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Monday 16 May 2016

Day 2 of Phone call and email to UK Parliament House of commons and PM David Cameron

Biafrans, Friends, and Well Wishers,

Starting Monday May 16, through Friday May 20, 2016, we shall embark on a emails and calls to the Governments of UK, House of Commons and Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II the head of commonwealth about the plight of Biafrans and the inevitability of Biafra restoration and independence.

Please endeavor to make phone calls starting this Monday, from 9 am to 4pm Biafra time  (See complete list below)

Use the following prompts when you call:
“Hello, my name is (--------); I’m calling to appeal to the PM (or the relevant government official) to:

1.    Condemn the ongoing massacres, mass burials, mass graves, and crimes against humanity directed at Biafran protesters by the current President of Nigeria;

2.    Free the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and other Biafrans abducted for exercising their United Nations rights of Indigenous peoples and self-determination.

3.    Support the restoration and independence of Biafra. (Thank you!)

Time to Call (9 am to 4 pm Biafra Time)

PM David Cameron direct number
+442079250918, +442078250918
+18884295500, +18769279941-3
UK House of commons
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Mail address:
Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA, UK

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