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Saturday 26 August 2017


By Russell Bluejack

Several lies have come to our notice due to frustration and fear. The handlers of this dying contraption called Nigeria, a gift parceled in 1914 and given to the North,  are sick and tired of the progress of the IPOB under the formidable and able leadership of Director Nnamdi Kanu.  Out of exasperation and fatalism, the clueless handlers of the misnomer called Nigeria have resorted to spinning lies and concocting stories in their bid to stem the tide of feasible and imminent SECESSION vide non-violent REFERENDUM.

Worried by the ever towering stature and popularity of the arrowhead of the reinvigorated and fantastically refined quest for the emancipation of Biafrans from the venomous grips of oppressive and abductive Nigeria,  Nnamdi Kanu,  the northernised Nigeria have begun a last-minute attempt to circumvent and,  possibly escape, the inevitable. To this end, BMC (Buhari's media) and other hirelings have been commissioned to see to it that the image of the man-god and superman,  Nnamdi Kanu, is dented. Lies are flying like paper kites in the polluted atmosphere that defines Nigeria.  It is also worrisome that half-baked cronies and stooges are the ones assigned this filthy contract, the reason these attempts are unsuccessful. Of course,  every reasonable occupant of this ersatz geographical enclave called Nigeria is unhappy and hopes to dump it.  That, however,  does not mean there are no conquered occupants - those who are contented with the crumbs that fall from the Hausa/Fulani table.

The first attempt made by the horrible FGN to depopularize Kanu was the politicisation of the struggle.  What they did was to concoct a statement allegedly credited to Mazi Kanu, wherein he purportedly agreed that he can engage himself in the murky waters of Nigeria's retrogressive and disjointed politics to actualize Biafra.  What a tactless attempt! Well,  as tactless and clearly obvious as that lie seems,  it was circulated and relied on as an instrument of destruction.  What Nigerians have failed to understand is that true members of IPOB know that Mazi Kanu would be risking his life,  that of his wife,  child, and entire generation should he betray.  He is under a very serious and dangerous Oath like many of us.  The Oath of Allegiance is a  covenant between us and Chukwuokikeabiama,  Tamuno,  Oghene,  Abasi,  Tamara - the Almighty God,  Creator of Heaven and Earth. Whoever goes outside the agreed modus operandi of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) does so at the risk of the annhilation of his generation.  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will never betray!

But what politics were they even talking about? Does Nigeria have a functional politics? Okay,  you mean the politics that allows a sitting president to be AWOL for over the Constitutional proviso of 90 days without being impeached? Nigerians seem to forget that having breached the Armed Forces Ruling Council (military) document we call Constitution of Nigeria, Buhari has become a de facto (illegitimate) president.  The parliament,  having failed to carry out its oversight function,  has become anti-people and illegitimate, as well.  Those who still give their fillip to this non-populist occupants of Nigeria's Aso Rock are under a spell.  Nigeria,  under the misadministration of this clueless lot,  is speedily heading for Golgotha.  No amount of fasting, restructuring, and optimism will suffice to remedy the inevitable collapse of this expired fabrication.

In furtherance of their frustration, the bad handlers of Nigeria have decided to ventilate their anger on the man of the moment,  Nnamdi Kanu,  by unlawfully avowing that his bail must be "revoked". This is another manifestation of the intellectual incapacity of these misadventurers. Any democracy peopled by hare-brained handlers is, at best,  DEMOCRATISATION OF FOOLERY.  A democracy that is "of lootocrats,  by religious bigots, but for the gullible" is a ticket to economic recession. Why would they be thinking of "revoking" Kanu's bail? Was he bailed outside the Court? If he was bailed in the Court (which is the case here), then the argument for a review of his bail must take place in Court.  Is someone thinking? They want him to be re-arrested, but in order to do that they have to argue against his bail in Court.  The power to re-arrest Kanu is beyond FGN, except they have fresh charges against him. This government has dragged the image of the judicial arm into the mud, and the time for the dented Temple of Justice to extricate itself from the mess is now.

The IPOB worldwide, the international community that have remained distant to our calls for intervention,  and every well-meaning and conscious occupant of Nigeria must wake up and keep watchful eyes on the looming danger.  Any attempt to unlawfully re-arrest Nnamdi Kanu is bound to meet with a fatal resistance.  The international community should wake up from their docility and prevail on the handlers of Nigeria. The right to self determinism is the brainchild of international laws,  laws that are superior to Nigeria's laws,  since Nigeria is herself a member.  His Excellency,  Donald Trump, POTUS,  should not forget the role played by Biafrans worldwide towards his success at the polls.  Majority of the blacks that voted for Trump are Biafrans of the Igbo stock,  the reason they celebrated his victory in Nigeria - for which over 11 of them were chased and killed.

I am aware that the Chief of Army Staff,  Yusuf Buratai and others are standing trial in a US district Court for the brutal murder of unarmed Biafra protesters, but I think Trump of the US and Putin of Russia need to do more as leaders of First World Nations. Biafrans are captives in this oppressive enclave called Nigeria.  It is their right to seek self-governance through peaceful means.  This attempt to recapture the Leader of IPOB by Nigeria should be globally condemned.  The world should not tolerate another apartheid and Nazist operation in the 21st century,  save we have not truly progressed.  True global economic progress goes beyond mere application of scientific knowledge.  If the administration of global issues by the powers that be is not up-to-date, then no meaningful progress has been made.  Response to oppression and tormentation calls should be swift and unencumbered.  This global response should be as fast as the 21 century scientific inventions.

The international community must arise to the occasion. We are beginning to feel that there is no functional basis for World Power and international associations .  We urge the UN,  ECOWAS,  and AU to prove us all wrong.  The UN should prove to us that we are truly part of the international unity project.  What concerns the welfare of the occupants of Nigeria should be of serious concern to the world.  All Biafrans need is referendum, not war.  The incomprehensible silence of the international community is the real cause of the killings in Nigeria.  A timeous intervention is golden in this situation. The life of the peace-loving Nnamdi Kanu,  the Director of IPOB worldwide, is in the hand of the international community.  We will not fail to go to the ICC in the Hague to seek redress should any harm befall our hero.  Biafrans are watching for signs of international conspiracy.  What happened in the Civil War is still fresh in our memory. We are sanguine that the international community exist to protect the rights of people all over the world.  Thanks and God bless. Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker, evolutionary writer,  university tutor,  and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from Port Harcourt.


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  1. IGP Ibrahim Idris should go and arrest president Buhari, VP Osinbajo, Tinubu, Lai Mohammad, parasitic Arewa Youths, Shettima, El-Rufia, and other northern terrorists before talking about IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra. Biafra is a nation and its people are peacefully seeking self-determination to exit from the murderous Islamic Nigeria. What's hateful about that? We cannot allow these murderers to subjugate us - a people of 40-60 million people to live in bondage, slavery, and oppression. Any attempt to re-arrest Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will spell doom for Nigeria.


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