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Wednesday 25 November 2020

SARS to SWAT: APC and Their Cosmetic Change

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu | Biafra Writers

November 25, 2020.

At the fetus stage of the 2015 Nigerian election campaign, the APC party presented itself as that political party the people has been longing for. To the rest of Nigeria, except the Southeast region where he lost woefully, APC was a Saint.

But looking at how APC has piloted the affairs of this country in the last six years, one can see that the condemnation the APC used on PDP to buy people's trust was a cosmetic condemnation. This is because the current dispensation of APC has done more harm than all the PDP past dispensations put together.

The change they promised the people was also cosmetic. A change to make Nigeria a safe home for all Nigerians is now a promise to make Nigeria a safe home for all Fulanis in West Africa instead.

During their campaigns, APC promised to end insurgency in the country in just six months. This of course startled the people and resultantly won them over. With the APC takeover however, killings intensified within the said six months.

The promise is that Boko Haram will be defeated. To confuse the people, the APC party strategically figured out a way to make the people think that they have defeated insurgency by changing the narratives of Boko Haram attacks.

Boko Haram attacks are now ascribed “Bandits attacks.” The Nigerian media aided in this cosmetic change by replacing the name Boko Haram with Bandits and Fulani Herdsmen in their various reports.

Still on the same cosmetic change, the APC once again changed the name of the Nigerian Prison Service to the Nigerian Correctional Service amidst calls to reform Nigeria prisons.

Rather than enhance the mode of service there and make the prisons more inhabitable for inmates, they only renamed it. But the same complains are still flooding in and the prisons remain unkempt and so archaic.

Currently is the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The SARS is a horrible squad in the police service with activities quite similar to the Fulani sharia practices. Sharia opposes Western life and SARS also does that.

As the citizens are clamouring for this group of police force to be closed, the APC party in their cosmetic change, as usual, changed the name of the force from SARS to SWAT. Say no to APC cosmetic change.

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