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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Tuesday 25 October, 2016

Despite United Nations' continued silence over the atrocities committed by the Nigerian security operatives against the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB; Amnesty International, AI, has continued to expose, indict and caution the Nigerian government against such crimes capable of triggering internal violence and subsequently, war.

In AI's bid to keep checkmating the Nigerian security operatives, it has,  in collaboration with Human Rights, Social Development and Environmental Foundation (HURSDEF) flagged off operation "STOP TORTURE" in Biafran communities.

Prior to this campaign, AI had indicted the Nigerian security operatives of abuse of human rights, tortures and killings against Biafrans. Below are selected parts of AI's reports against the Nigerian government, with dates and their links.

2015 Annual Report: "On 17 December 2015, the military killed five people when they opened fire on members of the IPOB who were demonstrating in Onitsha, Anambra state, in celebration of the initial announcement of Nnamdi Kanu's release."

Read more:Amnesty International Shines Light on Human rights abuses in Nigeria

10 June 2016: "An on-the-ground investigation by Amnesty International has confirmed that the Nigerian army gunned down unarmed people ahead of last month's planned pro-Biafra commemoration events in Onitsha, Anambra State.  Evidence gathered from eyewitnesses, morgues and hospitals confirms that between 29-30 May 2016, the Nigerian military opened fire on members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), supporters and bystanders at three locations in the town. Link:

26 August 2016: "Sunday Chucks Obasi (30) was abducted from his home in Amuko Nnewi, Anambra state on 16 August 2016 by five armed men suspected to be Nigerian security agents who had a vehicle with a government registration number plate. Witnesses say he was injured during the incident. His whereabouts remain unknown." Link:

21 September 2016: "A Nigerian police unit set up a combat violence crime, has instead been systematically torturing detainees in its custody as a means of extracting confessions and lucrative bribes, Amnesty International said in a report published on 21 September 2016. In Nigeria: You have signed your death warrant, former detainees told Amnesty International they had been subjected to horrific torture methods, including hanging, starvation, beatings, shootings and mock executions, at the hands of corrupt officers from the feared special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS)."

Read more:Amnesty Report: Nigeria Special police squad get rich torturing Detainees

28 September 2016: "The continuing spate of arrests and detentions of journalists and bloggers amid the security forces' violent disruption of peaceful protests underscores how the Nigerian government appears determined to crush dissent and suffocate freedom of expression, said Amnesty International today. The organisation is calling for the authorities to ensure the rights of Nigerians to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, as guaranteed by international human rights law and the Nigerian constitution. Link:

In addition to these indicting and founded reports by AI against the Nigerian government,  UN on 4 September 2016, released a report which read in part:

"Nigeria is a deeply divided society considering the plurality of ethnic, religious and regional identities that define her political existence. Since Independence in 1960, Nigeria has struggled to build and sustain national integration."

Read also:Biafra: Okarki Community Boils over Death of Izu Joseph the Shootings stars Football player--See more Photos

Addressing Nigeria's cruelty against Biafrans, the report read, "For decades,  different segments of Nigeria's population had, at different times, expressed feelings of marginalization of being short-changed, dominated, oppressed, threatened, or even targeted for elimination."

In IPOB's view,  UN's report is so watered and does not paint a very clear picture of the atrocities committed by the Nigerian government against Biafrans.  UN has also remained silent towards addressing the numerous reports by AI and this has further emboldened the undisguised abuse of human rights by the Nigerian government.

As we commend AI for her relentless efforts to uphold justice, equity and fairness, we urge the UN and Human Rights Watch to be more vehement towards indicting and cautioning the Nigerian government. We are calling for an end to these incidents of torture, illegal detention, unprovoked killings and other abuse of human rights by the Nigerian government to avoid any occasion of war that will be detrimental to the entire continent of Africa and beyond.

Written By Chinedu Ewulu 
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers.


Tuesday 25 October. 2016

They shamefully stayed away from the ECOWAS court on the 5th of October, 2016, because they definitely knew that the truth will climb her ladders and price Mazi Nnamdi Kanu innocent and acquitted.

The truth can be delayed but not denied in due course. Justice John Tsoho, since the beginning of this case, had applied same delay tactics but IPOB have not relented in their pursuit for justice.

By not attending the court case, the Nigerian judiciary has continued the charade of delay tactics but unfortunately for them it definitely will not be as usual.


Now the judges themselves have been spilling beans of sorts ever since the angel of evil has knocked on their doors. Revelations have been coming out as maggots in a pit toilet. Revelations of corruption, cheating and manipulation of truth and justice. What a country?

There is no human right practice anywhere in Nigeria but advanced rate of persecution. The world is mute and faced with impending doom and catastrophes, yet they are unconcerned about the continuous evil perpetrations against Biafrans.

We declare a vote of no confidence on the federal government of Nigeria in our struggle for Biafra's freedom. We demand justice for blood shed unnecessarily and illegal abductions, incarcerations, tortures and aberrations of the rule of law.


Day by day, I listen to all sorts of nincompoops voicing negativity about a people who for years have been mismanaged in every aspect of the economy in a place owned by them.

Now, they desire to go their separate ways and Pharaoh unleashes terror, killing, maiming, kidnapping and all sorts of injustices against them. For how long can this onslaught continue?

Our voice in the wilderness has stayed a full year in their custody without any tangible reason but because the President of Nigeria wants him there. This is the highest realm of tyranny in Nigeria.

They came after us; members of IPOB for the kill as ants scavenging for food, and they forget that every human have a right to life and freedom.


I hate to hear the uncircumcised Philistines among them chanting one Nigeria! Nigeria is indivisible while fear of disintegration does not cease to end.
You can force the horse to the sea but never to drink water!

We have to say No to one Nigeria!
No to Islamization! No to Nepotism! No to bloodshed! No to abuse of human rights! And a capital Yes to Biafra! Our land where the sun rises with smiles and brightness.
She will outshine Nigeria to gloom.

Say Yes to Biafra! Free Nnamdi Kanu now!

By Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Published By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
For Biafra Writers

Monday, 24 October 2016

Biafra: Okarki Community Boils over Death of Izu Joseph the Shootings stars Football player--See more Photos

Izu Joseph's corpse

Monday 24 October, 2016

Izu Joseph, who happened to be Biafran until his death was a football player with Shooting stars of Ibadan football club. He was shot dead by the Nigerian soldiers last week during his visit to his home town in Okakhi community, Rivers state, a town bordering Bayelsa state.

It was gathered that the footballer was armless as at the time the army invaded the community in search of millitants who allegedly have been destroying oil pipelines in the region in their quest for self determination.

All effort made by the villagers to stop his elimination proved abortive. The army went ahead and pelleted two live bullets in his body, resulting to his instant death.

Photos of his corpse has emerged, creating uproar and unrest within and outside the community.

Published By Biafra writers

Biafra: Goodnews!! Nigerian Army Releases All 44 IPOB Brethren Kidnapped In Bayelsa State Over Fear of Amnesty International's Indictment

Monday 24 October, 2016

Information reaching our news desk has it that all 44 IPOB brethren kidnapped over the weekend in Bayelsa state have been released.

The Nigerian army on saturday stormed their venue of meeting while they were praying, assaulted all of them, before taking them away to an unknown destination in their hilux vans. They were immediately after their arrest on Saturday 22-10-2016 taken to Army Barrack by PDP road, after which they were transferred to Otiotio by the former JTF on Sunday 23-10-2016. They were thereafter transferred to Igbogana same sunday afternoon.

The Nigerian army over fear of possible indictment by Amnesty Intl were forced not to elimimate them as originally planned, as a result of the alarm raised by IPOB world wide to various international human rights organisation and media outlets.

We further gathered that they were moved quite early this morning from an inside source for an emergency court arraignment.  They were arraigned at Yenagoa Magistrate court close to State CID - Court 5 and charged with 3 count of:

(1) Conduct likely to cause confusion in the State.
(2) Illegal Assembly and holding illegal meeting.
(3) Belonging to Illegal orgaanization (IPOB).

They were surprisingly granted bail with non-stringent conditions to the bewilderment of all present in court. They were asked to provide one surety with a proof of legitimate means of livelihood and must be resident within the state.

The bail conditions have all been perfected as at the time of publishing this report and all the 44 IPOB brethren kidnapped have been released. However, the case waa adjourned to the 14th of November, 2016 for hearing.

Recall that amnesty international has been focusing its laser beam on the Nigerian army recently, with respect to their incessant violation of human rights and killings of IPOB since the Buhari-led regime started. Due to this fact, the army thought it best to let the Biafrans go in order not to attract further negative reports and sanctions.

Biafra writers on behalf of IPOB leadership who sprang into action upon hearing the dastard act carried out by the army, wants to use this medium to appreciate all those who helped in sounding the alarm which prompted the immediate release of these IPOB brethren. We urge all to stay focus and resolute until Biafra is restored.

By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers.

Biafra: Mixed Reactions As Enugu Commissioner Of Police Bows Out Of Service On Friday

Monday, October 24, 2016

ENUGU— The Enugu state Commissioner of Police, CP, Emmanuel C.S Ojukwu will on Friday this week, proceed on a terminal leave from service in the Nigerian Police Force, NPF, as he has attained the specified retirement period in the service.

This was made known in a Sunday service at House On The Rock Church when the outgoing CP informed members of the public of his retirement from service, inviting them to participate in the sent forth ceremony that will be organized on his behalf.

A ceremony marking his retirement from office as was gathered, will take place in the morning of Friday, 28 October, 2016, in which his colleagues in the Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian military, including other top government officials shall converge at Michael Okpara Square to bade farewell to the outgoing Commissioner of Police.

Must Read: BIAFRA: ECOWAS Court Will Affirm Kanu’s Freedom And Sanction The Nigerian Government For Violating His Rights

Meanwhile, mixed reactions amongst residents of Enugu metropolis has continued to trail the overall performance of the CP’s short lived service in Enugu state.

While some remarked his efforts in reducing the rate of armed robbery and other sundry crimes during his short term service, others noted that his inability to nip to the bud, the menace of Fulani herdsmen in certain communities in Enugu state is below average and less than expected.

“The outgoing Commissioner of Police in Enugu has been able to curtail to some extent, the rate of armed robbery, hired assasins, and other dangerous crimes in Enugu state, I wish him well in his future endeavours as he bows out of service on Friday,” a respondent told this reporter.

Another respondent succinctly put; “A Police Commissioner who cannot deploy his men to resist few herdsmen that are not even up to 100 in number. He has shown negligence of duty in handling the carnage and attacks perpetrated by these so-called Fulani herdsmen and as such, his impact and efforts during his short stay as Enugu CP was not felt.”


Another respondent who rather choose to address the sack of the former CP Ekechukwu said “How does the sacking of a Police Commissioner address the problem of insecurity in Enugu state? If the Nigerian police failed to train him to do his job properly, who is to be blamed?

“The police in Nigeria lacks the resources and capabilities to effectively police Nigeria. How does sacking a CP address this structural problem? What assurance is there that with a new CP in Enugu, the security situation will improve?

“Is the new CP a Superman that his presence will make the herdsmen disappear or that he can use the poor resources of the Police to magically protect Enugu residents? This is only a cosmetic approach to solving issues, Nigerians like and they have sacrificed this CP to please Nigerians.

“In solving the problem of insecurity in Nigeria, the question of why the Police are not in a position to secure Nigerians should be asked, not sacking a CP to divert public attention from the inability of the Nigerian police as an organization to carry out their constitutional duties effectively,” he bluntly added.


Recall that earlier on Friday May 3, 2016, the immediate past Inspector General of Police, IGP Solomon E. Arase, ordered the redeployment of the erstwhile Enugu state Police Commissioner, CP Nwodibo Ekechukwu to the Eastern Port Police Command and subsequently replaced him with CP Emmanuel Ojukwu following the violent raid of Nimbo community of Uzo-Uwani Local
Government in Enugu state by rampaging Fulani herdsmen which led to the death of scores of innocent citizens and the burning of several houses and properties which caused outrage among the people of the community.

Until his appointment, CP Emmanuel Ojukwu was the Commissioner of the Police, Eastern Port Command in Igweocha(Port Harcourt). He was once the Commissioner of Police in Kogi state.

CP Ojukwu had also served in the past as the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Force Public Relations Department of the Nigerian Police and the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Criminal Investigations Department at Zone 7 Police Headquarters, Abuja.

Read Also: Biafra: I Was Arrested By Buhari's Thugs Because I have Resolved Never To Violate My "Sacred Oath Of Office"...Justice Ngwuta Reveals

Before this, he had served as the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of State Criminal Investigation Department in IMO state Police Command. He is happily married and enjoys writing books.

On his assumption of office as Enugu state CP, Ojukwu promised to partner with all relevant stakeholders as well as the good people of Enugu state, other security agencies and the media for effective crime prevention and control in the state.

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Reporting From Enugu
For Biafra Writers


Monday 24 October, 2016

General Muritala Muhammed made decree No. 4 of 1975 and changed the name of Biafra to Bight of Bonny so that the name Biafra would be forgotten by its people of which the Hausa-Fulanis and their pan-Nigerian agents in Nigeria, who taught that Biafrans had been defeated and conquered forever after the Civil war.

The Colonial Federal Republic of Nigeria owned by the Fulani/Hausa political and traditional dynasty retained the above decree in it laws called the Nigerian 1999 constitution now called the Bight of Bonny Acts, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. But Fulani/Hausa political lions and their co cats and political allies in the south underestimated the resolve and consciousness of Biafrans to uncover the original and real history of who they were.

The remnants of indigenous people of Biafra and their descendants who were not consumed in the first war between Nigeria and Biafra from 1967-1970 and the generation that was born after the war who are now scattered throughout the whole world are now seeking to reinvent their original history and peoplehood by invoking the international instruments for the right to self-determination.
Biafra struggle is a Struggle, which the entire international community and people of the South of Nigeria has now recognized, endorsed and acknowledged and also been deeply supported by powerful nations within the context of international politics.

Click To Read: BIAFRA: ECOWAS Court Will Affirm Kanu’s Freedom And Sanction The Nigerian Government For Violating His Rights

The continuous detention of the young arrow head of this inevitable and victorious emerging Biafran Republic, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the humble leader of Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) and the amiable director of Radio Biafra has by his continuous dogged resistance against the Nigeria State vi-sa- vis the Fulani/Hausa hegemony, had opened the eyes of millions of people all over the world to the deceit of democratic practices and principles in which the Core-North of Nigeria would had preferred to be an Islamic caliphates while other territories trapped within the Nigeria caliphate are declared as vassal properties of the caliphate.

Why arrest a man for demanding for freedom and self-determination for his people, from you, while he did not resort to arms struggle. A court of competent jurisdiction granted him an unconditional bail and release from your grip, yet you objected and waited for while and employed the instrumentality of State coercion and apparatus to revenging against the said Judge under the disguise of waging a fake and phantom selected anti-corruption war, which is directed against your sworn enemies.


The issues surrounding Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra are the issues that will eventually lead to the breakup of Nigeria. Thank God a Buhari personality and natural wickedness for anything that is not Hausa/Fulani will facilitate the final demise of one Nigeria.


Published By Biafra Writers

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Avengers: This Is Our Land And We Are The Masters Of Its Battlefields, No Amount Of Military Invasion Will Stop Our Mission- "Operation Red Economy"

Sunday 23 October, 2016

Agitations are the rights of component unit in a federalism, we owe no authority, tribe or political group any apology. It is the responsibility of the central government to cooperatively manage them rather than overheating the system by thinking of fierce responses (decisive military action).

It is disgusting for president Muhammadu Buhari and his tribesmen to equate the revenue priorities of the Niger Delta region with regional comparisons of development in Nigeria. For crying out loud, since 1914 our resources have being the essence of this union called Nigeria before crude oil was discovered. The amalgamation of southern and northern Nigeria was for administrative convenience because the north was not viable economically. The idea of bundling through bills like North East/West Development Commission is fraud, hypocrisy and bigotry by President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari should think like a leader with the advantage of his age to see the genuine and legitimate agitation with the right attitude to pacify our people. We have been raped for too long, general Muhammadu Buhari should face the reality of the Niger Delta question. He can stop listening to ideas and advice of the agitation as political system support structure that his tribal warlords and conflict merchants have hypnotized him to believe as the face of the Niger Delta struggle.


Niger Delta is part of Nigeria federation that he governs, since he is the president, he will always need the cooperation of our people to share or allocate our resources to other component units. The daylight robbery and allocation of proceeds of our natural resources must stop. When he was the chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), as general Sani Abacha henchman he exhibited this bigotry by focusing attention to his region, which he never pretend about by emphasizing 97% Versus 5% development and appointment structure that he has exhibited again in his fifth coming as national affairs. He never pretend to be ethnic and religious bigot; the only things he pretends about are his roles in the underdevelopment of the Niger Delta and Nigeria in the over three decades he has being in government - 1976, 1978, 1983/4, 1993/98 and now.

He also pretend over the deliberate politicization of the Niger Delta struggle by those tribesmen and conflict merchants he has abdicated the responsibilities of governing Nigeria to since, May 2015. He has forgotten that on his assumption of office, peace has been sustained in the region not through political party and structure support approach but the involvement of genuine stakeholders and the people of the region.

That if Mr. President will come down from that his ethnic iron-horse, To engage in discussion with our people on October or any date he likes, the issues are not new. We want to control our resources and pay appropriate taxation to the central government that is fiscal federalism in practice and in principles. The government, representatives of the Multinational Oil Corporations, neutral international observers and elders as well as stakeholders should guide themselves with the following documents: the Sir Henry Willinks Commission Report of 1958, The Ogoni Bill of Rights, The Kaiama Declaration document of the Ijaw Youth Council, The General Alexander Ogomudia Committee Report, The Niger Delta Technical Committee Report which contains the Pre- amnesty issues and agreement with the government of Nigeria in 2009. Then, the framework can be drawn for achieving the short, medium and long term objectives toward the restoration of our land and reparation for the people that have been raped and colonized since 1914.

Read Also: Just In: You Pretend To Be "As White As Snow" While You Are The Most Corrupt Dictator In The History Of Africa--The Avengers Blasts Buhari

No amount of military action and surge will stop us from halting the flow of the oil from our land to sustain Nigeria. This is our land that we are the masters of its battlefields. We have warned earlier that we want the " Peace with honour, no more peace of our time". Any meeting with this government should be seen as driving a combustible vehicle laden with fire to safety; it must be driven with carefulness.

Brig Gen Mudoch Agbinibo
Source: Niger Delta Avengers

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