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Monday 9 November 2020

History repeating itself, Wike and Ken Saro Wiwa - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

November 10, 2020 | The Biafra Times

 A little over 50 years ago, a young pretender to the throne Wike is aspiring to occupy today, by the name Ken Saro Nwiwa, later named Wiwa, just as Nwike is now Wike instead of Nwike by removing the first letter 'N' in his Igbo surname, made the mistake of betraying his own, the people of Biafra. Today his village has not only been destroyed by pollution courtesy of successive regimes of the same cattle herding, intellectually backward and roundly primitive Fulani tribe, they also KILLED him. And I ask, is Ogoni free today as a result of Saro Wiwa's betrayal? We all all know the answer to that. Wike, this is the same prize you will pay for your betrayal of Biafra but yours will be worse because the name Wike will no longer exist. 

To add a lorry load of insult to injury, they have now converted Saro Wiwa's village to a land of prisoners and the dead. An important lesson to the people of Ogoni and those who may be contemplating supporting Wike. You all must know that betrayal of your people never pays! In the end your Fulani masters will kill you and the same people you claim you are trying to shield from Biafra, enslaved for life.

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Exact scenario in Ogoni land played out a while back in Oduduwa land. A Yoruba prince and warrior named Afonja the then Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland from Illorin a core Yoruba territory, betrayed his nation by serving the cause of the Janjaweed Fulani caliphate as Bola Ahmed Tinubu is doing today. Like Ken Saro Wiwa, he too paid with his life because the Fulani Janjaweed he so dilligently served killed him and took over his land. They did not just build prisons and burial grounds in Illorin, they took the whole town over and in place of the usual Yoruba Oba they installed their Fulani emir. To this day Fulani has been ruling Illorin a Yoruba town. Illorin now report to Sokoto not  Ife. Betrayal of your people never pays!

Sometimes I wish Nigerian youths and some of their confused, ego-maniacal and murderous rulers like Wike can pause and have regard for history.

The Biafra Times

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