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Tuesday 23 May 2017

Biafra: How Buhari's "Change" Is Destroying Nigeria & Bringing Biafra Closer

How Buhari's "Change" Is Destroying Nigeria & Bringing Biafra Closer
Buhari- Mr. Chanji

23rd May 2017

There is an adage that says "when a route is favourable, you pass through it twice". Isn't it laughable and foolhardy that the same man who was being looked upon after December 31, 1983, to stamp out corruption following his antecedents in "War Against indiscipline" (WAI), later became a resounding failure?

Isn't it beguiling that the same corrupt man thereafter rigged himself in through efforts of gullible Nigerians who sees him as an oracle or agent of change? The current president of the contraption called Nigeria has proven once again that he is incompetent of leading,  neither is he incorruptible enough to fight corruption.

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Since the rigging in of the Muhammadu Buhari, all sorts of unfavourable, willful, barbaric and inhuman atrocities have been perpetrated on innocent lives; precisely the Biafrans. Now, helpless Nigerians are now wishing their so-called "agent of change " president to kick the bucket since the incompetent president has brought and unleashed extreme calamities upon Nigerians.

Sensible Yorubas are now awakened to the truth surrounding the birth of Nigeria and the Islamic agenda of Muhammadu Buhari. Some prominent Yorubas are no longer deceived, they are now coming to their senses. Applauding Mr. Nnamdi Kanu for scraping off the scales on their eyes is now the order of the day by the Nigerian populace and elite.

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Terrorist Muhammadu Buhari promised Nigerians many things during his campaign, amongst the vows was that "one dollar will be equivalent to one Naria" but now, it is the worst rated currency in the world. Nigeria is in one almighty mess today because a cattle rearer is in charge.

His predecessor managed to stabilize 1 dollar to 180 Naria, but the believed and self-acclaimed "agent of change" Muhammadu Buhari assumed the seat of Aso Rock and murdered the Naria, making 1 dollar equal to 500. He is used to murdering not only Biafrans but every other good thing he comes in contact with. What a worthless and inhuman president of the 21st century! Muhammadu Buhari is a known terrorist specialising in mass murder and massacre of unarmed Biafrans which he started since 1945 when he was a junior army officer. Buhari is a congenital dictator who derives extreme satisfaction in a consistent genocidal pogrom.

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"Amnesty international" had released countless credible photos and videos of the activities of Muhammadu Buhari and how he has been unleashing fresh broad daylight pogrom, suppression and mayhem on innocent unarmed Biafrans.

Meanwhile, there is a hyperinflation in the contraption called Nigeria as you are reading this now. Buhari termed his predecessor as corrupt and incompetent but below are few statistics on the cost of living prior and after he took over power in 2015...

A. Cement then 1100.00-1400.00 > Now 2200.00-3000.00
B. Red Oil (a litre) then 150.00-250.00 > Now 500...
C. Fuel (official 1 litre) then 95.00 > now 145.00 (300 black market)
D. Garri (a paint bucket) then 150.00-250.00 > Now 900.00-1500.00
E. A carton of Crackers biscuit then 450.00-500.00 > now mention but a few. It's left for sensible individuals to now compare and contrast in order to determine who the incompetent one is.

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Isn't it obvious that the so-called agent of positive change president Buhari, is now the agent of negativity and calamity? And is it not ludicrous that his administration had not even favour the average impoverished Hausa-Fulanis who voted for him? Hausa-Fulanis, his kinsmen, and kingmaker are now living in abject poverty because they voted an unremorseful illiterate monster as president.

Well, Hausa-Fulanis are not like Biafrans who cannot speak up when evil permeates the system. They are morons that can't see beyond their noses, as long as an Hausa-Fulani is the President of Nigeria they don't care even if he is subjecting them to eternal damnation or better still, poverty. All they care is that "Alhaji "Hausa-Fulani" is the president.

Not to recapitulate, I would say that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains the most undisputable, brave, indomitable and selfless Freedom fighter of our time. He is already an oracle and icon to all Nigerians and beyond because he got what it takes and requires to destroy Nigeria for the re-emergence of Biafra which will see man's dignity restored once again.  Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are setting an impeccable record, we shall ensure that the name 'Nigeria' is completely obliterated and Biafra restored in truth and honesty.

By Ejike Ofoegbu
Edited and Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa
For Biafra Writers

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