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Friday 12 August 2016


Friday August 12, 2016.

Recently, most Nigerian newspapers carried the news that, "President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), to increase the tempo on crude oil exploration activities in the Northern part of Nigeria." The enthusiasm with which this news was reported in Nigerian newspapers threw more lights on what ruler-ship in Nigeria is all about.

Nigerian politicians and the military as well made their wealth from the oils in the Niger Delta (Biafra) and have not been comfortable since the owners of these oils realized themselves and began to resist Nigeria's decades of oppression. So the quest for oil in the North suddenly became the talk of the day. Reports had it that, not less than a whopping 27 Billion dollars ($27b) have been spent in the search for this precious commodity in Northern Nigeria.


However, it appears that after spending such enormous amount, that the search for oil in the north has finally become a white elephant project.   The game plan has now shifted to importing crude oil from Chad and Niger to refine at Kaduna. The same newspapers that previously reported frivolously, that Buhari charged NNPC to discover crude oil in the north, are now talking of the same NNPC importing crude oil from Chad and Niger without asking about what happened to the previous project that had gulped a staggering amount of money.

After carefully pondering on this issue, it simply became clear that it’s a game plan set by the thieving, domineering class to swindle money from public coffers as usual. To find oil in the Chad Basin is not the issue, but how will it be sustained? Will it be the Niger Delta (Biafra) way, where trillions of dollars are realized from oil while the inhabitants are eating from hand to mouth? Will it be like the Niger-Delta where the northern politicians and retired Army generals like Danjuma, have more than forty oil wells while there’s none allotted to the indigenes of the oil communities?


Will it be like that of Niger-Delta in Biafra land, where even 13% only, is said to be given to the oil region, but no one ever sees the money?   To discover oil in the north is not the issue, but to manage it judiciously. If it is handled like that of the Niger Delta, I can assure you that heads will roll in the zone. Nigerian rulers, past and present, have lived and depended on oil so much that nothing interests them more than oil.

Other avenues that could generate wealth in the country are completely ignored because the greed and the insatiable lust for oil money has eaten deep into their veins. Buhari would stop at nothing to search for oil in the north where they can continue their modern day slavery as is the case in the Niger-Delta.

In the Sovereign State of Biafra, no region will be enslaved because of their God-given resources. Rather, they would be encouraged to develop them. There will be no Federal Government monopoly of any people’s God-given resources. Is it not surprising that Zamfara State is having gold and nothing is said about it by the Federal government of Nigeria? Their presence is not even there and nobody talks of giving the state that produces it 13%, why? Because it is in the north.


If it were to be in Biafra, they would’ve come after the owners, killed all their children, in order to monopolize it.   The injustices of the Nigerian government is terribly excessive and needs a holistic check and prosecution of the evil doers. Was Saro Wiwa not killed because of his stand against the injustices on his people? Were the Ogonis not murdered because they vehemently opposed the injustices of the Nigerian government on their people?

After more than half a century of Nigeria's oppressive rule in the eastern region, they are now extending their oppressive tentacles to the Chad basin, probably for another session of enslavement. Who knows how long it will take the Indigenous People of the area to break the yoke of oppression currently being hung on their necks and ankles in the name of oil exploration? Nigeria has learnt virtually nothing from her ugly past and keeps repeating same historical blunders, even when they do not favour her. If not, why would every successive government be so bent on oil as if it is the only means of survival?

 Nigeria has proven time and again, that she lacks the morality to address its lingering problems for over a century. We have in our world today, countries that are leading economically and who are not oil-rich. They depend on oil bought from other oil producing countries and yet are more economically stable and progressive than Nigeria, that has been swimming in the ocean of oil. What is their magic, you may ask?

 It is said that "the beauty of eating is in the pudding." Nigeria's madness and scramble for oil is just a sign that her leaders know nothing about ruler ship, but gets power by all means to steal and embezzle. The days of oil boom for Nigeria is over, it’s has become a case of oil doom. The evil a man does, lives with him now, not later. That is the current situation with Nigeria, and must remain with it forever because one can't eat their cakes and still have it.

By Ezza Heritage.   
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta   
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers 

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