on. The economic emasculation is palpable, yet the so-called Igbo leaders do nothing about it. On what basis, therefore, are they leaders? On opposing IPOB?

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June 12 is declared a national holiday in honor of one man – Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola – a Yoruba man. Yet, the six million Biafrans killed in the genocidal war visited on Biafra are not worth being honored with a day. Sad enough, the so-called Igbo leaders who ought to be at the forefront of the 30th May sit-at-home call in honor of the victims of the genocide have turned themselves willing tools in the hand of the Nigerian state to oppose the call.

Obvious then is the fact that the current crop of Igbos fancying selves as Igbo leaders do not know what leadership is. They are in fact self-seeking elements merchandizing our common good for personal goal, and as such, should be totally ignored.

Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Biafra Heroes Day: No Mockery of Our Dead Heroes on 30th May

The Biafra Times | May 24, 2019


As Biafrans both home and in the diaspora, including friends and lovers of freedom, prepare for the annual 30th of May Remembrance this year in our unique and special way,  we the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it's leadership worldwide wish to reiterate again that Biafrans will bring the activities in Biafraland and parts of Nigeria to a standstill on that fateful day.

We are urging all Biafrans, no matter where you reside in the world, to adhere to this clarion call to observe this historic event in a solemn and befitting manner. No public gathering, human or vehicular movement, ceremony or lectures of any kind are allowed on that day.

It is most unfortunate that some faceless hired groups without any presence on the ground are still struggling to politicize this only historic event introduced and organized for Biafrans to remember and honor our fallen heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price for us all to be alive today.

With the threat of imminent wholesale Fulanization on the horizon, we wonder why these shameless and unscrupulous individuals and groups, sponsored by the Nigerian government, are still occupied with such inordinate ambition as to talk about organizing a meaningless talking show on such a revered date.

We want to assure these hired groups that shame shall befall them because all genuinely patriotic Biafrans have determined that May 30th is a holy day.

We are not against any person organizing any activity outside May 30 but that day is special and shall remain so for eternity.

No lectures, creative discussions or politically motivated and sponsored event on the 30th of May because Biafrans cannot allow quislings to make a mockery of our dead heroes on that particular day.


Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Biafra Heroes Day: I must remember my uncle on 30th May

May 23, 2019

Dave O. Umahi | For Biafra Writers

My uncle, Sunday Onwuka, was a promising young man of seventeen when the war broke out. The genocidal Nigerian army murdered him in cold blood. He was such a loving personality the survivors of the war passed his story down to my generation. Listening to the stories told about him I have always broken down in tears.

My tears are prompted not just by the sad loss, but also by the realization that many other promising young men went the same way. These are people that would have bridged the gap between us and the older generation, thereby occasioning a smooth transfer of knowledge and wisdom. But the devilish Nigeria state would not allow that.

Sunday was said to be so lively in discussions; so urbane, full of wisdom and witty enough to have excelled in today's comedy industry. He was said to be so athletically built and sparkling in appearance that he was easily noticed wherever he entered.

Sunday’s fate came one cursed evening in 1969. The war was nearing its end but the vandals (Nigerian genocidal army) was still loitering about, seeking young girls to defile. The few youths that were still alive had gathered together to take in fresh air and relieve selves of the agony of the war with some folklore. The murderous Nigerian soldiers arrived, and offended that such an urbane young adult was still around, they seized Sunday, tied his hands behind him and carried him off. That spelt the end of Sunday; his corpse was not even found.

Yet, some people say we shouldn’t remember Sunday and the millions like him come 30th May. Are they in their right senses?  Biafrans have chosen May 30 of every year to mourn and honour the victims of the war. We have chosen to sit back at home, denying ourselves of every social and economic activity in remembrance of every Biafran soul lost in that genocidal war visited upon us. We do so not by compulsion but by freewill, so the Nigerian police and army threating to stop us need urgent psychiatric attention. Sincerely.


Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

#BiafraFallenHeroes: A Eulogy In Honour And Remembrance Of Count Carl Gustaf

The Biafra Times | May 22, 2019

By Comr. Chukwu Ogbu | For Biafra Writers

Your Eminence, lovers of freedom, members of Count Carl Gustaf Von Rosen's family and my fellow Biafra citizen.

Today I pen down in tears this Eulogy in remembrance of Count Carl Gustaf Von, a Biafran pilot who hails from Sweden for his indulgence, and magnificent valor during the height of the pogrom from Nigeria and Britain against Biafrans.

Indeed, duty, decency, reliability, honour, dignity, respect: these and more are all the attributes that Count Carl Gustaf Von not only held in high esteem but practised everyday during his time on this earth. He was a serious and disciplined man who stood firm to challenge the atrocities been inflicted on Biafrans and the continuous harassment of the relief flights by the Nigerian Air Force, he hatched a plan in collaboration with the French secret service and dealt a serious blow on Nigerian army killing her soldiers and destroyed their warplanes.

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Carl a man that hate injustice, subjugation and slavery. Oh yes,  Carl defiled a standing order from British/Nigeria against sending relief materials to Biafrans. A man that flew a DC-7 plane from São Tomé to Uli at only a little above sea level in August 1968 just to ensure he sent relief food items and materials to war-ravaged and starved Biafrans. What a lettered humanitarian!
Biafra can still feel the impacts of this great man in their lives today even as they aspire to be a free nation.

All over the world, Carl was a symbol of selfless humanity. All over Biafra, Carl is a standard-bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden citizens.

Carl has gone home now, guided by his faith and by the light of Biafrans he has fought in defence of their rights. At last, he is with them once more, leaving those of us who grieve his passing with the memories he gave, the good that he did, the dream of Biafra nation he kept alive, and a single, enduring image of a freedom fighter.

It is a great privilege to write this eulogy to express the sadness that Biafrans shares for his loss. Carl, thank you for everything you have done for us, posterity will never forget you. God bless you and rest in peace always.

We shall always remember your great sacrifices to our nationhood.
Adieu, Carl!

Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

#BiafraFallenHeroes: Reminiscing The Great Moments Of A Great Icon, Selfless Leader And Pioneer Biafra Head Of State, Gen. Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

By Victoria O. C. Agangan || For Biafra Writers

May 22, 2019

The image so often associated with Africa – a child with stick-thin limbs and swollen belly – dates back to the first televised famine, the Biafra war. The man who understood the power of that image was an Oxford-educated Nigerian soldier, Emeka Ojukwu.

Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, to use his full name, proclaimed the short-lived Republic of Biafra in 1967. His demeanour of a gentleman-rebel standing up to the Nigerian Goliath appealed to western intellectuals such as Frederick Forsyth and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. A Swedish count built and flew planes for the Biafra country's air force and its struggle for independence inspired the French humanitarian Bernard Kouchner to create Médecins Sans Frontières.

The son of one of Nigeria's most successful transport entrepreneurs, Ojukwu was from the Igbo tribe born on November 4, 1933, in Zungeru, the northern part of Nigeria. He received the best education – King's College, Lagos; Epsom College, Surrey and Lincoln College, Oxford, where he graduated with honours in modern history in 1955. He refused to go into his father's business and instead spent two years as an unglamorous administrative head officer in the Eastern Nigerian public service.

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In 1957, Ojukwu joined the Royal West African Frontier Forces as a recruit. He rose rapidly through the ranks, ending his training at Sandhurst at the time of Nigerian independence in 1960. Under British indirect rule, Nigeria had been crudely divided along tribal lines: politics was for the northern Hausa tribe, commercial clout was the preserve of the supposedly industrious Yorubas on the south-western coast and education was for the administratively inclined Igbos in the east of the country.

Unhappy at northern heavy-handedness and discrimination, Igbo officers staged a coup in 1966 and installed Ojukwu as governor of the Eastern Region, which includes the oil-rich Niger Delta. When the counter-coup came six months later, Ojukwu refused to step down.

As the Eastern governor, Ojukwu sought peacefully to resolve matters. He tried to maintain military hierarchy by insisting that Brigadier Ogundipe took the mantle of leadership instead of a junior officer, Col. Gowon but Ogundipe was convinced in London to step into the Nigerian High Commission.

On 29th September, a fatal pogrom with beastly brutality was carried out mostly against the Igbos and other ethnic groups in the Eastern region by the northern elements. Maimed, bruised Biafrans returned en masse, yet Gen. Ojukwu never abated his quest for peace having previously made futile attempts for a badly damaged unity that has become irreparable. He proceeded to Aburi, Ghana on 4th January, 1967 for a peace conference with Gowon, Gen Joseph Ankarah was the host. There, Ojukwu succeeded in getting Gowon to sign a peace treaty called "Aburi Accord."

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Upon return, Gowon reneged on the agreement reached at Aburi. He split the Eastern region into three states. He was solely responsible for the war. Gen. Ojukwu from Nnewi, Anambra state, left with no other option, declared the defunct nation of the Republic of Biafra on May 30, 1967 with the mandate of the Eastern Nigeria Consultative Assembly. Three days later, Gowon declared war and besieged Biafra. The diplomatic war in the present day Nigeria is a replica of what Biafra has continously faced in the past.

Under pressure from Igbos in the military, he declared independence for the 29,000 square-mile region of Biafra on 30 May, 1967. A flag was designed, featuring a rising sun. A currency(in pounds and shillings) was issued and the beginnings of a welfare state were put in place. Ojukwu personally chose a movement from Jean Sibelius's Finlandia as the tune to the national anthem, in reference to the Nordic country's resistance to foreign domination.

But the region's oil wealth made Biafran independence intolerable to Nigeria and the international community and as a result, in July 6, 1967, then Nigerian Military Government headed by Col. Yakubu Gowon declared war and attacked Biafra. He besieged an already wounded people. He came with international support from thirthy countries, and for thirty months Biafra under the leadership of Gen. Ojukwu persevered against all odds.

A futile and avoidable two-and-a-half-year war cost millions of innocent Biafran lives as Nigeria created famine conditions and enlisted British and Soviet support against a ragtag army equipped with home-made military hardware.

The scar of that war is ever green in our minds — It was characterized by genocide of sorts and these included wanton killings, molestation and rape, blockage of food and aids, over three million Biafrans, men, women and children died. Many got displaced till date in foreign lands.

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By 1969, Biafra was on its knees and Ojukwu fled into exile in Ivory Coast, handing over the baton of leadership to his second-in-command, Maj. Gen. Philip Effiong from Itshekiri, present day Akwa-Ibom state. President Felix of Ivory Coast had recognized Biafra and offered asylum to him. Twelve years later he was granted a pardon and returned to Nigeria where he formed the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA and ran for president in 2003 and 2007. In 2008, he received his military pension from the Nigerian government but complained complained that it ranked him as a lieutenant-colonel rather than as a general, his rank in the Biafran army.

Vonnegut described Ojukwu as Biafra's George Washington. He wrote: "When we met General Ojukwu, his soldiers were going into battle with 35 rounds of rifle ammunition. There was no more where that came from. For weeks before that, they had been living on one cup of garri a day. The recipe for garri is this: Add water to pulverized cassava root. Now the soldiers didn't even have gari anymore. General Ojukwu described a typical Nigerian attack for us: 'They pound a position with artillery for 24 hours, then they send forward one armoured car. If anybody shoots at it, it retreats, and another 24 hours of bombardment begins. When the infantry moves forward, they drive a screen of refugees before them. If we go forward, we die. If we go backward, we die. So we go forward'".

The American writer was among a dozen intellectuals invited by Ojukwu to witness the Biafran war in a bid to influence western public opinion and secure airlifts of food. Another was Forsyth whose biography of him, Emeka, was published in 1982.

In Nigeria, Ojukwu's legacy is largely viewed as positive for having stood up for his ethnic group, having proved incorruptible and having essentially personified the country's view of itself as constantly riven along ethnic lines. After his death in November 26, 2011 at the Royal Berkshire Hospital – where he had been admitted following a stroke in December 2010 – President Goodluck Jonathan paid him a glowing tribute: "Ojukwu's immense love of his people, justice, equity and fairness forced him into the leading role he played in the Nigerian civil war."

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader, today, represents the adage: "He who runs, lives to fight another day." Presently, the Nigerian government under President Muhammadu Buhari and his Army Chief, Tukur Yusuf Buratai have killed, maimed, incarcerated, kidnapped and illegaly imprisoned and denied release even against court orders. In all these we must not relent. Our hitherto inner conscious mind have been awakened by Nnamdi Kanu. We must not relent but fight on until Biafra is restored.

We must not forget nor relent!
Adieu Gen. Ojukwu!
Long live Biafra!

Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Biafra: Ohaneze, Dokubo, and Fulani Land-grabbers

By Dave Umahi | For Biafra Writers

May 16, 2019

The latest intelligence report reaching our desk has it that the Fulani terrorist leadership (the cabal in Aso Rock) has kicked off their plans to buy land massively in Biafra as a launch-pad for Biafra-land takeover. What then will Ohaneze Ndigbo and Asari Dokubo do about it?

The first attempt at taking over Biafra-land was the demand for grazing lands. The people stood against it, arguing that cattle’s rearing is private business, and so the government shouldn’t allocate lands to the herders. The people argued further that Biafrans in other parts of the country purchased the lands and shops in which they conduct their businesses, insisting that the Fulani must be left to do same. The cabal thus being logically defeated tried using the army to seize the lands. Realizing how difficult it is to get enough lands for what they intended, they resorted to empowering the herdsmen leadership, Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers (MACAR). Interestingly, MACAR is reported in international media as the fourth largest terrorist group in the world.

The government’s recent decision to give $100 Billion Dollars to the terrorist herdsmen is in tandem with the caliphate’s plot to take over Biafra land. Sources disclosed that the money is to enable the herders purchase more arms for their nefarious activities, as well as to buy lands in Biafra. Put differently, they are planning to, on one hand, kill more Biafrans, and on the other hand, buy up many lands in Biafra with the connivance of quislings they have previously planted.

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Biafrans are thus curious to know what the proscribed Ohaneze Ndigbo as a body and brother Asari Dokubo as an individual are going to do in the face of such disturbing revelations. This is more so since they are in the habit of opposing everything done by Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to gain independence from the zoo called Nigeria.

Ohaneze Ndigbo is originally a group of Igbo-Biafrans that banded together immediately after the war to chart a way forward. With time however, unscrupulous elements infiltrated the group, and with the founding fathers growing old and dying off, the present-day members subverted the original goal of the group, turning themselves scavengers in the Nigerian political equation. Integrity became a thing of the past as these shameless Igbo men readily offered selves as tools in the hand of the Northern hegemony to forestall every plan to restore Biafra just to be allowed to pick the crumbs from their masters’ table.

Doing their masters’ biding, Ohaneze Ndigbo connived with Igbo-Biafra governors to have Nigerian terrorist army invade the home of the Supreme Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, with the sole intent of assassinating him. In the process, hundreds of Biafrans were murdered by the Nigeria terrorist forces. The latest script now being acted out is the opposition to the Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day slated for May 30th.

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On the other hand, Asari Dokubo, a school dropout and a one-time pipeline vandal, claims to be fighting for what he called Niger Delta freedom. But in actual fact, he is a wheelie-dealer, using the pretense of fighting for freedom to cut deals. It is Dokubo that betrayed Henry Orkah, the leader of Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND).

As both fraudulent Ohaneze Ndigbo and pipeline vandal, Asari Dokubo, have been in opposition to IPOB’s genuine and honest moves to restore the state of Biafra, Biafrans now demand to know what these folks have in stock to preempt the Fulani evil agenda.

The Biafra Times
Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us:

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

IPOB unveil plans to lockdown Biafraland and rally in major cities across the world


Published By The Biafra Times | May15, 2019

We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide have resolved to prove on May 30th both in Biafraland and beyond that, we remain the preeminent freedom fighting outfit anywhere on this earth at this present moment. The High Command of our illustrious movement have directed that every family meeting in every country around the world must in word and deed  demonstrate our formidability and resoluteness before an observant global audience on the 30th of May in such a manner that our heroes, wherever they lie, even in unmarked graves in forgotten battlefields, will be proud of what they achieved 52 years ago. Strict compliance with the sit-at-home order must be strictly and rigorously enforced across Biafraland.

As 30th of May 2019 Remembrance Day draw ever nearer, Biafrans both home and abroad MUST honor and remember our heroes and heroines that died to stop the total Islamisation of the sacred land of Biafra and perpetual enslavement of the children of God. The exceptionally gallant soldiers of the class of 67-70 and the fearless IPOB family members slain during numerous protests and rallies to free Biafra must be honored in time-honored IPOB tradition by observing a solemn sit-at-home and complete lockdown of Biafraland on the 30th of May.

It is, therefore, the patriotic duty of every right-thinking Biafran (man, woman, and child) to respect the sacrifice these brave men and women made for our survival as a race. Every generation of Biafrans must honor our heroes because without them Biafraland would have become another conquered territory like Illorin, a Yoruba territory that is today 100% Fulani emirate.

All IPOB family units outside Biafraland, in over 88 countries and territories around the world, are expected to partake in street demonstrations, rallies, lectures and prayers to ensure the remembrance of our fallen heroes and heroines on 30th of May 2019 will go down in history as one of the greatest events of our time. IPOB will use this event to conclusively prove to the whole world that we are ready for the upcoming referendum for Biafra sovereignty.

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We commend IPOB families in the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA and many others across the world that have managed to secure marching permits from their relevant authorities because of this historic 30th of May event. The leadership of IPOB are also aware that almost all countries where IPOB has presence, including Angola, Mozambique, Congo DRC, Namibia, Ghana, and Tanzania have respectfully perfected their own arrangements to honor our heroes and heroines on that particular day.

IPOB family members in the UK have secured their venue at Trafalgar Square London for a rally. It is however interesting to note that when the Deputy National Coordinator of IPOB UK contacted the British Metropolitan Police for permission to march on Trafalgar Square on the 30th of May 2019, they were informed by the officer responsible for issuing permits that since 2014 IPOB started its street protests in London, there had never been any breach of public peace compared to similar protests by others groups that have always degenerated into scuffles and altercations with law enforcement agencies in the London area.

Britain having recognised the very civil approach of IPOB, granted permission to the UK IPOB family to proceed with the rally without undergoing the tedious application process for a permit which groups are normally subjected to. No other liberation movement in the world can boast of the pedigree, presence or respect IPOB enjoys across civilized nations of the world.

READ ALSO: 30th May: Why We Must Sit at Home

There will be a complete lockdown of Biafraland and major cities where Biafrans have a significant population concentration like Sabon Gari in Kano, Lagos, Kaduna, Zaria, and Abuja.

We would like to remind certain criminally minded individuals, DSS informants, traitors, and Biafra-for-hire groups that hiding under the banner of Biafra agitation to serve Miyetti Allah agenda through Al Mustapha will only bring them shame and ridicule. As with tradition, Biafraland will be locked down on the 30th of May. These shadowy elements that only exist on the pages of newspapers- without any significant presence on the ground in Biafraland or anywhere else around the world, should retrace their steps before they are all consumed in the upcoming inferno of rage against traitors. Any attempt to discourage our people from honoring their heroes or bring ridicule to the memory of our own Biafran activists that died in the course of Biafra restoration will be calamitous for the said traitor or his group.

These shadowy groups must know that collecting money from their Fulani sponsors in order to disrespect our heroes that fought and died for us is not something we will tolerate. These charlatans without shame or honor have forgotten that some of their members died at the hands of the same people they have gone to collect money from to stop a remembrance that includes honoring those members of theirs that died in service to Biafra. This is the height of evil and betrayal of the very worst kind.

To shamefully make such open and unguarded statements concerning the remembrance day celebration of our fallen heroes and heroines who died that we may live is indicative of the hopelessness and criminal mindset of these Nigeria sponsored criminals masquerading as Biafrans. Only informants, traitors and saboteurs will dream stepping outside on the 30th of May and if they do, they will only have themselves to blame.


Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

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