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Friday 8 September 2017


By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah || For Biafra Writers

September 8, 2017

OHAFIA - It was a dream fulfilled in the land of the brave warriors in Igbo land; the Ohafia Ancient Kingdom welcome the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra; Nnamdi Kanu, the atmosphere was charged up by the long aged Ohafia cultural war dance, followed by chants of praises by the masses.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra TV; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was warmly welcomed at ACHICHI Ohafia by UDUMEZEMA of Ohafia and the kings (NDI EZE OGO) of the 26 villages of Ohafia Udumezema land. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was honored and decorated with Ohafia traditional chieftaincy and was given a chieftaincy title; (ONYE YA NIYA AKWU OGWE 1 OF BIAFRA LAND).

Responding to UDUMEZEMA of Ohafia Prof. I. U. Imaga and the 26 Kings (NDI EZE OGO), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu expressed much excitement and assured them that he will not disappoint them, his word: “ Kings of Ohafia I greet you, this is the land of the first warriors in Igbo land, I came to receive your blessing because we are going to war, not with guns and machete, I promise you today, I will not relent in this struggle for our freedom, we will continue to fight until Biafra is restored and we will build Biafra, nothing can stop the restoration of Biafra, the restoration of Biafra will bring respect to Ohafia, Igbo, and the entire Biafra land, you shall live to see Biafra. God bless Ohafia” and there was loud echo of “ISEEEEEEE”

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Addressing the mammoth crowd gathered at Elu Ohafia, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made it clear that there is no going back from boycotting any election in entire Biafra land starting from November 18th election in Anambra state unless they give us a date for referendum. His thunderous voice started: “IPOB! IPOB! IPOB! Ohafia is a holy land this suffering you are passing through, this help you are being denied by Nigerian government, you will live and see Biafra, I told the world that any day our women joins this struggle know that Biafra has come, I am telling you today Biafra has come”

"I am not afraid of any man, I will destroy the evil contraption (Nigeria) and break it into pieces” I am only a messenger from heaven, I did not come by myself, my message from heaven is; this suffering we are passing through will come to an end just a little while, we have suffered in the hands of the enemy, there is no job for our youths, we have been destroyed that is why I pray that our God will forgive us of all sins and give us Biafra and bless you”

"We are not begging anybody, they are watching to see IPOB prevaricate but we cannot, we have not come to play politics, we cannot be bribed. Some people are begging me to call off election boycott in Anambra state, and I ask you our elders, mothers, Ohafia do you want us to vote?” There was a loud echo of “NOOOO”. Before anybody comes to ask me to call off election boycott in Anambra, go and ask IPOB first because they are the people that sent me”.


“We have our brothers who are still in detention; Benjamin Madubugwu, David Nwabuisi, Chidiebere Onwudiwe and Bright Chimezie are still in prison, they did not commit any crime known to man and they are asking us to go and vote. It cannot happen”.

“AREWA elders and their youths who committed high treason by giving us quit notice from the north and threatened to massacre us and take our properties after October 1, are walking free because they are in army, police, navy, air force and top positions in government, they are in power. They hate us because we are Biafrans; children of God. They made appointments in NNPC and excluded us but the oil they are selling and sharing the money comes from our land, if we talk they shut us up and arrest us but Chukwu Abhiama said we must talk”.

“They are imprisoning us, torturing us, killing us, and milking our oil dry. We are only asking for our freedom, we are not asking for war, we want to be on our own the way we were before the invasion of the British. We must boycott all election in Biafra land until we are granted referendum”.

He prayed and blessed the people of Ohafia.

Kanu addressing the people of Ohafia:
Kanu being honored: 

Edited By Charles Opanwa
The Biafra Times

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