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Thursday 1 June 2017

Biafra At 50: We Killed Over 3.5m Biafrans Because We Can't Survive Without Their Cake--Obasanjo

June 01, 2017

It is said that the Yorubas are merited chameleons, that is to say, they are hypocritical in nature, and you will concur with me that the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, is a typical example.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, in his speech at the #Biafra50 Conference which was held on 26th May, 2017, stated that the Federal Government of Nigeria should beg Biafra agitators to sheath their swords and re-embrace Nigeria because there was enough 'cake' to share. In his speech, where he called our fallen heroes who fought with their bare arms for 3 years 'naive', he opined that that while the war was thought to be something that could have ended with the batting of an eyelid, it ended after a treacherous and devastating 30 months. He further declared that they never meant to wipe out Biafrans during the war.

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After listening to all of the garbage being spewed by this wicked and shameless man who doesn't have any atom of conscience or remorse, I was bittered because I saw an undiluted hypocrisy. I saw a man so proud of his war crimes. I saw a man whose zeal is to once again systematically unleash genocide - to make sure we are wiped out from this planet earth (he doesn't want us to exist as a people). I saw a man who regrets leaving a single Biafran alive. I  saw the act of hypocrisy and mincing utterances which came from his heart.

I was annoyed when I heard  the word, "Let's Beg The Biafra Agitators To Stay, There is Enough Cake To Share". I was marveled and simply concluded that this man is a disgrace to humanity and Africans at large. I know the speech may sound quite right to the gullible minds, but my question here is, why did he suddenly make use of the word 'beg' in his delusional and deceptive speech?


Obasanjo, have you easily forgotten when you called us 'miscreants'? When we emerged to demand for our freedom you looked down on us, insinuating we didn't experience the war and as such were oblivious of history. You made mockery of us in public, but little did you know how resolute we are. Barely two years and you are asking Federal Government to beg us. I'm sure you have finally found out that we are already determined to die once again for the freedom of our people.

We are here to make it clear to you that we now know more of history, we have asked questions of how you unleashed pogrom on our forefathers, how your coup and that of Hausa-Fulanis killed our fathers, raped our women; our schools, churches, hospitals and shops were burnt to ashes. We know how you brought the idea of Starvation on our children, by introducing blockade of food and medications. 'Since Guns Can't Kill Them, Hunger Will Kill Them' became your slogan just because your expectations of ending the war within the period of 3 months proved abortive.


Saying we are naive is not only laughable but myopic, because it is not a sacrilege for one to demand for freedom - it is a fundamental human right, as a matter of fact. We are all born with equal rights.

You said you were not meant to wipe out Biafrans? But how come you introduced the most heartless system to weaken the spirit of our brave soldiers - land , air, sea and road blockade? Why did you fight the civilians? You killed our innocent children and youths. Why did Nigerian Government organize a 'peaceful talk' in Asaba and committed genocide by killing every man in that land? What of Ogoni massacre? What do you have to say about Owerri massacre? And how do you justify the killings of our cousins in Odi, Bayelsa State under your leadership?

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As for the 'cake' that you are now asking to be shared, my question is, where is this cake being baked? Who are the owners of the ingredients of the cake? Is it not in Biafraland that this cake is gotten from? Was is not the same cake that led our forefathers to their early graves, when they asked to be treated fairly? Was is not the same cake that birthed the Aburi Accord? Is it not the same cake that has left all of us in perpetual agony?

We have tried hard to maintain the 'One Nigeria' slogan for the sake of peace and unity but it's obvious that we are not relevant in Nigeria. Yoruba sees us as greedy people whilst Hausa-Fulani sees us as infidels. Reason? Because we are blessed by God. The dehumanization and unjust killings orchestrated by Nigerian Government against Biafrans since the amalgamation of this dustbin Called Nigeria can never be forgotten nor forgiven.

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We have no option than to fight for a nation where peace and equity will be the foundation. We are not interested in any cake. It's rather our heritage and right! We don't need your hypocritical apology because you all are liars and deceitful.

Biafra writers in conjunction with IPOB leadership is reiterating again that our mission is to restore Biafra, and we are very focused on doing just that. We will never be captivated with your fraudulent apologies. One Nigeria has never been favorable to us and will never be. Biafra restoration is the only thing that can heal our wounds, and nothing can deviate us from achieving it. Nothing! Not even your hypocritical apologies. All we want is total emancipation because we have suffered enough in our land as a result of One Nigeria.

By Prisca Chiamaka Abel 
Edited By Uche Nwosu 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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