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Monday 29 May 2017


May 29, 2017

It behooves me to witness the refusal of the ignorant Nigerian police to understand the techniques of freedom fighting and that we have been convincingly been declared legitimate.

Why on earth are they invading our rights and arresting peaceful and law abiding Biafran witnesses, when they leave real criminals to cause mayhem and do their exploits without interference? There is a big clause in this act of theirs.

They are so jobless that they go about arresting people peacefully telling others about Biafra, why are they not arresting preachers of the gospel who witness to people too. Their gullibility is such that they have not noticed that even the leaders of Nigeria are scared and desperately talking about Biafra. What a shame?

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They fail to understand that no matter what they do, our cause will stand. Biafra is scattered and her good seeds are sprouting all over the regions, nothing hindering her development.

They have failed to peruse the happenings of the present and past, when the heat of Biafra reignited in 2015. They had murdered, maimed and brutalized Biafrans in hundreds; innocent youths, children, women and men pitilessly.

Our leader Nnamdi Kanu was not spared as the DSS abducted him upon arrival into Nigeria. They had laid numerous allegations which did not bring about conviction but widened the spread of Biafra news as she declares her rights to freedom of association, life and religion.

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Our choice is to be let loose from a contraption of fraud and greed. It is high time the Nigerian force recognize that IPOB is legal and stop harassing them.

This is a call for the authorities to ensure that these abuses stop with immediate effect. We are tired of been unjustly maltreated. It is time to fight for our rights alongside our freedom in whatever way possible.

The rule of law should be recognized and administered accordingly. Self determination is recognized universally. It is not a crime but a just cause.

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Freeborn are free to belong to any society, group, or association of their choice. What is the problem with the Nigerian security force? This is a question that must be answered and dealt with.

By Victoria O.C. Agangan
Published By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
For Biafra Writers

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