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Saturday 21 May 2016


Recently the Nigeria  media credited a statement to Muhammad Buhari  that he said "the attacking herdsmen are from Libya."  This statement raises a question how Libyans came into Buhari's country with army or security on guard at the border?  Is Buhari telling the world that Nigerian borders are  porous and easily accessible to foreign militia men who could unleash their terror  attacks on innocent citizens at any time just as they are currently doing everywhere in Biafra land?

This statement credited to a person who is presumed to be the number one chief security officer of the country, carries a  deep embedded information right from the horse's mouth what have been previously speculated. From this single statement, we can carefully deduce that Buhari knows not only the identity of the herdsmen, but also their activities. This means they are paid by him. You can now understand why Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, fondly refers to him as "terrorist in chief".


It is not an overstatement to say that Buhari can not tell the press that the attacking herdsmen are from Libya if they are not. He is in a better position more than IG, GOC, or other security agents  and personnel to know what is happening in Nigeria and to tell it better. But what is very surprising about this statement credited to Buhari is that another print media quoted him in a new statement saying "the herdsmen are Boko Haram" We strongly believe that Buhari is not drunk while making those respective statements because they clearly implicate him as we shall readily prove.

First the herdsmen are from Libya. Secondly, the herdsmen are Boko Haram. All this are the utterances from the chief security of a country! Is he making a confession? Or, is he making a Revelation?  I do believe he is doing both. He is confessing of his link to the herdsmen he brought from Libya, but what he did not fix in his first statement is made clear in the second that those herdsmen from Libya are actually Boko Haram!

At last he has confirmed the age long speculations that he has links with terrorist groups. Was he not made the spokesman for Boko Haram? Was he not involved in the invitation of top Iranian ISIS terrorist that was arrested in Lebanon while trying to board a  flight to Egypt and get to Nigeria?  He can not exonerate himself from this obvious truth as the whole world have seen the facts behind his double standard game.
Nigerians are to wake up from slumber, because the continous reign of the terrorist in chief will amount to harvest of death.

Written By Heritage Ezza
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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