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Sunday 12 February 2017


12 February, 2017

I keep hearing and reading all sorts of baseless threats from Hausa-Fulani people that they will kill the Igbos and Christians should Buhari become incapacitated or die, and I want to ask them, what if their chief killer dies, what exactly can they do? Do they understand what democracy is all about? why is there a vice president, if not to act in stead of the president when the need arises? Such vile words only shows that Hausa-Fulani people should not be living among humans but animals as they have proved time without number that they are nothing but savages. They belong to the stone age and not a civilized world.

One Aliyu was quoted as saying " There will be war if Buhari dies...we northerners will destroy Igbos and Niger Deltans."

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Another demented Haruna Maitala said "If Buhari is to die, christians and all southerners should not celebrate because Osibanjo or any other Christian will not take power because power belong to the North( Hausa\ Fulani). We will never agree to lose power like we did in 2010. If Osibanjo does not resign then another civil war awaits Nigeria."

Baban Sultan Gajo said "Allah ma Albarka Naziru... Forget about infidels, fake and inferior. They have never seen or heard anything. Hell will be unleashed upon Igbos, northerners will continue to rule Nigeria forever and if Igbos talk, we will kill them as usual and Nothing will happen; they are our servants and will remain like that forever."

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Zahra Buhari the daughter of the African Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari said, "killing will keep going on, muslims who don't want to adhere to muslim rules will be killed, christians will die until they turn Muslims, Biafra is just a dream, political opposition's must follow my daddy's rule."

In all of the statements above, it is truly clear that Nigeria is not a union of related or like-minded persons. She is a contraption of different entities glued together by force, trickery and treachery of Britain.

She is a creation of greedy few whose sole intention has always been and still is to rob a region of her natural endowment and enforce Islam as a way of life upon a people who neither share same culture, religion or anything in common. Buhar's death will never ease the pain and suffering he has caused Biafrans until Biafra is free, his death is not enough.

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Therefore, Nigeria is certified fit for immediate dissolution into various regions as it were before Frederick Lugard came. She is not a united place to be in and definitely a death trap for those entrapped in her. Nigeria is a den of vampires in form of Hausa-Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram terrorists, Nigerian police and army etc. They kill at will with impunity at the behest of Buhari.

Masses are buried under heavyweight of sufferings and poverty, denials of essential facilities and many have resorted to crimes of sorts, as well as commiting much for the Buhari's deceptive CHANGE.

Yet some almajaris including the so called daughter of Nigeria's president are blabbing and making empty threats. I cannot fathom why they are scared to go their separate ways since they think they are the most prominent and all powerful. For us Biafra is our goal and focus.


Nigeria is decayed beyond redemption therefore, we are not interested in her leadership or partnership. We want to go back to our root and have relentlessly announced it to all people who cares to hear. They have constantly suppressed and oppressed us, kidnapping, harrassing, maiming, killing and illegally jailing Biafrans all because they know that without her, they are dead worms.

All the same, we are equal to the task. Their empty threats hold no water because  in the face of war, they will not come out victorious without the support of Britain their master ruler. Their empty threat is premature and needless as we have never been interested in Nigeria's political system, all we want is Biafra.

These Hausa-Fulanis spewing vile words against Biafrans are so myopic to think that we will sit back and watch any harm befall us should in case they conjure the thought of destroying Biafraland as threatened without any counter attack.

Whether Muhammadu Buhari is dead or alive, we do not care. Keep your positions and presidency and give us Biafra!

By Victoria O.C. Agangan 
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 


  1. The questions for Hausa-Fulani is what connection has Buhari who went to hospital in the Arab nation for failed medical treatment before he went to a London hospital in the UK for continued medical treatment; got to do with Igbo people, Niger Deltans, and Christians. The world can see that Hausa-Fulani indeed walk around in a brain-dead body.

  2. I hope that Biafrans who still believe in unity and one-Nigeria are reading these statements from Hausa-Fulani people - including the very daughter of President Buhari - Zahra Buhari. The Fulani are simply savages. Well, Biafrans will not fold their hands and watch you massacre nearly 60-70 million people. This is empty threat, However, Biafrans must not take them for granted because these are barbaric people. We must not forget the 1960's. We must take this threat seriously and prepare because Buhari will die from his illness and we are dealing demonic people who do not value human life.

  3. In all indications we know very well that we and Hausa/fulani people have never be the same,they are only gluing US together by force,but those words of them Hausa/fulani people shouldn't be neglected they are serious and ready to do they said,please let biafrans and Christians be prepared to avoid had we know


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