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Thursday 12 October 2017

Monkeypox: Stay away from Nigerian military’s free medical programme— NMA

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue | Biafra Writers

October 12, 2017

IMO - The Imo State chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, has warned the general public to distance themselves from the ongoing free medical outreach in the state.

NMA, in a circular released on Wednesday and signed by its Secretary, Dr. Dike Victor O, said the free medical program embarked upon by the Nigerian army, has no approval of the Medical Association.

The Association also condemned in its entirety, the forceful administration or injection of vaccines by the Nigerian soldiers, warning parents as well as guardians in the State not to submit their wards to the free medical services.

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The statement reads in part, “The Nigerian Medical Association, Imo State wishes to inform the General public that whereas immunization is necessary for the prevention of some killer diseases especially in Childhood, there is no officially approved immunization programme going on in the state presently. As a result, parents and teachers are advised not to submit their wards to persons or group of persons for any purported form of immunization.

“This is on the backdrop of the alarm being raised about "forced immunization" in some places in the state on Wednesday, 11th October 2017.

“Similarly, The Nigerian Medical Association Imo State advice the general public to stay away from all forms of "free medical programmes" that do not have the approval of Nigerian Medical Association, while we keenly monitor as events unfold.”

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1 comment

  1. What wicked a country we live it. The Nigeria Army has been massacring pro-Biafran Youths with life bullets since 2015 and Fulani herdsmen are also all over the SE/SS committing all kinds of atrocities. The gory pictures of torture and massacres are making news around the world. Now, they have devised such a wicked way to exterminate Biafran people - through injecting the school children with poisonous virus to kill them slowly. Nigeria is cursed indeed. God will surely continue to punish the perpetrators of this sinister and satanic attacks. Please Ndigbo wakeup and protect your people and land from these evil and murderous jihadist Fulani tribe. Please do not allow your children to be killed slowly by these evil Nigerian Army.


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