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Friday, 26 February 2021

Details Of Assassination Attempt By Suspected Government Assassins On Int’l Human Rights Lawyer (Barr Okoroafor) - Intersociety


Friday 26, 2021 || The Biafra Times

 The conduct atrocities of the present central Government of Nigeria using the Nigerian Army and its immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Retired Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai took another shameless and cowardly dimension in the afternoon of Thursday being yesterday, 25th Feb 2021 along Suleja-Bida Road in Niger State when Barrister Richie Ebuka Okoroafor, a British citizen of Igbo nativity and international human rights lawyer narrowly but divinely escaped assassination by suspected Government assassins. The Nigerian Government conduct atrocity perpetrators now seem to have shifted from hiring “human rights contractors” and paid ‘columnists’ and ‘writers’ to attempts at violently taking away the precious lives of critics and activists justly, pricelessly and conscientiously exposing their atrocities perpetrated in service.

The Abia State-born British Lawyer broke the sad news to Intersociety and Government of the United Kingdom yesterday evening hours after recovering from shocks associated with the assassination attempt. The attempted assassination had taken place along Suleja-Bida Road when he was returning to Abuja after visiting the Alpha Base, manned by soldiers and belonging to the Joint Security Taskforce or JTF in Niger State. His visit to the temporary Army Base followed new discovery of another batch of 109 Obigbo Army abductees including Citizen Elvis Ngozi whom his family recently located to the Base through an Army officer contacted by the Family. Barrister Okoroafor had before leaving the Base noticed that his private car had been marked with a black paint in the rim marked after he had parked the car and entered the Base.

Read Also: Nigeria’s Terrorist Government and the People

 Conscious of that fact and believing in God Almighty and the taintless spirits of those violently departed by the named perpetrators for divine protection, Lawyer Okoroafor entered his car and drove for about 20 minutes from the Base returning to Abuja when his car was crossed and blocked by an unmarked white Hilux with some armed men who opened fire instantly and at close. His car was rained with live bullets including aiming and shooting at driver’s and car owner’s sides. The Lawyer took a back reverse and managed to find his way into a market place, forcing the assassins to speed off and escape. The Lawyer was driving in a black Mercedes Car (GLK M133 Model).  The matter was later reported to the Nigeria Police Force, Suleja Area Command in Niger State. The British Government also responded swiftly and offered to evacuate the Lawyer who is of British citizenship back to UK subject to his approval.

 Why They Want Barrister Okoroafor Assassinated

Apart from exposing the secret trial and execution of six Igbo Christian soldiers who were secretly executed on 24th Jan 2021 at the instruction of then Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai (as he then was), Barrister Okoroafor, also jointly with others located not less than 370 out of over 400 defenseless Obigbo residents abducted between Oct and Nov 2020 by Nigerian Army under the leadership of the same Tukur Buratai. The abductions followed a war-grade invasion and attacks by Nigerian Army on Obigbo and environs during which 102 defenseless civilians were killed and 120 others shot and injured. Out of the over 400 Obigbo abductees, 208 have been freed by Courts and names of 162 others including 53 girls and young women located. The judicial release of the 208 abductees was achieved through the dogged efforts of the Lawyer and other lawyers working with him. Though Lt Gen Buratai was asked to retire on 26th Jan 2021 by Nigerian Government but he was un-popularly made an “ambassador” despite stiff local and international oppositions and criticisms over his terribly poor human rights records.

 Fingering Army & Buratai In The Assassination Attempt

It is almost an act of impossibility for the assassination attempt not to have arisen from the Nigerian Army and the camp of its immediate past Chief of Staff, Retired Lt Gen Tukur Buratai, and by extension, the Government of Nigeria. This is also owing to the fact that the ex Army chief is now a diplomatic employee of the same Government of Nigeria that appointed him Army Chief on 13th July 2015.

 According to a criminological analysis done in the instant case by Emeka Umeagbalasi: “Barrister Okoroafor is a young lawyer with rising local and international reputation but he is new in Nigerian social lifestyles or its political murky waters to warrant enmity of such terminal proportion; therefore the surest and inescapable point of strong suspicion is rested in the doorsteps of the Nigerian Army and its immediate Chief of Staff, Retired Lt Gen Tukur Buratai. In this instance, the latter is the first or most suspected of the suspected. The Lawyer, as a matter of fact, has told me more than three times that he is being marked, tracked and trailed by suspected agents of the Nigerian Government since Nov 2020 when he rescued the first batch of 52 Obigbo abductees in Niger State.

Therefore, although Gov Nyesom Wike was vicariously involved in the massacre and abductions but his desperation and panics are most likely not have gone beyond the boundaries of Obigbo and Rivers State. The other accused person/entity (Army and its ex COAS) are considered more desperate and mean and may have decided to “travel” the Barrister and potential others so as to prevent further exposition of the untold stories of the Obigbo Army atrocities or for purpose of preventing international embarrassments and sanctions against the newly appointed non-career ambassador(s) (i.e. ex Army Chief). Looking at the circumstances and patterns of the assassination attempt, too, there are strong suggestive of the fact that the assassins are likely the serving members of the “Special Assignment” squad of the Nigerian Army or DSS.

 Attached are the pictures of Barrister Richie Ebuka Okoroafor’s Mercedes Car riddled with bullets and some expended cartridges recovered from the scene of the attempted assassination.  


For: International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Obianuju Igboeli, Esq., and Chidimma Udegbuna

(Principal Officers)


Mobile/WhatsApp: +2348174090052

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Nigeria’s Terrorist Government and the People

File Photo Credit: Sunday Alamba

Nigeria’s Terrorist Government and the People

By David Umahi | For Biafra Writers 

February 24, 2021

That the current Nigerian government is run by Fulani terrorists is no longer in doubt. In black and white, Nigerian government has been hijacked by a Fulani cabal and is being used judiciously as an instrument of terror to the indigenous people. Every intelligent body – local and international – knows this for sure. How the indigenous peoples of Nigeria and the international community will react to this anomaly and the threat it poses to mankind thus becomes a pertinent question. 

Many years ago, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his freedom-fighting outfit, Indigenous people of Biafra, saw the handwriting on the wall and began to sound the drum of warning but like the biblical Noah, they were ridiculed and ignored. 

Kanu severally pointed out the 2001 barbaric declaration of Muhammadu Buhari, “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country”. 

That Boko Haram nominated Buhari as their negotiator still wasn’t enough to ignite the people’s consciousness. Buhari and his fellow irredentists called on their brothers in the military to brace up for a war against Christians, and followed up on that by asking Muslims to vote for Muslims. 

Acting out the script, his goons obeyed him and went on rampage when he lost election in 2011, killing fellow Nigerians as if they were fowls. Today we see these foot soldiers in the guise of cattle herders raping, kidnapping, killing, and renaming communities to reflect Fulani colony while being escorted by the police and army.

We see government handing money to terrorists under the pretext of paying ransom, and even recruiting them into the army with the claim they have repented. 
While all these are going on, the police, army, navy and air force are hunting for Eastern Security Network (ESN) – a security outfit set up by the people to protect them against Fulani terrorists operating from the forests. 

One then begins to wonder the path to safety. What will the people do? What will the international community do? An injury to one is an injury to all. 

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher - Charles Opanwa 




By Professor Protus Nathan Uzorma | The Biafra Times

February 24, 2021.

Since a fortnight ago, the future security and unity of Nigeria have been jeopardized by some State Governors as a result of firearms-bearing Fulani nomadic herdsmen. While some Governors ban and unrestricted their grazing in their States, some declare their freedom to bear firearms and pastor their herds in any State they want. Presently, the irascibility of the illegal firearms herdsmen and the disastrous munching of farmers’ crops by their herds are national​ questiodisputata. I strongly condemn the stands of the Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed and the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, whose stands not only jeopardize the security of non-arms bearing Nigerians but assuming Nigerian Presidency, they declared criminal arms-bearing legal and condemning as illegal the IPOB which bears no arms and has killed nobody, but does the UNO recognized agitation for the independence of its State that is federated in Nigeria that discriminates Igbos.

If the IPOB which are not carrying guns, neither kill people nor are violent, were proscribed, but the Fulani nomadic herdsmen who are killing and maiming people, are being supported by the Federal Government and the Bauchi State Governor, it means that the Southeast zone is being maltreated, and that there are underground plans to undo the Southeast.​ ​ Because from the Bauchi State Governor’s speech, it shows that the criminal firearms-bearing Fulani herdsmen are permitted to carry prohibited firearms, and by the words of the Federal Minister of Information, their incessant killings of innocent Nigerians is ordinary normal criminality.

I want to draw home the fact that the IPOB does not carry guns but they were proscribed, and the Fulani herdsmen and the Miyetti Allah security network that carry guns and are confirmed by the Nigerian Police Force to be responsible for massive killings of innocent Nigerians in the North have not been proscribed. It means that the federal government should revisit the issue of proscribing IPOB and thereby apologize to the group and devise means of solving the problems of the Nigerian nation.

I wonder how with his height of exposure and national politics, Alhaji Lai Mohammed can only differentiate crimes against the sovereignty of a nation-state and criminality, without knowing that the United Nations Organisation made agitation for independence of a federated unity a legal fundamental right of the component unit. He fails to understand that IPOB makes peaceful agitation for the Sovereign State of Biafra, which was and ceased to be an independent nation for the unity of Nigeria, which since after the reunion, Igbos have remained marginalized. Lai Mohammed knows everything except the reality of cause and effects. The IPOB agitates because Igbos are over marginalized. I heard Nnamdi Kalu once say that if the issue of the marginalisation does not take place against Igboland, nobody would have been struggling for the independence of the Biafran nation, and all would be for one Nigeria.

Let Igbos have their due rights and accommodation like the Hausa, Fulani and Yoruba, and see if IPOB agitation would not stop. Has IPOB not listed the vexations of the group, which the Federal Government has not deemed it fit to see to the ratification of the problems of one of its major ethnic groups? IPOB does not carry guns and they are proscribed, but the Fulani herdsmen carry AK-47 guns and shot innocent citizens and they are not proscribed.

It is disheartening that Gov. Bala Mohammed sponsors Fulani herdsmen to carry firearms, which stories of their murderous raids on innocent citizens across the country and most especially in the Southern Nigeria have been sporadic. Yes, and I mean it, he may be one of the sponsors the arms-bearing Fulani herdsmen and their criminal activities across the country. How? A sponsor amongst other significances is a person who supports or organizes an activity or vouches for the acceptability of another or activity. This sponsorship could be material or morale, though his body-language tends to insinuate both.

Firearms bearing have not been legalized in Nigeria, and for a Governor and Chief-Security Officer of a State to grandiloquently insist that Fulani herdsmen, who are untrained in the ethics and use of firearms, have no other alternative than to carry firearms because of alleged insecurity they encounter in the course of herding, is acoustic nonsense. Has Gov Bala Mohammed thought of how many Nigerians that have been massacred in most part of Nigeria and why the Federal Government has not legalized firearms bearing for self-defense in the zone? Since the inception of Boko Haram insurgence in the Northern Nigeria, the number of humans killed there outnumbers the number of cows collectively reared in Nigeria by the entire Fulani herdsmen who carry firearms for security that culminates in further loss of human lives and crops. What holds the Federal Government not legalizing firearms for self-defense for the local populace in the Boko Haram maimed States? But Bala Mohammed and Minister Lai Mohammed assuming Federal Government, declared arms-bearing for self-defense legal for herdsmen and unwarranted for proscription, and have said nothing about the self-defense of innocent citizens killed en mass and in their millions in the North for close to two decades now.

I do not deny the fact that there are cattle rustlers. Certainly, cattle rustling are a reality and peculiar crime in the Northern Nigeria, but such crimes are inexistent in the Southern Nigeria. Conversely, it is the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle that rustle farm crops and murder the owners of the farms with their illegal firearms when reproached. Every peculiar crime has peculiar means of its policing and solution. That is the essence of cultural criminology. This needs to be the point of all and interest for Gov Bala Mohammed.

Since cattle rustling are peculiar in the North, let Bala Mohammed legalize arms-bearing in his State and sponsor it in the North and not make it a national issue. Every State in Nigeria has its resource-control, and the forests are essential parts of its resources. Gov Bala Mohammed cannot stay in his State and order nomadic arms-bearing Fulani herdsmen to enter the forests in the Southern or Southwestern State, where the herdsmen fear entering real forest but graze on people’s farmlands, crunching farm crops and ruining expected farms yields and produce.

Forest reserve of any State is a particular property of the State, and Gov Bala Mohammed needs to understand that cattle rearing are an individual man’s capitalist business and not a federal venture. Perhaps he is a stakeholder of industrial animal farming, but should know that in America, Europe and Asia, capitalist of herds business do not graze animals openly or assign firearms to the administrators of their herds. At least, Bala Mohammed travels outside Nigeria. To this effect, a private business venture has no legal backing not to be quitted from a State government’s property or where its presence and operation causes nuisance and jeopardizes the lives and properties of the citizens.

There is no gainsaying the fact that Gov Bala Mohammed’s statements are meant to mislead the country into anarchy. It supports proliferation of firearms that worsens security of life and properties. A State Governor is the Chief Security Officer of his State, but Gov Mohammed claims ignorant of the Nigerian Firearms Act of 1990, which declares that nobody shall “have in his possession or under his control any firearm or ammunition except such person has a license from the President or from the Inspector-General of Police.” Thus, for Gov Mohammed to grandiloquently state that the AK-47-bearing herdsmen are forced to do so because the government has failed to secure their lives and livelihood and as such they need AK-47 rifles to defend themselves from cattle rustlers and other challenges encountered on the road, is inciting anarchy in Nigeria as self-defense is a national instinct in all men.

Governor Bala Mohammed, who urges Nigerians to accommodate other tribes, needs to understand that nobody condemns or ostracizes the Fulani in local communities in the southern Nigeria. There are Fulani business men and women living for ages in other tribes, especially in the Southeast and have been part of the local populace. The category of Fulanis that are sanctioned are the Fulani nomadic herdsmen who not only force their herds into farmers’ crops to graze but bear firearms which are shot at any slightest reproach by local farmers whose crops are crunched by the herds.

It is disheartening that barely a day after the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) reached a consensus to end open grazing in the country, Gov Bala Mohammed attacked the decision of the governors, especially the steps of Gov Samuel Ortom of Benue State where herdsmen have maimed the local farmers and dwellers.

Why should IPOB be proscribed and the Eastern Security Network declared outlaws? There are so many security challenges facing Nigeria in each of the tribes or geopolitical zones of the country. As a result of all the security challenges, some ethnic groups in the Country decided to come up with their own Security Agencies. The Southwest came up with Amotekun and the Federal Government had no problems with it, and the Southeast came up with Eastern Security Network and the Federal Government refused to recognize it, and thus declared it outlaw.

This attitude ought to stop and the needful has to be done. Gov Bala Mohammed has to withdraw his statement and apologize to the nation for his radicalism and inciting statements for anarchy. He needs to do this not only in national dailies but in national televisions, and the issue of IPOB has to be redressed.

Published by: Offor Princewill A. 


Friday, 19 February 2021

The terrorists in Nigeria are Fulani people not Hausa – Nnamdi Kanu

February 19th, 2021. 

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Biafra, while pointing out the duplicities in the press release of Arewa United Consultative Forum (AUCF), debunked the lie told by the AUCF. The AUCF has alleged that the recent altercation in Oyo state is between the Hausas and the Yoruba people. 

The Biafran leader in a midweek broadcast on Radio Biafra made it clear that the clash is between the murderous Fulanis and the good people of Yoruba. 

While responding to that, Kanu said, "Fulani is trying to take over Oyo. They know that the Fulani market is not selling; they now put Hausa in front. Fulani thinks they are clever. We all know that the terrorists in Nigeria are Fulani people not Hausa.” 

Driving home his point, Kanu added, "Now there is an altercation going on in Ibadan, Oyo state, at a place called Shasha market, they are bringing in Hausa. They know that if they say it is between Fulani and Yoruba, Yoruba will kill all of them there because they are terrorists. So what have they done? They now cleverly said that there was a fight between Hausa and Yoruba. There was no fight between the Hausa and Yoruba, rather there was fight between the Fulani terrorists and the Yoruba people”


He went further to say that because Fulani is bad market – the name Fulani now means darkness, it means terrorism, rape, murder, mayhem, insecurity –they cleverly infused Hausa into the conflict.

"The reason why they said that Hausa people are fighting the Yorubas in Ibadan is to draw the Hausas into the equation, so that Hausa can kill people for them in the North," Kanu concluded. 

The Biafra Times

Contact us: [email protected]

Instagram: biafrawriters

Twitter:  @BiafraWriters

Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Publisher: Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu



February 19, 2021 | The Biafra Times

We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to bring to the attention of the whole world, that the Nigeria military has at last, brought war to Biafra land. Supported by other security agencies including police and the Department of State Services, DSS, they came with military jets, tanks and heavy war equipment against us. Yes the second Nigeria/Biafra war has begun! The WAR begun on Thursday, February 18, 2021. 

The wicked Nigeria military has simultaneously launched both land and air attacks on us. After the genocidal war of 1967-1970 in which they killed over 5 million innocent Biafrans, they have come again to bomb the Biafrans under the pretext that they are hunting the gallant personnel of Eastern Security Network ESN guarding our forests against killer herdsmen and terrorists on rampage in our land.

 Days before the raid, they first abducted a

synagogue priest, Mazi Egole and his house hold, branding them IPOB members. Then on February 16, they abducted Mrs NGOZI UMEADI who they learnt took care of those injured during the #EndSARS protest. Not done yet, they took Dr. Stephen Irochi of Multicare Hospital and some injured #EndSARS protesters from Obigbo receiving treatment at the hospital.

With this the oppressive government of the dead President Muhamnadu Buhari now run by the Fulani cabal, has confirmed that it is the chief sponsor of terrorism and banditry going on in our land. The satanic government which could not defend Biafrans against incessant unprovoked attacks against Nigerians has now mobilized its land and air-force against ESN who are patriotically and voluntarily doing the job that Nigeria security forces wickedly refused to do. The crime of ESN is defending locals against Fulani herdsmen.

Orlu and its environs are now a theater of war declared by the wicked Nigeria Government against innocent Biafrans. Scores of innocent civilians have already fallen casualty! Orlu and its neighboring Orsu LGAs have been under heavy bombardment by the Nigeria Airforce since yesterday, February 18, 2021. 

Regrettably, this genocidal war against Biafrans has the endorsement of the Supreme Court Administrator of Imo State, Hope Uzodima who the Fulani Janjaweed Government is using in its futile desperation to actualize its Fulanisation agenda. But he, his likes and their slave-masters will pay heavily for this!

The world must hold Hope Uzodima and the Buhari-led Fulani-controlled federal government of Nigeria responsible for the ongoing genocidal war in Orlu and Orsu. The same hypocritical Nigeria military which could not trace or locate heavily-armed bandits and Fulani terrorists in the forests of Zamfara and other Northern States is now bombing ESN, a mere vigilante group. Miyetti Allah announced its nation wide security outfit and nobody  bombed them till today. Amotekun was formed in the West and the tanks were not rolled out against them. But now that Biafrans have announced our own vigilante group - ESN to protect our people against terrorists kidnapping, raping and slaughtering our people in our own ancestral land, all hell is let lose.

But we promise disgrace to our enemies. They SHALL be shamefully defeated. The WAR has begun! We shall defend Biafra and we shall triumph! No inch of Biafra land will be taken by the Invaders.  We have vowed  never to relinquish any inch of Biafra ancestral land to Fulani Herdsmen from Sahel. Their evil Fulanisation agenda shall perish with them. God of the Jews shall defend us against the enemies. This war will be different from the 1967 genocide!

May we therefore, remind Biafrans all over the world that that decisive moment has come when they must stand to be counted. We need to rise as one people no matter the tongue or ethnicity  for we have a common destiny. We have all been marked for decimation by the Fulani Janjaweed but we must resist them. 

Nobody should erroneously think he is exempted from the wicked plots of our enemies. Even our treacherous political elite should know that the Fulani will not spare them after using them against their own people. Our people in the Nigeria military and other security agencies should also know that the Fulani will reward them with death after using them to fight their kith and kin. We must stand united and fight for our children! Now is the time!

We have no choice but to defend our ancestral land. We have complained enough, written petitions but the world turned blind eyes. The media refused to give us audience. Nobody seems interested in our story but like the Jews we must look unto our God and courageously fight back like heroes. In the end Biafra will come!


The Biafra Times

Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah

Contact us: [email protected]

Follow us on twitter: @thebiafratimes

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

IPOB Cries Out - Says Members Lives Are In Danger

Our Members Lives Are In Danger - IPOB Cries Out

Solicits asylum for members in foreign countries


February 9, 2021 | The Biafra Times

We the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB,  under the command of our great leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to put the whole world on notice that the lives of our members are in grave danger in Nigeria. Our members have been marked for elimination, and are being hunted by the Nigerian security agents.

Some of our members who are lucky enough to escape to other countries escape untimely death while others who are not are being trailed for arrest and toture. Even those who fled the country are passing through trauma and emotional stress as they are being prevented to visit home to attend the burial of their beloved ones.

Till today, operatives of the Department of State Services, DSS and other security agencies in Nigeria are still trailing IPOB Media Supervisor in Rivers State, Madam Obiageli Vivian Mboma (a. k. a Oby Mboma), who fled Nigeria since 2016. 

This Biafran activist could not attend her mother's burial  which held recently for fear of arrest by the Nigeria security agents. Madam Oby's fate is common among thousands of other Biafran agitators who have today been made fugitives in theirs ancestral lands because the wicked security agencies in Nigeria have placed them on their wanted list.

We commend European countries and other nations which provide refuge to many IPOB members and other Biafran agitators being hunted for elimination in Nigeria. The God of Heavens will not leave them unrewarded for this humanitarian gesture. When Biafra is fully restored, we SHALL certainly reciprocate this goodwill!

We therefore appeal to more countries of the world to please come to our rescue. Our members are facing serious persecution in Nigeria. Security agents keep trailing and hunting them . Some of them are languishing in various detention facilities across the country without trial. Instead of fighting terrorists, bandits, killer herdsmen, Boko Haram and ISWAP that are at the verge of taking over Nigeria, the Nigerian Government is only busy hunting down peaceful Biafran agitators.

Our members are in serious danger in Nigeria. We appeal for global assistance so that the Nigeria Government will not succeed in its evil agenda to decimate Biafra activists. We are peaceful people seeking the restoration of our beloved Biafran Republic. Our only crime to the Nigeria State is that we demand self determination which is our fundamental right. 


Published by Offor Princewill A.

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Nnamdi Kanu gives fresh ultimatum to ban open grazing, or ESN will

By Princewill Akubumma |Biafra Writers

February 7, 2021

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has taken a swipe at the herdsmen crisis bedevilling the South - Western and Eastern - of Nigeria, recently.

Kanu who spoke on live broadcast via Radio Biafra stated that "Fulani herders driving cattle in the streets, are breaking the laws of Nigeria, and should be arrested".

He recalled the pronouncements of 1969 statutory laws of Anti-Grazing in Nigeria's federal high court. "This law was pronounced by a judge, that the primitive, pastoral practices of the Fulani herders are illegal," Kanu stated. 

"Subsequently, the pronouncement was enacted into law that moving cattle from place to place is a punishable offense. In tandem to the court pronouncement, Section 292 of the criminal code of Northern Nigeria urges citizens to take proactive actions against wandering cattles in their neighborhood as it is an act of trespassing."

Furthering his lectures, Kanu wondered why governments across State level failed to enforce the said law; he said "killer" Fulani herdsmen has been flaunting the laws with "impunity and reckless abandon ever since the law was enacted".

South-East governors confirmed they had banned open grazing. However, Kanu berated the governors, why the laws remained unenforced. He said they were no 'State police' to have enforced the 'State laws,' and prosecute offenders. He also made it clear that after eleven days of the broadcast, if the herdsmen fail to retract their cattles from farmlands and residential areas, the newly launched Eastern Security Network (ESN) would be obliged to enforce the laws - since the governors, who are only doing the bidding of the Fulani Caliphate, has failed to implement the law.

Published by: Offor Princewill A.

Edited by: Ikpeonu Chikwas

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