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Saturday 29 April 2017


April 29, 2017

As I continue to peruse the events that led to the bail of our leader, I noticed the helpless situation the Nigerian judiciary found herself in. She was frustrated beyond words by the fact that this case can never be manipulated without notice. It has gained attraction from every sector in this embodiment of contraption Nigeria and overseas.

I can hardly conceal my joy at the fact that in less than two years that we had been tagged jobless, noisemakers,miscreants, etc, those same people that christened us with vile names are now identifying with "miscreants." We had been looked down upon and spoken Ill about so many times. I remember I had quarreled with many and made enemies too on social media because of my resolve to fight for the restoration of Biafra.

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We had been ridiculed, cajoled and threatened beyond description, but now we have created vibes around the globe. We have broken up fallow grounds.

The Nigerian government has come to realize that we are more united than ever, even in adversity. In the face of intimidation and death, we refused to bulge or give up but resisted and openly declared boldly, " Biafra or death!"

Gone are those days, when newspapers were seized and publishers challenged, gone are the times media houses laid embargo on Biafra news. Now everyone is listening to or talking about Biafra news. She has become a household name.

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These victories did not come easy though, but they are worthwhile. Like miracles, accolades and recognition are coming from all angles. Dignitaries are identitying with and attaching themselves to the struggle, boundaries are broken down and surely the Nigerian government have been shamed and had no choice than to release our leader to us.

The stringent conditions make no difference as he regained freedom to forge ahead. Binta's unheard and unlawful conditions are tantamount to disgraced ego, therefore she had no choice than to voice such unethical verdict unheard of in any civil court and civil rights organization.

This caption is of a continued imprisonment which is unrealistic and contestable. Her barring his freedom of speech and movement is a total infringement on his fundamental human rights under a supposed democratic rule, therefore it does not hold water and can be protested.

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How can he be stopped from being in the midst of more than ten people when family members exceed that number? How do they plan to isolate him like a leper in this state? What exactly is the Nigerian government afraid of and trying to hide?
Unfortunately, IPOB is as white as snow and will not be a party to corruption. These impossible conditions will fail woefully, then let's see how a new phase unfolds.

The Nigerian government is fulfilling an Igbo adage which enumerates that "" onye nahughi ebe Oga ejide aka, ojide mkpere ya!" Meaning that Binta is trying to save her battered ego with such pronouncements.


Critically looking at the part stating " a serving senator from the east..." There is a major clause for vindictive discrimination and futuristic scheme to political attack. The publicized fact remains that Nigeria is not a union of same people with allegiance to each other but an enforced compartment by greedy Britian and northern Nigeria.

The demand for an eastern serving senator is a direct implication and jeopardy to anyone who comes forth, what political undertones are engraved in such a twisted manner.

If the Nigerian judiciary is not corrupt, why will she demand a whooping N 100,000,000.00 ( one hundred million) from sureties? Are they recovering booties? The terrorists and murderers released by this administration with monetary compensations, who surtied them as such?

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By demanding for a religions leader, does it mean that a new criteria has been approved to for testifying as mandated? Can the testimony of pastors, imams herbalists, etc now be accessories for bail out?

These hard won victory is comical, confusing and foolhardy. All in all, we came away smiling, victorious. We spoke and they listened. The rebirth of Biafra has upgraded. They stood still for Biafra! Buhari has eaten his words, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has been let go no matter the conditions.

Biafra will gigantically stroll into existence, nothing stopping her. The turn out will be fantastic as our leader is here to lead us on again as Moses returned from the mountain top.

All hail Biafra!
Welcome back Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!

Victoria O.C. Agangan
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers

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