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Tuesday 10 October 2017

Monkey Pox: The Mission Creed Of Biological Warfare On Biafrans By The Nigerian Military

By Okoro Austine | Biafra Writers

October 10, 2017

If there is anything so disappointing to me today, it is the blind feigning of the world over the ongoing genocide orchestrated in Biafraland. The world stood still, watching, while hundreds of thousands of Biafran people are undergoing severe extermination due to the widely shared carnage and pillage committed against Biafrans by the Buhari-led Federal Government of Nigeria.

Since the 10th of September this year, series of unbearable and unimaginable inhumane treatment and mayhem have befallen Biafrans as a result of the high-handedness of the Nigerian government. The shootings at Afara Ukwu by the Nigerian joint forces that claimed over 50 innocent lives of Biafrans. The invasion and abduction of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other untold state-sponsored terror on those whose sins were merely seeking for the right to self-determination.

Despite the resolute efforts of Biafrans not to allow those perpetrating these heinous crimes to go unnoticed or unreported by risking their lives in taking the video and pictorial shreds of evidence of the act and its actors for the world and her institutions to take note, it appears that those accredited with the responsibility of ensuring that justice is served, are either lobbied out of duty or are bridled with dereliction of duties.

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According to Donald Trump, “if the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph”. Today, the inability of the likes of “righteous” Trump and many others to confront Nigeria over her carnages and pillages on innocent Biafran people seeking self-rule and independence from Nigeria, have led to the advancement of the country’s evil against Biafrans. Today, Biafrans are not only faced with genocide— killed with guns and bullets, they have perfected their evil to outweigh that of Saddam Hussein and the Nazis of Europe.

Today, one is forced to wonder where the men and nations of good conscience have traveled to! General Buhari has transcended from the use of British and US sold and donated deadly weaponry on the Biafran people to the use of biological weapon through the recent military “free medical services” in Biafra land. The time of this service is apparently suspicious and today, the result of the state-sponsored annihilation of Biafrans is already here with us.

Looking at the time of the so-called “free medical service” application in Biafraland, one would wonder why the same military that derives joy in killing and kidnapping innocent Biafrans will in the same vein, run a life-saving service on them. This is obviously, a clear juxtaposition! How would a military operation (Crocodile Smile and Python Dance) aimed at decimating the Biafran population still run a life-saving exercise? Why is it happening within this period of gunning down Biafrans in their thousands? Why is the medical service not organized and run by the Ministry of health or in conjunction with the Ministry if not that the Army does not have a hidden agenda of preventing the civilian medical practitioners to have access to the highly classified purpose of the so-called free health services?

Why are the free health services mainly run in the so-called South East and South-South states even when we all know that people of these geopolitical zones are in all ramifications healthier than their northern counterparts? If there is anywhere such free health services are needed, it should be in the disease infested Northeast and North West. How would a government that opposed the proposed South East Development Commission (SEDC) Bill and the Petroleum Industrial Bill (PIB) which supposedly would have helped the people of the region, turn around to talk about “free medical services” to the same people they have literary shown hatred on? It is unfortunate that we are facing such biological warfare while our elders in Ijaw, Itsekiri, Igbo, Ibibio and other ethnicities shied away from condemning the act, perhaps due to the money given to them by our oppressors or what they hope to gain from them. What a shame!


Today, our killers have resolved to go to the extreme by adopting non-conventional weaponry against the Biafran people while the entire universe watches. The use of a biological weapon under the covert operation of “free medical service” against the Biafran people is obviously the height of wickedness. This is quite the repetition of Saddam Hussein’s pattern of attack against the Kurdish people in the pre-2003 Saddam Hussein Iraq. If the world could not overlook such carnage and pillage against the Iraqi Kurds, then why should the ongoing biological warfare against the Biafran population in Nigeria be overlooked and treated with levity by the world.

The lame excuse by Lai Mohammed, Nigeria's Information Minister, that the terror “monkeypox” is as a result of Biafrans eating cooked monkey dishes, is watery. Biafrans are not known to be monkey rearers how much more to be “monkey eaters” as the Minister wants us to believe. Any information that is not logical and medically proven to be otherwise is deceptive and unacceptable to Biafrans. The world should make a sound and strong statement now to halt the ongoing perpetration of evil against Biafrans.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Charles Opanwa
Contact us: [email protected]


  1. Where on earth does the Army give medical screen and medication? Are they trained to do so? If indeed they’re trained, why can’t they go to the IDP camps and north where urgent medical attention is needed? They do not this medical thing in the north but only in the South. The stupidity and foolishness of our people, politicians, leaders, elders, rulers and some of our people are baffling. Even when they are dying, they still do not believe the truth. The reality is that Hausa-Fulani with Yoruba traitors and evil British people want to exterminate Igbos from Nigeria. Either by marginalization, program, genocide, biological and chemical warfare or by sending us all into captivity in foreign lands so that they can take over our land and abundant natural resources that God has endowed us with. That’s the reality. Buhari is hastily exterminating us and turning Nigeria into Islamic country and no one is talking. Other Nigerians are not talking and the global powers sucking our crude oil are not talking either. We the people must resist this because our politicians and rulers will not. We must do whatever within our powers to fight for our freedom before it’s too late. If Buhari is not stopped, before he’s done, Biafrans will be vanquished and his islamization agenda will be nearly completed. I applaud IPOB for expositing this and informing Biafran people and the general public about the atrocities of Buhari’s government.

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