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Thursday 4 May 2017

Biafra: Nigerian Security Agencies A Much Bigger Threat To National Security Than IPOB~Biafra Writers Lashes Out At NSA

May 4, 2017

The attention of Biafra Writers’ Forum (BWF), has been drawned to a malicious online publication, emanating from the Office of the National Security Adviser, NSA, labeling the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, as a threat to Nigeria’s security.

In a report supposedly sent to President Muhammadu Buhari titled, “2016 Annual Threat Assessment,” an agency called the Intelligence Fusion Centre, IFC, after their purported analysis on the national security threat of the country, alongside with other groups, declared IPOB as one of the security threats in the country.

With all intents and purposes, and as laughable as this could be, we wonder how a legally recognized society such as IPOB could be declared as the country’s security threat by an arm of office of the presidency, while on the other hand, a highly recognized jurisdictional court in the same country recently declared IPOB as a lawful freedom fighting organization.


It therefore beats our imagination that the presidency who have been severally indicted of committing heinous war crimes and human rights abuses against IPOB, will go to every length just to discredit the massive goodwill, positive and non-violence status IPOB has fought hard to achieve since its existence.

We find it very appalling that the now renowned terror group of the Nigerian security agencies comprising of the Army, Police, DSS, and so on, which has been found culpable on several occasions perpetrating all sorts of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity including operating outside the confines of both the rule of engagement and the extant laws that established them, was not included in the list of threat to national security but they are quick to include a non-violent body like IPOB.

It cannot be recorded anywhere around the country that IPOB masterminded, connived and carried out any notorious activity regardless of its magnitude, not to talk of involving in any known crime against humanity and the country, Nigeria, leading to the breach or breakdown of law and order.

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Even in the midst of excessive provocations by agents of the Nigerian security, IPOB as a law abiding society, has never reacted nor reciprocated in such a manner that will warrant chaos and breakdown of order in any part of the country.

It is therefore, not only malicious, but also mischievous that since IPOB was declared lawful by the courts, the Nigerian government, apparently not happy about the development, have been scheming and fabricating a lot of falsehood against IPOB, just to discredit the group and coldly snatch away the goodwill and felicitation it currently enjoys.

We also observed that the report by the IFC, was conspicuously missing in crucial details as to why the sudden declaration of IPOB as a security threat. It is therefore appalling, that a supposes intelligence agency, could not state in clear terms, the reasons backed up with substantial and undeniable proof of evidence, the allegation it was quick to slam against the legal group, IPOB.

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It is also observable that today, none of the members of IPOB held at different detention facilities across the country, has been convicted of any crime or offence. And that alone succinctly explains why those who have been taken to the courts by the government, has been granted bail and declared free from any crime or wrongdoing.

The National Security Adviser to the President, should bury his head in shame for this ill-conceived propaganda against IPOB, having failed in handling core national security issues bedevilling the country to begin to wallow in disillusionment while neglecting pressing issues of the country as regards its dwindling security of lives and properties.

We are not oblivious of the fact that both the IFC and NSA, were handsomely paid to execute this hatchet job for the presidency but we urge them that next time, they set out to do such jobs of this dirty nature, they should arm themselves with facts and figures as this is what counts in the law courts, having lost on several cases lodged in courts, and not mere allegations or propaganda, as it won’t lead them anywhere but rather question their integrity and capability to safeguard the lives and properties of ordinary citizens of this country.

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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