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Friday 20 October 2017

Biafra: When Their Physical Confrontation And Violent Extrajudicial Killings Failed, They Resorted To Biological Warfare To Continue The Extermination Of Unarmed, Innocent Biafrans

By Eluwa Chidiebere | For Biafra Writers

October 20, 2017

It is said that when the cock fails to win the duck in a race, she then flies above the duck. This angelic and unadulterated process of restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) whose leader is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has been met with barracking atmosphere since it surfaced in Nigeria. The Nigerian government through her military has been throwing her aggressive and excessive weight against unarmed Biafra activists who are only exercising their right to self-determination, killing and molesting a good number of them. But amidst all of these wickedness and abuse of the military by the Nigerian government on IPOB, the Biafran people have remained peaceful in their approach and at the same time resolute in their quest to restore their nation which is older than Nigeria.

The unflinching and strong faith that holds them undeterred after everything done to destabilize their morale failed, has pushed Nigeria to resort to biological means to cow them into submission when every other means has failed.

The recent free medical programme embarked upon by the Nigerian army in Biafra land has caused an uproar and unrest among the people as many have given up the ghost after taking the poisonous medication. The Nigerian government through her military was injecting Biafrans poisonous chemicals in the guise of administering Monkey Pox vaccine to the people. It should be noted that these vaccines were forcefully administered to their recipients by the military men who were so eager to fulfill their mission. Shortly afterward, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), took to the media to warn the general public to distance themselves from such medical outreach. NMA stated that the medical program embarked upon by the Nigerian army has no approval of the Nigerian Medical Association and so parents should not allow their children to be injected.

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Since the inception of Nigeria, this is the first time the military is doing the work of the Nigerian Medical Association. Of course, there must be a cause for the alarm. A proverb says that anytime you see a rat in a calculated movement, know that it is after its prey. This is the military that unleashed what they called ‘‘Operation Python Dance and Operation Crocodile Smile’’ on unarmed Biafrans, raining bullets on them in which many lost their precious lives.

As it is said that he who dives into the river hardly realizes that his back is exposed. The Nigerian military’s greatest shock is the video clips of their atrocious activities on Biafrans that are circulating in the internet. It would be wise to note that the struggle for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra did not begin today and since then, several massacres that were not captured on video occurred before the emergence of this renewed movement of Biafrans under the aegis of IPOB. Top of the pile is the Ezu River massacre where hundreds of Biafran Youths were killed and dumped into the river by the Nigerian military.

All these inhumane activities on Biafrans by the Nigerian government through her military I believe, are no longer in a bid to quell the struggle or to provoke Biafrans into carrying arms against the Nigerian government but very remarkably, to achieve a long-aged dream of extermination of the Biafran race or people out of the surface of this planet. Apart from the Nigerian President Buhari’s statement which says, ‘‘I am ready to wipe out the whole Biafrans to save Nigeria from disintegrating’’, excerpts from the past statements made by the beneficiaries of the so-called ‘‘One Nigeria’’ are there to support this claim of the long-aged hatched dream of extermination of Biafrans. Of course, not even the crowd of dignitaries can take away the truth no matter how hard they try.

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On December 21, 1967, a Nigerian Policeman in New York Review said, ‘‘the Biafrans must be considerably reduced in number’’. After that, another individual, Mr. Alison Ayiida, the Head of Nigeria delegation, Niamey Peace Talks, on July 1968 said, ‘‘starvation is a weapon of war and we have every intention of using it against the Biafrans’’. Benjamin Adekunle, 3rd Marine Division Commander, Nigeria Army to French Radio Reporter also went on to bare his mind by saying, ‘‘I want to see no red cross, no caritas, no world council of churches, no Pope, no missionary, no UN delegation. I want to prevent every Biafran from having even one piece to eat before their capitulation. We shoot at everything that moves and our troops march into the center of Biafra and we shoot at everything, even things that don’t move’’.  All these I believe are enough for the world at large to ascertain the ulterior motives of the Nigerian government through her military whose ammunitions are supplied from the USA and other foreign countries, in the guise of fighting terrorism(Boko Haram).

The Biafran people only seek for one thing which is referendum to determine their fate in Nigeria. The rate of marginalization meted on the innocent people of Biafra is alarming. Whereas they are the air Nigeria breaths through their oil which is the main surviving source of income in Nigeria, the people are still been marginalized at all quarters. Even children have gone to the streets precisely in Aba, a city in Biafra to protest against this marginalization.

Even as the conscience of the oppressors is judging them, the Oduduwa (Yoruba) people in Nigeria, in recent time has voiced out their remorse for the Biafran people. On 11th of June, 2017 in a Nigerian tabloid, The Vanguard Newspaper, ONAC (Odua National Coalition) in a statement signed by Oluwole Suleiman, Michael Popoola and Mrs. Aduke Fadahunsi titled, ‘Position of the Yoruba Self-determination Groups on the State of the Nation' says that the ‘‘Yoruba people this time will not support any attack on self-determination. We shall mobilize the masses and prevent Yoruba people from being used for an attack on the long-suffering of the indigenous peoples of Biafra.’’

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This I believe is the appropriate time for UN to let justice prevail for Biafrans. It is time for the UN to throw her weight on Nigeria so as to put a stop to Biafrans' miserable situation in Nigeria. The people’s voice must be harkened to and necessary attention is given to them. This is a nation whose citizens were faced with a brutal genocidal war in the 1967-70s for her freedom; they need not to go for the second one in this 21st century especially now that they are following the internationally recognized laid down procedures for seeking self-determination through a referendum. UN and other international communities have the opportunity now to avert this looming second genocidal war from coming to pass if they should wade in to save the situation. They should work together in putting an end to wars or wars shall put an end to mankind.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By The Biafra Times
[email protected]

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