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Friday 4 May 2018

Editorial: Buhari’s Continous Defense Of Killer Herdsmen Emboldens Their Onslaught On Christians In Nigeria

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue | Chief Editor, The Biafra Times

May 4, 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari’s face-saving statement during his recent interactive meeting with his US counterpart, President Donald Trump at the White House, Washington DC, that “Nigerian herdsmen” whose atrocities and heinous crimes against innocent citizens of the country has skyrocketed since his coming into power, do not carry AK 47s and that they only use sticks, is not only deceptive, misleading but equally emboldening the guts of these Fulani bloodsucking herders to increase their spate of killings.

Buhari’s continuous open support and defense of rampaging Fulani herdsmen terrorist in the country is the sole reason the killings has not being abated up till this moment. Nigerian citizens especially the persecuted Christians continue to suffer the mayhem unleashed on them by these cruel, inhumane and stone-hearted Fulani killers and all Buhari can do is to give them backing by defending them.

By always absolving these murderous and dreadful herders from the heinous crimes they perpetrate instead of putting long-lasting measures in place to checkmate and curb the spate of killings, is Buhari indirectly passing the obvious message that Christian lives does not matter to him so long as it is not pinned on his kinsmen and ethnic group? A true leader who has the interest of its citizens at heart would never defend such spiteful killings in any way even if coming from his kinsmen.

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In whatever platform or forum Buhari finds himself in and the issue of killings in the country is raised, he won’t hesitate to tell anyone that cares to listen that the killers are not from Nigeria. But then the curiousity has been why he always treat invaders whose occupation are killings and destruction with kids glove as the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the country. To rephrase, why would President Buhari allow so-called invaders to continue maiming innocent people if they are not his brothers?

The most ironic of it all being the devoted plans and concerted efforts made by this government to carve out grazing lands and colonies to these so-called invaders so as to ameliorate the incessant killings, yet they are not from Nigeria? We, however, understand the fact that the government’s vehement refusal to proscribe and designate as terrorist, the murderous bloodletting herdsmen, is a clear indication that they(herdsmen) has the full backing of the present administration to perpetrate evil.

The Fulani herdsmen that the Nigerian people have come to know are very cruel, terrific, horrible and goes about with lethal guns, machete, dagger and other deadly weapons to destroy, kill and rape people of their host communities in the name of rearing cattles and go scot-free after their evil operations without any resistance or prosecution from the country’s security agencies. In essence, they have been countless killings by the notorious herdsmen and people do not want the government to start arguing where they come from or which tribe they came from but what adequate proactive measures they have drafted to keep them in check and nip the killings in the bud.

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However, we appreciate the fact that the world is not deceived by the antics and denials of the Buhari-led government as it is obvious that its lackadaisical attitude and unwillingness to decisively wage war against these Fulani killers has made them realise that surely they are enjoying the support of the government in power hence the need for world leaders such as President Trump to intervene in the situation of which Buhari is helpless.

Buhari has grown too old to be found lying on bed of lies, pretence, and insincerity on the sensitive issues of insecurity in Nigeria. His disposition, body language, and indifference on the unending killings appear to be the source of motivation and empowerment to these killer herdsmen. That was why he would send the Inspector of Police to quell the killings in Benue state and he rather went to Nasarrawa state without the president realising for months.

Rather than been objective in his utterances, Buhari would always choose to whip-up his bigoted sentiments which torches on the sensitivity of ardent followers of events that sometimes one may wonder if this man can ever for once be candid in his speech and take the bull by its horn.

In another related development, Buhari claimed in an interview on Voice Of America(VOA), Hausa service that the widely reported killing of Christians in Nigeria was false and that President Trump was misinformed on the killings claiming that similar incident also happened in the South-East and the North.

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For whatever may be the case, it is very apparent that these repetitive ogres of violence perpetrated by these marauding herdsmen who are now the dreaded champions of jihad war in Nigeria is mostly and basically targeted at Christians and non-Muslim groups in the country.

As earlier stated, instead of politicizing this issue on the lines of ethnicity, Buhari would have sought proactive ways of nipping it in the bud so as to ward-off any insinuation that his administration is in full support of the killings. Also, the recent security policy of disarming vigilante groups and individuals with licensed guns solely used for self-defence spoke volumes that the government, despite failing to tackle this insurgence head-on, may be benefiting from it in one way or the other after all.

Therefore, it is in the light of these false perceptions and deluded comments from the president that one may wonder if indeed the Nigerian government would sincerely create the enabling environment and give room for collaboration and support to the US government in wholesomely tackling the surge of killings in Nigeria.

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  1. President Trump please hasten to the Christians in Nigeria and rescue them. Do not be deceived by those who have been bought over to continue to misinform the president and the American people on the political reality in Nigeria. People are dying in ethnic cleansing proportion.


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