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Sunday 22 January 2017

Biafra: IPOB-Trump Rally: The Horror, Carnage And Destruction of U.S, Israel, Russia & Biafra Flag, A Proof of Buhari's Extremism

22 January, 2017

The widely publicized IPOB-Trump solidarity rally which was held on the 20th of January with pre-notification letters to Nigerian security agencies and other relevant bodies was confronted with excessive use of lethal force by Nigeria joint security forces. As early as 8:30 am, Biafrans had gathered at Rumuola junction in Igweocha otherwise known as Port Harcourt with America, Isreal, Russia and Biafra flags for the rally but all over the junction were surrounded by agents of the Nigerian army, DSS, Police and the Airforce team hovering all over the sky with their gunboat choppers.


Close to Rumuola is a street by the name “Timothy lane;” where the DSS agents shot dead three Biafrans and forcefully abducted over eleven of them. The remaining of those they shot were whisked away in their white Ford pickup van to unknown destinations.  The event forced Biafrans to move down to Hotel Presidential junction where we all gathered for the peaceful solidarity rally.

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Biafrans from all works of life including mothers, fathers and children joined the rally in thousands as planned. From hotel presidential junction, those who were mandated to see non-disruption of free flow of traffic did a perfect work as Biafrans were organised to maintain sideway walks.

From Hotel Presidential, they got to Waterlines junction where we met huge build-up of security officers attached to the Nigerian Police Force who were armed to the teeth with fierce look. We peacefully passed by, marching to “Garrison Junction”.  Between St. Johns and Garrison were presence of the Nigerian army blocking the road with their armoured vehicles and guns.

Sighting their presence, our Coordinators pleaded with them to allow us pass as we are on solidarity rally for the US President Donald Trump’s inauguration. But on hearing the name “Donald Trump,” some of them shouted “To hell with Donald Trump”, “Thunder fire una and that useless man” (sic), “Tell him that this is not America”, “God punish you and Trump”,” etc.

At this point, we were muffled as there were enforcement of other army personnel and their armoured vehicles in front of us. Behind Waterlines junction were fierce looking police officers, while the army officers were making their expressions. Biafrans were only holding flags and placards with the pictures of Nnamdi Kanu, Donald Trump, Vladmir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Wasting no further time, these soldiers started firing live bullets at us. The point at which we stood being a bridge before Garrison junction, many seeing their compatriots falling dead, ran disparagingly.

While the soldiers were shooting from the front, the Police we crossed at Waterlines junction were shooting from behind. Our mothers, children and the disabled were helpless as many of them lost their lives and were abducted by the police and army to an unknown place. The incident was horrific!


I saw many disabled persons as they jumped over the bridge for safety in fear of the soldiers and the police bullets. Those who were in their pool of blood were captured by the forces, beaten to stupor and whisked away to unknown locations. Only God knows what they are passing through in the hands of the terrorist Nigerian army.

Why were innocent people being terrorised? We were killed, maimed and abducted by the Nigerian federal troops simply because we are on a solidarity match for Donald Trump and were holding American, Israel and Russian flags! When has these insignias constitute threats to International or Nigerian laws? When has solidarity rally for the US President amount to criminal cause? Those who celebrated over 9/11 attack on US in Northern Nigeria were not killed. Is our crime simply because we are Biafrans?

The loss of lives and abduction of Biafrans on Trump’s rally is a clear indication that the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal government will stand against the newly sworn in US President, Donald Trump and has dared him by their unscrupulous actions.

The Nigerian army’s boldness in destroying US, Russia and Israeli flags as often done in the Arab world is a clear indication that Nigeria and her president are extremists. The world in her entirety should prevail on Nigeria to release the dead bodies and free over hundreds of innocent Biafrans they kidnapped.

By Chika Austine 
Edited by Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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