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Sunday 8 January 2017



ENUGU— An Enugu-based renowned spiritual leader and activist, Prophet Anthony Nwoko has released his 2017 prophesies bordering on the country Nigeria, the agitation for the sovereign state of Biafra, President Muhammadu Buhari, IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu and South-East religious leaders.

In his prophesies titled, “My New Year Message To The Country And The Biafrans nation, 2017, A Year Of Liberation For Biafrans”, Prophet Nwoko said the issue of Biafra secession will be stronger as he foresee the glory and victory of Biafrans returning to them this year, adding that President Buhari can’t realize his ‘Change Agenda’ for Nigeria until he allows the Biafrans to go.

Nwoko declared 2017 as a ‘Golden Jubilee Year’ as the Biafra war started in 1967, and 2017 is the 50th year of Biafra spiritual battle, saying that the storm is over and that it is time for celebration as the Biafra nation is one to reckon with in 2017.
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Message For South-East Religious Leaders
Prophet Nwoko said, “The religious leaders from the Southeast especially in Enugu state, has not spoken about the light, the moon, and the star shining from the Southeast. Are they Antichrist? “If they should continue to conceal the glory of God; the black Saviour from Biafraland, they’ll pay the prize.

Prophet Nwoko challenged “Rev. Ejike Mbaka who is from Enugu state to step forward and welcome the light of the world in Enugu state this year instead of concealing the glory of Enugu state.

“On Bishop Chukwuma’s statement that the Sultan’s visit to Enugu has united the Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, the Spirit said that many are called but few are chosen. Bishop Chukwuma is not speaking the mind of the Holy Spirit. He is a politician and a carnal man who does not know there’s a glory in Enugu. The religious leaders in the Southeast failed by allowing the Sultan to come and preach for them in Enugu,” thereby desecrating the holy land of Enugu.

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Message For The Igbos
Nwoko said, “Let the Igbos wake up from their slumber, you have no other nation than Biafra; a glorious nation. Biafra will show the light to the world. The Igbo should not despise the plan of God. This is the return of Igbo glory, Igbos should take their birthright, for it is God’s doing, your light has finally come, you’re advised to welcome the glory from the Southeast".

“The runners in a race only one takes the prize. The Igbos have won the prize, God will uplift the Igbo nation(Biafra), above other nations because of his glory to the world which is the moon, the star born, the Messiah. The spiritual global manifestation is from the East, the light of the universe has emerged.”

For the Igbos in diaspora, Nwoko said, “You have no other home than Biafra, a prophet of prophets is in Biafraland to actualize your dreams, continue to support God’s project, this is your promise land, the new Jerusalem.”

Message For Nnamdi Kanu and Biafrans
Nwoko said: “2017 is the year all the Biafra detainees across the 36 states of the country will be released, starting from the 1st quarter of 2017.

On the visit of Former Abia state Governor, he said, “Nnamdi Kanu should be wise in dealing with Orji Uzor Kalu, because, Biafra is a home of Chukwu Abiama. The wisdom of God is already here in Biafraland, no carnal man will come to deceive the righteous because Biafra is God’s project.”

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On the presentation of masked witnesses to testify against Kanu, Nwoko said: “Masquerades in court for Nnamdi Kanu shows the darkness in Nigeria, the nation hates light, just as they did not want the moon from the Southeast to manifest. They’re wicked and evil, heaven is set to judge them.”

On the Referendum to be embarked by IPOB, the clergyman said; “When God is building a nation, no one can challenge his plan. IPOB doesn’t have to seek people’s support for Biafra restoration because God who has the authority has declared it. Biafra is not a political nation, it is a spiritual and divine nation with a peculiar mandate to the whole world which must be fulfilled.”

Prophet Nwoko also asked Igbo leaders and political office holders from the Southeast to stop lamenting saying they are the cause of Kanu’s detention as they lack and hate the truth. He said; “They are aware that there is one moon that covers the world and that moon is in the Southeast, yet they conceal the truth and expect a miracle.”

Message For Buhari and Nigeria
Nwoko said, “Nigeria as a corrupt country is not righteous, Aso-rock is demonic. Evil leaders ruled Nigeria. Not even Buhari can change the country to glory in 2017. Nigeria denied the Holy Spirit from the Southeast his right to lead the nation and the world through his glory because he is an Igbo man. The solution is; let my people go so there will be peace in the world.

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“Praying for Nigeria is an abomination. Nigeria is an Antichrist nation. Righteousness exalts a nation while sin is a reproach, Nigeria is dead. Tell Buhari that the Messiah mightier than him has been born, let him not become the second Herod.”

Message For Enugu State and Biafraland
Nwoko said: “Enugu state will be the city to watch in 2017 because the angel of God will take-off their mission from Enugu to sanitize the Igbo land. Revival will take place and I am prepared and determined to lead the spiritual cleansing of the promised land in Biafra because the spirit said, “if my people.... can change from their wicked ways and repent, the God will heal their land,” the curse in Igbo land will be removed again and the Igbo nation will flourish.”

He went on to say that...“The wicked have planted an evil seed in Igbo land. It is time to uproot and cleanse the promise land for his glory to manifest. The enemies have done a lot of spiritual havoc in the states of Biafra not to progress, not to know their mission as Israelites. They have put hatred for them not to love one another and not to know where they are coming from".

He warns...“Enough is enough for these aliens. Can something good come from Nazareth and can something good come from Biafraland? My answer is that the light of the world, the Prince of peace is here to take us to a glorious nation. The Igbos must unite to take their mandate as the light of the world. Bishop Kukah from the North must come to Enugu and welcome the glory of God from the East; that is Nigeria’s problem".

Prophet Nwoko pointed out that “God is using Biafra as a project to save the world from injustice. Light and darkness cannot work together. There are hatred and jealousy on Ndigbo because of their God-given gift of glory.”

Prophet Nwoko also replied the statement credited to Junaid Mohammed that the Igbo will suffer huge consequences should they secede from Nigeria.
According to Nwoko, “I want to tell Junaid Mohammed that only the Holy God builds a nation of righteousness which the whole world will emulate. Biafra is a project of Christ. He has all it takes to guide his people; peace, prosperity, salvation. 

The Almighty is in charge of the Biafra nation, building it for the whole world to see his glory. Biafra is from above, my people will go and serve the living Holy God. Him(Mohammed), Obasanjo and others will bow in Biafra.”


Reacting to Obasanjo’s advice for Igbos to develop their land during the Southeast economic and security summit in Enugu, Nwoko said, “This is a challenge. I advise the Igbos to wake up and take their position as number one; the first and not the last.

“The South-West and the North knows the Igbos have a great mission and role to play in the world. The world is waiting for you to take-off. You’ll bring salvation to the whole world, calling on the religious leaders from the South-East to come to Enugu and witness the moon, the stars that cover the whole world.

“Until they tell the world the truth about the glory in the Southeast, especially the religious leaders, they’ll never see the light of the day. The Lord says He will not share his glory with anybody. Let them proclaim the truth and be blessed. There are blessings in Biafra that will bless the whole world because of the glorious light from above given to them, yet they continue to cry and perish. He urged them to seek the face of God.”

Written By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa
For Biafra Writers


  1. Please remove the picture of wicked Lai Mohammad from this excellent 2017 prophecies by Prophet Anthony Nwoko. Use the picture of the man of God or our prophet Nnamdi Kanu. Please remove the picture of that evil man from this essay. Thank you!

  2. God is with us and for us.He will certainly deliver his glory that men may see and glorify His name.Biafra for us is light, salvation to mankind, freedom, and amongst all a home of righteousness and peace.

  3. God is with us and for us.He will certainly deliver his glory that men may see and glorify His name.Biafra for us is light, salvation to mankind, freedom, and amongst all a home of righteousness and peace.


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