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Sunday 22 January 2017

Biafra: You Are The Fraudster Not Nnamdi Kanu— Prophet Nwoko Blasts Uwazuruike, Warns Against Sabotaging Biafra Struggle

Sunday 22 January, 2017

ENUGU— A renowned spiritual leader and activist, Prophet Anthony Nwoko has backlashed and condemned the statement credited to the factional Leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra/ Biafra Independent Movement, MASSOB/BIM, Chief Raphael Lebeanya Uwazuruike who described the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB as fraudsters.

Speaking to Biafra Writers’ Correspondent in Enugu, the cleric who said he visited Uwazuruike as far back as January, 2008 at his hometown in Okwe to use the opportunity of his mother’s burial ceremony to deliver a message to him, stated that Uwazuruike’s failure to actualize Biafra all these years, shows that he had derailed and not been sincere with himself.

Nwoko said Uwazuruike who refused to adhere to his message, went ahead to swindle money from unsuspecting pro-Biafra supporters and deceiving the Igbo people who thought he is on a mission of restoring Biafra.


According to Nwoko; “In January, 2008, I was at Okwe, Uwazuruike’s hometown to attend his mother’s burial in order to use the opportunity to deliver the peace and glory in Biafraland to him, so that he will understand the way God is about to take the Igbo nation to His glory.

“Unfortunately, he did not receive me as an Igbo citizen despite the fact that I delivered the message with the help of his security man that gave me the opportunity to meet him. I was able to tell him that God has taken the reigns and affairs of the Igbo nation, that he should arise and join the glory of Christ in Biafraland.

“He did not listen to that message, I told him I was going back to Lagos and that whatever happens, the message of God must surely come to pass and that God not Uwazuruike is in control of the Biafra nation.”
Nwoko maintained that Uwazuruike is a carnal man who was not chosen by God to engage in the battle for the restoration of Biafra

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He said: “The battle of Biafra was for the chosen one not him. I told him that Christ is the one that will solve the problem of Igbo nation but he didn’t understand my message.

“Today the so-called Freedom House in Okwe has been deserted and now a thick forest in Okigwe. He has ran away from the House for over two years now; the House he used to deceive the world that this is where the world will assembly. The building is sinking.”

Nwoko also alleged that Uwazuruike has compromised the struggle, deceiving all the core stakeholders in the Biafra project and amassing wealth for himself.

“Uwazuruike has deceived the world, deceived Ikemba Ojukwu(late) and his wife, Bianca and all the politicians from the region. Countless Biafran youths have died in this struggle, yet Uwazuruike have succeeded in duping the Biafra nation, using the massive youth population across the old Biafra enclave to amass wealth.

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“I want to use this opportunity to tell Uwazuruike that he will see the Promiseland but he will not get there because Heaven is displeased with him and that the anger of God is now rekindled against him. Heaven is set to chase him out of Igboland because he is not an Igbo man, he should go back to India.

“The Heaven has decreed that Uwazuruike since he is disobedient, will quit and stop using the name of Biafra to gain popularity with the evil doers in the land. Heaven did not call Uwazuruike,” Nwoko said.

The cleric maintained that Uwazuruike and not Nnamdi Kanu is a fraudster who uses the Biafra struggle to enrich himself and that he does not have the requisite knowledge to restore Biafra like Nnamdi Kanu.

According to the cleric, “He(Uwazuruike) said Nnamdi Kanu is not educated but he has the best wisdom from above to lead the Biafran nation whereas Uwazuruike has a carnal knowledge from India. Uwazuruike is perishing in ignorance and he has been rejected by the Almighty God. It is easier for a Carmel to enter the eye of a needle than for Uwazuruike to be called to lead Biafra.”

Prophet Nwoko who said that this year will make it his 47th year in the spiritual struggle for Biafra, warned the MASSOB/BIM group to refrain from working against Nnamdi Kanu, saying that he is God’s vessel to achieving Biafra.

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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