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Monday 4 September 2017


By Eluwa Chidiebere || For Biafra Writers

September 4, 2017

The truth must be told no matter what. The incessant religious and tribal crisis that has taken place since the inception of Nigeria in 1914 has left an indelible mark in world history. In recent times, it has aggravated with the insurrection of Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen militia. These and other notable crisis caused by disgruntled political cabals in the country has made Nigeria to become a dark spot in the world map.

No doubt about it, these are what is obtainable in the human experiment (Nigeria). Before devising solutions to problems, you must first discern its causes. The problem of Nigeria is not far-fetched. A reasonable look at her will tell you that it is religious and other value system differences and incompatibilities that the country is suffering from.

Nigeria is thought to be a secularized state in the world. But the rate of religious crisis the country has recorded had proven that to be a fatal lie manufactured from the pit of hell. The question of why should there be religious conflicts in a supposed secular State like Nigeria is what this piece of work has come to answer. Before that, let us take an itty-bitty look at the history of the two distinct religions in the country- Christianity and Islam, so as to enable us know the source of the religious crisis in the country.


The Christianity we see today has a representative before God as Yahweh Yeshua whose name was later paganized as Jesus by the Gentiles (Greek Romans). The Islam has theirs as Mohammed whose homeland is Mecca. Before Mohammed came, there was pagan Islam in existence headed by the Quraish leaders of Mecca. When Mohammed came, his teachings were different from that of the pagan Islam. People loved his teachings much, just as what happened when the son of God came. When many left pagan Islam to join Mohammed, the pagan Islam leaders (Quraish leaders) planned to kill him because they were running out of members. Mohammed escaped and went on exile at Medinah precisely Quba.

In his exile, Mohammed later mobilized an army within ten years and returned to overthrow his homeland after he was ran off by the pagans in 622 AD. He slaughtered many souls and subdued Arabia through war. He became a ruler and no longer a prophet. Mohammed teachings were good but later on shifted from his divine call due to the sweetness of being a ruler. So, his teachings became destructive to humanity. Mohammed was a peaceful man and a philanthropist who later became violent. Due to his sudden violent nature and his quest for acquisition of power, he changed old verses in the Quran with the new verses meant to suit his devilish ways. Note: it took Mohammed 23 years to write a reasonable Qur'an, but few months to change the verses. The reason for today’s suicide bombers can be pointed out to the fake teachings of Mohammed which says that, ‘those who kill and are killed will be rewarded with paradise’. This and other teachings were established in order to strengthen the spirit of his soldiers to die protecting his government. Yahweh Yeshua is the son of God according to the Christians. The Muslims don’t agree with that but said he was only a prophet just like Mohammed. The prophecies of Mohammed stand that, Muslims will kill any who would not convert to Islam.

The mayhem of this evil teachings could be seen in the religious crisis and other forms of violence in Nigeria. On 7th October, 1967 Murtala Mohammed and Ibrahim Taiwo used the Nigerian Army to kill more than 700 people who were non-Muslims. From 21st February to May 23rd, 2000, the forcing of Sharia law in the country took more than 5000 lives. The Jos riots of 2001 where Muslims killed 1000 people. Has the world forgotten about the 2002 Miss World Riots where more than 250 people were killed? What about the Yelwa Massacre that took more than 700 lives due to a call for Jihad. In 2008 in Jos, the outcome of election was perceived not to favour a Muslim candidate from APC party and that made the Muslims to start killing- 781 were killed. The Mohammed cartoons crisis in 2001 took more than 50 lives. In 2009, Boko Haram came and after that came the Fulani Herdsmen, etc. All of these are the handiworks of Islam geared by the later fake teachings of Mohammed.

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Islam is a system of government (dictatorship) not a religion because it encourages the forcing of people into submission. This can be seen in dictatorial and draconian style of Buhari’s leadership. Islam means ‘submission’. Submission to Allah and making everyone submit to the rule of Islam. What is Allah? Allah is Hubal and not God. Hubal is the Baal of Moabites. The pagan Islam then worshipped the moon-god called Allah which is what the today’s Muslims are worshipping. Their practices are the same which includes; praying toward Mecca, running around the temple (Kabah) of the moon-god, kissing the black stone, killing of an animal in sacrifice to the moon-god Allah, throwing stones and fasting for the month(Ramadan).

Christianity is a religion proclaiming that all religions worship the same God whilst the Muslims don’t believe in that. Islam doctrine teaches that the son of God is just a prophet and not the manifestation of God in the flesh and that he will return at the end time to convert Christians to Islam and teach them the Muslim way. The Bible talked about the religion of the end time. From all indications, it is the Islam. Through them the antichrist will emerge. Their name means submission and that they are carefully keeping. They are winning the world gradually. Nigeria is among the listed countries to conquer, that was why Muhammadu Buhari was chosen for presidency by the Islamic party, APC, despite his health status and old age. Boko Haram is an Islamic invention to force people to submit to the rule of Islam. Fulani Herdsmen militia is another Islamic invention meant to cover the 36 states in Nigeria through the "Grazing Reserve Bill." Once it sees the light of the day, Islam will start attacking states with full force and people will be forced into becoming Muslims.

In my view, people should be made to live in one country based on their value system and not on land mass. When you join people of different value systems together in one country, you have rented a flat for violence. I can see the Islamic empire/caliphate rising again in the world. The first time it sprouted, 170,000,000 people were butchered. President Muhammadu Buhari is a staunch Islam who promised their people to turn Nigeria into an Islamic country. In 2001, Buhari was given an opportunity to choose between Nigeria’s secularism and fundamentalist Islam and he quoted, “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. Allah willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of Sharia in the country”. This is why the Fulani Herdsmen cannot be arrested even if they kill a thousand people in a day.


To the Christians in Nigeria and in Biafra land, believe it or not, God has sent Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the prophecy of 400 years ago to redeem his children from the dagger of the murderous Islam. The solution lies in the division of the country so that the Arewas can go and practice their Sharia without any interference. For decades, the Nigerian Christendom has been praying to God to make Nigeria better but without knowing that the only way God will answer our prayers is to return things to how he made them. That is why he sent Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to restore the people to how they were. Only then will things get better. No country in this world accommodates three divergent value systems. Soviet Union, Yugoslavia all tried and failed. Christians, it is time to stand with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Moses of our time to restore things to how God made them.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
The Biafra Times

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