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Sunday 22 January 2017

Biafra: " Buhari Is An Unrepentant Killer, There Is Nothing Wrong In Wishing Him Death"--Charles Ogbu

The notion that those who wish President Muhammadu Buhari never come back from his medical vacation alive are evil is a very wrong notion. One which is borne out of a dishonest desire to paint the victims as the perpetrator and the perpetrator as the victims.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in a man wishing death on another who has proven beyond doubt that he wants nothing but his death. This is human nature.  And no amount of pseudo-intellectual moralization will change this fact. We can all come here to mouth off things like: "It is evil to wish death on your fellow human being", "Those who wish the president death will die before him" etc.

But deep down, we all know it takes the heart of Mother Theresa, virgin Mary and even Jesus Christ combined for a man to pray for the survival of a president who uses the army trained and equipped with tax payers' money to kill the same  citizens he is being paid to protect while using the same army to protect the same terrorists he has a legal duty to kill.


The moment you have a large number of the citizenry wishing death on their president, instead of trying to appear all righteous by reprimanding them, just pause and think and ask yourself some questions.

Questions like:

●What kind of a man is this president?

●What has he done to his own people to warrant this kind of raw hate being openly expressed against him?

Getting answers to the above question is a more wholistic approach to the issue than just sitting down there, acting all holy.

In Agatu, Fulani terrorists who share kinship with this president killed not less than 500 people and even admitted it. As I type this, none of them has been prosecuted. And to further humiliate this Agatu people, these fulani beasts yet live in the same Agatu land for which these Agatu people were massacred. These could never have been possible without the direct approval of the president who control the security agencies and share the same ancestry as these fulanis.

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If you were from Agatu, what would you wish this president?

The people of Southern Kaduna have had their lives, their land and their dignity as humans taken from them by these same Fulani beasts working with the active connivance of Governor Elrufai who pays them and even retain the criminal audacity to announce it. Under a State of emergency in 3 L.G.A in southern kaduna, no Southern Kaduna person was allowed to move out of his house but these fulani terrorists still managed to attack some communities in Jema'a local govt on the 24th and 25th of December 2016. Are you waiting for a certain Charles Ogbu to tell you that for an attack to happen in an area under a state of emergency, it is either the military men there allowed it or they were the ones who carried out the attack? You don't need the brain of Albert Einstein to figure this out.


Buhari is the man we are paying to protect us. He controls all our armed forces. What did he do about southern Kaduna? Nothing! Even as he was very swift in responding to the situation in The Gambia by deploying troops.

If you were from Southern Kaduna, what would you wish this president?


On the 9th Feb,2016, members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra gathered inside Ngwa high school, Aba, Abia state to pray. They were not on the road, they were not in Port Harcourt, they were not even carrying placard. They were simply praying in a school field. Yet, Buhari's army and police visited death on them.

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On 29th and 30th May 2016, the same IPOB gathered inside a church in Onitsha to remember their heroes. Again, Buhari's military gifted them with death right inside the house of God. Survivors were bathed with raw acid, according to a detailed report with video evidence released by Amnesty International.

Buhari has not punished any soldier for any of these moral tragedies. If any of your relative was among those youths murdered in cold blood for no just cause, what would you wish the president who supervised this evil? If you were a Shiite Muslim, would you not be tempted to wish this president death?

I'm not even talking about millions of people whose means of livelihood have been destroyed by the demonic fiscal policy of this government. I won't even bore you with millions rendered useless as a result of devilish import policies introduced by this govt. Just speak with anyone who is/was in importation business. Ask that person, "how is business?" or "When last did you go to market?"


When you are done, carry out a survey in your locality or even in a market near you. Simply ask the people: "Do you wish this president death or life?"  The result of this survey will shock you.

Please, let's tell ourselves the truth. It is better you are hated for who you are than loved for who you are not.

Muhammadu Buhari is hate made flesh. The anti-Buhari sentiment blowing across the country has nothing to do with the fact that he is a Northern Muslim. After all, the late president, the good man, Umar Yar'Adua was a Northern Muslim from the same Katsina state as Buhari. Yet, even the devil was very pleased with him.

What a man soweth, he shall reap. Buhari has made raw hate and ethnoreligious bigotry an official govt policy. And, the same hate and ethno-religious bigotry he must reap! You cannot plant Cocoyam and expect to harvest yam.

Pray for the president if you must but please, stop insulting our intelligence by pretending not to know why others would rather he dies.

By Charles Ogbu
Published By Biafra Writers 

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