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Friday 6 May 2016


Yesterday, May 6th, 2016, Hausa/Fulani have again shown that they will stop at nothing to ensure the total extermination of Biafrans. Many Biafrans were killed and many injured at Ariaria international market and cattle market, popularly known as (Ahia Udele) at waterside area of Ogbor-hill, Aba, respectively.

An eyewitness said the crisis at Ariaria international market started after a Hausa/Fulani man suspected to be a soldier, stabbed to death a Biafran woman who tried to warn him against urinating near his store. According to witnesses, angry traders vamped on the Hausa/Fulani man and avenged the death of their sister who was stabbed to death, while the traders were still avenging the death of their sister, the Nigerian Army and Police started shooting sporadically.

In the cattle market at Ogbor-hill, an eye witness said that it all started when a Biafran man that came to buy cow meat, had a slight quarrel with an Hausa cow trader, the Hausa man made a phone call and immediately soldiers arrived with a Hilux van, shot the Biafran man dead without uttering a word, and started shooting sporadically on their way out when angry traders chased after them. After the sporadic shooting, three Biafran men were found dead by their shootings, which led to a reprisal attack on the Hausa/Fulani in Aba.

The city of Aba is under siege by Hausa/Fulani Islamic soldiers, like never before. Biafrans in Aba must organize themselves and meet these blood sucking demons head on. There is an information that a bigger plan by Hausa/Fulani to attack the city of Aba has been concluded, so we are urging all Biafra in the Enyimba city of Aba to prepare and get ready for what is to come. We must defend ourselves and our land. Biafra is our last hope, It is Biafra or death.

Written By Chijindu Ukah
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published by Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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