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Saturday 21 May 2016


Yes, they Niger Delta Avengers are Biafrans and I am very proud of them for standing tall as the Iroko against the termites vigorously and watonly eating deep into our roots. These invaders systematically approached, looking helpless and harmless. We had shown them hospitality but instead of gratitude, they showed us ugly faces with protruding teeth and regrettably we realized they were vampires. Wolves in sheep clothing. They were out on the prowl seeking to suppress us, subdue and conquer us, thereby taking over our lands and natural resources for themselves.

In a country where bigotry, tribalism and nepotism rules, the traffic light will always be on red. Bloodshed is as common as water in Nigeria. There is no value for life.

A particular region claims ownership of other region's lands and resources. They claim they conquered the region after killing millions of people, they despise the owners of the land and wish them all dead. This is their passion and obsession.

Read below: Your Land Or Your Blood. 
By Adamu Mohammed. 

Ever since President Muhammadu Buhari took over the mantle of leadership of this great country Nigeria, we (Hausa-Fulanis) have come under severe media attack from enemies of progress. Just because they are educated than us, they stereotype us with negativity. Just because they own and control the media, they use the media against us.


But let me make something clear to you stupid fellows hating us, whether you love us or hate us, it doesn't change anything. We are who we are and we will continue to remain like that. We hate you even more and we can never love you because you are all infidels. I pity those of you who keep deluding yourselves that we can love and trust you simply because you worked against your people to our own advantage, never!

I heard that the stupid Governor of Oyo State, Ajimobi say that they won't accept the proposed Grazing Bill. But my message to the filthy Yoruba pig is that, if you don't want to give us your cursed land, we will rear our cattle not only on your farmlands but in your churches. And if you try to stop us, we would killed your chicken hearted men like rabbits then turn your mothers, wives, sisters and daughters to our sex slaves like we have always done.

It is either you give the whole of South to us to use as grazing reserve or we soak it with your blood. And what you would do like you always do is noise on Facebook and Twitter. You cannot be united against us because there would always be the likes of Tinubu, Amaechi and Okorocha in your midst who will divide you for selfishness and love of money. Such treacherous characters can't survive in our midst because we burn them and their families.


I so much detest Southern Christians because they are the problem of this country. If I have my way, there won't be any functional church in this country, especially in the North. That's why I am so much happy with Governor El-rufai who is living up to the expectations of Allah in Kaduna State. We are not really pleased with President Muhammadu Buhari who is too slow to implement everything we asked him to implement in this country for us, he has not even done 20% of the Northern/Islam agenda, what he is waiting for I don't know.

We will make life unbearable for Igbos like they are in Hell, and yet we won't let them have their useless Biafra because the whole of South is a conquered territory. We can never see Yorubas as allies no matter how hard they try to please or serve us because they are born traitors and infidels. Those slaves in the Middle Belt would continue to be willing tools in our hands, and the day they attempt to raise their heads, we will cut off their heads like weeds. I lack words to tell the inconsequential and always crying Niger Delta because what we are waiting for is for President Buhari to declare state of emergency in Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta, then we will show them how to use power.

We are at war with you people but we won't allow the country to breakup because, natural resources found in any part of the country is our heritage and birth right. We will continue killing you in large numbers until you are truly submissive to us as your slave masters. We won't stop killing you until we fully takeover your land as a conquered territory. This is not the time to mince words, this is not the time to sugarcoat things, and this is not the time to be economical with the truth, this is nothing but the truth, ignore it at your own peril.


This was planned many years ago by Fulanis as a strategic way to Islamization of Nigeria. That was why Buhari continued running for presidency even at his old age because they knew he is the most possible mean to achieve their goal.

In 1804 - 1808, Fulanis came in from Guinea to the Northern part of Nigeria, led by Usman Dan Fodio. He lead in jihad against the Hausa kingdoms of the northern Nigeria. The forces of Usman dan Fodio slowly took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms through war. By 1810, Fulanis had already conquered all hausas.

They formed boko haram sect solely for the process, waiting for Buhari or any of their Fulani brother to come in power but Unfortunately, Goodluck Jonathan came into power and they became annoyed. They started their violence to distract him and whether it was Yoruba or Igbo that was on the seat during GEJ'S regime, the same thing could've still happened about Boko haram.

Now their dream has been achieved having their brother on top. Here is their plan. They started herdsmen war believing that they have the chance to control all parts of the country since they are in power and forces.

If GRAZING RESERVE BILL is passed and achieved, It means that Fulanis will have a place mapped out for them in all 36 states of Nigeria.
The next thing is that, they will start bringing in their wives and children to increase their population. With time, they will have their Emir installed in every 36 states which will eventually take part in every leadership community gatherings. They will eat into every community like worms and the place given to them can never be taken away from them again since it has been passed. Their sect will be ready to strike in every state and community with no hiding place for anyone.


These caterpillars creeping uninvited, into Biafran soil have only come to steal, kill and destroy. They want to impoverish us by bringing their cattle and cows to eat up our crops, destroy our water and land without consideration.

They crept into Uzoawani, in Enugu and wretched havoc. They committed taboo, by killing the land lords gruesomely for no cause, in their own lands. To them it was success, therefore, they boldly moved on to Aba but met their waterloo.

Their Islamic president, who is secretly aiming at introducing Sharia laws in all the states believes that Biafran oil wells and lands were their booty from the 1967-70 Biafra war. It is a miracle that the chasm of divide and rule which has kept brethren from each other was broken by Director Nnamdi Kanu via his numerous radio broadcasts.

It is a Miracle that while Buhari has kept him imprisoned, his messages like seeds have sprouted, an awakening, a call to duty, unity, togetherness and one vision; BIAFRA.


Today, we proudly stand behind our warriors, the ones they tag militants but are really FREEDOM fighters.

They have come forward to defend their rights and their identity. They understand that we needed a defense. There is no nation, that do not have these gallant soldiers. This is a welcome development.

A city without defense is fragile and easy prey to marauding enemies. So whether you are called Niger Delta Avengers, Freedom Fighters, Egbesu Fraternity or the Isoko Youths, you are our BIAFRAN WARRIORS and we are proud of you for taking the bull by its horns.

You have preserved the Biafran honour and restored her respect. Any enemy will think twice now before trying any stunts. The approach you took is the best. The invading rogues need to retrace their steps and get far away from BIAFRAN wealth.

We are a chosen nation, we are God's people and we are Christians. The differences are endless. We need our FREEDOM from an expired union created by Luggard. Many other colonized countries have split. Our wealthy region is what the greedy vampires want, not us nor do they love us.

The world is now talking about the devastations our warriors are meting out to the greedy fools who claim they own somebody's backyard. Keep it up and never give up.

Your are a welcome development to us and our fatherland, BIAFRA.

Written By Victoria O.C Agangan
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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