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Sunday 18 February 2018

The Menace Of Fulani Herdsmen And Nigeria's Wicked Stepfather

By Gracious Grace || For Biafra Writers

February 19, 2018

It is no longer news that Nigeria is currently being governed by a stranger; a wicked fellow of a stepfather who is now parading himself as the president of Nigeria, in the person of late Muhammadu Buhari alongside his devilish cabals. The late Buhari was cloned from his now original personality known as Jubrin from Sudan.

Meanwhile, some corrupt individuals in Nigeria has readily adopted Muhammadu Buhari (Jubrin), father of the murderous Fulani herdsmen and stepfather to Nigerians, to serve a second term in office.

It has been from frying pan to fire, to misery ever since Buhari came into power as the Nigerian president. He has employed deceits, blames and all manner of propaganda to mislead the citizens. From the missing chibok girls to missing budget, missing monies, etc. Recall that Buhari has no certificate, even the presidential aircraft got missing at a time. Now, Nigeria's missing before the eyes of the world.

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Yes, Nigeria is missing because some regions of the country have been crushed, subjugated and now in crisis. It is now abnormal to be normal in this wicked contraption where the Fulanis has despotically taken over the affairs of the judiciary, the legislature, down to the security apparatus of the State. They now dictate the tune.

I was flabbergasted when the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, said they will go to war should their father, Jubrin (Buhari) lose in the 2019 presidential election. It is factual that Fulani originally came to Nigeria from somewhere in modern Mali, which is called Fouta Toro of Fouta Jallon. it is an incontrovertible fact they migrated 800 years ago which is why I called them strangers.

Fulani herdsmen invaded communities in Benue State, killed innocent citizens, razed down their villages and destroyed their properties as Buhari, the wicked stepfather looked the other way, feigning ignorance of that.

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Fulanis have sworn with the help of Nigeria's stepfather, Jubrin to continue with the islamisation and conquering quest of Nigeria which their forebearer Othman Dan fodio asked them to accomplish.

Buhari using his veto powers, appointed the Fulanis, who are his original children in the corridors and hierarchy of power most especially in the Armed Forces Departments. The same also happened in the country's judiciary and by so doing, the Fulanis have taken a strong hold in the affairs of the State.

Fulani herdsmen was given the courage and motivation to go about grazing their cattle openly on people's farmlands where they destroy crops, rape innocent girls and even kill farmers of their host communities if they dare challenge their impunity. Resisting or challenging their activities in your farm or locality, easily turns to a bloody zone by these blood-sucking vampires.

Cattle colony means colonization which has become torn on the flesh of every citizen of Nigeria, this is a subtle means for Jihadists to erode and subjugate us in our land and then later implement their Sharia law thereby subjecting us into total submission. It is a subtle means to further enslave us and we must do everything possible to resist such moves. People being massacred in some regions of this country by this demonic, terrorist creatures called herdsmen and the president is silent over it.

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The one Nigeria gospel being sung by insincere and corrupt politicians is a ruse and death trap against the citizens. And for those clamouring for restructuring before the 2019 election, it can never help you at all because Nigeria is among the missing items.

Fulani herdsmen sometimes parade themselves in military uniform and AK47 rifles, killing innocent people, have you ever asked yourself who empowered them, what gave them so much effrontery and audacity to commit such.heinous crimes and get away with it without being prosecuted by the laws. This is the handiwork of your stepfather Buhari (Jubrin).

The government now collaborates with Boko Haram terrorists, in disguise of herdsmen to kill our people. We must fight back, we will not fold our hands like a suckling child towards this ethnic cleansing. We must put an end to this ungodly uprising and brouhaha in our dear land.


The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

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