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Saturday, 16 February 2019

INEC: How Nnamdi Kanu forced cabal, Buhari postpone presidential election

IPOB Press Statement

The Biafra Times | February 16, 2019

Postponement of Presidential Elections in Nigeria

Events surrounding the postponement of the Nigerian presidential elections previously scheduled for today February 16, 2019 is confirmation that IPOB decision to lift the boycott was a masterstroke that took the cabal by surprise. The move by IPOB apex leadership to call off the boycott made it virtually impossible for Jubril and his handlers to proceed to rig the elections on the account that IPOB boycotted the polls. It is now clear for the world to see that some nefarious elements within the corridors of power in Aso Rock wanted so desperately for IPOB to boycott these elections in order to justify their already perfected script that our boycott made it possible for them to emerge victorious. By calling off the boycott, Jubril and his cabal lost the initiative and were headed straight for defeat.

Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the prophet of our time, is light years ahead of the intrigues and machinations that characterise politics in Nigeria. Had the leadership of our great movement IPOB not called off the boycott, the sham elections would have proceeded as rigged, with a Sudanese impostor Jubril announced as the winner on account that IPOB boycotted the exercise.

Anybody who is still in doubt about the potency of IPOB will undoubtedly have a rethink after this. Quite obviously, the IPOB boycott call off took the Nigerian corrupt establishment unawares. A simple statement from our leader has exposed voting in Nigeria as a huge joke. Let the riggers go back and plan how to rig well. What a country, what a contraption.

In effect, our leader calling off the boycott was a huge shock they were unable to manage. Lt. Gen. Tukur Burarai's threat and ochestrated army violence against peaceful IPOB in the run up to February 16 were all designed to maximise the impact of the intended boycott because that was the outcome they desired. This plan fell apart as soon as soon as IPOB called off the boycott. Therefore, they had no choice than to postpone the elections. That Nigeria is not voting today is due to what some people have called the IPOB effect.

IPOB late announcement of the lifting of the boycott was what led to this last minute postponement by INEC, because they had ample time throughout the week to postpone the elections but failed to do so. The fear of IPOB is the beginning of wisdom, only fools pretend otherwise.


Friday, 15 February 2019


The Biafra Times | February 16, 2019


It is important we notify the world at large and the indefatigable global IPOB family in particular that our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has called-off the election boycott in Biafraland. After a brief emergency session of the Directorate of State (DOS) late last night, presided over by our leader, where it was determined that all our terms and conditions had been met by those wishing us to lift the ban on voting, it was unanimously agreed that the boycott should be lifted. The signed document agreeing to IPOB terms and conditions are in our possession and will be made public in due course.

We can therefore state with utmost sense of responsibility and pride that IPOB has accomplished what no other people or group has been able to do in the history of our people. Without prejudice, this will go down as the defining moment when the irreversibibility of the restoration of Biafra was firmly entrenched in the subconscious of all and sundry. As a result of which we can state categorically that Biafra is a lot closer than we think as a result of this.

Our detractors and opponents have also realized that IPOB is a super-structure that can't be blackmailed nor intimidated into conceding an inch without getting what they want. We regret the lateness of this agreement that led to the calling off at the eleventh hour but it must be seen as a negotiating ploy designed to wear IPOB down which failed woefully. We stood very firm and got every concession we asked for in line with what our leader outlined in numerous recent broadcasts.

If there were any doubt before regarding the potency of IPOB, this successful outcome has dispelled all of it. Therefore it is full steam ahead towards Biafra restoration because IPOB has achieved something most people thought was impossible. IPOB worldwide has proven that the impossible is achievable with dedication and demonstrable sense of purpose.

Our leader made it clear on many occasions that unless our terms are met the elections will be boycotted. Having met those conditions, our leader triumphantly lifted the boycott late last night.

The leadership hereby commend the worldwide IPOB family, especially our legendary volunteers, our fathers, mothers and e-warriors that battled the enemy to standstill. We salute their doggedness, resoluteness and resilience towards this fight for Biafra freedom and this greatest achievement we have so far made.

Therefore, we wish to inform the world that our preconditions and demands which we set out to accomplish from the onset, has been conceded to and taken care of without much alteration. Our struggle for total Biafra independence has been enhanced as a result of this.


The Biafra Times
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

Thursday, 14 February 2019


February 14, 2019

Victoria. O. C. Agangan | For Biafra Writers

When they killed,  maimed
Intimidated  and kidnapped  us
Little did they know,
They were planting seeds on fertile land for Biafra 's harvest.

Little did they know!
O! Had they known. ...
What will happen after their python danced?
How they have touched the lion's tail...

Hahahaha!  They never knew
They had triggered the bomb,
That will upset their channels
With provocative revolution.
Resolute devotion,
Resilient dedication,
Retribution demonstration!

Little did they know,
They had channeled in
International recognition
Developmental progression
And final freedom  projection
For Biafra!

Today, we rise above defeat
Stand without retreat
Conquering without defeat
As Biafran sun has risen in the East!

All hail Biafra!
Long live  Biafra!
In thee, we rejoice!

Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter: @thebiafratimes

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The Choice of Biafra Referendum Over Nigeria Election

February 14, 2019

By Desmond Ajah | For Biafra Writers

It is sympathetic to note that the fictional leaders-of-tomorrow in Nigeria who are currently the victims of absolute deprivation, still go about in a visionless manner, giving the shifty politicians responsible for their misery, continued backing to continue in their savagery in the name of getting Nigeria “working again” or “moving to the next level.”

Do you get Nigeria working again when all the ports in the entire Biafran region are deliberately closed down in order to emasculate the economy of Biafra? If the previous level was catastrophic, imagine what the next level would be. Do you propose a next level when the Eastern region is deliberately denied international airports just to discourage economic activities in Biafra?

Do you speak about one-Nigeria when there’s a deliberate effort to ensure there’s no working rail line in Biafra? Do you get Nigeria working again when our people die on daily basis and goods worth billions destroyed because the roads are death traps?

Surprisingly, some gullible ones who receive campaign T-shirts, caps, tomato pastes, and cups of rice have in their stupidity, gone to advocate for the election of these criminals under the same fraudulent system. Some have continued to blindly root for these betrayers and prodigal politicians who trade with our collective joy and destinies for their selfish political interests.

These criminal politicians come up every electioneering period to make empty promises of restructuring, job creation, security, economic advancement etc. Let’s not be too quick to forget the empty campaign promise of 2015 by the late Buhari and the APC, of 5,000 Naira monthly stipend for the unemployed graduates but which was never fulfilled and which has been swept aside.

But come February and March, we will all have the opportunity to prove to the world our resoluteness on the Biafran struggle. The day we must take a bold stand for our future and the future of our unborn children. As they say, a man is not measured by his stand in time of certainty but rather in time of uncertainty and discomfort. The time of discomfort is now which many people are in a dilemma, whether to choose referendum and eternal freedom or to choose a paltry sum of money which they will receive in their various polling units to jeopardize their future.

Biafrans must remain resolute in this quest for Biafra by boycotting the fraudulent colonial Nigeria and its shambolic elections. This is because our tomorrow is assured if we stand boldly to defend Biafra today against all odds.

Biafra referendum and Biafran sovereignty is the only means of redemption and the ultimate solution to the mess that we have found ourselves in. Biafra is where our revolution will not only heal our collective misery and deprivation caused by the Nigerian state but will be a total revolution for the benefit of all citizens of Biafra and indeed those of the African continent.

Biafra will not only bring the dividends of democracy – employment, security, upliftment etc but will be a land working for all citizens, both the leaders and the led. It will be a nation where politicians will not campaign with sachets of salt and empty promises during electioneering periods. If this is a chance we should give to anyone, it is a chance we must give ourselves to restore Biafra. It is an opportunity for our names to be written in Gold in Biafraland as that generation which stood its ground to demand for its rights. We must boycott Nigeria’s sham elections as it is a price to pay for our referendum and ultimately, freedom.

We must boycott their deceptive tactics of using the prodigal son - Peter Obi, against the general wish of the people for freedom. We must boycott endless deceptive promises of restructuring which never comes. We must boycott deceptive promises of 2023 presidency. We must boycott the double-standards of our gullible politicians, who accept their divide-and-rule schemes of South-South and South-East introduced to further divide our people.

We are not just boycotting the Elections in the Islamic Republic of Nigeria because it has foreigners as its main Presidential candidates and because the system is entirely fraudulent, but because we have chosen Biafra over Nigeria in order to do away with the entire fraud which made it possible for such a shambolic system to ever exist.

Edited by Kutanya Obi Ezeuchu
Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter: @thebiafratimes

You can reach the publisher via
 Google+  Facebook  Twitter 

The Obi Trap and the Naivety of Igbo Leaders

February 14, 2019

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie | For Biafra Writers

Ohaneze Ndigbo – the said apex socio-cultural group of the Igbo ethnic group – is today divided over which presidential candidate to be supported during Saturday’s election. A faction of the group led by its president, John Nnia Nwodo, endorsed Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, while the opposing faction led by the embattled Secretary-General, Mr. Uche Okwukwu, pledged loyalty to the Sudanese impostor, Jubril, whom they mistake for late President Muhammadu Buhari. The Okwukwu-led faction is reported to have tendered apology to Buhari (Jubril) for the actions of the other faction who endorsed Atiku.

There has been hot exchange of words between the warring factions, with the governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano, losing every sense of decorum as he openly addressed John Nnia Nwodo, as an idiot. As if the trading of words is not enough, the police stormed the Ohanaeze meeting and dispersed them at the incitement of the pro-Buhari faction. It must be noted that their Yoruba counterpart, the Afenifere is not divided over the choice of endorsement of the presidential candidates; neither is the far northern group, the Arewa divided over the choice of the candidates. it’s only the Ohanaeze Ndigbo that have allowed shame to befall upon themselves. Funny enough, the two candidates they are viciously fighting dirty for are all Fulanis.

Ironically, while Ohanaeze Ndigbo are exchanging blows over which Fulani man to support, their kinsman, Kingsley Moghalu, is also vying for the same position. What prevents them from drumming his support?

The faction that endorsed Atiku claims they toed that path following the nomination of Peter Obi as his running mate, arguing strongly that it is in the best interest of Ndigbo to support a candidate who chose an Igbo son as his second-in-command. This particular group has made all sorts of statements condemning Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's call for election boycott, claiming the call seeks to undermine the chances of an Igbo man attaining the position of a Vice President. They have as well sponsored a barrage of unemployed youths to be pouring out diatribes against Nnamdi Kanu all over the social media. These unemployed youths, both due to hunger and poor intellect, recently have been on the loose, adulterating cyberspace with tirades and poorly packaged arguments against IPOB's election boycott declaration.

Before moving on, permit me to state categorically here that both parties – the pro-Buhari and the pro-Atiku groups – are not there for the Igbo interest as they would want us to believe; they are there purely for their own selfish gain, each man following the route he believes will lead him as an individual to attain a higher political trajectory or at least guarantee his present office. Nonetheless, for the sake of this discourse, let us pretend to be sold on the decoy waved at our face: the Igbo interest.

The disillusioned pro-Buhari group argues that it is better to queue behind Buhari (Jubril) in wait for 2023 when they hope the Igbo would be given a chance to produce the next president. Clearly, such hopes are in vain not only because such prospect has been waved at them time without number with nothing coming out of it, but also and more glaringly, the Yorubas are waiting for that turn and pitched against the Igbo in the power equation of Nigeria as it is now, the Yoruba will always emerge ahead of the Igbo. The same thing Igbos in the All Progressives Congress, APC, are telling their kinsmen, Yoruba power players are equally telling their people to sway voters’ support. By this I mean: the Igbo APC members tell the Igbos that if they support Buhari this 2019, an Igbo man will be given the presidency come 2023. The Yorubas, on the other hand, preach similarly, convincing their brothers that one of their own will be made president if only they can help enthrone Buhari once again.

The duplicity in this lofty promise undresses self in the question, "if the Igbo, as well as the Yoruba, cast their vote for Buhari (Jubril), who then between the two tribes will produce the president at the expiration of Buhari's tenure in 2023? It thus becomes clear that somebody is deceiving somebody.

Gazing at Nigeria's political chessboard, even the blind can tell there is no hope for the Igbo. The North would always favour the Yoruba over the Igbo any time, any day. There is this political alignment between the Hausa/Fulani and the Yoruba which ensures power-sharing between them and a total eclipse of the Igbo. This pact finds eternal expression in the acronym NAIRA which indirectly means Never Allow Igbos Rule Again.

The unsuspecting Igbo artisans and the poorly educated Igbo youths recruited to attack Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the single goal of forestalling his efforts to liberate Biafra from Nigeria's grip, are ignorant of the fact that their legal tender, the Naira, is an immortalization of a pact struck to keep them out of Nigeria's juiciest positions.

It was this existing pact that moved the late dictator, Muhammadu Buhari, to subvert Alex Ekwueme's chances of becoming president by orchestrating a coup in Shagari's second tenure at the end of which, Ekwueme would have easily cruised to power. It's also this pact that made IBB and Atiku Abubakar to mobilize all northern delegates against Ekwueme in 1999 and 2003.

Besides, APC is in the firm control of a Yoruba man, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Would he let down his own tribe to lift the Igbo? I don't think it is likely, most especially when it is clear that he is interested in the presidency himself. Where then lays the hope of Igbo APC members?

The pro-Atiku group, oared on by the Peter Obi bait, argue that a candidate that finds it in his heart to consider an Igbo for deputizing role is worthy of their support, reasoning that with an Igbo as a Vice President, the government will surely look their way. Their high hope in Atiku is built on the notion that Obi as the vice will influence him to restructure Nigeria and ensure an inclusive development. Again, let me remind us that these things are smokescreen, their real interest is self.

Viewing through the prism of the current VP, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, let us now look at how effective the position of Vice President is. Yemi Osibanjo, a professor, pastor, an attorney at law, is currently the Vice President of Nigeria. Regardless of his academic laurels, he has not been able to resuscitate the deteriorating Nigerian economy; he has not been able to ensure security of life and property, he has not been able to return independence to the press and judiciary ... not forgetting he is a barrister himself; he has not been able to keep Fulani herdsmen terrorists from Yoruba land; he has not been able to influence religious tolerance. Although a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, he could not even bring to judgment those that beheaded a Redeemed Christian Church woman in Abuja. He could not stop his master, Buhari, from shutting down the church in Aso Rock. He could not ensure equal distribution of appointments between the North and the South. He could not influence attention to education sector. The list is endless. If Osinbajo, a professor, pastor, and attorney at law, cannot influence anything in his capacity as a vice president, what makes a factionalized Ohanaeze Ndigbo think Obi can? One can take the analogy down to Shagari/Ekwueme era. Did Ekwueme in all his scholarly luminescence avert austerity? He couldn't because he wasn’t in the position to sign any bill by himself, and the man who was is a Fulani and as it’s now evident, the Fulani doesn’t understand the ideological rigour requisite in running a viable economy. It goes on to show that the position of Vice President is practically impotent.

Another argument of this pro-Atiku Ohanaeze group and their foot-soldiers – the recruited non-thinking Igbo youths attacking IPOB and its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – is that if the Igbo throw their weight behind Atiku, when he might have served out his term, Obi will succeed him. Tall dream! Insincere as it is. How forgetful they are! The Igbo is hated; the Igbo are politically eclipsed. Nigeria’s currency, naira – Never Allow Igbos Rule Again – screams it loud. In the late seventies cum early eighties, those that have been before you nurtured that hopes on Ekwueme. What happened? The Naira Pact came into play and the rest is now history. Why was Chuba Okadigbo clandestinely eliminated? Because he found in Buhari's office the signed document that keeps the Igbo from occupying the apex political seat in Nigeria. “How many times will something happen to you before you learn?” an Igbo proverbial bird asked its young.

The Obi Trap:
Clearly, the decision of the Fulani oligarchy to pick an Igbo as Atiku Abubakar’s running mate is a trap. Having seen the Biafran uprising and the insurmountable demand for freedom, the northern power players thought it right to play a fast one. They threw the Obi bait and Igbos fell for it headlong. Now the Igbo are divided among themselves. The Ohaneze is factionalized but unified in their attack on IPOB, avarice oaring them on.

While Ohaneze Ndigbo are killing themselves over two Fulani men, their kinsman, Kingsley Moghalu is vying for the same position. The so-called Igbo leaders who claim they are fighting for Igbo interest ignored the Igbo interest in Kingsley Moghalu to drum for two Fulani men. Is the position of Vice President bigger than that of the President itself? Now you see they never meant well for the Igbo as a people. They are all for selves.

IPOB having summed it all up asked for a boycott. A boycott is a demonstration of indignation. A civil disobedience, it will bring the government to its knees, attract international intervention and force through the referendum demand. Awolowo led the Yorubas to election boycott in the sixties, and the political bottleneck it created collapsed the first republic; South Africans boycotted the Soweto election in the seventies and it took their agitation to the next level; Croatia did it and the political upheaval it generated helped to usher in their independence. There are many more instances. Only a referendum can nullify the Naira Pact. Only a referendum can free the Biafrans from slavery.

Contact us: [email protected]
Twitter: @thebiafratimes

You can reach the publisher via
 Google+  Facebook  Twitter 

Stop killing our family members, we face execution in Nigeria, IPOB alerts Israel, other world govts.

The Biafra Times | February 13, 2019

IPOB Press Statement

The  Indigenous Peoples of Biafra,  IPOB, has made a passionate appeal to Israel and other world governments to prevail on Nigeria Government to stop killing our members as well as other Biafra agitators who visited Nigeria before Christmas and beyond from different countries. Biafrans abroad are humiliated and hunted down in their respective families and communities especially since Nnamdi Kanu IPOB leader snapped pictures with Israeli national coordinator and other members in Israel, their families are under serious attack by DSS and other security operatives.

IPOB alerted the world governments of the danger faced by Biafra agitators families in Nigeria since the appearance of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu in the state of Israel on October 2018.

IPOB leadership said the appeal had become necessary following reports that some of our members seeking refuge in some foreign countries face threat because of their involvement in the struggle for Biafra freedom.

IPOB, the lives of our members here in Biafraland are in danger of summary execution by security operatives in Nigeria.

We certainly discovered that two of our family members who recently arrived from the state of Israel got killed by Nigerian Army and dumped in a boro pit in Aba,  Abia State.

IPOB, therefore, must plead with  Governments of the world especially the Israeli Government and other western countries to give any support necessary to save the lives of IPOB family members who eventually comes to Nigeria.

It is important we remind the whole world that those who are coming back from other parts of the world including Israel are facing serious persecutions here in Nigeria, particularly those who snapped pictures with IPOB leader.
Just last week two young men who came back from Israel were killed and dumped along the road and in bush in Aba Abia state.

IPOB leadership have been informed that even our Coordinator in Israel,  Mr. Ibezim Obiorah Augustine's family is also facing threat from Nigerian DSS and other security operatives.

We appeal to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu to intervene and save the lives of  Augustine and his family, including other IPOB family members in Israel, Nigeria, Biafra land other countries of the world.


The Biafra Times 2019 
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

IPOB raises alarm over killing and abducting of Biafrans by Soldiers, warns against being pushed to carry arms

The Biafra Times | February 12, 2019


The Nigerian Army is at it again. Yesterday they shot dead two young men in Owerri. Last night and this morning they have commenced their abduction of Biafrans in Aba. Biafrans are now the longest suffering race in human history. One day the anger will no longer be controllable and the world will wake up then to start pontificating. Nigerian Army is conducting a stealth genocidal war against Biafrans and it is the responsibility of the world to take note.

We have been made to feel that a Biafran life is worthless. Let these facts be chronicled for posterity because we shall reference them at the appropriate time. Any day we start, let the world not blame us. Those that gave the Nigerian army license to kill our people will regret it, them and their families.

Nigerian Army must release those they abducted including a husband and wife they kidnapped this morning.

Our decision to boycott elections is an act of civil disobedience which any reasonable person ought to understand. That Nigeria is an uncivilised backward society is not the fault of IPOB. We have chosen a civilised non-violent approach but it appears Fulani Caliphate, their Jihadi Nigerian Army, and Igbo Efulefus are hell-bent on provoking us to pick up arms. When that eventually happens, the world should know those to hold responsible.



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