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Tuesday 6 December 2016

Biafra: Destroying The Tripartite Coalition Against Biafra: Open Letter To Donald Trump And The World

December 06, 2016

The ongoing events in Nigeria and Biafraland are of serious concern that all and sundry should intervene before the situation gets out of control.

The history of the Biafran people predates that of the Nigerian state and needless to say that the forceful incorporation of Biafraland and its people into Nigeria is like the foolish axiom which says that “a son is older than his father”.

Efforts of Biafrans to fight against this evil, forceful and satanic marriage beginning with the 1929 Aba Women Riot has been met with excessive loss of human lives. Eventhough the brave women ended the impunity faced by their husbands in the hands of the British-Nigerian lords at the time, a whole new level of marginalization and killings which started in 1966 has not ceased.

Those of us who are not “drum and trumpet” historian will objectively establish that it is a fact of history that Biafran people have been agitating against this forceful and ungodly amalgamation peacefully while  in return, they get State clampdowns and humiliations.

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Right from 1929 till date, oppression of Biafrans has been meted out unabated by the same actors (Britain and Nigeria). The height of all these callousness is the engagement of different facets of exterminatory approaches to hasten the historical recycling of Biafran peoples’ evolution.

The symbiotic relationship or better still, the triangular oppressive alliance existing between the Arabs, Britain and Nigeria aimed at “crushing” the Biafran people still exists and enjoys implementation of the nonchalant attitude of the toothless bulldogs' (United Nation) modus operandi of global human right and self-determination; they have sold their consciences lobbying for oil and other benefits from Nigeria.

Ordinarily, the Biafran people, as the Leader of the Indigenous of Biafra (IPOB) has rightly put, are not meant to still be a traceable people/race by now, considering the extermination mechanisms applied with extreme measure on the people by the actors of the tripartite alliance.

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Analysing the implemented annihilation mechanism proves that the world and her institutions have failed Biafrans. Nevertheless, Biafrans are ever appreciative to that unseen mighty Hand of God(CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA) who “has disappointed the devices of the crafty so their hands could not perform their enterprise” Job 5:12.

It will be a voluminous and thesis-like research in compiling the overt and covert Nigerian state policies aimed at “crushing” Biafrans out of existence. But nevertheless, such evils are worth unearthing as no one else could tell our story better than us (Biafrans).

It would be better here to highlight some oppressive and satanic policies meted on us below, for the benefit of those who does not but cares to know;

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It will interest you to know that there is no local dialect in Nigeria where the word ‘Naira’ connotes any sense rather than the normal childish axiom that it is just the name of the nation’s currency.

Those who dedicated the acronym to be the national currency deliberately did that based on their conviction that the best thing to do to the Igbos is to barricade them monetarily as they have systematically barricaded Biafrans politically.

The launching of this project was the issuance of only N20 (twenty Naira) after the Nigerian civil war to Biafrans, against millions of their monies in the Bank. Biafran millionaires were driven into poverty after they were given such a paltry amount and denied access to their millions.

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Remember that this was an economic policy carried out during their so-called reconciliation program. Biafrans were monitored and quarantined socio-economically that those of them who were seen progressing were either killed or frustrated to poverty.

The likes of Isaac Adaka Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa, Ibeto, Alex Ekwueme, etc, were either killed or frustrated into an ill-conceived policy to shutdown. Till date, this policy is still ongoing and to the Nigerian state, it must be logically pursued.

The likes of Biafran contemporary millionaires are gradually forced by the same Nigerian state to either run out of commerce or struggle in course of doing business. How can you justify the policy of subsidizing Dollar for those going for pilgrimage to Mecca and force Biafran traders and industrialists to buy the same Dollar based on what the market brings?


The policy of sinking the economical fortunes of Biafrans was seriously and jealously followed that those Biafrans who dared to doubt this policy by vying for the office of the president were mesmerised by the Military Generals.

For instance, Dr. Alex Ekwueme who was one of the founding fathers of the political party,  PDP was thrown out overboard like an outcast. What of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan? Ofcourse he never emerged a president by an act of man. Even when event beyond the control and dictates of North and Britain positioned Goodluck as Nigeria’s president, he was threatened, insulted, humiliated, frustrated and suffocated out of office using the Islamic fundamentalist sect; the Boko Haram. Why? Because he is a Biafran and must remain a slave! Nigeria is aware of their hatred on Biafrans as Professor Chinedu Nebo has stated, but their reason for not allowing those they hated go their separate ways is what I am perplexed with.



This policy was initiated with the intention of keeping Biafrans perpetually divided amongst themselves. The non-Igbo speaking Biafrans were told that their brothers in Igboland are their headache, even some Igbo speaking Biafrans were also told to refuse answering Ndigbo like Etche, Ikwerre, Ogwashi, Ahoada, Egbema, all in the Eastern region etc.

While brothers were skeptical of their brothers, Musa and Danjuma from the wild-North, took over the oil blocs in our backyards. But when we realised our foolishness and demanded for correction, they termed us militants and dictated that the only attention they will give to our youths is when they accept securing the pipelines which transport our stolen resources.

Various efforts put in place diplomatically to counter this to their control were; “Operation Paulo Shield”, “Operation Crocodile Smiles”, Operation Python Dance” and other military operations.

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These various stringent military operations had cost the lives and properties of Biafrans. These operations end up increasing extortions, rape, looting, killing of Biafrans and psychological trauma against the Indigenous people.

The height of human rights violation in Biafraland is so alarming and serious that the world should understand that there is serial ethnic cleansing going on in Biafraland. Nigeria only understands violent approach to quelling situations that threatens her existence, as all the peaceful channels to protest their evils on Biafrans were rebuffed; for instance the Petroleum Industry Bill drafted by Alison Madueke was killed and recycled as garbage on arrival because it queries some issues.

Nigerian government believes Biafrans are specifically created to be perpetually controlled, but they never knew that a child (Nnamdi Kanu) was secretly undergoing training and tutelage to lead his people out of the doldrums. Today emergence of such a hard-core leader has given the Nigerian state the worst nightmare that they are helpless as the once divided people are now united against their common enemies like never before.

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The Kaduna state Governor, Nasiru El-Rufa’i recently stated “we have paid the herdsmen to stop killing in southern Kaduna”. That is to say they are in contact with those who killed and are still killing Biafrans in Biafraland.

They “paid” and armed them for the killings, no wonder the Nigeria Army stated that they cannot fight the herdsmen as the Army knows the herdsmen are officially backed up and enjoys the Buhari-led Government’s patronage.

Today, the herdsmen are better armed than the military to continue killing Biafrans from where the military stopped. While the military is using bullets and acid on Biafrans, the herdsmen are raping, maiming and hacking them, and the DSS is busy kidnapping and assassinating us while the Airforce is using Napalm bombs and other health debilitating materials in Biafraland, in the name of searching for the Avengers and other freedom fighting groups.

The world should understand that Biafrans have endured these evils for so long, but it is unethical and nauseating to see UN and other self-acclaimed human rights organizations exhibit docility over Biafra agitation. But how long does the world think that Biafrans will endure all these injustices against them?
Perhaps when they are pushed into arms struggle....time will definitely tell.

By Austine Okoro
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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  1. Long live BIAFRA, the whole world should listen to this justified truth and let BIAFRA be. We cannot pretend forever, the country called Nigeria is not accommodating.


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