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Monday 16 May 2016


The brazen thieving nature of the Northern Islamic Jihadists is noticeable in everywhere you find them operating. They steal in the various offices where they serve either as civil servants or political appointees. They steal and cheat in businesses. Their stealing nature knows no bounds. They steal virtually any substance they could lay their hands on and get away with it without anyone questioning them. 

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu took his time to decipher not only the age long-concealed secrets, subterfuges, and lies of the Hausa/Fulani Islamic Jihadists with which they held the entire nation including Biafrans spellbound and hostage for decades now, but also their heinous stealing nature at which they swindle national coffers and gulp crude oil proceeds with impunity. 

Every one of them stole millions including Buhari, and pretended they are innocent. No, they are not! In one of the research to unravel the hidden agenda of the Hausa/Fulani Islamic Jihadists, we stumbled on a very shocking finding! ...It has been discovered that as early as 1960 at the inception of the phony independence of the contraption called Nigeria, the Northern Islamic Jihadists had stealthily planned to exterminate Biafrans as clearly contained in the speech of their founding father Tafawa Balewa: "This new country shall be the vineyard of our founding father Othman Danfodio...the northern minority as willing tools and other tribes as conquered territories..." 

They have been acting in line with this charge by sparking off ceaseless militia attacks under various fanatical leaders to achieve it. As they kill and maim, so do they confiscate their properties, and steal our girls and make them sex slaves in Sokoto, Kano, Bida, Mina, Gongola, Kaduna, Zaria and other places. Many Biafran families whose girl children were lost have concluded they are dead and can never be seen again. 

Some families according to their custom mourned and had funerals of those girls departed souls. But recent investigation throws more light that these girls who were stolen from their respective family homes are actually alive and thriving. The recent abduction of a 13 years old Rita ESE Oruru by a Hausa from Kano simply confirmed Biafra reporters investigation of long decades-old practice and strategy the Hausa/Fulani Jihadists have been unleashing on the various Biafra communities. 

Islam is a very terrible religion that has no feeling for others and does not care how those girls they steal away from their parents and families feel. They neither consider that the girls they stole have thus been denied the right and honour of traditional rights as married girls from core Biafra land. Instead, their religious leaders, the sheikhs, mallams, and Afars endorsed the stealing of those girls without the knowledge of their biological parents and traces of where they could be found. 

The Muslims forgot that these stolen ladies are children of the same people they termed "infidels" but when it comes to sex matters, they quickly lay aside their Koran to steal the children of "infidels"! Is this Islam? When the news of miss Rita Ese Oruru was broken, many people especially the gullible thought it was a propaganda. They have not realized that neither Radio Biafra nor IPOB bears any propaganda news. 

Every piece of information we give out is based on facts and not fiction! Those who have not taken their time to study the thieving nature and other nefarious activities of Hausa/Fulani as Radio Biafra and IPOB did, will think that miss Rita Else's case is a minor issue but it is one out of a million of such cases going on in Nigeria on daily basis and the government gave deaf ears and blind eyes to them because it is their agenda to decimate us through such method. 

In a developed country, abduction of teenage girls as well as all other forms of abduction , are seen as serious crimes but not so in Nigeria that uses it as a weapon to conquer tribes that are not interested in Islam. That such girls are denied their rights is not their concern. Isn't this wickedness? Can they fell happy if other people do same to them? Yet the Muslims are bent on doing this to the non-Muslim in Nigeria! 

This has been happening for years now! It is shocking to note that most Islamic politicians have stolen Biafran women hidden in their various houses as"wives" without the consent of the parents of those women. Even Yakubu Gowon is guilty of this crime! He abducted a Biafran lady miss Edith Ike Okongwu and had a son through her before ejecting her out of his house. 

If a grass root search would be conducted everywhere in the north, the world will be shocked to know that most women publicized in the newspapers, announced on radios and televisions, and reported in various police stations as "missing" are actually alive and hidden in Hausa/Fulani quarters as "akwule". 

There are stories of Biafran girls in Abuja, Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna, Nassarawa, Gongola, and other places of the north. Some parents who made attempts to redeem their found daughters were either killed or threatened to leave their places of sojourn by the Islamic jihadists. Even the Human Right activists in Nigeria are aware of this ongoing abductions but can not talk. Incredible, isn't it?

Shocking stories from Biafra women schooling or working in the north who have escaped this ordeal revealed that Biafran girls who were abducted but refused to convert to Islam were killed . They also told that some of them were approached by Muslim ladies who disguised as friends and lured them to the Muslim males who uses them as sex slaves without allowing them to connect to their parents to know where they are. So if you girl child or daughter is missing, please hold the Hausa /Fulanis responsible, they are the thieves who steal them and knows where they can be found just as they knew where to find miss Rita Ese.

Written By Ezza Heritage
Edited By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa

1 comment

  1. It is my opinion that The strongest message that the Southeast and South-south geo-political zones of Biafra were inseparably working together in the struggle for the restoration of the independent state of Biafra was given recently to the world. It was given by ex-militants of the South-south geo-political zone (Niger Delta) by hijacking a ship off the coast of Bakassi Pennisula in Biafraland.

    The hijack was done on Friday, January 29, after which the ex-militants revealed the reason for their action by giving Nigerian ruler, Muhammadu Buhari, an ultimatum to release Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra, before 31 days’ time.


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