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Monday 26 December 2016

Biafra: You Lack Basic Knowledge Of History: Where Was Nigeria Before 1914?--IPOB Nsukka Blasts Sultan Of Sokoto

27th December, 2016

The attention of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Nsukka has been drawn to the absurd utterances attributed to the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence Alhaji (Dr.) Muhammad SaƔd Abubakar III, during his recent visit to Enugu and Nsukka Biafraland respectively.

In an utter display of crass ignorance, the Sultan in his speech insinuated that Nigeria is a country that God himself had put together and cannot be separated. He equally continued in making jest of himself by referring Biafrans to history books, to learn about the creation and existence of Nigeria, stating that no Hausa/Fulani will ever think of killing Biafrans.

Your Eminence, for the reason that Hausa/Fulani are only good in rearing cattle, raping and massacring Biafrans in their homes, churches, markets, schools, farms, etc while wallowing in abject illiteracy and refusing to be civilized, we the Indigenous People of Biafra in Nsukka, Biafraland, have taken it upon ourselves to educate you and your ignorant people as usual, for we know that you are second to none when it comes to being stark illiterates and ignorant of history regarding how and when Nigeria was created, who created it and for what purpose it was created.

For your information, there is no history of Nigeria in any history book or map of 1913 backward. You may choose to delve into an indepth research if at all you are capable of doing that, knowing fully well that you and your kinsmen are not cut out for acquiring knowledge where necessary, dig deep and tell us what your findings are; we would like to know if there was anything called Nigeria historically rather than that of the Biafra Kingdom.

If I may ask, was there Nigeria before 1914 before the advent of Frederick Lugard which saw the amalgamation of people of diverse culture and religion? Is Sultan of Sokoto aware that the name "Nigeria" which is nothing but a mere description of a geographical space, occupied by "Niggas" (Nigga-area) was coined by Lugard's concubine Flora Shaw? Does an area occupied by Niggas in any way mean a country to you? So Lord Lugard and his Prostitute is now your God that created and put us all in your Nigeria together? Thank goodness your God had long departed from the earth, so his creation should die and vanish equally with him. The God of Biafra never dies and will never die for He the Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama liveth forever.

How many of the European, American and Asian countries did a black man or even a white man merge together, gave them a name as a country and they gladly accepted it? No wonder our able Director and the only true Prophet of our time, Nnamdi Kanu always said that black people don’t reason at all; they are incapable of reasoning and lack human understanding.

In furthering my lecture, His Empty Brain Eminence, what you called a country was forcefully brought together against the will of Biafrans despite the obvious fact that we have divergent ideologies, value system, cultural heritage and anything you can think of that make up a nation. It was in the interest of the British Government that this contraption called Nigeria was forcefully amalgamated to serve their selfish economic interests in case you don’t know, which I doubt anyway.

On your obscene statement that your people the Fulanis won’t ever contemplate killing Biafrans, it is no longer news how my people have been and are still being maimed, massacred, raped, burnt and hacked to death especially in Enugu where i reside. Were you living in pluto when Fulani herdsmen marauded and killed several people in various communities in Enugu and the latest which took place at Bende, in Abia state? Are you ignorant of the fact that the chief sponsor of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MICBAN), Muhammadu Buhari have been carrying out series of genocide against us simply because self determination is a treasonable offence in his regime? Are you not aware that Buhari vowed to kill more Igbos again again just to keep Nigeria as one? Is that not coming from a contemplative heart of a Fulani man? If truly a Fulani man can never contemplate killing a Biafran, why haven't you cautioned Buhari to stop killing Biafrans even when he vowed to jump into the ocean instead of letting Biafra go, if really you are not in support of it?

Permit me to say that you Sultan is a culprit in all of these. If these questions which are begging for answers are not attended to, it will be appropriate to conclude that you are also a killer by extension of your silence in the face of injustice. Is it our fault that we are blessed and industrious people of the Most High Chukwu Okike Abiama?

Till date, you have done nothing to curb these menace of spilling my people’s blood since we were forced to be married together, rather you have the audacity to mock us with such brazen statements in our land where we are being killed by your people whom you are deceptively absorbing of blame for deaths of many encountered in their hands? You and Buhari are the same people sponsoring your kinsmen to kill and destroy our properties and until those herdsmen are arrested and made to face justice, you will remain a killer in the hearts of we Biafrans.  The beheading of our sister Mrs Bridget Agbaheme recently in Kano by your boys and the perpetrators being discharged and acquitted of all the charges by your court and also the killing of our people rightfully and peacefully agitating for the Biafra’s independence are still fresh in our memory, all these and many more are the only benefit Biafrans have achieved in "One Nigeria" and you expect us to continue living this lie?

The earlier you and your cohorts realize that we Biafrans have taken the resolve to go back to our maker, how and who we were before 1914, the better for all of you parasites and killers of our people.

You can claim to bear every Nsukka name one can think of, but we can smell our own from afar even without being told and you sultan i can categoricallu say is not and can never be regarded as one of us, never! Your ignorant position that your visit to Enugu was a home coming is arrant nonsense and inconsequential to us. Nsukka is a sacred land and can never be a home to a murderer and a supporter of evil like you.

We Biafrans will advise you and other nations forcefully married to Nigeria to start tracing their root like we have and go back to who you all were naturally before your so-called god (Frederick Lugard and Flora Shaw) created you in 1914 otherwise whatever calamity that is befalling you now is just a tip of an iceberg, the major ones are coming.


By Eneje Oforma 
Head Media & Publicity, IPOB Nsukka 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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