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Wednesday 4 November 2020

#EndSars: Nigerian Youths failed because they had the Wrong People in Mind

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu

Wednesday,November 4, 2020.

Wars are won only when you weigh the strength and strategy of your enemy. This is impossible though when you are dealing with an unseen enemy. You cannot defeat what you cannot see. IPOB soars like eagle because they realize who their true enemy is.

During the promising #EndSars protest that even the old were happy with and had hoped would correct their past mistakes, the youths had the wrong people in mind while protesting and this authored their failure.

Some people refer to Nigeria as a movie script of Britain, others as a British enterprise. Whichever name one might prefer, all points to what it was – Royal Niger Company of Britain, instituted for British gain. When this argument of British influence in Nigeria crops up, some will say that Nigeria has gained her independence and so that is all in the past now. But has Britain lost her influence in Nigeria? Till date, whenever Nigeria faces trial, the first people that badges in is the British. The Lekki Tollgate massacre instances this.

Less than forty eight hours of the British High Commission’s meeting with the 2023 presidential aspirant in Nigeria, Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, the Nigerian soldiers were deployed to massacre the peaceful protesters at Lekki Tollgate. This meeting that led to the killing of the people could be best described as a meeting between a CEO of a company and an employee. The British government is ready to waste thousands of Africans in order to protect their company as the CEO they are. This is the same reason why the British Broadcasting commission (BBC) has failed to report the truth.

Like the Biafra-Nigeria war which the British government under Harold Wilson instigated to shake off the Biafran whom they saw as a stumbling block, they plotted the Lekki massacre to nip in the bud the an uprising that could have cost them the life of their Royal Niger company. It should be remembered that until the British High Commissioner, Catriona Laing, came into the scene, there was no record of such brutality.

The youths should now know their real enemy and do something about it. We cannot continue to allow the British instigate blood bath in our land. We all should rise up and confront our problem.

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