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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

BIAFRA: Ecowas Court Adjourns Nnamdi Kanu's Case Against Federal Government of Nigeria

The Biafra Times | February 13, 2018

Another day in the law courts, another adjournment. ECOWAS Court sitting in Abuja this morning adjourned to 30th May 2018 the matter of Nnamdi Kanu vs FGN pending before it for nearly 2 years. The reason for this yet another adjournment is because ECOWAS Court staff have not finished translating documents submitted in November 2017.

IPOB lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor informed the court that he would be withdrawing the matter from ECOWAS COURT since the court has been bought over by the Nigerian government. He alleged manifest bias in the conduct of the court.

IPOB cases are too hot for corrupt African judges to hear. Judiciary in Africa is a joke. Even ECOWAS is as corrupt as the Appeal Court in Nigeria.

More Details Later.

The Biafra Times 2018

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