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Monday 14 January 2019

Eze Ogo: A house-slave going beyond his bounds

By Jeremiah Ukadibia | For Biafra Writers

January 15, 2019

When a butterfly thinks itself a bird, it comes under illusion, and might attempt flying higher to the realm of the birds. In the process, it gets itself into trouble because it would make itself a feast for the birds since at that height it would lose its natural defenses.

The scenario painted above was the recent condition of a certain Eze Ogo of Amangwu Ohafia community in Abia state. He was one of those appointees of the government who think themselves kings because the powers that be branded them as such. He thought himself to be truly a monarch in the real historical sense. And for that reason, he arrogated powers to himself that normally he did not possess.

That was probably why he enacted a law in the community, saying that anyone found engaging in Biafra activities (especially those declared by the Indigenous People of Biafra –a body of Biafrans), would be ostracized.

Last week, he was reported to have enacted a law through which anyone engaged in Biafran activities (especially the ones declared by the Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)) would be ostracized from the community. To go against the law, according to his enactment also involves discussing Biafra-related issues. Not only that, he stated that any person found violating this order would be made to pay a fine of N500,000. However, nobody knew whether the payment would be in addition to the banishment or just to be accepted back into the community.

Incidentally, Ohafia is a near town to Abiriba; the place where Justice Ude, an IPOB leader was abducted by the Nigerian ‘terrorist’ Army few days ago. The Deputy governor of the state, Ude Oko Chukwu was accused of being responsible for Ude’s kidnap, and many discerning minds are now beginning to see the connection.

Many Biafrans have wondered the source of the sperm cells that conceived this man in his mother’s womb. The people were convinced that no man with authentic Igbo-Biafran blood would have attempted such folly as he did. They were more convinced the blood that produced him, and which was making him to act the way he was doing, must be from a Fulani, a Yoruba or an Hausa man.

They insist that only a Fulani man would attempt to intimidate or cow his own people in such a manner in order to feed fat from their enemies. That a true Igbo-Biafran is libertarian, democratic, and republican in nature; and as such cannot be cowed by such mere pronouncements. On the other hand, they insist that it is only someone bred in the Yoruba tradition of sale-out will so sacrifice the desires and demands of his own people for crumbs from the Fulani. And finally, the Biafrans berated Eze Ogbo as a possible offspring of an Hausa man, because Hausas have for long succumbed to Fulani intimidation and over-lordship.

But most importantly, the problem this writer sees with this so-called Eze Ogo is that of ignorance, poverty-ravaged mentality, and greed. Ignorant because he did not study nor acknowledge the Igbo-Biafran history of not succumbing to oppression. Poverty-ravaged mentality because as a lazy man, he would not bring himself to work and make money, but was rather contented with receiving crumbs and handouts from those who appointed him as a village head and called him a king. Are kings appointed by governments? And finally, poverty, because he’s lacking a lot of things as a result of his unemployment and lack of self-esteem.

Not only all that, Eze Ogo showed himself to be a shameless Fulani house-slave (and by extension, a British slave); and as such, a butterfly that thinks himself a bird.

It is time these lazy, sleazy political contractors, masquerading as kings in Biafraland go to get themselves some paying jobs. Igbo/Biafraland is not the same thing with Arewa and Yoruba lands where lazy individuals are given kings to feed fat on other people’s sweat by their colonial overlords.

The latest report is that he has rescinded his immature and inordinate declaration and has asked Biafrans for forgiveness, claiming he was misled by politicians. We shall continue to watch him closely to see if he has truly changed.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
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