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Sunday 19 February 2017

Biafra: Restructure: Another Grand Plan To keep Biafrans Perpetually Enslaved In Nigeria

Biafra: Restructure: Another Grand Plan To keep Biafrans Perpetually Enslaved In Nigeria 


The British contraption called Nigeria right from its days of amalgamation in 1914 to its expiry date of 31st December 2013 (100 years) and up till date was concocted by a British man, Frederick Lugard. And this British fraud (Nigeria) is made up of three divergent nations known as Arewa Republic  (the Hausa/Fulanis), Oduduwa Republic (the Yorubas), and Biafra. 
These are the ancient nations that were living independently and peacefully; nations with completely different value system, culture, religion, and language, until the British came and merged them and also gave them that abominable name, Nigeria. This contraption has long expired and Biafrans (IPOB) wish to go back to their ancient landmark, Biafra, irrespective of whether the British and Nigerian government approves or not.


Many Nigerian and Biafran youths today were completely brain-washed by their teachers in schools and left with the mentality that Nigeria is their true nation. They were totally misinformed about who they really are and where they come from, it has become a case of being deformed as a result of non-information or misinformation.

Nigerians will never be free from this psychological bondage unless they denounce Nigeria completely and revert to their various original state before the advent of her colonialists, just like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are in the process of doing.  

The shameful part of this whole scenario is that despite the continuous misfortunes encountered since the creation of Nigeria, the masses are reluctant in asking questions or making in-depth research about their true origin. Though, few are now fully made aware courtesy Radio Biafra under the tutelage of Nnamdi Kanu, while the rest continues to wallow in self-denial that Nigeria can be made their home even though they are not Nigerians.


They long for freedom but are not brave enough to support Nnamdi Kanu who is in the process of making their dreams come true. The politicians and elites are reluctant to join this project out of fear of being stripped off their political opportunities and ambition. The poor are scared of being arrested as self-determination is termed "Treason" in an empire of lies and deceit.

While the Hausa-Fulani parasites have sworn to protect Nigeria their British inherited estate, by killing Biafrans for seeking freedom, the Yorubas have continued to feign ignorance and maintain silence which indicates their stance in playing second fiddle to the Northerners.

I consider it a height of stupidity that celebrities would rather protest for a better Nigeria, while the people continues to suffer. To what end are they protesting? Why wasting time and resources protesting in order to protect the image of Nigeria? Why not start fighting for the restoration of your distinct nation rather than fighting for a contraption that has no regard for liberty and lives of her citizens? 


Liberty is essential for humanity to coexist peacefully, but in the case of Nigeria, there is no liberty and peace. Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen are everywhere in our land. They have ravaged the whole of the North and seek to destroy Biafraland under the guise of grazing their cattle. The Sharia and Christian law exist in the Nigerian Constitution (Dual Ideology), creating tremendous problems for the people living in it. Now the question is, which one of these constitutional laws will consent to the opinion(s) of the other? Is it the Christian Law or the Sharia Law? 

Most African nations that got independence intelligently reverted to the names they bore before their colonial masters came. But in the case of Nigeria, the name "Nigeria" was retained, a name given to them by Flora Shaw the British whore of Frederick Lugard. From this, one could infer the level of foolishness embedded in the uninformed youths of Nigeria and Biafra who are still demanding for restructure instead of self-determination.

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What exactly are they trying to restructure? Are they planning to restructure the three nations with a completely different value system, religion, language, and culture? Or is it to restructure the unalterable Sharia Law and the Christian Law that are both inside the same Nigeria constitution?

IPOB all over the world are fully aware of Hausa/Fulani's whims and caprices, we are well aware that they don't value anybody that does not share the same religious belief with them in accordance with their Sharia Law.  Every nation mentioned earlier have different types of cultural and belief system, which accounts for the reason why we always say that we are not and can never be one. The creation of the contraption, Nigeria by the British is a huge mistake that must be corrected.

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For we Biafrans, restructure is not the solution to this quagmire we've found ourselves in, total emancipation from Nigeria remains the ultimate solution. Nigeria will never develop or progress no matter the amount of energy an
For we Biafrans, restructure is not the solution to this quagmire we've found ourselves in, total emancipation from Nigeria remains the ultimate solution. Nigeria will never develop or progress no matter the amount of energy and resources put in place to restructure her. 
It will continue to retrogress because, there no unity and because it is a big fraud which is bound to collapse.

We the Indigenous People of Biafra solemnly pledge to restore our God given nation (Biafra), whether or not Restructure takes place or not. Nigeria was built on deception by the British and must cease to exist as Chukwuokike has mandated. 

By Nwankwo Ikenna 
Edited By Nwosu C.S 
Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa
For Biafra Writers

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