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Saturday 29 April 2017

Biafra: Kanu's Bail Is A Social Quarantine, Yet He Is Undeterred And Biafra Is Winning

April 29, 2017

The “iron bail” condition levelled on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, heated the airwave with “dismay” and “unacceptability” from various quarters. These stringent bail conditions, quickly brought to cessation, the ecstasies and joy that accompanied the news. This was followed by an outpour of divergent opinions and analysis of what should be the right dimension to tow. Some legal experts argued that the stringent bail conditions ought to be perfected first before the application of 'bail variation'.

The likes of Mike Ozekhome, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, took time on the pages of the national dailies to dissect these stringent bail conditions offered to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and advised that Nnamdi Kanu's legal team should go for 'bail variation' first than struggling to meet it. The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo (an Igbo Socio-cultural outfit), Nnia Nwodo, having also x-rayed the bail conditions, was marvelled at such draconian orders dished out by a judge that is supposed uphold the right of citizens . These individuals, social commentators and legal analysts have all expressed their views over the bail conditions, which was generally seen by all as a reflection of the decayed judicial system in Nigeria.

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One thing is clear here, the bail granted to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was denied him by this same court on several occasions the defence counsel pleaded (and on different grounds). The admittance of granting him bail by this same partisan judge (or better referred to as the prosecuting judge) was evidently due to pressures from the international communities and the negative influence this particular case in exerting on the Nigerian government.

Ordinarily, the order from Aso Rock and No 10 Downing Street is: "No bail till 2019". But when it became obvious that the law is express on the need for him to be granted bail, Aso Rock has to write out-of-context bail conditions to demoralise him (Nnamdi Kanu). The stringent bail condition was given for two main purposes:- to give him a condition he will not meet and to socially quarantine him even when he meets the bail condition. The postulation is, if he is unable to meet the bail condition, it then means the blame will move to him if anything happens to him  and the narration will be -that his people have distanced themselves from him. The second postulation is that if he finally meets the bail, he will be socially caged in a way that he is still a prisoner (though out of prison).

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For those of us who at the initial time, wished he doesn’t meet the bail condition, we must know that the 'iron bail' meted on the Director of Radio Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is a clear message from Nigeria that Kanu remains an arch foe and a threat to "One Nigeria"; this is unlike Ralph Uwazurike's narrative, where Uwazuruike compromised and sold out the struggle. The prison gate was opened and he was asked to walk away with much less stringent bail conditions.

Beyond every doubt, events have proven that this struggle of Biafra restoration is one that is divine and cannot be thwarted by any mortal. Each time the enemy rises like a great flood, the Most High God has always raised a standard against it. All the machinations against this struggle has always turned to be a stepping stone to greater heights.

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As much as Hashem can lead me, I wish to deliberate a little on these conditions -the 'loose ends' in them and the folly inherent in those threatening words of Justice Binta Nyako on 25 April 2017 at the Federal High Court, Abuja.


Though this is unacceptable to Biafrans and lovers of freedom all around the world, but what these unrepentant despots within the corridors of power refuse to understand is that this statement does not deter Nnamdi Kanu from addressing Biafrans and the world through a proxy. If he is barred from speaking to men and women of the press, he could as well speak to one or two persons who will then make it viral. These tyrants refuse to understand that IPOB has been led for close to two (2) years of Nnamdi Kanu's incarceration, during which he has not addressed the press; yet his message is taken as an order by Biafrans. Nnamdi Kanu does not need to speak to the press to pass his message across. Biafrans know his voice and when we hear it, we fall in. The government of IPOB is not a ragtag or a resemblance of what is obtainable in Nigeria; once a message is passed across via the right channel, that settles it.



This is a proof that modern technology is 50 years ahead of Nigeria; an indeliberate but shameful show of illiteracy. If the purpose of this draconian order is to avert or stop him from meeting members of IPOB, then Justice Binta goofed terribly. IPOB as a body is technologically advanced. Physically, Nnamdi Kanu might not be able to associate with two hundred thousand people at a time but digitally, he can associate with over 6 million Biafrans at a time. This is not the age of 'metal gong' where physical interaction is necessary for efficient communication. By the click of a button, Nnamdi Kanu can gather or disperse over 3 million Biafrans -that is how much influence he commands. He did not need more than 10 men to stage a Sit-At-Home protest that shut down all the major cities of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu has risen far above the limits of Binta's threats.

To this end, the entire family or the Indigenous People Of Biafra and lovers of freedom around the world, celebrate with Nnamdi Kanu on this mighty triumph against a century old intimidation. We wish him speedy recovery and a happy stay at Ahara Kingdom.

Long Live Nnamdi Kanu
Long Live The Indigenous People Of Biafra 
Long Live The Sovereign State Of Biafra.

By Chika Austine 
Edited by Somuadila Ugwummadu 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers

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