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Wednesday 11 May 2016



On Thursday last week, in Aba, Abia state, Muhammadu Buhari sent his soldiers to shoot at Biafrans who were carrying out their daily businesses at a market in Waterside, Ogbor Hill, which resulted in the instant death of two Biafran traders and many others injured. Earlier that day, another Hausa-Fulani man stabbed and killed a trader in the Ariaria International market, resulting in some angry youths retaliating and lynching him to death. 

According to the information coming to Biafra Writers from Aba, these Hausa-Fulani men in the city, in conjunction with Muhammadu Buhari are set to carry out some terrorist attacks in Aba. According to the reporter who overheard one Hausa man along Uratta Express Road telling his fellow Hausa man in a telephone conversation that they should come down to Aba immediately as their awaited weapons have arrived. The reporter who pretended to the Hausa caller that he doesn't understand the Hausa language stated that the caller was also saying that those ammunitions are being shared to their various Mosques in Aba.

In what seemed like a confirmation to that, another reporter who also called Radio Biafra last night said he saw where a truck loaded with arms and other explosive devices was being offloaded at Ariaria around midnight yesterday. 
This is to alert all Biafrans and to keep the world on notice about all these planned attacks by Buhari and his Hausa-Fulani terrorists. 

Let our people in Aba be vigilant and security conscious because Buhari has started to fulfill his vow to wipe out Biafrans. Biafrans should know that what we have now in Biafra land is a war situation. Mohammadu Buhari has mobilizes his Boko haram brothers to invade Aba Abia State.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu must not wait to shed crocodile tears like the governor of Enugu state when he had a firsthand information of an imminent attack by the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen to Uzu-Uwani Enugu and kept quiet until over 200 Biafrans were slaughter then he starts to shed crocodile tears. Governor Okezie should get our vigilantes and security men to watch over Aba, especially in the "NIGHTS" as Boko haram and their offshoot, Fulani herdsmen are known to strike always by the wee hours of the night. Aba must not sleep and let Boko haram herdsmen terrorists overrun us.


The inevitable is about to happen. Buhari and his Hausa-Fulani soldiers are bringing war to Biafra land, and we must confront them head-on. No retreat, and No surrender! The world and the international community should bear us witness that Buhari has 

In another development, Rochas Okorocha of Imo state is said to have provided a safe haven for the escapee cattle herdsmen who were chased out of Aba at his hometown, Orlu. As we speak now, the entire Orlu towns and villages are under siege by the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen still planning to attack the unsuspecting Biafrans in Orlu. 

This is, therefore, a security alert call for the security operatives and most importantly, the vigilantes all around Orlu to secure their territories to avert a repeat of Uzo-Uwani Enugu scenario. Report all suspicious movements, and eavesdrop when they gather and discuss. "ONYE NDI IRO GBARA GBURUGBURU, ADIGH EHI URA. UMU BIAFRA UNU ARUKWALA URA" [He who is surrounded by his enemies do not sleep or slumber]

Written By Eminence Akaeze
Edited  By Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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