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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Biafra: The London Buffoonery

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue || For Biafra Writers

July 27, 2017

Shame is a feeling that ought to envelope a person who is doing something wrong or has done wrong. I think it was Aristotle who once said: “while the sense of shame is not a virtue, the person with a sense of shame is also praised”. Indeed shame is emotion, but one which guides us to virtuous actions or ethical character.

Nigerian elites/leaders suffers from a deep psychotic absence of shame. For nothing else explains their bizarre inclinations and odd proclivities, often devoid of that little word: 'shame.' Let no one dignify these political urchins anymore by responding to their plethora of lies and bad leadership to the people.

Some 57 years after independence with trillions of dollars in easy oil revenues to boot and 210 years after the abolition of slave trade in 1807, Nigerian political leaders and elites, continue to act in a brainless and shameless slavery, still beholden to the development of their former colonial masters to the detriment of their own country.


They are unable to build world class hospitals, schools, infrastructures and other much needed social amenities. Instead, they troop to London for treatment, send their children to schools in London, fill London bank vaults and property market with billions of pounds they steal from their motherland's national treasury.

The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari lies, for weeks on end, in a hospital in London, capital of Britain, our former colonial master. But it is rather unfortunate that Nigeria, his country, have no hospital that can effectively treat the President or at least offer an effective medical care to its ailing President, after 57 years of independence, after trillions of dollars in oil revenues, after 210 years since slavery was abolished. Our teaching hospitals are decrepit. Our schools are hopeless. Our people steep in poverty. Our infrastructures are eyesores. We lack even the slightest rudimentary medicare one could easily get.

As if these are not shameful enough, these same locusts troop, and have always done so in the past five decades, without any iota of shame, to London ostensibly to visit and pose for pictures, with sick Buhari. But it is all about crass and gross political exigency, to retain the power to rape the country. Governors elected and politicians elected but refuse to provide good hospitals, herd to a good offshore hospital to visit the ailing President, in London; the capital of our colonial master's country.

If I were white, a Briton, I will hold in total contempt, these greedy horde of black men, Nigerians, with no sense of history, no shame, no dignity, no love for their country and peoples, who pour billions of dollars into Western hospitals, schools, properties, banks, etc. I will wonder if they are cursed. I will absolutely despise them. Their crass ignorance, lack of intelligence and primitive accumulation of monies to spend and salt away in the same countries that enslaved and colonized their forebears. They are the new slaves. They plunder their country and rape their people for their old colonial masters.


But as a white man, I will also hope that they never wake up from their shameless buffoonery and that is exactly how the Westerners feel about them.
No wonder multiple agitations here and there, particularly the Biafra struggle, have risen to tear down into pieces, the country where there is no modicum of hope. Still its leaders are adamant to the danger that lies ahead. They would totally reject and throw to the trash bin any attempt to change the status quo.

It seems that their penchant for treasury looting, and impunity have gotten much hold on them that they won't easily let go for the general benefit of the people. They shut their eyes and ears to the pleas and demands of the people they claim to be serving their interest, yet in reality, it is their own selfish interests they are serving. May God save us all from the hands of our plunderers and slave-masters!


By Innocent Onyeji || Biafra Writers

July 27, 2017

Biafrans Anybody trying to Frighten you into Voting come November 18th in Anambra State, by telling you that a Military Sole Administrator will be imposed if you Boycott the elections is a Liar from the subcutaneous part of Hell.

First and foremost reason is that this is a Democratic regime, though in name only because this is a regime that still flout Court Orders. So the thought of Military Administrator is downright nonsensical.

Secondly, it is Civil disobedience and there is simply nothing wrong with that. However, If you Boycott the Elections, and it was declared Null and void due to lack of participation or low turnout, the Only thing they can constitutionally do is to swear in the Speaker of The Anambra State House of Assembly, whose tenure is yet to expire. Cause when the Governor and His Deputy Are nowhere to be found, and in this case the seat has been declared vacant, the Speaker will assume Administrative duties immediately. That's what their Useless 1999 constitution says. It is there go and read it by yourself. Educate yourself and break free from their chains of subjugation. Know your right.


After Six(6) months the tenure of the Speaker will expire and New Elections will be ordered. If they fail to give us a Referendum date, we Boycott it again. Until they give us a date for Biafran Referendum. We will continue till 2019 when the Speakers Tenure will expire.
2019, We'll now Unveil Plan B.
So anybody telling you nonsense. Call the person an illiterate fraud to his face, spit on him and move on.

Ask them if they are so sure, why are they Panicking and pissing their pants. Mandating Civil servants in Anambra to submit their Voters card under duress or risk loosing their hard-earned monthly wages for July till September? Let nobody deceive you, Nov 18th is Ofe Nsala day.
Share and make sure it gets to those sitting on the Fence. Daalu nu!


Wednesday, 26 July 2017


July 26 2017

Young Nigerians in some parts of Lagos have expressed their dissatisfaction with their leaders by refusing to be part of the voting exercise during the council polls in the state.

At about 11.15am, our correspondent, who went round Oshodi and its environs, observed many youths playing football on major streets in the area.

Many of them said the state and federal governments had not done anything significant to make their lives and communities better.

“We don’t want to vote because our leaders have not done anything for us, the roads are bad, no electricity, what is the essence of voting then, said 24-year-old Adeyemi Sunday.


Similarly, another youth, Olu, 26, said he did not have a voter’s card. “Even if I did, I will not vote,” he said.

“They are not concerned whether we vote or not. They (elected officials) would still get into office despite our votes and do nothing,” said 21-year-old John Onwuka.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017



Information reaching the desk of Biafra writers has it that the DSS has invited our lovely Brother Ephraim Alex Akaiwu who manufactured the combatant vehicle that was presented to the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for his blessings.
What has this innocent young man did to The Nigeria Devilish State security called DSS that warranted the unwarranted and suspicious invitation. According to this young talented man who has being trying all his best in Manufacturing vehicles, he said that the Nigerian Government have never encourage him nor sponsor him because he is not a son to any politicians that's why no body knows him.
We are putting the world on notice that, if anything happened to him, that means Nigerian is really uncivilized and they must pay with their lives! Place of the invitation is yet unknown as at the time of filling this report.

Biafra Times


By Chikwas Onu Ikpe || Biafra Writers

July 25, 2017

Fellow Biafrans, it is no longer news owing to the Ultimatum cum Quit Notice issued by the Arewa Youths. We must have been fed-up with the conversant of this underlying trend(s) that affects us as a people. I am prompted to remind you through this epistle, to making sure it re-vibrates in our consciousness, thereby curtailing the 'had-I-know syndrome' in the morrow.

First, I must express my candid perturbations in relation to the peremptory notice, because patently we have invested a lot in that bare-barren, arid land and now we are imposed upon a quit notice. On the other hand, I must say it is a welcome development.

A reminiscence of the 1966 pogrom lends plausibility, hence a posterior, to why I tagged that "Igbo Quit-Notice" a "Genocide Notice." The said notice is never a far cry from the 'Igbo massacre' in 1966. The notice in question appertains to all Biafrans (from the Old Eastern region), as we are being referred to as "Igbos" - make no mistake about it.


Fellow Biafrans, it is now clear that the (Arewa) interest has been geared towards the usual decimation and annexation of the Biafran people and her establishments and properties. We have right now, a countdown to another Biafra-targeted pogrom. Only time will tell before that ostensibly, "dismissive" notice results in an upshot, evocative of the 1945(Jos) massacre, 1953(Kano) massacre and the sporadic 1966 massacre of Biafrans in the North. Just about three decades after Lugard's experiment called Nigeria.

Precisely in 1945, the foremost cataclysm was impinged upon Biafrans who were slaughtered in Jos by the Hausa-Fulani. In 1953, the Northerners struck again; once more Biafrans were the victims. In May 1966, towards October, Biafrans were butchered and mowed down in a gory pogrom by these sanguinary fanatics.

Fellow Biafrans, it is conspicuous that, to all intents and purposes, the Kaduna declaration, the Ultimatum and the Quit notice, inter-alia, are no better than a Genocide Notice.


It is only a tree that keeps standing, unruffled after seeing and hearing signs and threats of its demise. A popular Igbo adage says, "Onye ghara Ndu kpa'aku, Onye Iro e rie ya." In other words, One who procures wealth at the expense of his life, endangers his wealth to his enemy. Another says, "Ndu bu isi", meaning - Life is paramount.

Fellow Biafrans, make hay while the sun shines. Make active plans now to return to your homeland. For crying out loud! You have a home! "Onye ajuru aju anaghi aju onwe ya"(One who has been rejected doesn't cast off himself). Make quick arrangements to move your establishments to your homeland. If God could bless you fa, how much better will He bless you in your homeland?

Those telling you that your properties would be bygone are blatant liars. Only secure your instrument of ownership, Certificate of Occupancy(C of O), to justify your ownership of the properties. When the time comes, Biafran Government would claim back your properties for you.

Those still in the fantasies of "One Nigeria", the Arewa Quit Notice should have woken you. If we are 'One Nigerian' as you euphemistically and fallaciously quote, why then should your supposed Hausa-Fulani brothers in the Arewa extraction coerce and threaten you to exit their land? This is just like a Landlord who can at any time decide to issue a quit notice to his tenant. "One Nigeria" is a fraud.


To all intents and purposes, Biafrans are negligible; we are regarded as infidels by the Hausa-Fulani. We are not ONE and can never be. For even Lugard the Creator described the North and the South as oil and water that can never mix. The only language Hausa/Fulani understands is "KILL" "DESTROY", whereas Biafrans value human lives; little wonder we call our fellow human being 'mmadu', meaning - The beauty of Life (that is to say Life is only beautiful when you have your fellow alongside you).

Fellow Biafrans, I envisage a replica of the 1945 massacre, sequel to the in-adherence to the "Genocide Notice." To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Let me bring to a close by saying an Igbo adage; "Ukpara Okpoko gburu, Nti chiri ya." In other words, a stubborn Fly follows a corpse to its grave.



By Onoja Christian Obinna || Biafra Writers

"He who is drowning seeks for even the sea ripples to hold onto in other to be saved" - African adage

In recent years, the rulers and political class of the Nigerian State have been totally drowned by the activities of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), towards their quest to restore Biafra from the grips of the British government and the descendants of Uthman Danfodio. They are seeking for what they will hold on to and they ended up with a deceitful term called "restructuring".

It is high time that people started to ask questions on why their political class are keen on restruturing even after it was killed and buried some months ago by Muhammadu Buhari, the ailing president of Nigeria. It is high time we started to ask "what is there to be restructured"?

It is time for us to assimilate that restructuring is a continuous political process, and not a sincere means of addressing the deprivation of the minorities, marginalization of the vanquished and environmental pollution of the oil-rich region. It is time for us to look back to history to see the harm this deceitful restructuring has cost the enslaved Nigerians and Biafrans alike.

In time past, Nigeria has passed through series of restructuring which can also be referred to as 'True Federalism', of which all became exercise in futility because the regions that made up the geographical space called Nigeria never believed in themselves, neither did they see themselves as one. In this era of trying to restructure what is never a nation, unitary system of government was as well introduced by the then military ruler which later still failed; before finally, the current federal system of government was adopted which Nigeria has been running till date.

The political elites always advocate for restructuring whenever the people lament on the poor state of governance, because they wouldn't want to loose grip of their political business office.

Having had a little glance at the phases of restructuring in Nigeria, the political rulers have once again started calling for restructuring of the country in order to still keep the masses under perpetual hope of a better country that never comes.

In recent times, the clamour for restructuring has been on the lips of every politician because they are eager to retain their businesses without thinking or looking down to the feeling of the masses who have been clamoring for total desolution of the Nigerian State, which will pave way for speedy development both in the countries that will emerge from her and Africa at large.

It is high time the people of Nigeria started reasoning deep to understand the hidden agenda behind the call for restructuring by all the political class so as to understand the reason why total dissolution of the Nigerian state is much more preferred than restructuring. The masses should trace the toes of IPOB and troop out en mass, work in tandem with IPOB, to destabilize the oppressive hands of these politicians that have vowed to keep Africa underdeveloped.

Understanding that restructuring is a decisive terminology by the politicians will aid the youths to take up their future by their hands and truly work towards becoming the leaders of tomorrow which history has promised; but queuing behind the old and worn out politicians will continually keep us in total darkness. Therefore, to avoid  these lunatic fringe that is geared towards the destruction of the future of the youths, we all have to rise up in unison and work with Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB led group to emancipate ourselves from these usurious politicians that have marred the future of African youths.

Now, more than ever, Biafrans around the world are determined to rule their own destiny; Biafrans have resolved to take their rightful position at the world stage. Biafrans are working assiduously to ensure that Biafra is restored in the shortest possible period of time under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. We shall shun every antics of divide and rule imposed on us by the British government and upheld by the parasitic children of Uthman Danfodio. We shall not blink an eye, until Biafra is restored.

Edited By Somuadila Ugwummadu

Monday, 24 July 2017

Biafra: Call For Restructuring: Nigeria Is A Game, Not A Mission

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue || For Biafra Writers

The recent events that has come to play in Nigeria, predisposes her to the fact that it wasn`t meant to be united as an entity and therefore she is fore doomed for failure. From its political life to its viability and social life, the ropes that holds the country together are ruins now seriously in ruins and in tatters, otherwise tell me why the country have refused to move forward amidst concerted efforts by some concerned individuals.

To prove to you that Nigeria is not a divine mission but a game, you get to see its major players who are the leaders and politicians jumping ships occasionally and swinging the pendulum for power to suit their self-serving interests and not that of the populace. And the joke is on he who deludes or is deluded Nigeria is any other than a quarry, a fallen elephant.

It is indeed a much ado about restructuring an already dead country. As soon as the gongbeat of Biafra freedom cum referendum is hitting hard on the delicate and dilapidated tripod stand of the country, players of the Nigerian game are all let loose, singing the song of restructuring once more to see if anything could be salvaged from what they have left in the course of their unmeritorious games. But lest we are counted in, we at the Turf Game, are really out and happily so. The point is that we vegetarians, we don`t do coke or suffer the carnivore`s dilemma.

The engineers of Nigeria`s unity are now all out, armed with their tools and other paraphernalia to see whether they can panelbeat the country into shape, not for the general good but to ensure that their interests are protected. But what they failed to understand is that it`s no longer going to be business as usual because the owners of the lands which they have kleptomaniacly plundered all these years are now determined more than ever to take whatever that rightfully belongs to them. Those who once led the charge for true federalism dropped it and entered into Siamese marriage with the most brazen unitarists Nigeria ever produced when it appears that favour is on their side but whenever they perceive any threat to their personal wellbeing, they begin with their insincere call for restructuring, unity, peace and what have you?

Was it not APC’s Joe Igbokwe who was wrote in reference to Biafra agitators that: “In the struggle for June 12, Abiola was put in detention, and his wife killed. Several Yoruba people were in detention and some hounded abroad. Abiola was eventually killed. But did the Yoruba go to war or resort to self-determination? No, they did not. They fought back using common sense and the power of ideas.”

Well, what can one say, that Joe who is a brilliant engineer by training, is treating human time, historical time, as Newtonian constant, not even an Einsteinian variable. In essence, he has shown incapacity to adjust for the differing references of the events and groups at work and play. Yet, every modern historian knows that given a constant environment, and an event, E, that happened at a time, T¹, and that the exact event is repeated at time T², that mechanically, the same event happened twice. But in historical accounting they are completely different events. The reason is why man is classified as Homo Sapiens; a creation and creator of cultures.

Now, how could he even equate the alleged denial of Abiola`s spurious mandate with the heartless, Nazi-like mass murder, pogrom, genocide, Gowon and goons planned, visited, orchestrated, engineered and/or inherited against the Biafrans?

In the same vein, it was Professor Wole Soyinka who once canvassed the line of thought, that the Igbo should not have gone to war since it was apparent— they would lose. And that was during the burial of his friend Professor Chinua Achebe. And Joe Igbokwe has fallen under the spell of the wise fable weaver and dramatist, but poor and wrongly briefed historian. The truth is that the Igbo as he said, did not go to war. We signed a treaty and Gowon, fickle and faithless, even over his own signatures, reneged and brought war to us. If Igbokwe is too young to know these things, well, let him now grow up. Men grow up by knowing the truth, and not by knowing or enduring the years.

To make it clearer to Igbokwe, if he continues in his way into these slips, into these errors, he inadvertently is committing the worst error of logic. It is the “fallen angel” status of allowing one`s psychology of defeat, to morph into a defeat of psychology. Caesar hanged Christ, but it is Christ, not Caesar, that reigns. Luckily for Joe, being Igbo is a genetic and even more so, a cultural, a sociological, and thus a choice phenomenon. But if Joe Igbokwe wishes to cull himself out of being Igbo, we will reassure him that the gates of heaven will erupt in rejoicing. It will thus leave a lean and more evolved strain, the new elects. And like the Israelis, an "islet" people surrounded by the "archipelago of Arabs", we will successfully defend the hearths of our fatherland.

The same goes for Ohanaeze Ndigbo who parades as leaders of salvation with their "restructuring" gong beats and elections go-getter". You say and discuss an entirely different thing from what the people you pretend to care for are asking for. Just bear it in mind that we are not interested in whatever you have to offer. If you are not for the interest of the people, then it is obvious you are only serving your selfish interest.

So, those pulling various stunts at agitators so as to continue to keep Nigeria as one and undivided should know that their time is up and there`s nothing much they can do at this point in time other than to only allow things to flow it`s natural course.

Published By Ejike Ofoegbu 

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