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Wednesday 8 February 2017


08 February, 2017

Since the hint of Buhari's death, tongues have been wagging and the polity heated up eventhough Nigerians pretend about it; threats have been issued by Lai Muhammed a.k.a LIE Muhammed and i ask, why is it so? Is Buhari not a human being that must die sooner or later like those he has killed?

How can they forbid death when the present adminstration is fertilized by blood of the innocent? Hight mortality rate has occurred in this contraption that is supposedly federal and united, no other but this administration has been so adorned with bloodshed such as we are experiencing.

There are various stages of mayhem that this government trained killers has unleashed on the poor and suffering masses, they have continued to terrorise and intimidate them. The citizens are consistently being robbed of their fundamental rights of speech, religion, and association in a purported democracy!


Tyranny, anarchy and impunity are on rampage in Nigeria. The Pharaoh sitting on her throne seems to be silently enjoying the spilling of blood all over her shores by Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani Herdsmen who have vowed to annihilate christians with bombs and matchetes.

Fulani herdsmen invading and slaughtering helpless, impoverished and innocent villagers with carving knives and machine guns carried as flag with impunity under government protection.

The army do not evade any chance, they shoot down at short range unarmed innocent citizens in every nook and cranny of the contraption nonchalantly. The IDP camp is an example of such mal practice, it was bombed thrice and hundreds were killed.

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The joint military force of army, Navy and police stationed at every joint in Biafraland take pleasure in falling unarmed, armless and helpless Biafrans without provocations.

Nobody has yet been scolded, caught, arraigned, convicted or jailed! Nobody!
The Nigerian Pharaoh, Muhammadu Buhari calmly swept it all under the carpet and has been unconcerned all these while. He has never made a single speech to condem the actions of his murderous kinsmen.

But only a hint of his demise and the whole nation is agog with talks and Lai Muhammed is issuing threats and brimstone to the masses, instead of providing evidence of Buhari's existence in the supposed hospital.

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The so called Northern elites are part of the conspiracy of planning to wipe out Christianity and islamizing Nigeria. Recently, after killing numerous Christians in southern Kaduna, Bishop Oyedepo prayed a powerful prayer and they demanded his arrest. Who is deceiving who? Where is the united Nigeria?

Some days gone, the sultan sent the presidential mafia, DSS to arrest another pastor, Apostle Sulaimon because he told Christians to defend themselves against unwarranted and unprecedented attacks, yet most Christians and Biafrans remain at ease in a warzone, waiting to erupt at anytime, what a pity?

In my opinion, the president is an old, sick and dying man. Being dead should not be unexpected. He is not fit to handle such a large place, Nigeria.

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Finally, he had put a curse on himself that he must DIE than to see Biafra realized. So he has to die according to his words because Biafra is on her verge of emergence.

The courts have steadily lost grip of their techniques to fraudulently jail mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Soldiers and police have failed to provoke Biafrans to take up arms, therefore failed in their attempts to tag IPOB a terror group. We are not bloodsuckers or vampires.

Our God will fight our war like he did in the days of old for the Israelites. Nigeria has capsized and there will be no solution for her. She has died at the ripe age of 103 years and may she rest in bits and pieces as she split into initial original regions.


No force of man can stop the prophecy of God. Biafra is a chosen generation. The more they abduct, kill and torture us, the more we sprout, breed and survive like seeds scattered by the Riverside.

Biafra is our hope, haven and heritage. No Ahab will snatch her away, and not even Pharaoh of Nigeria, Buhari.

Buhari's death will be the greatest thing to happen to humanity and like Pharaoh, he has experienced the plagues unleashed upon his Nigeria before his demise; we only but await the return of his carcass like Yar'Adua and in turn the emergence of Biafra.

Victoria O.C. Agangan
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers

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