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Sunday 22 January 2017


22 January, 2017

On the eve of the end of the former U.S president George W. Bush's tenure, came the emergence of the highly popularised mantra “Yes we can”. Liberals and blacks subscribed to the slogan with different thoughts and sentiments. To the African-Americans and the entire African race, it was a reminder of their progenitors’ travails during the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. To the liberal, it was a period to clear the doubt of many that America is for all. These were the two major paradigm of reasoning that clouded the period.

This line of discourse became the reason why Barack Obama chose “Yes we can” as his campaign slogan. The constant trumpeting of this slogan by various media outlets didn't afford scholars the opportunity to analyse and unearth the ulterior motive behind Obama’s adoption of such slave era mantra.


As it is generally known, time they say reveals the true nature of man and his thoughts. As has been proven by time, Obama’s choice of African slaves’ slogans was in no way meant to solve African problem. Neither was the word “We” ascribed to Africans and the downtrodden, which his eight years of presidency has proven. Who are the “We” in his “Yes we can” slogan?

Obama was actually referring to his armies of anti-semitic front, while reassuring them of his unwavering support as the then United States President to bring Israel down to her knees. To revalidate his vow, during his 2010 Cairo speech, Obama made known to the Muslim community his intention to never relent in protecting them; he made boast of giving them an edge over their regional rival (Israel).

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The “we” are the Islamic fanatics he was grooming to tinkle Israel in order for them to have military edge over her. He ominously told them, “yes we can” destroy Israel, we can take over Jerusalem, we can conquer the world with Islam, we can kill Christians and other non-Muslims as much as we can.

Another group that concurred to Obama's insidious slogan with all pleasure are those Satanist who have vowed to ruin this world with evil practices like gay marriage and spilling of human blood in such a way that devalues the sanctity of life. The gays quite understood what Obama meant when he told them “yes we can” and truly, they did it remarkably well by legalizing gay marriage.


The first group that Barack Obama avowed to in his “yes we can” slogan are the Muslim Brotherhood and extremists. To achieve the Israeli hit project, he sponsored the removal of President Mubarak of Egypt who had maintained a strong tie with Israel for decades. Mubarak saw the need to respect and maintain the peace accord (Camp David and Oslo peace Accord) signed between Egypt and Israel.  He maintained d├ętente between the duo and also supplied Israel liquefied gas, stopped the importation of lethal equipment by terrorist group (Hamas) through the Gaza- Egyptian route. But this did not last for too long as the first thing Obama did upon his assumption into the White House was to sponsor the removal of Mubarak from power, while pushing hard for the emergence of Muslim brotherhood member (Morsi) as his successor.

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Within few weeks of Morsi's emergence as the new president, the gas line connecting Egypt and Israel was blown off, thereby resulting to a crack in the Israeli-Egyptian relationship, this incidence is courtesy of Obama’s “yes we can” mantra. Within same period of time, there was an increase in the advancement of Islamic terrorists at mount Sinai for offensive operations against Israel, rockets were fired and there were coordinated attacks on Israelis and their interest in Egypt. Obama and his Islamic fundamentalists quite understood the strategic position Egypt occupies in Israeli-Arab relations and thus decided to have a core Muslim brotherhood member (Morsi) as the Egyptian president, so as to have an uninterrupted freedom to attack Israel.

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When that operation failed, he moved to his next mission of diplomatically backstabbing Israel. He lured U.S allies in Europe into backlisting and isolating Israel as a pariah state. He desperately worked out a deal for Iran, having known the country's undenounced position in “wiping out Israel off the middle east map.  Despite the protest of Israel during the P5+1 and Iran discussion, Obama feigned deaf and dumb to their outcries and finally allowed an anti-semitic state of Iran have their way.

To Obama, since the Sunni-led Saudi Arabia kingdom could not see to the demise of Israel, let the Shiites led by Iran do it. When it became obvious to Obama and his jihadists allies that the geographically sovereign Israel is greatly fortified and ready to repel any form of external aggression, he resolved to asymmetric warfare on anything that represents “Jews” in any part of the world. In Norway, Paris and many parts of the world, there were killing of Jews with poor/bias media reportage which often time downplay the wanton killings.

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Obama was glad to realise that in Sub Sahara Africa lies the tribe of Gad (Biafrans) who have been under islamists occupation for a century. To annihilate the Jews of Africa (Biafrans), he liaised with his muslim comrades from the Northern Nigeria to remove a Biafran (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) presiding over the affair of Nigeria. He brought those who managed his “yes we can” election campaign to also work for his fellow extremist in Nigeria (Buhari).

Today, Buhari has indeed proven that “yes we can kill them all." He has massacred over Six thousand Biafrans using his conscripted Boko Haram Nigerian military, DSS and his Fulani herdsmen without reservation and the world is keeping quiet. Biafran Jews like the Israeli Jews are facing threat of extinction from Buhari who has vowed to kill all Biafrans over and over again in order to preserve his progenitors' (Ahmad Bello) wish to keep us in perpetual servitude to them and not allow us have control over our future, using his security personnel and herdsmen to wipe Biafrans off the Africa Map.

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While Obama the antisemitic crusader has vacated the seat of power on 20th January 2017, the world needs to understand that a more dangerous animal in human skin (Muhammadu Buhari) is still occupying Biafraland, continually devouring Biafrans with the latest killing of over 20 Biafrans and abduction of over a hundred, which took place in Igweocha otherwise known as Port Harcourt, during the IPOB-Trump Solidarity Rally.

Biafrans have grown with high expectations that Donald Trump will cut short Buhari's excesses and ask him to allow referendum so as to determine the fate of the concoction created by Frederick Lugard, and allow us serve our God without fear of being smothered or beheaded in our sleep by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen.

By Chika Austine
Editor/Publisher Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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