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Tuesday 23 May 2017

Biafra: The Ruthless & Hypocritical Nature Of The British Government And The Silence of Humanity

May 23, 2017

●A case of spanking a child and coming out to ask neighbours why he/she is crying.

One might ask or try to fathom why the Indigenous People of Biafra is always very irate whenever that name 'Britain' is mentioned. Well, I would reply that the same fury can be witnessed in any compassionate lover of justice and freedom, not just Biafrans.

This inhuman, despicable and hypocritic British government, despite being Christians, has unleashed more mayhem and genocide on fellow Christians. They have ruined most of their colonies, more precisely the concoction called Nigeria. The British government brought down thems elves into Biafraland, turned our indigenous religion against us tagging it indecorous, barbaric and filthy just to loot our common wealth. So, about 60% of Biafrans became Christians automatically and today, 99% Christians. Their hypocritical, selfish and inhuman government thinks that Biafrans are retards, thereby playing politics and mind game with innocent lives.

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Britain came up with BREXIT, it wasn't up to 8 months UN conducted referendum for them, but look at us Biafrans, we have been clamouring for freedom for the past 48 years, instead, the British government rained genocide on us. They wasted approximately 6 million innocent Biafrans with the help of Gowon. Infants, youths, pregnant women, mothers, fathers and the old were the victims of that historic genocide.

The world is keeping mute! One might want to ask; is it because we are black Africans? Britain massacred us just because of their greed over our oil. The British machinery came all the way down here, concocted a useless entity called Nigeria just for selfish interests. They didn't even consider nor take to heart that we are fellow Christians, they went ahead as well and forced us together with one of the world's most recognized illiterates, terrorists and monsters known as Hausa-Fulanis.

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Till date, innocent lives are ceaselessly being mowed down. The British government is still not satisfied. They (Nigerian & British government) are still conspiring & planning effortlessly to assassinate Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB - a genuine British citizen that never failed to pay up his tax.

However, It's no longer an assertion - as some people had believed, after Amnesty International recently came out with irrefutable reports and evidence (videos & pictures) of how more than two thousand (2,000) IPOBs were shot down during peaceful protests and meetings.

In Nigeria, there is 70% tendency of being in darkness (without electricity) for more than 1 week. In Nigeria, 40% die as a result of malaria, 20% die due to bad road and primitive infrastructures. No drinkable water and the politicians especially those in the northern part (Hausa-Fulanis — the British favourites) are the most corrupt, looters, illiterates and uncivilised creatures — I must be frank!

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I don't think any reasonable person would like to live in Nigeria even if it is for free under present circumstances. Life is more precious, and living in Nigeria will see life cut off at one's prime. That's why Biafrans need freedom as soon as possible. If you want to witness animals in human skin, try Nigeria. It is the worst zoo on earth.

Meanwhile, Theresa May is now striving much to lobby, delude and distort President Trump, EU and UN from hearing our plights and to grant us freedom. Little did I know that the British government was this facinorous towards Biafrans, entire Africa and humanity. It won't be easy to get over the genocide rained on defenceless men, women and children masterminded by this same British government.


Britain, we, Biafrans aren't your slaves anymore. Your concoction, Nigeria is like putting together Iran, Iraq and America as a country because oil and water can never mix up. Biafrans are 99% Christians, for what reason will British government continue to aid Muslim extremists in that contraption called Nigeria over fellow Christians!?

Why not harbour or entertain all the Muslim radicals in Asia if they claim not to be hypocritical and inhuman? Until that is done, Britain remains the most despicable, inhuman and hypocritical government in the world.

Biafrans will fight with the last drop of their blood to see that we fracture from that unholy experiment called Nigeria. Nigeria must be obliterated to save lives.

By Ejike Ofoegbu 
Edited By Uche Nwosu 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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