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Sunday 15 May 2016


It is very easy for the political jobbers in Nigeria in the guise of activists, who have been favoured by the positions they occupy, to adhere to the delusion in the slogan “Unity in Diversity“. However, a sensible mind would never be carried away and would have realized that Nigeria and its Government has proven that the illusive notion is unattainable and would never bear any good fruit.

Unity in diversity can be said to be a situation where people with different cultures, ideologies, religion and languages disregard all their different values to tolerate each other’s values and they must agree that no one value will have dominance over another.   If equity and justice is not made manifest, Unity in Diversity is totally a peril. For instance, the parents in any family would ensure that the children communicate in good terms and work together with respect.


They would avoid having a favourite child in order to avoid hatred and jealousy among the children. In Nigeria, the government has succeeded in sowing discord among the people through its deliberate nepotistic policies. There’s hatred and acrimony among the people who are said to be uniting with diversity, orchestrated by the bigotry of those who find themselves in the corridors of power.

The fact remains that since Nigeria was created by Frederick Lugard in 1914, there has never been any willingness by these various ethnic groups to accept this concept of “Unity in Diversity”, which the colonial authorities used to enslave Nigerians. Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa in 1948 made it clear when he said, “since 1914 the British government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country, but Nigerian people themselves are historically different in their backgrounds, in their religious belief and custom and do not show themselves any sign of willingness to unite.”

“Nigeria’s unity is only a British invention.” He added.   Every reasonable Nigerian and even the past leaders in Nigeria see Nigeria as a place where unity and peace can never exist. Their views are factual and there are concrete evidences to support the perspective. Typically, these different tribes see each other as foreigners, they have never valued  each other’s values and thus no one group among them will like another group’s ideologies, customs, religion and language to be preponderant over theirs.


The Government cannot even stand to boast of any successful measure at fostering unity because it is a practically impossible and an unworthy objective to achieve. The government is filled with corruption and corrupt individuals and the government would continually favour a particular section of the country over the others thereby creating a lopsided development that will result in acrimony.   It is only a deluded mind that will believe that there is unity in Nigeria.

I have heard and I have been a victim of many tribal wars between these various tribes in Nigeria. The Nigeria government is also perpetrating all kinds of marginalization against a particular tribe. In 1945, there were numerous Biafrans killed in the northern region of Nigeria because of the enormous hatred on Biafrans.

The pogrom also repeated itself in May 1967 when the same marauding Hausas/Fulani charlatans in the North massacred humongous innocent Biafrans.   With the foregoing facts, it is important to know that there is a huge gap between the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and that they cannot adhere with each other’s diversity, just as the creator of Nigeria said and I quote “the north and the south of Nigeria are like oil and water which cannot unite together“.

Written By Amalahueze Eminence Akaeze
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta 
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers.

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