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Monday, 14 October 2019

Biafra: Igbo Presidency, a Misplaced Priority

October 14, 2019

By Princewill Akubumma | For Biafra Writers

The priority of Ndigbo now is Biafra and not Igbo presidency. Igbo presidency is a scam just like the so-called Second Niger Bridge, Ogoni Clean-up and Restructuring.

The Fulani Oligarchy, functioning in their capacity as care-takers of the British company called Nigeria, have always employed the instrument of distraction to keep the mind of Nigerian youths away from the Islamization agenda being advanced. These nomads from Fouta Djallon have been tutored for centuries by the British on mind games and they have used it effectively to keep the far more educated South under control.

Igbo Presidency is just another ploy calculated to draw minds away from the Biafra quest. Unfortunately, many are blind to that and so have run with it. Schematically injected into the polity at a time the struggle is gathering more international recognition, what the detractors aim to achieve with the Igbo Presidency decoy cannot be missed.

What even makes anybody think that even if an Igbo man is by some sort of miracle allowed into Aso Rock that he would be allowed a free hand to turn things around? Take the governors, senators, and House of Rep members as a case study. Do they act on their own accord? No. They are all Fulani stooges, doing the biddings of the caliphate just to be allowed to stay in power. Take the governor of Anambara state, Willie Obiano, for instance. He recently announced the incorporation of Miyetti Allah into Anambara state government and instituted the Kill-and-Pay policy – a morbid pact that permits Fulani herdsmen to kill their host communities as much as they might desire, provided they pay the state government the sum of ₦500,000 for each person killed. Obiano, of course, is acting out the script handed him by the caliphate who installed him.

Well, the desire of Biafrans – both Igbo speaking and non-Igbo speaking parts – is self-determination and not presidency. Of course, there may be an insignificant number (like the corrupt politicians and those who feed from their table), who might talk about Igbo presidency even though they know it’s unrealistic; the wishes of a few, however, cannot override the yearnings of the overwhelming majority. A referendum is therefore apt.

Contact us: [email protected]
Instagram: biafrawriters
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Edited By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Investigate Attack by Nigerian Police Ndiegoro on Abia Community, AI Urged Authorities

12 October 2019 | The Biafra Times


The Nigerian authorities must investigate the burning of nine (9) buildings and arrest of dozens of men and women by the police in Ndiegoro, a community in Aba South local government, Abia state, says Amnesty International Nigeria.

At least 9 buildings were burnt and 50 men and women arrested over 4-days; when policemen besieged the community between 26 September to 1 October 2019 in retaliation for the killing of a police officer and a police driver in the area.

Witnesses told Amnesty International that on Thursday 26th September 2019, a police officer attached to the Cameroun Barracks (Ndiegoro) police station and a civilian driver were killed by assailants, at a police checkpoint in Ama Nmonwu area of Aba.  Scores of policemen returned to Ndiegoro later in the evening without warrant and arrested over 50 residents including children. The indiscriminate arrests continued till Tuesday 1 October 2019 when the police returned with about 12 Hilux vehicles and randomly set at least 9 buildings and shops on fire.

“We condemn the killing of policemen and demand that every lawful effort be made to bring the perpetrators to justice, but it is essential that both Nigerian law and international human rights laws are respected. Police have a duty to maintain public order, and in doing so they may use force only where strictly necessary. If the use of force is unavoidable, it must be done with restraint,” said Osai Ojigho Director Amnesty International Nigeria

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“Authorities must take immediate steps to identify those responsible for the murder of the policeman and the police-civilian driver and the officers who ordered or took part in unlawful reprisal on the community. All those suspected to be responsible for criminal offences should be promptly and fairly brought to justice, tried before an independent and impartial court and without recourse to the death penalty.”

When contacted by Amnesty International, Abia state police command denied setting homes and shops on fire but confirmed that they arrested 31 people, including 4 women whom they described as Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) members. Those arrested were also charged for murder, terrorism and arson.

Testimonies from victims and eyewitnesses confirmed that police looted houses and burnt buildings.
 Video footage and photos filmed at the site and reviewed by Amnesty International showed houses ransacked and burnt.

The Abia State Civil Society Network (ACSON) said they documented a total of 9 razed buildings, including three buildings set ablaze by the police along Anaba Street. Six other buildings were also burnt in Degema/Oko-jumbo street. A restaurant was looted in Ibere Street on 1 October 2019.

Amnesty International has documented several instances when law enforcement officers attack communities in response to the killing of their personnel.
On 15 February 2008, police officers invaded Ogaminana community, a settlement in the Adavi Local Government Area, in Kogi state killing at least 15 people and burning scores of buildings.

The Nigerian Senate set up a panel to investigate the incident, but nobody was brought to account of the killings till date.

Contact us: [email protected]     
Instagram: biafrawriters
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Biafra: Coded military operation in Biafraland aimed to aid fulani terror herdsmen to acquire and consolidate forcibly taken farmlands


October 12, 2019 | The Biafra Times

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to advice the Fulani dominated military hierarchy in Nigeria led by Tukur Buratai that constant harassment and killing of innocent civilians in the East will not make up for their failure to deal with insurgency and terrorism ravaging the North where they come from. Any reasonable society would have noticed by now that these meaningless military exercises designed to torment civil society is a tactical diversion to cover up the failures of the Nigeria Army in tackling Fulani terrorism. The plan is to give the world the misleading impression that insecurity is affecting every part of Nigeria and Biafraland when that is not the case.

Announcing countless and meaningless military operations within the borders of Nigeria is indicative that this army headed by Buratai are cowards and instruments of suppression and intimidation. Civilised democratic countries set up their armies to fight external enemies and protect their borders but in Africa as with all developmentally backward parts of the world, national armies are being used to oppress the civilian population of which Nigeria is a prime example.

Buratai's cowardly and incompetent army of occupation should be reminded that all they have succeeded in doing is turning the Nigerian military into a laughing stock because announcing exotically named military operation after military operation within a civilian space is making it appear more like a television drama series than a serious initiative. They should stop fooling themselves and reveal the motive behind these countless invasions of Biafraland which is to aid Fulani terror herdsmen to acquire and consolidate farmlands forcibly taken from non-Fulani communities in the south. The world must know that we are seriously engaging these band of terrorists in Ebonyi State where they continue to enjoy the protection and help from their fellow Fulani terrorists in uniform in their quest to Islamise Ebonyi State and wider Biafra with the help of the state governor Dave Umahi.

Not long ago, earlier this year, Operation Python Dance 3 was launched by this same bumbling and roundly incompetent Buratai, which ended up accomplishing nothing in terms of their stated aim of eradicating IPOB using military force. All they succeeded in achieving is raping of young women, extortion and mindless thuggery against defenceless citizens. It has now been firmly established that the Nigeria government and her security forces especially the murderous Fulani soldiers in Nigerian Army uniform cleverly designed these never-ending episodes of military action against innocent civilians to ensure they continue the elimination of Biafran youths with the blessing of South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo. This is the intention behind this ongoing Operation Python Dance 4 and Operation Crocodile Smile in Biafraland.

In 2017 this same Nigerian Army with active connivance of South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo used Operation Python Dance 2 as cover to attempt the assassination of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and elimination of hundreds of Biafrans of which 28 gallant men fell at Isiama-Afaraukwu Umuahia in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's compound during the invasion.

At a time when Nigerian army is being roundly defeated on all fronts by Boko Haram, culminating in some soldiers fleeing from battle and recourse to Saudi spirituality as a means of combating their self made insurgency, Fulani caliphate have instead chosen to display the bravery of their army against unarmed innocent civilians in Biafraland.

It important that Biafrans know that this recent Operation Python Dance 4 in Biafraland is the brainchild of the Fulani caliphate and their slaves in Igboland  Dave Umahi, Nnia Nwodo with the usual brigade of Efulefus that will stop at nothing to ensure that Biafraland is reduced to another vassal colony of the caliphate like Illorin the same way Ukpabi Asika did before them. These quislings know their days are numbered and as with every traitor in history, they must face their fate at the right time. We will never forgive nor pardon them.

In the north, their governors are busy proudly and openly negotiating with known killers, bandits and terrorists but in Biafraland Dave Umahi, Willie Obiano, Okezie Ikpeazu and Nnia Nwodo are busy colluding with northern military officers to kill their own people.

There is no insecurity in Biafraland save for those introduced by land grabbing Fulani terror herdsmen, aided and abated by South East governors. 

We know Nigerian military have no shame and will continue to flex their muscle against unarmed peaceful civilians while running away from engaging Boko Haram in battle in the north. Boko Haram are rampaging and killing lives in the north. There are overcrowded IDP camps and abandoned villages in the Arewa core north but the senseless Nigerian army are in Biafraland extorting money from motorists and committing all manner of unspeakable atrocities.

We IPOB are not relenting in our exposure of the inadequacies and unconscionable actions of this Buratai led Nigerian army until the world is firmly aware of what obtains in Nigeria. Exposing and making sure the whole world knows about the evil plans of Nigerian government and her security agencies against the people of Biafra is our responsibilty and that we shall continue to do.

There is peace in Biafraland except for where Fulani terror herdsmen are wreaking havoc in Ebonyi State. It is therefore unacceptable that Nigerian army should be running around in armoured vehicles and tormenting innocent civilians when they should be combating insecurity in core Arewa North. What exists in Nigeria is a Fulani Islamic army of occupation not a national army by any stretch of the imagination. It is, therefore, the duty of the masses to resist them as we IPOB are doing.


Contact us: [email protected]

Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Instagram: biafrawriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Traditional rulers that endorsed Gov Obiano's Kill and Pay ₦500,000 Policy Exposed, see list

October 10, 2019 | The Biafra Times

It’s no longer news that the governor of Anambara state, Willie Obiano, rates the life of an average Igbo Man at ₦500,000. And rather than ban the activities of terrorist Fulani herdsmen who have been raping and killing our people, the governor chose to explore the business side of the coin, charging Miyetti Allah – the parent body of terrorist herdsmen – the sum of ₦500,000 for each person they kill. In the governor’s view, the life of an Igbo man is valued in cash, and come to that, is worth ₦500,000 only.
Saddened by this ugly development, our roving news crew took the pains to dig deeper into the matter and in doing so, came to the shocking realization that the governor actually acted in connivance with some traditional rulers in the state. Furthering investigations therefore, our journalists were able to dig up the names of the thoughtless traditional rulers who, although see the day-to-day grief of the villagers, have suppressed their conscience to support such morbid business of exchanging life for money. Below is the list:

  1. H.R.H Igwe Mbamalu Okeke of Abagana,                     
  2. H.RH, Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo of Nawfia.           
  3. H.R.H Igwe Mike Okeke Uche of Enuguagidi.                              
  4. H.R.H Ralph Ekpe  Okpalanakana 3 of Enugwukwu Umunri.                
  5. H.R.H Igwe Mark Ike Oriobu of Nimo.                  
  6. H.R.H Igwe L.N Ezenwata Abba.               

  1. HRH Igwe Emeka Iluno o Ifitedunu.                  
  2. Umunachi - Barr Ikechukwu Odino PG 08037064597.                     
  3. Ukwulu - HRH Igwe Peter Uyanna Ezedike of Ukwulu.                              

  1.  OBOSI - H.R.H Igwe Iweka Chukwudubem of Obosi                                      
  2. Nkpor -  Onowu Emmanuel Udeze.                 
  3. Ogidi -  HRH Igwe Ezeodi Onyido Ezechukwulumuagha 1.        
  4. Umoji -  Odezuligbo Christopher Nnedu               
  5. Oraukwu - HRH Igwe chinenyeze 2 Igwe DR Emeka Onuorah

  1. Ifte Nanka igwe Godwin Eziro
  2. Pg Benard Onyekwelu.
  3. OKO - Igwe Laz Ekwueme Ezioko.
  4. Igwe  micheal Okechukwu Ugwu Awgbu.
  5. Igwe C.O. Okeke d 3,
  6. Obinikpa Village Amokpara - Igwe Fedric Chidozie Okoli
  7. Ndioha Village Ndiokpara Eze -  A. E. Emma.Orumb Nt.Nanka.

  1. IGBOUKWU- Igwe Martin Ezeh LATE.   
  2. ORAERI- Emmanuel Nriagu.   
  3. ISUOFIA- Con. Nmuoghalu.   
  4. UGA- Chidi Ezewugo.  
  5. UMUONA- Humphrey .O.Ejesieme.   
  6. IKENGA- Arfred Ezeobi.   
  7. EKWULUOBIA- Emmanuel Onyeneke.   
  8. EZINIFITE- Igwe Bob Orji   
  9. AGULUEZECHUKWU- Igwe Eberendu.   
  10. UMUCHU-   G.O. Ezechukwu.  
  11. ACHANA- Chuma Okadigbo.   
  12. NKPULOGWU- Moses Obidikwe.   
  13. AKPO- Jonathan Oparaeze.   
  14. AMAESI- Paul Egbuacho.

  1. Igwe Kenneth Orizu the 3rd. Igwe Nnewi


  2. Ihembosi - Ajeh, Matthias Uzokwe, (Akonobi of Ihembosi) 07030819598.
  3. Ichi - Igwe Lawrence Okonkwo (Ugo-dinaobi) 08038907588.
  4. Ozubulu - Nnamdi Oluche, (Ezeugodinobi Okeife) 08035532943.

  1.  lgwe Promise Eze (Abilikete of Umunze) 
  2.  Igwe Thomas Ognumbiaka (Owerre Ezukala)
  3.  Igwe Emmamuel Okoro (Ogbunka)
  4.  Igwe Ozoemena (Umuomaku)
  5.  Igwe Samuel Uche (Ezira)
  6. Igwe M.N. Okoli (Akpu)
  7. Igwe Benson Ofu (ihite)
  8. Igwe Clifford Okeke (_nawfija)
  9. PG Uchenna Madubuife (nawfija) 
  10. Igwe F.O.Iheoku (Ogboji)
  11. Igwe Bennard Emejuo (Eziagu)

  1. Ihiala - Igwe Thomas Obidiegwu, Oluoha the 17th. Okohia Ihiala Town 08111219929.
  2. Okija Town - Igwe Emeka Okezie Okoye of Okija Town.
  3. Uli Town - Igwe Demian Onyekaonwu from Amamputu Uli.
  4. Mbosi Town - Igwe Dr. Oluoha Gregory Nwokeora, Umuezike Mbosi Town.
  5. Lilu Town - Igwe Godson Onyedili (Igwe Ikenga).
  6. Ubuluisiuzo Town - Igwe J.I. Ozulumba, Ezedum the 2nd, Ubahuogu Ubuluisiuzo.
  7. Osumuoghu Town - P.G., Chika Muomaihe Ezeala Osumuoghu Town.
  8. Isseke Town - Igwe Emmanuel Nnabuife the second, Edeke Isseke Town.
  9. Amaoka Town - Igwe Obiriolemgbe in Amaoka.
  10. Azia Town - P.G Kenneth Mmaduako, Azia Town.


  1. IGBARIAM - Igwe Nkeli Nzekwe (Okalakwu Igbariam)
  2. UMUERI - HRM Igwe Sir Ben Emeka (Oke-Ebo II)
  3. UMU-OBA ANAM - Igwe Ekwealor (Oba Agu of Umu-oba)
  4. NSUGBE - Igwe Victor Ntoka
  5. ENUGWU AGULERI - Eze Augustine Chukwuemeka Ekwealor (Eze Aka ji Ovo Igbo, Iduu the 34th)
  6. AGULERI - Dr Mike Idigo (Eze Udo Aguleri, Idigo the 4th)
  7. EZIAGULU OTU AGULERI - Udorji Ikegbune (Oji Odor of Eziagulu Otu Aguleri)
  8. MKPUNANDO AGULERI - Alex Anakpulu Edezunu (Eze Udo 1 of Mkpunando Aguleri)
  9. ENUGWU OTU AGULERI - Emmanuel Nnacheta (Igwe Agagba IDUU 1 of Enugwu Otu Aguleri)

AWKA NORTH             
  1. HRH Christopher Nnaegbuna 08037414966 & 08088789660 Igwe Ebenebe.                 
  2. Ugbenu - Igwe L.O Egwuonwu Dibia of Ugbenu                                   
  3. Amanuke -  Igwe Benedict Okafor

  1. ICHIDA - HRH Igwe Charles Ezeudogu                
  2. ADAZI- ENU - HRH Igwe Alphonus Okpalaecheku                       
  3. NENI - HRH Igwe Damian Onwuamaeze.                       
  4. ADAZI- ANI - HRH Igwe Robert Nwankwor.                            
  5. OBELEDU - HRH Igwe A .C Oragwam        
  6. AGULU - HRH Igwe Innocent Obodoakor.                            
  7. ADAZI-NNUKWU - HRH Igwe Prof Augustine Obiekezie.                              
  8. NRI - HRH Igwe  Obidiegwu Onyeso.                                  
  9. AKWAEZE - HRH  Igwe Christopher Okpala.                                   
  10. AGULUIZIIGBO - HRH Igwe A.N Ezeaniekwe

  1. His Majesty Nnaemeka Achebe (Obi of Onitsha) Traditional  Rulers in Anambra West LGA
  2. HRM Nwoji Onyeaka (Traditional ruler of Ezi-Anam Kingdom)
  3. HRM Okeke Nwaozoekwe (Traditional ruler of  Oroma-etiti Anam Kingdom)
  4. HRM Obadile Okeke (Traditional  ruler of Umuenwelum-Anam Kingdom)
  5. HRM Sylvester Nneolisa (Traditional ruler  of Ivite-Anam Kingdom)
  6. HRM Onyeachonam Anidebe (Traditional  ruler of Iyiorah-Anam Kingdom)
  7. HRM Ojaadi Akwaoba(Traditional ruler of  Ukwalla Kingdom)
  8. HRM Ekwegbeli Ejumade ( Traditional  ruler of Owelle Kingdom)
  9. HRM Udoji Okwute (Traditional  ruler of Innoma Kingdom)
  10. HRM Egwuenu Sunday (Traditional  ruler of Alaa Kingdom)
  11. HRM Edoziuno Nwabuwanne (Traditional  ruler of Nzam Kingdom)
  12. HRM Chukwuka Oke-Ebo (Traditional ruler of Odekpe Kingdom)

ABATETE - HRH Igwe Emeka Efobi, Edeogu2 of Abatete

EZIOWELLE - HRH Igwe Okonkwo Edusi mike of Eziowelle

  1. Awka HRH Igwe Gibson Nwoso & Augustine Ndigwe ( seems there are contesting)    
  2. Nibo - HRH Igwe MC Ngene.         
  3. UMUAWULU -  HRH Igwe Juel Egwuonwu.                           
  4. NBAUKWU - HRH Igwe Peter Nweke Anugwu.                               
  5. ISIAGU_- HRH Augustine Nwankwo.                           
  6. OKPUNO - HRH Igwe S.I Okafor.         
  7. AMAWBIA - (HRH     Igwe Denis I Ezebilo.                                   
  8. NISE - HRH Igwe Romanus Ilo


UMUNYA - HRH Igwe Chris Chinedu Onyekwuluje Umunya

  1. ODEKPE - HRH Emmanuel Chima Onyia, Okakwu 6th of Odekpe
  2. AMAYI - HRH Igwe Emmanuel Nduka Mbanefo, Ede of Amiyi
  3. OGBAKUBA - Igwe Paul Afubelu
  4. AKILI OZUZO - HRH Igwe Ogugua Johnny
  5. UMUNANKWO - HRH Igwe Fidelix Nsofor, Onye Ego 1 of Umunankwo
  6. OSSOMALA - HRH Okakwu Victor Awogu C., Atamanya of Ossomala
  7. OGWUANIOCHA - HRH Oliver Chike Nnaji, Amali Nwaeze.
  8. OHITA - HRH DR. N. I. Esmai
  9. MPUTU - HRH Igwe F. Odebe
  10. UMUZU - HRH Igwe E. U. Okwudili
  11. OKWU IKPELE - HRH Igwe V. B. C. Onyema 111
  12. OKPUNO - HRH Igwe Engr. S. I. Okafor
  13. ATANI - HRH Igwe Augustine Azuka Ngoddy

Contact us: [email protected]
Instagram: biafrawriters
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Monday, 7 October 2019

Nigeria truly the troubled giant of Africa says Campbell

John Campbell - Former US Ambassador to Nigeria

 October 8, 2018 | The Biafra Times

A former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. John Campbell, has said though Nigeria possesses extraordinary potential, it is the truly troubled giant of Africa.

Campbell stated this in a new book he co-authored which was presented to the public on Thursday in Lagos at the US Consul General’s residence.

He also saluted the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians in the book titled, “Nigeria: What Everyone Needs to Know”

Campbell stated in the book that virtually every major university in the English-speaking world hosted Nigerian academics with the country’s medical personnel found in hospitals all over the United States and elsewhere.

He said, “Though it possesses extraordinary potential, Nigeria is truly the troubled giant of Africa. And Nigeria exports Christian clergy to the United Kingdom and the United States. Nigerians living outside of Nigeria have been notably successful in business and finance, and they are known for their entrepreneurial spirit.’’

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In the book, Campbell and Matthew T. Page, Associate Fellow in Chatham House’s Africa Programme,  described Nigeria as a nation characterised by a type of corruption in which government or public officials seek personal gain at the expense of the led.

They stated, “Kleptocracy and government dishonesty have corrosive effects on popular confidence in governance. Official and unofficial corruption undermine the democratic trajectory and risks overwhelming it. It is among the most important hindrances to the country’s economic and social development.

“Despite ubiquitous cell phone use and other signs of modernity, the country is one of the poorest in the world. By indices ranging from levels of female literacy to average lifespan, Nigeria scores among the lowest in the world. The country’s population has grown explosively without the economic and infrastructure development necessary to support it."


Contact us: [email protected]
Instagram: biafrawriters
Twitter:  @BiafraWriters
Publisher: Charles Opanwa

Nigeria in danger over breached contracts, stolen funds

EFCC logo

October 8, 2019 | The Biafra Times


  • P&ID (Propane Dehydration (12-24 months) 88.198MMscf/d;
  • Octopol Energy Limited (LPG Extraction (12-15 months) 4.676MMscf/d, 3.039MMscf/d, 4.800MMscf/d, 2.100MMscf/d, 13.4MMscf/d;
  • Petrolog Oil & Gas Limited (CNG (9-24 months) 8.76MMscf/d, 20.600MMscf/d;
  • GFD Energy Nigeria Ltd (GFD) (2million MT Floating LNG) 5.7MMscf/d, 7.5MMscf/d, 2.2MMscf/d, 9.2MMscf/d;
  • Global Gas & refining Limited (GGRL) (LPG Extraction) 11.300MMscf/d, 12.398MMscf/d, 8.35MMscf/d.
  • Davubic Energy Development Comp. Ltd (LPG Extraction) 8.4MMscf/d, 21.516MMscf/d, 18.1MMscf/d;
  • Consortium of Drake Oil Limited & Partners (DOL) 7.42MMscf/d, 6.856MMscf/d, 14.564MMscf/d;
  • Tricity Oil Nigeria Ltd 1.266MMscf/d, 4.977MMscf/d, 2.026MMscf/d, 4.979MMscf/d, 3.777MMscf/d.
  • Colechurch International Ltd (LPG Extraction) 3.778MMscf/d, 3.335MMscf/d, 2.539MMscf/d, 2.071MMscf/d, 13.10MMscf/d, 1.000MMscf/d;
  • Eurafic Oil & Gas Ltd (LPG Extraction) 3.256MMscf/d, 5.075MMscf/d, 12.00MMscf/d;
  • Ibeto Group (LPG Extraction) 23.00MMscf/d, 34.3MMscf/d,
  • Borkir International Company Ltd. 26.558MMscf/d, 26.7MMscf/d.

NIGERIA faces likely litigation for more breaches of gas agreements, it was learnt on Tuesday.

Not less than 11 agreements signed with different firms have been breached and the companies are waiting for the outcome of the litigation of the Federal Government with Process and Industrial Developments (P&ID) to determine whether to press for claims.

Nigeria is before a London court trying to reverse the $9.6 billion arbitral judgment against the country over a dubious gas agreement signed with the Ministry of Petroleum Resources without passing through due process.

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Some of the 11 companies were alleged to have initiated arbitration process against the Federal Government.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has written to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to assist in probing how the 11 extra deals are tied to the ill-fated contracts with P&ID.

The EFCC has raised a team of detectives to probe the deals.

It was learnt that the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources on January 10, 2010 entered into separate agreements with P&ID and 12 other pre-qualified investors for gas production facilities at the nation’s oil fields.

A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “Nigeria is in a serious danger because 11 other firms have issues with the Federal Government on the gas projects.

“The Ministry of Petroleum Resources actually on January 10, 2010, entered into a deal with P&ID and 12 other pre-qualified investors for accelerated development of gas production facilities at the nation’s oil fields.

“These oil fields included those on offshore, land swamp in different flare points. Both the government and the investors have their obligations spelt out in the MoU. And the two parties have defaulted with the P&ID and 11 companies seeking compensation or payment of damages.

“Some of these firms have initiated arbitration process. A few others are awaiting the outcome of Nigeria’s case at the UK Court of Appeal to make a stronger case for payment of damages.

“The concern of those in NNPC and other government officials is about how much Nigeria will now pay for the botched Gas Supply and Processing Agreement (GSPA). This is why the government is ready to give P&ID a good fight in the UK and in the United States.”

Another source in the NNPC said: “This corporation does not want a repeat of P&ID arbitral award and it has referred the case of the 11 firms to the EFCC for investigation and advice on how the nation can go about it.

“We want to try as much as possible to prevent a deluge of arbitration cases which can ground the nation’s economy.

“Some of the companies have already initiated arbitration steps. It is only a firm that has decided not to either take Nigeria to a court or any arbitration panel.

“Certainly, the GSPA was untidy, fraudulent and a plot by some of the companies to rip off the nation.”

A team of special detectives was said to be handling the investigation of the deals with the 11 firms.

“Our detectives are already investigating the deals with the firms. We have shortlisted about 25 persons to interact with.

“We also discovered that the deals are inter-related with the ongoing case of P&ID. We will leave no stone unturned to end this type of challenge the nation is facing,” a source in the anti-graft agency added.

Also, the Federal Government has invoked Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) to extradite a co-owner of P&ID, Brendan Cahill and  Adam Quinn, the son of the owner of the Irish firm, the late Michael Quinn.

A government source said: “We have already invoked MLAT between Nigeria and the UK and Ireland to bring the two key officials of P&ID to trial in Nigeria.

“We have filed charges against a former Director, Legal Services in the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and they have been implicated Cahill.

“We are hopeful that the extradition move will succeed.”


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Biafra: Fulani dominated Nigeria security apparatus in Biafra land, a tool of intimidation in furtherance of their jihadi agenda

Nigerian Army on patrol - Getty images

October 7, 2019 | The Biafra Times


The unprovoked and totally unnecessary attacks, killings and burning of houses in Aba by Fulani dominated Nigerian Army and Police has taken another gruesome dimension since the emphatic rejection of Fulani Ruga settlements, National Life Stock Programs (NLSP) and Waterways Bill in National Assembly by Biafrans. Fulani terrorists in the Nigerian Army and Police uniforms deployed across Biafraland have once again unleashed their anger and frustrations on Biafrans in Aba, Abia State by arresting innocent citizens. This they disguised and sold to the gullible public as clampdown on kidnappers and armed robbers in the state.

While we maintain that those unfortunate victims seen on video being molested by Nigerian soldiers are not IPOB family members, we nonetheless demand for their unconditional release. If the reason for this blatantly stage-managed arrest and accompanying evocative and misleading press statement by the Fulani controlled Nigerian army is to dent the global image of IPOB then they have failed spectacularly.

We are on record as having said repeatedly that no amount of state-sponsored terrorist act against IPOB will make us contemplate being part of a decaying and purposeless one Nigeria. It doesn't matter what Fulani caliphate does, IPOB will never allow RUGA or any other Fulani land grabbing scheme to take hold in our land. No amount of collaboration between discredited politicians and their Fulani handlers will lead to the surrender of any inch of Biafraland to Miyetti Allah and their murderous gangs as Dave Umahi so wish. Those that Nigerian Army claim they arrested are not IPOB family members. The only people moving around in Biafraland with illegal weapons such as the AK47 Buratai's henchmen alluded to in their laughable press release are their fellow Fulani herdsmen.

Fulani terror cells in Nigerian Police and Army formations we are convinced will continue to brutally murder and arrest innocent Biafrans but their time will soon run out because the world is watching with very keen interest. We also wish to emphasise that these unnecessary arrests, torture, and killings of Biafrans will be reciprocated at the appropriate time.

It is very pathetic that the Nigerian Army would abandon their constitutional role of defending the borders and protecting life and properties of innocent citizens in Nigeria to descend into criminality in Biafraland because we have decided to seek our legitimate right to self-determination. There are confirmed reports that these cowards in uniform are busy running from Boko Haram in Borno State only to turn their riffles, machine guns and murderous intentions on innocent Biafrans.

On a daily basis, hungry-looking fully armed Nigeria soldiers and Police can be seen chasing and tormenting innocent civilians in every part of Biafraland. The saddest part is that these illegal arrests and killings in the land are non-existent in the north where Boko Haram and other Fulani bandits are busy kidnapping, abducting, raping and sacking villages at will. Fulani lawlessness continues to grow on a daily basis in Nigeria but their confused army is busy occupying peaceful Biafraland.

Over the years Fulani operatives in Nigeria security apparatus have perfected their tool of intimidation in furtherance of their Jihadi agenda in  Biafraland, all over the South and Middle Belt.

We continue to remind the American Ambassador to Nigeria, the British High Commissioner and other nations with diplomatic presence in Abuja and Lagos to convey these atrocities by Nigerian Army to their home countries because a day shall come when the people of Biafra shall rise up to resist this Fulani army of occupation. And when that time comes, let no one pretend they never knew or that they were not informed.


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