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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Jubril Saga: Kanu attacks Suleman over ‘disgrace prophecy’, hails Oyedepo

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chief Editor | The Biafra Times

December 9, 2018

ISRAEL - Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has shifted the battleground to the clergymen in Nigeria for not discovering the crime committed in Aso Rock by attacking a Nigerian televangelist, Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman for prophesying that he would be ‘disgraced both locally and internationally.’

Kanu who spoke during his live broadcast on Radio Biafra yesterday, also commended the General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo for backing his revelation that President Muhammadu Buhari is dead and was replaced by an impostor from Sudan.

Oyedepo had last week while reacting to report that Buhari was dead and the President in Aso Rock was Jubril Aminu Al’Sudani, urged the congregation to pray to God to deliver Nigeria from slavery, shame, and reproach as the report of alleged cloning was disturbing.

Reacting, the IPOB leader said, “At least to his credit, Oyedepo said something albeit belatedly. Was it not Suleman that said I’ll inherit and encounter double disgrace both locally and internationally, isn’t it very funny? Who’s being disgraced today?

Play/Download: SPECIAL BROADCAST MAZI NNAMDI KANU Unmask the impostor in Aso Rock Dec 8 2018

“Because the devil spoke to him(Suleman) and not Elohim, he said Nnamdi Kanu will be disgraced instead of him to say that Nnamdi Kanu will bring into the fore news that will disgrace somebody both locally and internationally. He said it’s me because he’s a northerner, he wants to preserve one Nigeria because by so doing, that is the only way the presence of Biafrans will stop Fulani people from killing all of them and taking over their land. They want one Nigeria because of our oil.

“But Oyedepo has woken up and I give him credit for that. I commend him. He spoke very passionately. That was how I expected every preacher of the word to react how Oyedepo reacted. I expected all of them to react the same way because this is an abomination before man and heaven.”

Kanu also condemned other pastors in Nigeria who claimed to be prophets for not foreseeing the impunity and deceit that was hatched and executed in the Nigeria’s highest seat of power.

He said, “How come some of these pastors, Daddy GOs who claims to see the future, never saw the coming of this crime? This is a crime of immense proportion. It is the worst thing that could ever happen to any democracy around the world. This is taking the confidence of the people and rubbing it in the dirt and feeding it to them to eat.

“People died for this democracy that you have in the Zoo(Nigeria) or rather supposed or assumed democracy. A lot of people died. Abacha killed many people because of this. Abiola died painfully because of this. Now, what other options do you have?

“This Jubril saga, if anything, has shown that none of your so-called Daddy GOs is a child of the living Elohim because if they were, they would have seen this thing coming but they’re not and can never be.

“They’re blind in the spiritual realm. They don’t and cannot see anything but am sure, come the end of this month, some of them will come with their fake, unfulfillable prophecies, crap and you’ll all sow seeds and all that and nothing will come of it.”

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Play/Download SPECIAL BROADCAST MAZI NNAMDI KANU Unmask the impostor in Aso Rock Dec 8 2018

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Cloning: Fake Buhari tried to divert attention to prove he is real

By Dave O Umahi | For Biafra Writers

December 6, 2018

The problem with lies is that once you start dishing it out, you would never stop, and that is because as the wise ones are getting closer to discover your lies, you would need to fabricate more lies to cover up your tracks. In the process, you would be dragging yourself into deeper waters, even as Freudian Slips take their toll.

This scenario above has become the case at the Nigeria’s seat of power, and with Jubril Aminu of Sudan, the impostor masquerading as Nigerian long-dead president, Muhammadu Buhari. He was reported to have gone to far-away Krakow in Poland to defend himself on an allegation made at home. But what he actually did was expose the deceit inherent within the Nigerian ruling cabal, the Fulani oligarchy.

In Poland, at the United Nations’ Conference on Climate Change, Jubril claimed he was the real Buhari by attempting to be crafty by half. He used the word “Clone” to dodge the real issues upon which he was accused, which is impersonating the real Muhammadu Buhari who was rigged into power in 2015 by the duo of former US President, Barrack Obama and former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. By doing that, he refused to touch any of the things by which he was accused – dates, timing, movements, and even specific body features.

If he thought he was deceiving the world, he was mistaken. The world already knew that Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) which accused him had given dates and other evidence to prove that he was a body double impersonating late Buhari. The Biafrans had said, among other things that for Jubril to clear himself as Muhammadu Buhari, that he should hold a live press conference where people will watch him speak extemporaneously (especially with foreign independent journalists in attendance). Another thing he was challenged to do, to prove that he was indeed Buhari, was to speak Fulfude, the Fulani local language, which Buhari was known to speak very well. He was also told to remove his cap to let the world know whether he was the same bald Buhari they used to know.

RELATED NEWS: Jubril Saga: The man in Aso Villa is an impostor not cloned, stop playing diversionary tactics - IPOB warns FG

Buhari was equally challenged to prove to the world why he would suddenly become shorter than Bukola Saraki. The Senate President has turned out to be taller than him.

But no! He did none of those. Instead, his fake response was: “I can assure you all that this is the real me. Later this month I will celebrate my 76th birthday. And I'll still go strong!"

That was what Jubril Aminu, the lowly rated stage actor from Sudan who is living a lie posing as late Buhari, was reported to have said. Too bad, he dug himself into deeper waters. This showed that Jubril was neither smart, a sharp thinker nor with a good memory.

Now, part of the challenge to Jubril (fake Buhari), was that he should hold a press conference (with foreign journalists in attendance) where all the people will be able to evaluate him, but what his handlers did was to pick some hungry Nigerians, bribe them and fly them to Poland to clap whenever Jubril spoke.

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In spite of everything, Biafrans are still adamant that Jubril is now the person parading himself as the real Buhari and they insist that the Nigerian government must address the issue properly. The accusation has been (and remained) that a Buhari look-alike was contracted from Sudan by the Nigerian ruling cabal, taken to the United Kingdom by the same Fulani cabal; who carried out an extensive reformation on him(Jubril) to clear the rough edges; and then ever since released him to act as Buhari’s body-double – an impostor, sitting in Aso rock presidential villa and deceiving Nigerians. That belief by the Biafrans and many other individuals in the world has not changed.

In the final analyses, has Jubril held any press conference in Nigeria? Has he removed his cap? Has he spoken Fulfude? Has he explained why he suddenly became shorter than Saraki? All these questions are still in the negative.

The world is watching and waiting. Biafrans are watching and waiting. And IPOB has promised to come up with more shreds of evidence; and this time, scientific pieces of evidence to finally sink Jubril and Nigeria. We are waiting!

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Contact us: [email protected] 
Twitter: @thebiafratimes
You can reach the publisher via
 Google+  Facebook  Twitter 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Awara Junior: Gasline Zone again visits bereaved family, shocks Okohia community

•‘Definitely, Biafra must come and I know my people’ll revenge’ – Awara Junior at the point of death
•‘We’ve come to fulfill the promise we made to the family’ – Zonal coordinator

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | For Biafra Writers

December 5, 2018

IMO – It was a warmth surprise for indigenes of Okohia community in Imo state on December 2, 2018 as family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Gasline zone, a well-known resilient zone in Aba, Abia State, paid homage to the family of their deceased member, Ifeanyi Azubuike, popularly known as Awara Junior, who lost his life in the hands of the murderous Nigerian military during the Biafra Heroes’ Day commemoration on May 30, 2016, at Nkpor, Anambra State.

The visitation took place in their hometown of Okohia Autonomous Community in Onuimo Local Government Area of the state. It was a heartrending and harrowing moment for IPOB members and other visitors who watched as endless flow of tears rolled down the cheeks of the mother of Awara Junior, Mrs. Ann Azubuike.

Ifeanyi Azubuike was sent to his early grave by the trigger-happy and blood-sucking Nigerian military for merely exercising his right to self-determination. He was never found with any form of destructive arm, his only crime being his open support and unflinching love for his fatherland, Biafra.

Two days before IPOB members took off to Nkpor where he was killed he said, “Count me out of that country whose citizens fear truth. A life without freedom is a life devoid of meaning.’’ As the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, would rightly say, Biafra will not come by deceits and hallucinations, but by standing on truth always, regardless of the consequences. Ifeanyi remained truthful and dedicated to the struggle till death.

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The IPOB family in Gasline zone, Aba, donated foodstuffs and other gifts to the bereaved mother while consoling her for the irreparable loss. The presence of IPOB family members enlivened Mrs. Azubuike who later expressed immeasurable gratitude to the visiting party. A mournful procession to the graveside followed. There, mother earth again received bitter tears from IPOB family members.
Mr. Ugochukwu Asochukwu Bonaventure, Coordinator of Gasline Zone, in a brief interview with Biafra Writers’ correspondent, assured that the IPOB family will always be there for Ifeanyi’s mother whenever she is in need.

According to the coordinator, ‘‘Today the family of IPOB has come to let Mama (Mrs. Ann Azubuike) know that we will never leave her and the family behind. We will not abandon you people. It is a promise we made and we will never go back on our words. Though your son, our son, Ifeanyi, is no more here on earth, IPOB has come to let you know that there are still many Ifeanyis who have you in mind. IPOB’s motto is: O Nuru Ube Nwanne Agbala Oso.’’

Also in her reaction, a visibly pained Mrs. Azubike mumbled, “please remember the only son I have left, and please, I beg you all not to abandon my dead body whenever you hear that I am dead.”

Indeed, an apple does not fall far from its tree. Ugochukwu Asochukwu Bonaventure has had his own share of terror having spent five months in DSS dungeon alongside Biafra land Coordinator, Ikechukwu Ugwuoha, for exercising their right to self-determination.

The conduct of IPOB worldwide under the leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, have shown that Biafra, when restored, will be a beacon of hope to the black man world over. Thanks to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for training millions of Biafrans who are ready to stand their grounds for what they believe in. To the Dracula and draconian Nigerian government, they are just chasing shadow. IPOB can never be defeated. The only message for Nigeria is let them prepare for the worst that, for the reign of an evil entity like her is as ephemeral as the grass.

Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Contact us: [email protected] 
Twitter: @thebiafratimes
You can reach the publisher via
 Google+  Facebook  Twitter

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Death of Journalism in Nigeria

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie | For Biafra Writers

December 5, 2018

The doom of African societies is not the thoughtless politicians who siphon the people's fund and mess up the polity; is not the sleeping judiciary who seem to have forgotten their job; is not the nervous law enforcement agents who are scared stiff of losing their job; is not the impoverished masses who struggle and jostle for the falloffs from the bourgeoisie’s table; the doom of African societies is the compromised stomach-driven brown-envelope journalists who, although should be the watchdog of the society, have turned selves into scavenging pigs.

That journalism in Nigeria has died a natural death cannot be disputed. The debate, however, is its time of demise. While some people – the likes of Nnamdi Kanu – hold that journalism in Nigeria died with Dele Giwa, others argue that it lived a few years behind Dele Giwa, bowing out with the return of the charade we mistake for democracy in 1999 when avarice finally supplanted honour. In all, even amongst the drummers of the evil beat, Nigerian media is perceived not just as dead but buried and putrefied.

The Sudanese fellow impersonating late President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock, earlier in the year called Nigerian youths lazy. At the time of the statement, many were disenchanted. I was, too, for the present day crop of youths populating the enclave referred to as Nigeria are, arguably, among the most hardworking set of people to have occupied mother earth. Reflecting on a number of issues, however, it soon dawned on me that the impostor wasn’t actually referring to physical laziness as many reasoned; he was, in reality, referring to mental laziness – the collective mental ineptitude of Nigerian youths.

This mental laziness, if it had restrained self to the commoner, would have been less injurious to the societal fabric, but like a wildfire, it caught across all walks of life.

The press is generally reputed as the societal watchdog. It is the voice of the voiceless, the defender of the helpless, and the menace of corrupt and incompetent leaders. A dysfunctional press is, therefore, a dysfunctional society. Riding on the above premises, an observant eye sheds tears when men of the press become mentally inept. To add moral bankruptcy to that deficiency could persuade one to take the suicide option. Mournfully, both ills have bedeviled the Nigerian press. A Nigerian journalist who is not mentally clogged is morally thin. In some individuals even, the two vices assert selves. Am I unfairly taunting men of the press? Read on.

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The presidency through Femi Adesina scammed the entirety of Nigerian population, and the media turns a blind eye. First, Adesina – the special adviser on media and publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari – announced on November 9, 2018, that the president is visiting Paris, France, to participate in the first edition of the Paris Peace Forum after which the president will join other world leaders to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the Armistice signed on Nov. 11, 1918 between the Allied Forces and Germany in the forest of Compiegne in France to end the First World War.

Later, on November 11, Adesina released fake pictures of Buhari(Jubril) in the midst of other world leaders with the caption, “Buhari, Macron, Putin, Trump mark the end of World War 1.” This was done to create the impression that Buhari was actually present in the centenary event in Paris. To make the lies more colourful, Adesina released photo-shopped pictures of Buhari(Jubril) addressing world leaders at the centenary. The Nigerian media, notably Vanguard, Punch Newspapers, Channels Television and the likes, made selves willing tools in the propagation of these monumental lies.

With Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB intelligence at work, evidences soon began to troop in that Buhari(Jubril) was not present at the world event as the presidency made the citizens to believe. First, the official list of the attendees was released, and neither the name “Buhari” nor “Nigeria” appeared. Second, the video footage of French president, Manuel Macron, welcoming dignitaries to the event was also released, and again, Buhari (Jubril) was nowhere to be found. Not even someone of close resemblance was sighted.

The supposed pictures of Buhari(Jubril) addressing the world released by Adesina and circulated by the loathsome  Nigerian media turned out to be pictures of him taken in an earlier event in Paris in February 2018. The cabals were smart by half, as the difference was clear – the podium Buhari(Jubril) supposedly made speech on in the centenary was glaringly different from the podium Macron, Angel Merkel, Theresa May and the rest of world leaders spoke on. Secondly, the pinup on Buhari(Jubril) differed from the pinup on other leaders present. In a country of functional journalism, the press would have asked, “how come Buhari’s own things differed from the rest?” The podium and pinup used by Buhari were uncovered by IPOB intelligence to be the ones used in the earlier event in February 2018.

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Obviously, the handlers of Buhari(Jubril) are lying, and as it is always said, people lie for a reason. A critical question then surfaces: Why is the presidency fooling the whole country? What are the cabals hiding?

In a civilized world the media would have asked Adesina why he lied to the citizens about the president’s whereabouts; why would he have to scam 180 million people with fake photographs of the president; why would he have to make Nigeria a joke before the world as the claims of him presenting a speech in an event they know he never attended spoke volumes of Nigeria’s irksomeness. But rather than asking probing questions, the Nigerian media chose to look the other way. Did I say look the other way? Hell, no! They chose to help propagate falsehood – a hallmark of a deplorable and irredeemable society.

With Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB intelligence warming up the atmosphere with more evidences against the cabal’s claims, the presidency quickly churned out another lie, telling the gullible citizens that Buhari addressed Nigerians in Paris. This falsehood too was laid bare by IPOB and its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, with pictorial evidences. Adesina and his crew were challenged to release a video clip of the live address. They are yet to come up with any.

Among other deceits in the Nigerian enclave today, the importation of Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani – the impostor in Aso Rock – stands tall. The cyberspace is awash with evidences of a double occupying Aso Rock, yet no Nigerian media outfit has thought it necessary to engage self in investigative journalism. Buhari, evidences prove, died on 27th January, 2017, was buried in Saudi Arabia and is now being impersonated by a Sudanese double, Jubril Aminu Al Sudani. Is it even difficult to investigate? Start with the ear, move down to the fingers, then consider the height, and then the eyeballs. Run a check on the flightlog of the presidential jet that flew him to London, and then his corpse to Saudi Arabia for burial. Analyze the Google evidence of African Union observing a minute silence in honour of the deceased Nigerian president, Buhari; Queen Elizabeth’s condolence letter to Nigerian government; Eric Joyce’s tweets, and the likes. And then the threats from some sitting APC governors like Rochas Okorocha of Imo State and Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun state.

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In the wake of the current crisis gulping APC, governor Rochas Okorocha threatened, “if I say what I know about APC Nigerians will burn down ASo Rock within 24 hours.” His Ogun state counterpart, governor Amosun followed up with “If APC provokes me again I will tell the whole world what we were cooking that got the house burnt.” If journalism isn’t dead in Nigeria, someone would have sat the governors down in front of a screen and asked what is it you know that if revealed would make Nigeria boil.

The bunkum about rats chasing the president out of office is yet another poorly packaged deception. If I were a journalist, on getting such ridiculous yarn I would have asked myself, “how possible is that? From which source could rats infiltrate the most essential office in the country?  But the media ran away with the story. Conveniently so. Journalism in Nigeria is dead and buried. The stomach-driven folks pretending to be journalists these days are too lazy, too fearful and too deep in corruption to question odds and expose jiggery-pokery, even when they glare at them. The rat yarn was, in reality, advanced to buy time for the locks in Aso Rock which were coded with late President Buhari’s fingerprints to be recoded with Jubril’s.

 One could go on and on and on. Journalism in Nigeria stinks, and journalism is supposed to be a country’s livewire. Little wonder Nigeria is on a free-fall. As I asserted in the opening paragraph, the doom of African societies is not the thoughtless politicians who siphon the people's fund and mess up the polity; is not the sleeping judiciary who seem to have forgotten their job; is not the nervous law enforcement agents who are scared stiff of losing their job; is not the impoverished masses who struggle and jostle for the falloffs from the bourgeoisie’ table; the doom of African societies is the compromised stomach-driven brown-envelope journalists who, although should be the watchdog of the society, have turned selves into scavenging pigs. My heart bleeds!

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Twitter: @thebiafratimes
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Fulani prepares for war as Tinubu pledges allegiance to them

By Dave O. Umahi | For Biafra Writers

December 4, 2018

Perhaps it is only Igbo-Biafran politicians that do not know that the Fulani folks are fully preparing for war, against innocent Biafrans. Well, blame them if they fail to understand it. Are they saying that the last Boko Haram terrorist attack on the Nigerian military base at Metele, Borno state on November 18, is not enough evidence to prove this to them?

That attack glaringly showed the plan of outright cleansing of Biafrans in the Army by the Fulani hegemony. Take a simple look at the number analysis of those killed on that day, and the reality will hit home. The record shows that out of 113 soldiers, Biafran deaths are in the majority – about 81.

The breakdown is as follows:
* South East ~ 47
* South South ~ 34
* South West ~ 18
* Middle Belt ~ 14
* North East ~ 0
* North West ~ 0

Apart from the systemic cleansing of Biafrans in Nigerian military, there is also the release of 300 apprehended Boko Haram fighters who, intelligence reports have revealed would eventually join in the planned massacre of Biafrans. The release was made known at the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Annual Conference in Maiduguri, Borno State on Wednesday, November 28, by the Nigerian Army Chief of Training and Operations, Major-General Lamidi Adeosun.

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The planned massacre, it was learnt, is to put a permanent stop to the Biafra struggle. To prove that the Fulani are working hard on their hegemony, and unrelenting, it declared unequivocally recently that it had no intention of investigating the Metele attack. Their spokesperson, Shehu Garba, gave their reasons.

Garba, who is Special Assistant to Nigerian President on Media and Publicity was speaking on Channels Television, and said: “I will not agree that investigating the Metele attack is necessary. I would think that if that is done, it will be an unnecessary distraction of the armed forces who are fighting hard with their whole lives to safeguard the country.”

Biafrans already know that the distraction he was talking about was the plot to massacre their own serving in the military. It is already known that the Nigerian government has concluded plans to send professional assassins to Anambra State to commence the elimination of IPOB principal officers. They have a list of names, phone numbers and addresses, and the governor of the state, Willie Obiano is in the know about this plot. It is expected that they have already started arriving unless the leaking of the information had delayed or derailed the plan. The arrival date was planned for Thursday, November 29 and Friday, November 30, 2018.

It is obvious, that knowing about the plan and having the courage to confront it, the people of the Southwest have thrown in the towel; accepted Fulani lordship over them. Former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu (the Southwest leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Nigeria) made the declaration, submitting the Southwest to the total Fulani authority and hegemony. He was reported to have conceded the Southwest to All Progressives Congress (APC), the Fulani party, stating that no other party will rule his region in his lifetime.

Will Biafrans go down without a fight? That is to be seen as the days go by.

The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

Monday, 3 December 2018

Jubril Saga: The man in Aso Villa is an impostor not cloned, stop playing diversionary tactics - IPOB warns FG


IPOB PRESS RELEASE | Published By The Biafra Times

December 4, 2018 

The worldwide family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to place on record that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who through the mercy God and his personal love for truth brought the issue of the Aso Rock impostor to public knowledge last year, always maintained that Jubril is an impostor and never a clone. The attempt to misinform the world in Krakow, Poland by the handlers of Jubril is a total failure. From what we have so far gathered and as a result of the courageous undertaking by our leader to put the truth out in the public domain concerning Jubril, the Nigerian government has come under immense pressure by the international community to come clean on the troubling issue of an unelected Sudanese foreign national ruling Nigeria.

Any moment from now and hopefully on or before the advertised birthday anniversary of Muhammadu Buhari on the 17th of December 2018, our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will send political shockwaves throughout the whole world on this issue of an impostor in Aso Rock. Events will begin to unfold in far more greater scientific detail from now on since the Aso Rock cabal have failed to speak truthfully about how Jubril was brought into Nigeria to assume the position of the president of a country of nearly 180 million people. There will be no escape for gangsters in Aso Rock.

It is an indictment of the education system in Nigeria that seemingly educated people including senators do not know the difference between the word impostor and clone. Ordinary masses are left even more confused and ignorant by the insistence of the cabal media machine to divert the discussions away from the issue of an impostor to the murky world of new scientific advancements in human genetics. This is a ploy that is bound to fail because we will not let them keep on confusing the people.

An impostor is different from a clone. Jubril is an impostor, not a clone. An impostor is a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.  Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani is an impostor from Sudan who is now pretending to be real late Nigeria president Mohammed  Buhari who died on the 27/01/2017 and was buried in Saudi Arabia. A clone is an organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical.

With these clarifications in mind, average Nigerians should understand better what our leader is saying. At the end of this process of revelation, other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and the international community will be grateful to IPOB Intelligence and have renewed respect for the courage and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


Contact us: [email protected] 
Twitter: @thebiafratimes
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