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Thursday 7 April 2016


One significant thing Nigeria is known for, apart from Boko Haram, is Corruption. The virus is so endemic that the three (3) arms of government are clad with the deadly disease. They are deeply rooted in it that, one can never find decency anywhere within the shores of Nigeria. Bribery and Corruption has arm-twisted the three (3) arms of government that animals appear more reasonable and decent than any one of them.

For instance, within the executive arm, the president who got his campaign fund from Rivers, Imo and Lagos states’ loots, could shamelessly talk of fight against corruption even when rogues in the likes of Rotimi Amaechi, Fashola, Ahmed Tinubu, Rochas Okorocha etc. are his friends and campaign fund-raisers . How could a president who bribes anything that comes his way just for the sake of having his way, talk of fighting corruption.

Huge amounts of money were aimlessly spent on foreign media for image-laundering and just to downplay the Biafra restoration quest, which largely contributed to Nigeria’s economic woes. That’s the extent the Nigerian government can go in its bribery scheme. Is the offer of bribery made to Justice John Tsoho, in order to perverse justice in Kanu’s case not a severe case of corruption? Apparently, as long as Obama and Cameron’s stooge – Buhari, is the one committing these atrocities, it could be christened “lobbying”. Shame to the false moral stands of Barack Obama and David Cameron.

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Who knows how much of Biafra’s oil or money, the only graduate without schoolmates – Buhari, has bribed Obama and Cameron with, that has turned them deaf and dumb to the plights of Kanu and Biafrans?
The next in line, of these shameful arms, is the legislative arm which is comprised of toothless bulldogs and whose only work is to concur with any dictate from the dictator at Aso Rock.

Already bribed out of their functions by Buhari, the only things they deliberate on are jokes and more bribes. So severe, that the atrocities by the savages and Buhari’s kinsmen, under the guise of Fulani herdsmen, go undebated due to the bribery and corruption perching on their profiles. That is how devastative bribery and corruption could destroy the principles of checks and balances. Alarming, among these elements in the legislative house, is the cowardly silence of those legislators from Biafra land.

They should realize that their complicit silence on Biafra’s predicaments, will consume them at the appointed time, as the enemies have armed their foot soldiers to invade them down home even as they feign ignorance. They should realize that their collective complicit silence and useless jamborees over the plight of Biafrans, has given the enemy the boldness to move their foot soldiers under the guise of Fulani herdsmen, down to Biafraland with the intention to “deep the Koran in atlantic”. The enemy’s boldness knows no limit, that they removed in the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), the benefit for crude oil host communities. That was what Nnamdi Kanu saw from afar and which bribery and corruption prevented them from perceiving.

Finally, it will be a waste of time to talk deeply of the corruption inherent in the Nigerian Judicial system, when Justice Tsoho has exposed it widely without recourse. It will amount to an effort in futility to expect a man whose bank account is flooded with millions of Naira, for the purpose of perversion of justice, to uphold equity and justice. John Tsoho and the NJC are already compromised by the self-acclaimed saint - Buhari, to the extent that Tsoho, could turn around to become the prosecutor in the same case he is presiding over as the judge.

That is how decayed, the Nigerian judiciary is, that makes Nigeria an international disaster and disgrace when it comes to delivering justice. A judge who only knows nothing, other than adjournments due to the fear of approaching justice is indeed a disgrace. Justice Tsoho has already wrecked and murdered justice, that everyone now knows that all it takes to get justice in the contraption – Nigeria, is money, as many likes of John Tsoho are ever willing to mortgage justice. That is how deeply bribery and corruption has destroyed the atrocious contraption called Nigeria.

Written Okoro Austine
Edited By KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta 
Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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