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Thursday 17 January 2019

Why You Should Boycott The Elections

By Kutanya Obi Ezeuchu | For Biafra Writers

January 18, 2019

Does anyone ever pause to ponder why all the politicians suddenly become so enthusiastic about elections?

Once it’s election time, some will begin to stage-managedly patronize Okada riders, buy maize and groundnuts in the streets. Some will remember that there’s sachet water to drink. They move around, unilaterally sharing state funds in the streets and markets, trying to woo the citizenry and literally begging people to vote.

They begin to remind you how PVC is your power and how casting a vote is your right.

Why Really?

They do it because unlikely of a politician, they’re saying the truth at that time. It’s actually correct that the PVC is your power. That’s about the only truth you will hear from a politician.

But the problem is, unfortunately as would be expected of a politician, they don’t tell you the whole truth.

For instance, they do not also remind you that “not-casting-a-vote” is equally your fundamental right. They don’t mention to you that you can shatter their fraudulent empires and racketeerings if you withhold that vote. They won’t tell you that as citizens, you’re capable of dismantling their shambolic schemes if you don’t give them the opportunity to plot them by voting.

No! They won’t. Because “not-voting” isn’t of benefit to them but voting is.

That is, they only need you to uphold the fraud for them to continue it. The only thing they need to continue in the fraudulent system is for you to legitimize it. And you can only legitimize it by voting. In other words, you have relinquished your power or given them your power to continue to destroy things and make people’s lives miserable.

The day you wake up to say, “I will no longer vote,” you would have succeeded in taking back your power.

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Then they will come begging and asking you what you want. Then you can make your collective demands as a people and which they will implement with usually maximal speed.

But once you vote, they will have a basis for all kinds of fraud and misdemeanor. They will continue to call you fools, laugh at you and say, “they’re not ready for a revolution just yet.”

We need to revolutionize our thinking and ways of doing things. Let’s try something new and drastically different. We have continued to do things the old way and they have not worked and would never work.

Why not try something else?

What do they say about people who do the same thing over and over again even without any changes?

These may sound ridiculously outlandish but same may have also been said of world’s most remarkable inventions today when they were still but dreams.

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