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Tuesday 10 October 2017


By Victoria. O. C. Agangan | Biafra Writers

October 10, 2017

I want to be proven wrong by the Nigerian authorities, as well as those advocating for one Nigeria. I have carried out series of research and I am yet to be convinced by the emotional hypocrisy glaring blatantly and obviously in the eyes of everyone who wants to see it.

Many pretend to be alright, even when evidently they are burdened with weights of sadness, suppression, emptiness, and hopelessness. Made bountifully available by pressing needs, and insufficient balance in day to day earnings rationed by stagnancy in daily progress of activities. They suffer, moan and groan due to stress, unemployment and over labour, yet they hoped for a far-fetched better tomorrow in Nigeria.

Things are made worse by the indifference of the ruling class to the required needs of the citizenry as they compete with each other's ability to stash away the dwindling treasury of the illegal contraption put together by the British colonialists to suit their insatiable needs.

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Today, we experience the calamitous existence of persons, frustrated with the poor standard of living but confused about what to do. They only wish that "all will be better soon" but wishes can never be horses in this contraption, Nigeria.

How can you hope for a better one Nigeria, where is the brotherly love binding us as one? Where is the affection that keeps us looking out for each other?

Tell me, who can take a bullet for you in the bid to save you? Does the Hausa/Fulani ethnic group love the Igbos or other ethnic groups as they love themselves? Why don't they buy lands and establish estates in other regions?

Why do they hold onto power as if it is their birthright? Why have they channeled most of the allocations to themselves, marginalizing and making other regions appear smaller than they really are?

Why will they raise machetes, guns, carving knives and bombs to kill us who hail from other regions? Could this be the Nigerian style of love?

Why do the Yorubas only play safe in a supposed family and tend to focus on developing her areas speedily and selfishly not minding whose butts, they burn?

Why is it easy for them to send fellow Nigerians packing and their businesses sacked just because they want to improve their infrastructure, not minding the properties, destroyed and crushed with caterpillars?

Why is the Igbo man always made a scapegoat because he refuses to be subdued by harsh conditions alien to her natural instinct of survival?

Why is Biafra, ill-treated in federal allocations and have been split and balkanized into different states instead of according more states to her for developmental opportunities?

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Why is Biafraland and its resources exploited like no man's land and they eventually become evicted like nomads? They wander everywhere in search of green pastures and a means of livelihood, rebuilding cities, erecting estates, and establishing businesses. Yet many who cannot cope, end up in wrong places, some indulge in criminal activities, such as kidnapping, robbery, etc, while others fall victims to habitual killers.

On and on, the tribalism in Nigeria quakes from all quarters. The dissimilarities manifest like the sun, yet some greedy and insincere people chant "ONE NIGERIA!" what a gross abuse of the word "ONE."

Borrowing from the Bible, can two walk together except they agree? (Amos 3:3). Can unity survive in the absence of love?

That is the summary of Nigeria in a nutshell. Who can now convince me of the binding love that will make us ONE? Is it the greedy, loveless ruling government, ready to massacre her citizens just to maintain her resources? I wonder!

Edited by John Agbai
Publisher: Charles Opanwa
Contact us: [email protected]

1 comment

  1. There’s no love between the various tribes in Nigeria. One-Nigeria is a sham. It does not exist. In fact, Nigeria a scam and fraud perpetrated on our fore-fathers who didn’t see the future. We are in this mess because of their lack of foresight. But, we the new generation of Biafrans must do all within our power to free our people and land from this slavery and bondage. It’s a task that must be accomplished no matter the cost. In fact nothing equals freedom. Freedom is more precious than life that’s enslaved. Nigerians hate each other and Igbos are pathologically hated in Nigeria. We must be freed from it – if not, our existence is meaningless.


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