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Sunday 28 May 2017

Biafra: 30th May Heroes Day: Retrospect Of the Quest for a Sovereign Biafran State

30th May Heroes Day: Retrospect Of the Quest for a Sovereign Biafran State
29th May 2017

"Biafra will win in the name of Jesus....Biafra will win in Jesus name". Those were the words of a Biafran being led to his death by the Nigerian forces as captured in one of those priceless war video clips. He knew death was now a matter of minutes. Stripped naked, beaten, hands tied at the back, he remained resolute in his belief in the inalienable status of his struggle and remained fearless till the very end. 

The narrative above was not a solitary occurrence, as there were many of such unknown soldiers that stood their ground vehemently till the end. That resilience encapsulates our struggle in totality.

In far away Europe, a young Jewish man named Bruce Mayrock, saddened by the international conspiracy against this new nation whose only crime was to demand justice decided to raise awareness of the good people of the world to the atrocities being committed in Biafra. He did this by setting himself ablaze in front of the UN building as the entire world turned deaf, dumb and blind to the atrocities taking place in Biafra. He later died from complications arising from the severe burn injuries incurred. He took up this extreme form of protest for us, yet we never knew him before the war but he has today become one of the greatest heroes Biafra will ever have. 

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Steve Jobs of the Apple technology stopped attending church during the Biafran war in protest of the complicity of ‘church going Britain, Russia, America and the free world’ to a fellow ‘church going Biafrans’. He never knew that alas the ruling class of these countries at that time had already divorced religious lives as most were neither church going nor Christ-like. Today, Netanyahu in retrospect said that the whole world turned a blind eye as genocide was committed in Biafra.

The 30th of May is a day that transcends generations. It’s a day to honour Biafrans that died between 1945-2017 in the Nigerian experiment. 

In Rwanda, there is a day for remembrance of the victims of the Hutu/Tutsi war. There is Holocaust remembrance day in Israel but Nigeria wants to delete the entire pages depicting the scorn, hate, genocide and pogrom they visited on Biafran people between  1967-70 and has continued till date via pockets of violence all over the Northern part of the federation and in Biafra land.
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We cannot forget a part of our history etched in blood. Can we forget those dying children that made kwashiokor’s pictures common on the internet? Can we forget those men and women massacred in the wake of Aguiyi Ironsi’s murder or can we forget the 3.5 million Biafrans starved, bombed and shot to death by Nigeria?

Can we forget the fathers of Biafra, Dim Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Phillip Effiong, the Radio Biafra legend, Okokon Ndem, Cardinal Rex Lawson, Frank Opigo, Dick Tiger, Chinua Achebe, Pius Okigbo, Francis Ellah , our scientists, our armed forces and veterans and a host of other great people who made huge sacrifices for our continued existence as a people?

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Can we forget the recent ones, the not less than 1000 people killed during peaceful IPOB protests of which some were poured acid, some shot and others simply vanished without trace till date? Can we forget 17yrs old Kingsley Mathew Essien of Ikot Nyoho village in Ukpom, Akwa Ibom state or 20 years old Ndubueze Johnson Okoli of Ihie Village, Owere Ezukala, Anambra state, both who were shot dead during the IPOB-Trump solidarity rally in Port Harcourt?...No, we can't!

In remembering, however, we do so with no intention for vengeance, we remember to help us all fix our gaze at the goalpost of 1967, which remains our goalpost today, the Sovereign State of Biafra.  It cannot change. 


Like the wife of the great leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Uchechi Okwu Kanu once said, if you throw someone into prison for asking for bread, when he comes out, he will still ask for that bread except he wasn’t hungry in the first place. Extrapolating that statement, one can say that the ‘hunger’ that dragged us to Aburi is even worse now, hence our cry for the ‘bread’ of Biafra. 

As we prepare to observe this great day, we pray that their souls find rest and may the living be given the courage and resilience to continue in this march for justice and freedom for Biafra and Africa in general. 

By Odira O. Udozo
Edited and Published By Ike NwaOrisa
For Biafra Writers.

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