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Sunday 12 February 2017


12th February, 2017

The greatest truth in life is that "There is no freedom without the shedding of blood". As strange as the above quote might sound or seem, its one thing that every freedom fighter knows. If you doubt this claim, then ask JESUS. He knows that without shedding his innocent blood that mankind will remain in eternal damnation.

Its on record that this fact is very known to the creator himself thus why he had to send his son to shed his blood for the freedom of humanity as a means of  stopping the eternal damnation of mankind.

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That is one gospel truth that the Nigerian government will keep hiding from its citizens. Biafrans know this truth, that's why Nigerian officials are so afraid of Biafrans whenever they march to demand their freedom.

Every freedom fighter that knows his onion have the knowledge that freedom does not come from attending tea party.

Independence seekers can attend tea parties but definitely not a freedom fighter. Independence can be given but freedom must be demanded.

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Ever wondered why Henry Patrick told the British colonists that kept America, Yes! the today's almighty America in bondage for several years that ........."Its either you give me Liberty or you give death?"

He too knows that same secret that there is "no freedom for those who are not ready to make the sacrifices of blood shedding".

However, its a known fact that those who for obvious reasons allows themselves to shed the blood of freedom fighters must pay dearly either for their treachery  or for their actions with their own blood. That is the rule as instituted by the creator. Examples abound to testify to these facts.

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Even the one who betrayed JESUS paid with his own blood.

Therefore, as we prepare for the final phase of the Biafran restoration struggle which is expected to culminate in a well publicized referendum, the time has come for every one (all the Nigerian officials and their collaborators) that has ever had a hand in the shedding of the blood of innocent Biafra freedom fighters directly or indirectly to pay for their actions together with members of their families.

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Not one of them shall be spared. As they made women widows, parents childless and children orphans so shall it be served to them "cold".

Already that wind of Karma has started blowing and eliminating those that needs being uprooted. Even the chief architect of the Biafran blood sucker will not be spared together with members of his immediate and extended family. That he is currently ''missing" is just by the way.

The coming days is going to truly be a time of wailing, gnashing of teeth and public regrets for them and their loved ones.

Biafra freedom fighters, just hold your peace and you hear and read about it because "it is time for them to pay dearly for their actions"

By Chuks Ikedigwe
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

Chuks Can be reached: [email protected]

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  1. The British empires destroyed and raped the continent of mankind--Africa. Without decolonization and division of some of the satanic countries they created, Africa will never never see peace, progress and prosperity. Case-in-point is Nigeria. Without division of Nigeria, there will be no progress and development but killings, poverty, disease and degradation.


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