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Thursday 28 April 2016


The ongoing killing of Biafrans by Fulani Herdsmen in Enugu is a big issue which the world must see as a tactical way of fulfilling the Islamic agenda in Nigeria, presided over by their Grand Patron - President Muhammadu Buhari.

There have been several conscious efforts by these Hausa/Fulani in conjunction with Muhammadu Buhari to 'dip the Quran into the Atlantic Ocean', that is, saturating the entire Southern Eastern Nigeria with Islam, as instructed by their grand father, Uthman Dan Fodio.

The evidence of these efforts being made so far to force everyone into Islam in Nigeria by these Islamic rulers can be seen when Ibrahim Babangida paid huge amount of money to Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) for the total Islamization of Nigeria. Muhammadu Buhari the present president has been traveling around the world only to secure weapons for his brethren who are waiting for the last command. More so, Muhammadu Buhari has successfully fused the study of Islamic studies into Nigeria's Basic Educational curriculum, while banning Christian Religious Knowledge (C.R.K), citing it as an "Overload" on student.


Considering the fact that Biafrans are naturally religious people that descended from Israel to Africa, they have not known or succumbed to other gods but only ChukwuOkike Abhiama, whom the white man calls God, the creator of the whole universe. Biafrans have never conquered any people in whichever way, and they are the last people who will allow themselves to be conquered with any form of religion or tradition.

The above consideration made it seem very hard for Muhammadu Buhari to succeed in embedding Islam into Biafrans, he has therefore resorted to use his usual way of forcing individuals into his bloody organization. This is very evident in his actions with his military men and Fulani terrorists who are now on a full mission of killing Biafrans in their territories.

Enugu is the capital of Biafra land, and for over 7 days now there has been series of ongoing pogrom in that city. These same Fulani people, already armed - by their Patron, invaded communities in Enugu state, killing scores of innocent, hapless citizens.

According to reports, people called upon the President, to rescue them from his kinsmen who are obliterating lives and properties but the President ignored their wailing. Till this moment, the president has never made any speech or taken any meaningful action concerning this rampage, until today after much aspersion were cast upon him for keeping mute. It is even awful that the military men who came in when the state government intervened turned back and have never made any effort to confront or arrest those monsters involved in these dastardly act.

There is no doubt that Muhammadu Buhari is the brain/person behind these executions because in some of his interviews with BBC he explicitly made it clear that he must kill Biafrans when he comes back to power if they threatened to secede. He sent these Fulani warriors with arms and he has no concern about the deaths caused by these Fulani Islamic warriors.


If you had listened to that voice in the wilderness in which our prophetic leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was echoing using Radio Biafra, which Nigeria government tagged hate speech out of abhorrence, no doubts, you will concur that his propagations with Radio Biafra is about the ceaseless massacre and predicaments of Biafrans. He also told world about these Islamic strategies. Today, isn’t it amazing that all his words are coming into manifestations? His only crime is the dissemination of truth to the world so that the Ingenious People Of Biafra can be free from these atrocities.

When one is carrying another person’s carcass, it will seem to him like he is carrying ordinary bunch of firewood. The cry and blood of Biafrans flowing daily like a river in Nigeria can’t go unattended-to. For the sake of humanity, all agencies for human rights should step in because Biafrans are also entitled to Rights as granted by Nigerian and international laws.

Written By Amalahueze E. Akaeze
Edited By Nwosu C.S
Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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