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Wednesday 11 May 2016


As early as 1984, Times International prophetically sported today's Islamic situation in Nigeria and wrote unequivocally: "From time immemorial, man had been communing with his Creator through prayers. But the mode by which this is done varies. However, one thing has always stood out very clearly and that is the FREEDOM which enables everybody to choose his or her own mode of worship. These days, this freedom seems threatened by some religious zealots. They want to force others to accept their own mode of worship as the only acceptable one. As a result, there are are reports of religious disturbances in the world, including Nigeria."

What Times International wrote some decades ago is still happening even in more horrible! All over the world most social unrest and disorder in many countries where Islam is found, are attributable to its adherents. In Nigeria for instance, of all religions, Islam maintains being the only bloody and controversial religion by way of demonstration of its faith. Curious minds wonder why Islamic activities especially here in Nigeria, had been heavily associated with violence and impunity.


Experts tends to tell us that the root of this incessant violence is directly traceable to the religion's horrible doctrine that "one who dies in the course of fighting the "infidels" will inevitably find himself in 'Alijena' (Heaven).  It is necessary to inform my reader here that the term "infidels"  in Islamic terminology means both Christians, Jews,Pagans, and other forms of religion that are not Islam.

This is clearly contained in the Koran as stated:
"O ye who believe, Take not the Jews, and Christians for friends. (Sura 5:51); They desire nothing but ruin....(Sura 3:118); Fight against such as those who have been given the scripture as believe not in Allah nor the last Day..."(Sura 9:29). (Please, note that the word 'Sura', simply means "chapter.") In the whole chapters and verses of the Holy Koran, there is virtually no mention of morality!


No wonder its nefarious acts are nothing but beheading, rape, kidnappings, stealing teenage girls of the same people they tagged "infidels." Islam basically lack morality!! Yet they condemn other religions and  insult them, castigating that Christians only go to church to listen to songs. But only common sense would quickly debunk those castigations as products of mere shallow reasoning especially when we compare that if Christianity teaches songs to its adherents on Sundays, and Islam teaches its followers the act of violence, how to monopolise public wealth, public property, and public positions as we clearly see them doing in Nigeria. Which of this two religions will you my dear reader choose if you are asked to make a choice??

Send in your reactions. ..........2......

A careful research and study of Islamic activities in Nigeria clearly proves it a religion of menace, and dangerously threatening the peace and harmony of Africa who have been in peace and harmony centuries long before the advent of Islam which not only subjugated and subdued most African communities in wars and took most of them into slavery.

It is very surprising that Islam in this modern time still hold those ancient methods of slavery and dehumanization very tenaciously. The level of slavery in most Islamic countries in Africa speaks volume of this instance, and no sane person whether living or dead would want to do anything with a religion that does this. This is mostly our case with Islam. Why forcing people? Why killing those who refused to join your religion?


If your religion is being criticized, it is either your life style is repulsive to people who are observing you, or you have not lived up to the expectation of being able to convince others about your faith or religion, and not to bear arms as Islam does. No sane person would like to be part of a country where this type of thing takes place, especially when a ruler or president of a land makes public proclamation that "Islam will conquer from Sokoto to the Atlantic."

African adage say, "it is only a tree that heard it will be cut down and remained where it is." The people of Biafra as well as other emerging states of Africa who have seen the nefarious activities of Islam refuses to be cowed into Islamic bondage any longer. We must all say no to the myopic ideas of men whose agenda is nothing more than agents of death and misery. Enough of this barbaric religion!!

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Today, African historians are only talking about European slavery of the African people. No one is talking about Arab slavery.  For peace to reign supreme in Africa as in the ancient days, our children should be taught the ancient ways of truth as enshrined in our various cultures, and encouraged to practise those truths instead of following man made and self acclaimed  empty religions that are full of nefarious characters that have no value for human lives, dignity, peace, harmony, and tranquility. When we boldly eschewed those foreign, ill conceived religions brought to Africa through wars and slavery, then the continent will obviously renew itself back to the days of old and most modern natural and human problems militating against us and our land would vanish away.

Written By Ezza Heritage
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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