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Monday 25 September 2017

Biafra: Another victim of Nigerian army's brutality, recounts his ordeals at Bori Camp ...Says a Lady was killed in the process

By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah, Reporting || For Biafra Writers

September 26, 2017

The Nigerian army under the administration of Dictator Muhammadu Buhari has continued unabated to harass, intimidate, abduct and kill peaceful and defenseless Biafrans.

The following ensued in an interview granted to Biafra Writers Reporter by a victim molested by the Nigerian army.

Reporter: May we know your name Sir?
My name is Kenneth Chibuike.

R: Can you share what transpired between you and the Nigerian army?
On Monday, 18th September, my boss called me at about 6:38am to come to Umuahia to work with him, on my way to Umuahia we were stopped by some Nigerian soldiers at Ntinya junction. Immediately, they dragged our driver out from the bus and started flogging him with Koboko, asking him why he hung a Biafra flag on the windscreen of his car, he told them it has been there for a long time and removing it will damage his windscreen. They continued beating him and ordered everybody to come down from the bus.

R: How many were you in the Bus?
We were eighteen (18) passengers and the driver made us nineteen (19).

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R: What happened when they ordered you to come down from the Bus?
They said that we are going to Nnamdi Kanu’s house to do protest. We tried to explain to them that we are going for our different businesses, each of us tried to explain but they turned deaf ears and told us that when we get to barrack we will explain. Few minutes later, they brought a Hilux van and a bus, ordered all of us into the bus and drove us to an army barrack in Portharcourt.

R: Which army barrack did they take you to?
I was told it is (Bori camp).

R: What happened when they took you to the barrack?
Immediately we got there, they ordered us to give them our phones, when others were dropping their phones; I hid mine and told them that I do not have my phone with me. They ordered us to undress ourselves and lie down. As we were lying down with only pants and singlet both male and female, old and young, they started flogging us with Koboko and heating us with some other objects. In the process, a lady died there. After a while, they left us there and went outside.

R: How did you escape from the barrack?
When they left us and went outside, I quickly called my uncle who is a Nigerian soldier and explained the situation to him, hours later one of the soldiers came, called my name and took me to their office, there I saw my uncle, father and my boss. The army told them that we were going to Nnamdi Kanu’s house for protest that we had a Biafran flag in our car I said no and even showed them my working tools, they told me that I will stay there and receive the punishment until evening.
At about 3:39pm they released me, when I asked them about others, one of the soldiers slapped me and told me that I am lucky to have been released and ordered me to leave his sight. I did not want to go until they release them too but I could not do anything. I am very angry because I do not know whether the army has shot them dead.
Some people I collected the contact of their relatives, one under-aged soldier snatched the contact from me and told me that if I go home and tell people what happened there they will track me down with my phone number.

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We are therefore drawing the attention of UN, EU, ECOWAS, Amnesty International, Head of governments of Israel, US, Russia, Chinese government and the world at large, to the inhumane treatment meted against the peaceful Indigenous People of Biafra by the brutish Nigerian army without any provocation. IPOB has the right to self-determination. A call for referendum is not a call for war.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
The Biafra Times
Contact us: [email protected]

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